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Date: 13 November 2008

Scientific Achievement:

The Birth of a Comparative theory

In an unprecedented scientific never before has research

by Dr. EMAD KAYYAM controversial and widely in the
scientific community, because of the observations and
minute notification, which revealed a similar
relationship in the form of the human body in its
anatomical sense to observe the universe is suitable to
establish a new kind of concepts the kind of unity among
Patterns of creation and construction of such presence.

At the level of being able in his applied research to

show these forms and images of anatomical designs in the
human body associated with the Earth and the Universe,
did not know anyone before him have considered the one
founded by his new kind science curricula based on
descriptive and functional analysis of firm commitments
between the human body And the earth in the solar system.

This and it should be noted that Dr. KAYYAM had to do

research and the publication of the first called "Human
Eye Solar Earth Analogy as a Stonehenge Code" in the 31 -
August of 2007 which speaks about club unexpected
relationship and a strong similarity between eye ball and
the Earth planet that showed a lot of observations
Scientific covert perception as a two suspended spheroid
bodies having an equally similar tilt in their orbits
which in turn triggered a series of similar movements
helped Dr. KAYYAM to develop innovative project explain
the archaeological mechanism of action of "Stonehenge"
build before the historical existence since about 4500
Years in the province of Wiles in Britain and considered
by archaeologists astronomical calendar.

It was followed by Dr. KAYYAM consideration to his second

scientific research publication entitled: "The Universe
and the Human Body." Showed the possibility of
understanding the universe around us through the
possibility of us understand what lies inside the human
body as he review the relationship of human body with the
universe through graphic metaphor shows Spiral Galaxy
"ANDREWMEDA" gross physical characteristics similar to
the shell like Cochlea in the human inner ear in the
number of twist and the direction of loops.

After less than a year, Dr. EMAD KAYYAM discussed the
third deployment called: "The Eye Ball and The Earth
Ball: Model For Inverted Planetarium" or (opposite dome)
where he discussed the existence of a primary and
essential in the context of regulatory between the eye
ball and the earth ball (through the parallels that he
made between the central "Y" Axe of the Eye and the
central "Z" Axe of the Earth)in the expanding unknown
shape universe, establishing a starting point to learn
directions in the universe through three-dimensional
Cartesian reference points. He in other word describes a
potential organizational context between the human eye
ball and earth ball through the parallel relation ship.

On 5 October 2008, Dr. KAYYAM discussed the deployment of

the so-called "Human Eye: an Integrated Cartesian System
of Time and Space," which explains the navigation system
which works through the Eye ball which put in the context
of a regulatory system in parallel three dimensions with
the a Earth ball and then Study group, which are eye ball
rotator axes in the 3-D system linked to levels of fixed
plane of the same muscles fibers-driven the action and
compared these muscle plane levels and their rotational
axes with sun light lines(angle of sun rise) accompanied
by earth latitudes and longitudes and revealing that the
spherical geographic coordinate system of Stonehenge
location in the earth accompanied by solstices and
equinox sun rises angles is similar to the eye ball wheel
rotator muscles in there muscle fiber planes and axe of
rotations which are 51° and 39° degrees respectively from
the "Y" axe of the spherical coordinate system and hence
hide a novel function that is presented in the
illumination circle of the planet Earth!

Continued development to these new concepts was gained

actually by the mathematic analysis of the static
anatomic relationship of the eye ball extra ocular muscle
utilizing the OPHTHALMOTROPE (a model of the eye ball in
the orbit with straps and springs represented extra
ocular muscles)related to a spherical coordinate system
of the earth planet. Astronomical observations in Earth
planet motion were compatible with eye ball model when
movements in proximity to the primary position of both
(earth and eye) were studied.

More evidence related to Stonehenge arrangement add

credence in the astronomical situation after simulation
of the extra ocular muscle axe of rotation, plane of
muscle and movement with earth motion at a specific
latitude and longitude.

From astrophysical point of view for the model that
considered universe is spherical in shape, research has
shown that the last adjustment, which links spherical
Earth and the spherical universe around and spherical eye
seems clear as the eye is a spherical organ because the
Earth and the universe are spherical which explain how
the eye to act with straight lines and curved lines
(meridians) of the wheel rotation of the eye ball is
taking place in the follow-up of straight lines are not
observed at all in the follow-up on the curved lines,
which is supposed to ring the universe - but it is
interesting to know that research has shown that the eye
consistent with the model flat universe as well, if that
image in the curvature of the retina is flat with the
model of the universe flat, which can be seen in a bow of
a retina With a radius of the universe, the fact that if
the line was extended to the infinity if the universe is
not exactly spatially flat, the spatial curvature of the
observable universe is close enough to zero to place the
radius at approximately the horizon of the observable
universe or beyond.

Finally it should be noted that Dr. EMAD KAYYAM is an

independent researcher from Jordan holds a Diploma in
human medicine from Cairo, He has published his research
in the Journal of PHILICA based in the United Kingdom,
one of the new generation online scientific magazine for
publication by the arbitrator of scientific peer review-
style transparent ratification.