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Industrial Psychology! Who are we?

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Summit Media's Mission, Vision, and Passions

Mission: To always create targeted media that people can be passionate about Vision: Every Summit productevery brand, every issuemust touch, inspire, and entertain those who spend their time and money on them. People from Summit Media are united by three passions:
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A love for content that changes peoples lives. The drive to create media on which we ourselves would spend our hard-earned money and attention. The belief that the free flow of ideas serves society.

With three editorial staff, one part-time circulation manager, and one part time publisher, we launched Preview, our first magazine in June 1995. We did look quite patheticwe squatted in a vacant room of a newspaper office then and shared one Mac computer between us. We only wanted to produce good magazines and did not care about our work environs and limited resources. In May 1997, Hearst Magazines International chose us to be its local licensee to publish Cosmopolitan magazine. The efforts of the past started to pay off and Cosmopolitan paved the way for a rebirth of the Philippines moribund magazine industry. Thus followed many more magazine launches with other foreign partners like Emap (now Bauer), Future Network, Disney, Rodale, Entrepreneur Media, Pacific Publications and Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Of course, we also launched our own locally conceived titles and these were successes as well. Today, we are the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines with over 20 titles in our portfolio. We also the leading player in online recruitment with and are strong players in the following businessesdigital media, outside-of-home media, and consumer events.

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Social Responsibility
Summit Media believes in giving back to the community: We have given and continue to allot free advertising to advocacies we care for. These include
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Family Planning (Friendly Care Foundation) Childrens Advocacy (The Childrens Hour, World Vision) Environmental Awareness (Greenpeace)

We have supported causes like the Asia Society and Bantay Bata through donations. We also publish a free quarterly glossy magazine for public school teachers called Star Teacher in cooperation with Sa the Aklat Sisikat Foundation, a group that helps build a readership habit in the public school system. Summit Media pays for the creation of the magazines content and website and donates the first 12,000 copies of the magazine free. Advertisers support copies beyond the first 12,000 copies. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of teachers in the public school system who can still benefit from Star Teacher. If you would like to help, please visit

Career: Industrial Psychologists

Industrial psychologists have studied how to match the personalities of workers with various jobs. One theory argues that people's personalities can be described in terms of five traits, or qualities: outgoing, easygoing, responsible, stable, and open. Research shows that responsible, stable employees are valuable in any job. To succeed in jobs dealing with the public, workers must also be outgoing and easygoing. Industrial psychologists have researched many other employment issues, from ensuring workplace justice to balancing roles at work and at home.

Industrial psychologists work for businesses, helping to improve the working conditions and productivity of employees. They help companies hire, train, and manage employees. They also advise companies on ways of getting consumers interested in products and services.
Did You Know?

Industrial psychologists often work as consultants. They are brought in by companies to help solve particular problems, such as employee stress.

Are You Ready To...?

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Advise managers Study workplace conditions such as noise level Train employees Counsel employees Create job-application guidelines Teach managers how to interview applicants Give psychological tests Conduct market surveys Interpret statistics

It Helps to Be...

Someone who can see the many sides of a complicated issue. You'll also need to use abstract ideas to solve practical problems.
Make High School Count
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Take psychology to learn about human emotions, behavior, and communication. Sign up for health science and family and consumer science to learn about issues facing workers. Make the most of your math classes and consider getting a head start by taking a statistics class. Volunteer as a peer counselor at your school. Keep a diary to explore your own thoughts and feelings.

Did You Know?


As an industrial psychologist, you might conduct research into such areas as sexual harassment or workplace culture.


Government economists expect job growth for industrial psychologists to be much faster than the average for all careers through 2018. This is the one specialty in which psychologists with only a masters degree wont face intense competition when it comes time to find work.

Industrial psychologists will be needed to help deal with issues such as worker productivity and diversity. Companies will also hire them to help make sense of information they gather about customers and other groups.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that industrial-organizational psychologists earned an average salary of $102,570 in 2009. Salary depends in part on education. Psychologists with Ph.D.s can earn much more than psychologists with master's degrees. Industrial-organizational psychologists apply psychological principles and research methods to the workplace in the interest of improving the quality of worklife. They also are involved in research on management and marketing problems. They screen, train, and counsel applicants for jobs, as well as perform organizational development and analysis. An industrial psychologist might work with management to reorganize the work setting in order to enhance productivity. Industrial psychologists frequently act as consultants, brought in by management to solve a particular problem.