Business Blueprint Document Data Archiving Business Object Description FI_DOCUMNT Financial Accounting Documents

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Topics Available display functions (incl proposed info structure) Document can be displayed using any of the following functions:    The General Ledger Menu Accounts Receivable Menu Accounts Payable Menu

From the line item display, it is possible to access the documents stored in the archive file. Displaying Individual Objects Using SAP AS The archiving object FI_DOCUMNT comes with a standard business view. To display individual objects for the archiving object FI_DOCUMNT using SAP AS, you require an information structure that has been created based on the standard field catalogs SAP_FI_DOC_001 or SAP_FI_DOC_002. Displaying linked documents via DRB Use Transaction ALO1 (Document Relationship Browser DRB) to display the entire process chain in which a specific document is embedded. It does not matter whether the preceding or subsequent document you want to display is still in the database or was already archived. ALO1 Transaction provides below selection options for displaying the archived Accounting documents.    2 Search In Data Base Search in Database and SAP AS Search DB , SAP AS, and Archive

Archiving object specific Requirements  To archive FI documents so that they can be accessed in the future, you must make sure that the technical and business environments are stored in the archive file. You should always run write and reload programs in the background, by making the appropriate selection in the ‘Maintain variants’ screen. This ensures that the selections made in archive management are saved when the program is run. You can run programs from the G/L menu or

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 3 Always execute the production run as a background job.Pre processor program FI_DOCUMNT_WRI .  Archiving Object FI_DOCUMNT does not have any dependant objects 6 Relevant tables With archiving object ‘FI_DOCUMNT’.Delete program Available Business Add-Ins:  Enhancement FARC0001 is available for FI documents archiving  BADI_LAYER. Recommendations for Object Selection Available selection Options:  The object parameters for the totals records and line items that you want to archive are company code. you should use online processing for test purposes only. the system neither saves the selection parameters nor starts the delete programs automatically. If you run programs online. o SORT_DATA .Layer Value Management for BADIs Use: BADI_LAYER uses the Interface IF_EX_BADI_LAYER and the Interface contains the following methods. Therefore.Put data to screen Page 2 of 3 . Key date and min. you must consider dependencies between archiving objects. Fiscal Year/Period.Sort the data read from db o PUT_DATA_TO_SCREEN . Document type. 4 5 Note: Actual recommendation will be given based on the based on business requirements gathered during workshops) Legal Requirements Dependant objects and Sequence When archiving. system deletes data from following table/s: • RFBLG – Cluster for accounting document Available Business Add-ins (BADIs) FI_DOCUMNT has the following programs and their functions   FI_DOCUMNT_PRE .Write program 7  FI_DOCUMNT_DEL .Business Blueprint Document Data Archiving directly using the transaction SARA. no of days in the system (retention period). Predecessors must be archived first. This means that you will need to know if a predecessor exists for some of these objects.

deleting. S_ADMIN_FCD for printing and using the spool S_BTCH_JOB for archiving. and reloading data and for the read program in batch processing F_BKPF_BUK (company code authorization) Retention Periods (Online and in archives) SAP Provides the flexibility to define the retention periods by  Company Code and account Type (In this activity you specify a minimum life for accounts in days.Set attribute changeable o IS_LAYER_CHANGEABLE -Get attribute changeable 8 Authorizations for Archiving     9 S_ARCHIVE is the authorization object. and reload programs. When archiving documents.Get data from screen o SET_LAYER_CHANGEABLE . delete. the system checks whether this minimum life is adhered to)  Company Code and Document Type Page 3 of 3 . It controls the use of the archive.Business Blueprint Document Data Archiving o GET_DATA_FROM_SCREEN .

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