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High-quality zinc silicate shopprimer for optimising ship-building processes compliant with IMO PSPC

Todays shipbuilding industry is becoming increasingly competitive and companies are forced to focus on improved efficiency and profitability. Steel handling and fabrication are central elements in the ship-building process, and the quality and application properties of coatings applied to the steel are of major importance. Applied as thin films to freshly blast-cleaned steel, shopprimers provide corrosion protection during the period of fabrication, transportation and erection. By choosing a shopprimer with the right characteristics, you can optimise the collective production processes.


Offers competitive process speed, efficiency and productivity in steel mills, shipyards and other steel construction facilities. Provides excellent corrosion protection of steel during transport, storage, construction and assembly periods minimising the need for secondary surface preparation. Provides excellent performance, as proven by an extensive application list and certification from major classification societies. Is compliant with the requirements of the new IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) for treating ballast tanks at newbuilding stage.
The new IMO Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC), adopted as resolution MSC.215(82), enters into force for ship building contracts signed after 1 July 2008 for all types of steel ships above 500GT. This regulation specifically applies to ballast tanks and lays down a string of new requirements regarding surface preparation, coatings application and quality. One of the new requirements is that the shopprimer applied to the steel that makes up the ballast tanks must be approved in combination with the full subsequent ballast tank coating system. If not, the shopprimer must be removed before applying the epoxy ballast tank coating system. For the shopprimer to be approved, it must be a zinc containing inhibitor-free zinc silicate based product (or equivalent). It must have a B1 rating in the DNV ballast tank simulation tests (or have passed a PSPC compatability test) in combination with the subsequent epoxy system, or have been rated as in GOOD condition according to IACS after five years in service in ballast tanks. HEMPELs SHOPPRIMER ZS 1589 meets all these criteria. It has obtained B1 ratings in DNV ballast tank simulation tests with the entire Hempel epoxy ballast tank assortment. Also, as part of a Hempel ballast tank coating system, it has been inspected and rated as in GOOD condition by Class Society during ballast tank inspection of vessels after five years of service.

Product description
HEMPELS SHOPPRIMER ZS 1589 is a two-component, inhibitor free, zinc containing, solvent-borne ethyl silicate shopprimer, specially developed for automatic spray application in line production in fully automated shoppriming plants.

The product is designed for airless spray application, but can also be applied by air spray and brush for touch-up. The surface must be completely clean and dry with a temperature above the dew point to avoid condensation. Minimum steel temperature is 0C/32F and maximum approximately 55C/131F. The typical dry film thickness is 15 micron (measured on a smooth surface). The product components are easily pumpable and can be supplied as 20 litre sets as well as in 1000 litre containers e.g. for use in automatic recyclable systems. Supply in 1000 litre containers can also significantly ease handling and will reduce waste.

Surface preparation
In line with PSPC requirements, steel to be used for ballast tanks must be free of oil and grease. PSPC also requires abrasive blasting to Sa 2 and a surface profile between 30 and 75 m. Soluble salt contamination must not exceed what corresponds to conductivity of 50 mg/m sodium chloride, and visible dust must be removed.

Product data
Colours/Shade nos: Volume solids Flash point Specific gravity VOC Drying time Fully cured Pot life Shelf life Overcoating Reddish grey/19890 Grey/19840 28% 5C/41F 1.3 kg/litre 10.8 lbs/US gallon 620 g/litre 5.15 lbs/US gallon Dry to handle in 3-4 minutes at 20C/68F 4 days at 20C/68F (75% RH) 24 hours 20C/68F 1 year (25C/77F) With subsequent coating as per paint system specification, when fully cured

Please consult the product data sheet for further details.

Product performance
HEMPELS SHOPPRIMER 1589 provides excellent corrosion protection during transport, storage and construction, even for extended periods depending on climatic and environmental conditions.

Fast drying
Quick drying time enables handling, transport and stacking of plates immediately after application.

Well-documented cutting and welding properties

Excellent cutting and welding properties are important to be compatible with modern automated high speed welding and cutting techniques, which are essential for the high productivity requirements of todays shipbuilding industry.

Excellent heat resistance

The excellent heat resistance minimises the need for secondary surface preparation. Overheated areas will show discolouration and thus provides easy detection of areas that needs treatment.

HEMPELS SHOPPRIMER ZS 1589 is certified by the major classification societies for weld quality, and has fume and other health certificates.

Approved as a welding primer by:

Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR) American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Germanischer Lloyd (GL) Korean Register of Shipping Bureau Veritas (BV) Registro Italiano Navale, (RINA) Maritime Register of Shipping, Russia

Other certificates/reports:
Welding Fumes: Schweisstechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt (SLV) Germany Welding Fumes: FORCE, Denmark Flame cutting fumes: FORCE Health certificate: Russian Register of Shipping

Product highlights
PSPC compliance

Steel producers can supply shipyards with PSPC compliant steel plates, which allow shipyards more flexibility in production process 1 Shipyards can leave clean intact shopprimer on the steel before coating with epoxy ballast tank system offering flexibility in production process2 Proven performance Independent performance evaluation Minimal influence on steel cutting and welding techniques, which improves quality and makes it ideal for modern high production shipyards Increases throughput and efficiency by faster handling of plates Keeps steel in prime condition and minimise the need for secondary surface preparation Reduces secondary surface preparation Compatible with standard application equipment and offers optimum process speed and high quality of steel protection

Long track record and extensive application list Certified as welding primer by major Class Societies Excellent cutability and weldability Fast drying Excellent corrosion resistance Excellent heat resistance Excellent application properties and film formation

) HEMPELS SHOPPRIMER ZS 1589 is compliant with the shopprimer requirements of PSPC, however compatibility with the subsequent epoxy ballast tank coating system needs to be documented by the relevant ballast tank coatings supplier. 2) This is provided compatibility with the epoxy ballast tank system is confirmed by the coatings supplier. In this case the retained shopprimer shall be cleaned by sweep blasting, high pressure water washing or equivalent method.

The popular choice worldwide

HEMPELS SHOPPRIMER ZS 1589 has an extensive track record and proven performance with millions and millions of square meters of steel worldwide. Among others, it is used by these companies:
Duferco Clabecq S.A, BE Euroblast, BE Ellimetal N.V., BE Straalco Klein Overpelt, BE ASMAR, Astilleros Y Maestranzas de la Armada, CL GSI, Guangzhou Shipyard, CN ZPMC, Zhenhua Port Machinery Co Ltd,CN Wenchong Shipyard, CN Noell Port Machinery Co Ltd, CN Shanghaiguan San Qiao Bridge Factory, CN Xian Baoji Bridge Factory, CN Wuhan Shipyard Bridge Fabrication, CN Foshan Oujin Metal Prefabrication Factory, CN Brodosplit Shipyard, HR 3. Maj Ship yard, HR Uljanik Shipyard, HR Brodotrogir D.D., HR Koncar metalne konstrukcije, HR Bladt Industries A/S, Aalborg, DK Lind (OSS), DK Dansteel A/S, DK Lemvigh-Mller A/S - Skjern, DK Rautaruukki Oy (RUUKKI), FI Thyssenkrupp Steel, DE G.H.K. Industriekonservierung Gmbh & Co.Kg, DE Ostsee-Strahl-Zentrum Gmbh & Co. Kg, DE Schmidt Oberflchentechnik Gmbh & Co.Kg, DE J.J. Sietas Kg Schiffswerft Gmbh U. Co, DE Strahl Lack 2000 Gmbh, DE Ilsenburger Grobblech Gmbh, DE Mesa Metall-Stahlbau Gmbh, DE Keba Konservierung Kellershofen Gmbh & Co. Kg, DE Volkswerft Stralsund Gmbh Abt. Kcf, DE AS Elme, EST Cochin Shipyard Ltd, IN Bharati Shipyard Ltd, IN Mazagon Dock Ltd, IN P.T Pal Shipyard, ID Pt Gunung Raja Paksi, ID Elmelit, LT Makstil A.D., MK Hest 2000, MK Staal-straal Brabant B.V. NL Ruukki Profiler AS, NO Norsk Stl AS, NO Stocznia Szczeciska Nowa, PL Huta S.Czstochowa, PL Gdynia Shipyard, PL Betamar Spka Z O.O., PL Gsr Gdask, PL Hurtinex Bydgoszcz, PL Gryfia Shipyard, PL Crist Gdask, PL Estaleiros Navais Viana Do Castelo (ENVC) PT - (RM-Steel), RU Jsc Baltiysky Zavod, RU Jsc Vyborg Shipyard, RU , RU -, RU Cwt Engineering Pte Ltd, SG Sinip Steel Industries (S) Pte Ltd, SG Aswell (F.E.) Pte Ltd, SG See Hup Seng Limited, SG Asl Shipyard Pte Ltd., SG Jurong Autoblast Services Pte Ltd, SG Super Galvanising Pte Ltd, SG Slovensk Lodenice Komarno a.s, SK KTD, SRB Sistemas Especiales De Metalizacion (SEM), ES Imprimacero S.A., ES Olan, S.A., ES Freire Hnos. S.A., ES Arcelor Distribucion Norte, ES Astilleros De Vigo, S.A., ES SSAB, SE Gemak Gemi Inaat San. Ve Tic. A.., TR Tersan Tersanec.Taim.San.Tic.A.., TR Sedef Gemi Inaati A.., TR Yardimci, TR Celik Tekne, TR Furtrans Denizcilik Tic Ve San As, TR Besiktas Denizcilik, TR DA elik Enerji Ters. Ulaim San., TR Tuzla Gemi, TR Erdemir Ereli Demir Ve elik Fab., TR Gemini Denta Gemi Inaa Nak.Tic.A., TR Rmk Marine Gemi Yapim San.Ve Den.Ta, TR Alaybeyolu Metal San. Ve Tic. A.., TR Corus Ltd, UK Ojsc Damen Shipyards Okean, UA 61 Communards Shipyard, UA Kherson ShipYayd; UA Avgust Ltd Mariupol, UA Dneprmetalservis, UA Sevmorzavod, UA Nam Trieu Ship Building Industry Company (Nasico), VN Pha Rung Shipyard Company, VN Bason Shipyard-Ho Chi Minh City, VN Saigon Shipbuilding Industry Company, VN

The complete shopprimer assortment from Hempel

Hempel offers a full range of shopprimers to protect steel in all conditions, catering to your different application parameters and legislative needs. With both solvent-borne and water-borne zinc silicate and epoxy shopprimers, we can cover your performance criteria. For more information please contact your local Hempel sales office or go to


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