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Alfiee and Yutaka I tested the Directional Parabolic Trading System (DPTS) mentioned by Chosingkum and Profx.

If I can find the time, I would do some write-up/analysis of the tes t results. In summary, the results were very encouraging. I'm monitoring about 2 0~30 counters and all counters showed a positive return. And some counters like L&M have shown spectacular returns trading under this system. You may think that this should be taken for granted but if you've tried the "stock" systems provid ed by Metastock, you will know what I mean. Below are the MetaStock codes for the DPTS: Enter Long PDI(14) ADX(14) ADX(14) ADX(14) HIGH >= > MDI(14) AND > Ref(ADX(14),-1) AND > MDI(14) AND > opt1 AND SAR(0.02,0.20)

Close Long SAR(0.02,0.20) > HIGH Enter Short MDI(14) > PDI(14) AND ADX(14) > Ref(ADX(14),-1) AND ADX(14) > PDI(14) AND ADX(14) > opt1 AND LOW <= SAR(0.02,0.20) Close Short SAR(0.02,0.20) < LOW Range of opt1 was from 10 to 50 in 1 step increment. Stop loss was set at 15%. Commission was 1% for both buy and sell. Interest was set at 2.5%. I've only tested the system from the long side. If you are assuming both long an d short positions, then you'll have to modify the codes. Also for counters like DBSL, CSK's second exit condition must also be incorporated to achieve a much mo re impressive result. In this case the Close Long codes would be: CLOSE< font=""> You should tweak the system to suit your favourite counters and if you have any suggestions to improve it please let me know. I'm now trying to write the codes for the Expert Advisor so that I don't have to test 20+ counters to see the sign als and I'm beginning to see why Omega Research's products are more superior. BTW time has become an even more precious commodity. My second child arrived las t week. Cheers <>