(Marisa): -Originally, for Zelda 64, the game designers started making a barebon es re-make of A Link to the Past, because

they had no script to follow, and they didn't know if they wanted Link as a child or adult, what temples to visit, etc . (10:29:54) (Marisa): -There were originally going to be 9 temples for Adult Link . 3 to ease you into the game, 3 that you learn magic spells in, and 3 just plai n ol' hard temples. We ended up with 3 dungeons for child Link, and 5 temples fo r adult Link. The three dungeons for Child Link are completely seperate from the proposed 9 temples. (10:30:09) (Marisa): -Originally, the Temple of Time didn't house the Master Swo rd. It was going to be held in The Hall of Time, and judging by the screenshots, and design of the interior, it was going to be in Hyrule Castle. You probably w ould have gotten it during a segment where Ganon takes over the Castle. (10:30:23) (Marisa): -There is exit data suggesting that the Temple of Time was supposed to be in the Sacred Forest Meadow. It's quite possible that after they decided to move the Master Sword to the Temple of Time, it would be located in t he Lost Woods, as that was the house of the Master Sword in ALttP. The Temple of Time, along with the Master Sword was also deep in the Lost Woods in TP. (10:30:50) (Marisa): -Originally, the medalions could be equipped. While it's ne ver explicitly been said what they did, it's assumed that the Forest Medalion (W ind at the time) would act like the Song of Soaring, the Fire Medalion would cas t Din's Fire, and so forth. (10:31:06) (Marisa): -Cut dungeon/temple roll call? The Forest Temple was going to be an actual forest, instead of being based upon Hyrule Castle like today. If you want an idea of what it would look like, there's beta screen shots of adult Link fighting Gohma in a forest, with a white mist effect not seen elsewhere in the game. This is believed to have been a cut room in the original design of th e temple. (10:31:19) (Marisa): -Fire Temple? It's located where Turtle Rock was supposed t o be, but aside from that, it seems to follow the original design, but with a fe w of Turtle Rock's rooms thrown in. They're the rooms with the dark, rocky walls . The best example is the long hallway where you get the Boss Key. (10:31:29) (Marisa): -Water Temple? Half of its the original design for the Wate r Temple, and the other half is the Light Temple. There's a good explanation for why Dark Link was such an out of place mini-boss.(10:31:45) (Marisa): -Complete ly cut temples? There was originally going to be a Stalfos mansion based temple located in the Lost Woods that was prominently shown in trailers and screen shot s. Two rooms of this temple exist in a Debug Rom for Master Quest. As for the 9t h temple, we ALMOST know nothing about it. By almost, I mean that the Stalfos ma nsion was recycled into the Oceanside Spider House in Majora's Mask, and the Swa mp Spider House appears to be based off a VERY beta temple from OoT, given the o verall aesthetics of the place, and how it looks pretty similar to an early test room found on the Debug ROM of OoT. (10:31:57) (Marisa): -The script for the game was re-written three times during development. The first script was a quasi-remake of ALttP, and the second one is very similar to the final script, except there were some huge differences, such as Link being born in the city, having a friend named Aria that looks like Malo n guide him around, Ganon being evil from the start, and there never being an Oc arina of Time. (10:32:15) (Marisa): -Originally, there wasn't going to be an Ocarina of Time in Ocarina of Time. The Ocarina was added in a little over half way through develo pment, and quickly became the single most important item of the game 10:32:28) (Marisa): -How would you call Epona in the original game without an Oc arina? Reed Grass! Even in the final copy, there's an untextured model of Reed G rass, very similar to the kind used in TP to call Epona. The grass also shows up equipped to a c-button in some earlier screen shots (10:32:44) (Marisa): -In a recent Iwata Asks interview, Iwata and Miyamoto talk about the early, EARLY stages of Zelda 64. Some topics that were discussed inclu ded how you started the game in Ganon's Tower and jumped into paintings ala Mari o 64, and how Miyamoto tried to make Zelda 64 a first person experience. All tra

ces of painting hopping have been cut, but Phantom Ganon may be a subtle nod to it. As for the first person experience, it was cut because the crew put so much work into Link's models, and wanted to better show the differences between child and adult Link. (10:33:01) (Marisa): -There was a special fairy's fountain that had a unicorn sh rine in the middle. Originally, you were supposed to get some sort of sword atta ck here. It was either the spin attack, or the blade beam. The great fairy was a lso supposed to be hot, not a freak like in the final version. Why they changed it is far beyond me. (10:33:11) (Marisa): -Yes, Link was supposed to be able to unleash the blade bea m. Nobody knows if it cost magic, or was only usable at full health, etc. but it eventually got recycled into Majora's Mask as Fierce Deity's most overpowered a ttack (10:33:23) (Marisa): -I keep referencing Hyrule Castle like you were supposed to actually go inside it. This is completely true. At one point, you were supposed to venture in, and fight Darknauts (Yes, actual darknauts). The interior of the Castle was completely cut and recycled though. (10:33:35) (Marisa): -You remember the creepy girl in the forest during the trad ing quest that you give the mushroom to? Her name is Fado. In the manual, she's the only Kokiri besides Mido and Saria to have names, and she has her own unique model. Her name is also never mentioned in game. She's believed to have been th e sage of Wind, back in her early days. In Wind Waker, there is a Kokiri boy nam ed Fado who plays the fiddle, and is the sage of Earth. (10:34:14) (Marisa): You know that the Playstation was originally going to be a hardware extension of the N64 called the N64 Disk Drive, right? (10:34:23) (Marisa): Cause these next facts are based on it.(10:34:45) (10:34:49) (Marisa): -People say the OoT they got was a major thing in gaming w hen it was released, because of how massive it was. Zelda 64DD would have shat a ll over that. Hyrule field was going to be covered in trees and vegetation, clif fs, all kinds of s#it. Most of it was cut due to massive FPS drops, and it all g ot in Epona's way, making her very hard to control. (10:35:06) (Marisa): -Walk on sand? Footprints stay. Cut a sign? Stays cut and o n the ground. Even after resetting the console. Every thing you did would stay l ike it, and only change after time passed, such as waiting for grass to grow, pe ople to buy/make new pots, and repair signs. (10:35:25) (Marisa): -After the 64DD was a confirmed failure, Nintendo decided t o release Zelda 64 on a cartridge, and produce a 64DD expansion pack. If that ha d gone through, Ocarina of Time would not only still be regarded as the greatest game of all time, it would single handedly lower every further video game's sco re by 60%. Here's why: (10:35:39) (Marisa): -The add-on itself actually got pretty far in terms of work . If you boot up a Japanese v1.0 cart of the game with a 64DD attached to your N 64, the game would refuse to boot, and a warning screen that said (in Japanese) "Disk Read Error. Please power off the Nintendo 64, and make sure the Ura Zelda game disk is inserted correctly into the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive". (10:35:52) (Marisa): -Enough boring s#it. Wanna know why Ura Zelda would forever cement itself as the greatest game of all time? MODDING TOOLS. You would be abl e to, on your PC, design new dungeons, and play them through the expansion disk. You would also be able to upload your own temples, and let others download them , kinda like Little Big Planet today. Nintendo would also release bonus temples as time went on. Ura Zelda was also supposed to add in a s#it ton of new magic i tems, magic spells, and regular items. Also, try an extended overworld with more towns on for size. Whenever someone says Master Quest is Ura Zelda, they are wr ong. (Except for the redesigned temples. That was something confirmed for Ura Ze lda).