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(For Version PaltalkScene 9.


When you are in a Pal talk chat room you will want to be able to speak to everyone. You need a microphone or a headset with a microphone plugged into your computer if you wish to speak in a chat room. Your microphone is the default audio device that is used on Paltalk. You can select other audio devices or external inputs if you like There are several ways to speak to people in a chat room... A speak using the 'ctrl key' on your computer keyboard Enter a voice enabled chat room hold down the 'ctrl key' on your keyboard to speak clearly release the 'ctrl key' when you are finished speaking Aspeak with the 'Push to talk' button in the chat room window Enter a voice enabled chat room press and hold down the Push to talk' button with your left mouse button speak clearly release the mouse button when you are finished speaking Aspeak using the 'global hot key' feature Enter a voice enabled chat room select 'preferences' from the 'setup' menu on the 'pal list window' select the 'misc' tab on the preferences window select the 'enable global hot key for speaking' checkbox to enable the 'global hot key' function you may select a hot key from the pull-down menu or leave it set to the 'ctrl key' as default press 'apply / ok' press down and hold your selected 'global hot key' to speak clearly release the key when you are finished speaking.

OPTION WE RECOMMEND PUSH TO TALK: In order to participate in the chat via the voice communications feature of the software you will need to click the Raise icon you wish to take the mic. When you first login there will be a red dot your student registration id and written in the bottom. to indicate beside

When you are un reddotted you will be able to see the bottom part of the screen.

in the

In order to actually activate your mic so you can speak in the room you will need to click the arrow down next to the Push to talk rectangular tab at the bottom of the chat room window. You will see two options check the option .

As soon as you check the Lock Mic On you will notice that the rectangular tab changes from gray to green in color with the word indicates your mic is live and functioning. written. This

In order to release mic, click on the arrow down next to the word and uncheck the Lock Mic On option. Your mic will no longer be active. Kindly adjust your settings with these options the screen on the bottom left of

1. Paltalk do have different versions, but the method is almost the same may be different icons or tabs. The instructions mentioned above are for Paltalk 9.2 version. 2. To avoid the echoing sound kindly mute the computer when you take mic.

3. Do not forget to release/give back the mic as soon as your turn is over. May Allah (SBT) bless us as we gather for these sessions, Ameen