WASHINGTON IOWA CITY, IA 52240-5248 For Immediate Release - February 20, 2012 Contact: Jim Walters (319) 466-1134 NEWS RELEASE About: 7th Annual Purple Martin Workshop/Seminar-March 10, 2012 A workshop/seminar on attracting Purple martins will be held Saturday, March 10, beginning at 9:10 A.M. at the CAM Iowa Clothing Center (1005 Nutmeg Ave) 1.8 mi les north of Kalona, IA and one mile east off Highway 1. Dean Biechler, of Iowa State University, will begin the morning session with "Na ture's Little Blue Gem" a presentation on starting and monitoring a bluebird tra il. Ivan Ray Miller, of Jamesport, Missouri, will present on "Working With Proth onotary Warblers," his family's nest box work with this rarely-seen bird. The m orning's featured speaker will be Ron Windingstad, the Audubon At Home Coordinat or of Audubon Minnesota. His program-"Chimney Swifts: The Mysterious Bird of the Fireplace" - will include every facet of the life history of these amazing bird s - including how to build and maintain nesting structures for them. The afternoon program begins with sharing results from the 2011 season - "Tell Y our Colony's Story" - followed by a short video presentation on the emergency fe eding of martins. The featured speaker is a very experienced martin "landlord" Yale Jarvis of Washington, Iowa - who will speak on "My Journey With Martins." A panel of other veteran martin landlords will then join Jarvis to answer questi ons from the audience. A well-maintained martin colony brings joy to any neighborhood. Establishing a n ew colony is now a realistic possibility for many people. Anyone wanting to star t or re-establish a Purple martin colony, or in need of assistance in maintainin g a colony, will benefit from attending this program. There will be a $2.00 registration fee (ages 10 and under free). Lunch will be a vailable at the site. Vendors are being encouraged to set up displays of interes t to program attendees. Note: This year's auction will feature a fully-refurnished T-14 martin house wit h Troyer Tunnel entrances, nest trays, and new Troyer horizontal gourds attached - everything you need but the pole and winch! For more information, or if you would like to have a booth, please contact: Evan Gingerich, 2282 Johnson-Washington Rd. SW, Kalona, IA 52247 (319) 656-3629 (voi ce mail) or Jim Walters at (319) 466-1134. -30-

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