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Plot Summary In the year 2154, the RDA Corporation is mining a valuable mineral called unobtanium on Pandora, a lush, Earth-like moon with an atmosphere poisonous to humans in the Alpha Centauri star system. Pandora is inhabited by the Na'vi, 10-foottall (3 m), blue-skinned, wise humanoids who live in harmony with nature and worship a mother goddess called Eywa. To learn about the Na'vi and Pandora's biosphere, scientists develop Na'vi-human hybrid bodies called avatars that are operated via mental link by genetically matched humans, because humans cant breathe on Pandora. Jake Sully, a crippled and former marine, replaces his twin brother, a scientist trained as an avatar operator who was murdered in a robbery. Dr. Grace Augustine, head of the Avatar Program, considers Sully an inadequate replacement and assigns him as a bodyguard. While protecting avatars of Grace and scientist Norm Spellman on their expedition to collect biological samples and data in the forest, Jake's avatar is attacked by a jungle predator thanator. Fleeing for his life, Jake strays from the rest of the group and gets lost in the forest. Neytiri , a female Na'vi rescues him from Pandora's wildlife. Seeing some signs from Eywa, she takes him to her clan's area, Hometree that is on top of the richest deposits of unobtanium; there, Jake meets Neytiri's father, clan chief Eytukan ,Neytiri's mother Mo'at , the clan's spiritual leader, orders her daughter to teach their language , their war principlesetc., their life shortly. Afterwards, a combat between humans and Navis starts. Jake has to make a choice between Navis and humanbeings. The film also gives some messages to us and also reminds us about some events in history of the world.
Answer the following questions according to the text above. 4. Which one of the below is the most powerful one according to a Navi? A) is a tribe who lives in harmony with nature. A) Dr. Grace Augustine Norm B) worship a Goddess named Eywa. B) Neytiri C) are created because of the reality that human C) Eytukan beings cant breathe on Pandora. D) Eywa D) teaches a lot to Navis who are mentally E) unobtanium linked to humans. E) Pandora is a barren and infertile area in the 5. Neyriti took Jake to their area, because of____ Alpha Centauri star system. A) the fact that she fell in love with him B) their tradition that guests are very valuable for 2. According to the text,______________ them C) the fact that she saw some signs from their A) Neytiri is a male Navi who knows some God secret war techniques. D) the order of their spiritual leader. B) mission of the RDA Cooperation is to mine a E) her desire to thank Jake because he rescued very valuable mineral which doesnt exist on her from a predator called Tharator. Earth. C) Hometree is a very important place for Navis 1 hybrid____ a. to move away from the but not for Humans. /habrd/ place you should be D) Jake is a crippled soldier who has been educated for this project for years. 2. in harmony____ b. a long and carefully /h:mni/ organized journey, E) scientists have enough information about especially to a dangerous Pandora in order to obtain unobtanium. or unfamiliar place 3. According to the text, this movie _________ 3. lush____ c. without fighting/ A) is a documentary about history. /l/ disagreeing with each other B) is a romance between a man and a woman. C) is a comedy on social matters. 4. expedition_____ animal or plant

1. According to the text, Avatars _________


D) is an epic science fiction film containing some messages. E) shows some historical events clearly focusing on their actors. LAB LESSON-PART 1 : ( chapter 1-4) Vocabulary Preview /ekspdn/ 5. stray_____ / stre/ produced from parents of different breeds or types e. having lots of leaves and looking healthy/strong.

A. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the pictures below and then
look them up in your dictionary and write their definitions with your own words.

1. If you feel nausea, please use the sacks.

( ) /sk/ 2. Since your genome is identical to his, you could step into his shoes. ( ) /di:nom/ .. 3. It would be a fresh start on a new world 4. Harnesses off! ( ) /h:rns/... 5. Look out, hot rod! (Slang) .. 6. Out there, beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to kill you.


( ) /skw:t/ 7. We have an indigenous population of humonoids called Navi. ( )/nddns/.... 8. What I need is another trigger-happy moron out there. (Metaphorical meaning)

B. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the definitions given on the right.
(The words/phrases listed below are in the order they appear in the movie.) (write the words in the blanks.)

If you feel nausea, please use the sacks. /n:zi./ There is nothing like an old school safety brief to
put your mind at ease.

Their nervous systems are in tune./ tju:n/ I can link with Tommys avatar which is insanely
expensive. /nsenli/

It is a big inconvenience for everyone.


I dissected a frog once./disekt/ I used to think it was benign neglect but now I see
that you are intentionally screwing me. /bnan/

It is what pays for the whole party those savages

are threatening our whole operation. We are on the brink of war. /svd/

_____________ to cut up the body of a dead animal or person in order to study it _____________ 1. kind and gentle 2. a benign tumor (unnatural growth in the body)is not caused by cancer _____________ to make sb feel relaxed. _____________ the feeling that you have when you think you are going to vomit. _____________ a situation when you are almost in a new situation, usually a bad one(syn. the edge/ threshold of sth) _____________ a very offensive word for someone who has a simple, traditional way of life _____________ to have a lot in common. _____________ problems caused by something which annoy or affect you _____________ official instructions that explain what someone's job is, what their duties are etc. _____________ very, extremely.

C. Fill in the blanks with the prepositions in the box and explain their meanings.







to x2


LAB LESSON AVATAR 1/7 1. And since your genome is identical ..his, you could step . his shoes.( idiom) 2. This is TAV 1-6 . approach crossing outer marker, mine is .. sight. 3. I went avatar training him.(phrasal verb) 4. I am assigning him . our team . security escort.

WHILE-WATCHING Comprehension and Discussion 1. Is it a new idea for Jake Sully to be on Pandora? Has he ever figured about it? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What has happened to Jacks twin brother? What do you know about him?(name, job..etc) ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What is the deal between the Colonel and Jake? Why does he accept this offer? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What if they dont wear exo-packs on? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is the most important weapon of Navis? Why are they so deadly? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Why is it very hard to kill a Navi? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What does the expression Cinderella from the ball. mean? Who says it? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. You may be out but you never lose the attitude .What do you understand from this sentence? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Turn back to matching part. Remember the movie and next to each statement write by whom, where and when they were uttered.

POST-WATCHING Some Expressions to Consider Try to find some expressions in your native language which has nearly the same meaning . If you wish to survive, you need to cultivate a strong mental attitude. In order to survive on this planet, you have to work hard to develop a particular opinion and dedicate yourself to your decision. On this planet you have to obey the rules and be determent about this. They are just pissing on us without even the courtesy of calling it rain.


They are giving harm to our work and spoiling it even without telling us about the problem gently.

He has no business sticking his nose in my department. It is an idiom which means to become involved in something that does not concern you, in a way that annoys people. Also, to poke sbs nose into sth is possible.

Reading Comprehension (2010-LYS Practice) After the release of his film Titanic in 1997, Director James Cameron announced that the next movie he would make would be Avatar. It took him years to produce the film as it had an astronomical budget that approached 400 million dollars. In the film, Jake and his team go to Pandora, a jungle-covered moon, searching for valuable minerals. Since humans are unable to breathe on Pandora, human avatars are created out of them. There, the Avatars meet the Navi, a humanoid race, with sparkling blue skin, and capabilities that are far greater than those of normal humans. A war breaks out between the Navi and the Avatars. Meanwhile, Jake falls in love with a Navi, and is forced to choose between the Avatars and his Navi love. 2. We understand from the passage that human Avatars are created _______. A) because the atmosphere of Pandora does not allow humans to live there B) to persuade the Navi to make peace C) to cooperate with the Navi both militarily and technically D) so that the film can have a romantic theme E) with the help of valuable minerals

3. It is pointed out in the passage that the humanoid race, the Navi ______. 1. It is clear from the passage that Director James Cameron _______. A) had not made any important films before Avatar B) spent a long time and a lot of money to make Avatar C) played the role of Jake in his own film D) preferred his Titanic to his last film, Avatar E) plans to make another expensive film in the near Future A) are ultimately able to drive the Avatars out of Pandora B) have been living on Pandora as small communities C) have physical features not different from those of human beings D) are superior to human beings in many respects E) have received Jake and his team with utmost hospitality

LAB LESSON - PART 2 ( chapters 5-10)

PREVIOUS LESSON Match the given words/phrases with their synonyms.


nausea hybrid stray expedition sack squat indigenous _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ bag from cloth native kneel feeling of sickness fall back mixture, combination journey, trip for work insanely dissect benign inconvenience on the brink of assign brief _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ instructions trouble give job cut up extremely kind, gentle on the edge of

PRE-WATCHING Vocabulary Preview A. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the pictures below and then look them up in your dictionary and write their definitions with your own words. 1. I was sick of doctors telling me what I couldnt do. (spoken)... 2. Initiate link. ( )/net/........................................................................................................................................... 3. Sedate! Sedate him! ( )/sdeit/..... 4. This low gravity will make you soft. ( )/grviti/.. 5. I will see to it you get your legs back when you rotate home. ( )/roteit/ .... 6. It is a territorial treat display. ( )/terit:ril/.. 7. Do not shoot, you will piss him off. ( ) .


B. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the definitions given on the right. (The words/phrases listed below are in the order they appear in the movie.) _____________ used to describe conditions that are difficult to live in, or that make it difficult to achieve sth. How much have you logged? /l:g/ _____________[transitive] to make an official record of events, facts etc. But I read a manual. /mnjul/ _____________a book that gives instructions about how to do something, especially how to use So you just figured youd come out here, to a machine the most hostile environment known to


man. /hstl/ _____________steady and not likely to move or change _____________ (informal)extremely beautiful or attractive _____________ to deliberately rush quickly towards sb or sth in order to attack them. _____________ military intelligence. _____________ the state of being unable to feel anything, for example because you are very cold. _____________ to deal with something or do something for someone (phrasal verb). _____________ feeling unable to stand steadily, for example because you are looking down from a high place or because you are ill. _____________ a small part or amount of something that is examined in order to find out something about the whole. _____________ to move with small movements from side to side or up and down, or to make something move like this. _____________ unable to think clearly or move steadily, for example during a fever or after drinking alcohol. _____________ to gradually become familiar with a new situation. _____________ done or happening at exactly the right time.

Thats a gorgeous brain. /g:ds/ Link is stable. /stebl/ Are you feeling lightheaded or dizzy? /dz.i/ You are wiggling your toes. /wigl/ Are you feeling any numbness or pain? /nm.ns/ You need time to adjust to your Avatar. /dst/ It presents an opportunity both timely and unique. /tamli/ Such a marine could provide the intel I
need right on the ground.

I will see to it you get your legs back when

you rotate home.

Norm, you have contaminated the sample with your saliva./smpl/ It is a territorial treat display. Do not run or hell charge. /trd/

WHILE-WATCHING Comprehension and Discussion 1. Why do doctors feel anxious about Jakes avatar? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. How does Jake feel when he wakes up in an Avatar? What does he do? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Whose Avatar is it to meet Jake first on Pandora? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. How different is an Avatar body from a human body? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is Colonels plan on Jake? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Why does Jake accept the deal? ___________________________________________________________________________________


7. What does Grace see on the roots of the tree? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Why or how does Jakes Avatar stray from the others?

9. Turn back to matching part. Remember the movie and next to each statement write by whom, where and when they were uttered. POST-WATCHING Some Expressions to Consider A recon gyrene in an Avatar body. Thats a potent mix. Gyrene is a slang word used for members of the US Marine corps. Recon is the activity of sending soldiers to find about the enemys forces. Potent means strong, mighty. This sentence emprises the power of Jake that is a blend of an ex-marine and a powerful Avatar whose mission is to learn about the Navi life.

An expression used when you want someone to hurry. We are gonna stay a while. A period of time, especially a short one Just hold your ground. to stay where you are when someone threatens you, in order to show them that you are not afraid. Additionally, the expression to stand your ground has the same meaning with it. Reading Comprehension
.. Have you ever thought about the language which Navi people is speaking? Does it resemble any language you heard before? Movie critics say that the Navi tongue has accents of German and Japanese in it, which is completely understandable. However, it is a completely new language created for this movie. Four years before "Avatar" was scheduled to be released, director James Cameron contacted USC professor Paul Frommer, who is a linguistics specialist, to create an entirely new language that will be spoken by the Na'vi aliens in the film. Frommer and Cameron himself worked for 4 years to develop the Navi language, which comes with its own vocabulary and grammar rules. Jim Camerons production department at Lightstorm Entertainment was looking for a linguist that would be able to help him develop an alien language. At that time, it wasnt even called Avatar it was project 880 but the e-mail was forwarded to me and I saw it and jumped on it. A week or two later I was called in for a talk, Prof. Frommer says. When the film was released in 2009, Navi had a growing vocabulary of about 1000 words, but understanding of its grammar was limited to the language's creator. I met with each of the seven principal actors who use the language beforehand. I helped them with the pronunciation, we broke things down. I also created some sound files, MP3 files. I guess some of them downloaded them onto their iPods so they could listen to them at the gym. I gave them quite a challenge. I wish I could speak it fluently, Prof. Frommer says of Navi.

1. According to the text , A) Frommer worked on his own for 4 years in order to create this new language.
B) It lasted 4 years in order to release the movie. C) Frommer was not sure about being able to create a new language that sounds like belonging to aliens. D) Frommer made use of some languages he knows well such a German and Japanese. E) Frommer got the idea of creating a language for this movie from the net.

LAB LESSON AVATAR 1/7 2. We infer from the passage that A) It is impossible for humanbeings to adjust to pronunciation of the Navi language.
B) This language has more than one thousand words of vocabulary. C) Grammatical rules of the language resemble Chinese. D) When Frommer started to work for this project the film hadnt got its name E) Frommer is a specialist working at Jim Camerons production department at Light storm Entertainment.

3. We understand from the passage that

A) It was very easy for the actors to learn this language. B) Frommer made some changes in the language because actors lived some problems with the language at the beginning. C) It was Camerons idea to download some MP3 files for this language. D) All the actors downloaded these MP3 files in order to listen at gym. E) It is very easy for Frommer to speak this language fluently because he made it up. 4. Write a suitable title for the passage.

LAB LESSON- PART 3 (chapter 11-15)

PREVIOUS LESSON True / False ______ Colonel asks Jake to learn the Navis from the inside. ______ Grace discovers that there is a signal transduction from one root to the roots of the next tree. ______ Jakes Avatar strays from the group in order to find something new. Match the given words/phrases with their synonyms.

to log manual hostile initiate gorgeous stable lightheaded to wiggle

_____________ difficult, adverse _____________ extremely beautiful _____________ steady _____________ dizzy _____________ slightly shake, move _____________ start, launch _____________ to record _____________ guide book

numbness to sedate gravity timely intel rotate sample piss off

_____________ annoy _____________ turn back _____________ military intelligence _____________ a small part from sth _____________ to feel nothing _____________ well-timed _____________ to make sleep with drugs _____________ force of the planet to make things fall.

PRE-WATCHING Vocabulary Preview A. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the pictures below and then look them up in your dictionary and write their definitions with your own words.



1. Seeds of the sacred tree. ( )/si:d/ . ( ) /sekrd/ . 2. His alien smell fills my nose. ( )/elin/ 3. Then we will see if your insanity can be cured ( ) /nsnti/....................................................................................................................................... ........................................ 4. The legendary of floating mountains of Pandora. ( ) /flot/.. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the definitions given on the right.
(The words/phrases listed below are in the order they appear in the movie.) (WRITE the words in the blanks.)

Hes just gonna have to hang on till morning


Very pure spirits. /pjr/ /sprt/ It is awesome. /:sm/

_____________ to understand what something means after thinking about it carefully. ______________ used in radio conversation to say that a message has been understood. _____________ completely clean

For reasons I cannot fathom the Omaticaya ve _____________ someone who owns shares in a chosen you. /f.m/ company or business: Thats called taking the initiative. /ntv/

_____________ to control a situation and decide what to do next There is one thing that shareholders hate more than bad press that is a bad quarterly statement. _____________ soul _____________ wait /erhold/ _____________ extremely impressive Roger that.



WHILE-WATCHING Comprehension and Discussion 1. Why does Neytiri put out the torch? What happens when the torch is put out? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Why does Neytiri get angry with Jake and blames him? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. How do Navi people call Avatars? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. How have Navi people learned English? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Why does Neytiri save Jake and take him to their clan? What is the first impression of Jake on them? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Why does the director of RDA cooperation want to take the clan out of the village? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. How much time does Jake have in order to find a way to evacuate the village? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. What is Navis relationship with their animals? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Does Grace know about Jake and Colonels plan? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Turn back to matching part. Remember the movie and next to each statement write by whom, where and when were uttered them. POST-WATCHING

Some Expressions to talk about

Remember the movie. Who uttered these expressions? Where? When?

You were dug in like a tick. (Tick is an insect like flea) Look at all that cheddar (cheddar is ready money) Its hard to fill a cup which is already full



I see you

Listening time I SEE YOU I see you I see you Walking through a 1)... I see you My light in darkness 2) .. hope of new life Now I live through you and you through me Enchanting I 3)... in my heart that this dream never ends I see me through your eyes Living through life flying high Your life shines the way into 4). So I offer my life as a 5) I live through your love You teach me how to see All thats beautiful My 6). touch your word I never pictured Now I give my hope to you I 7) . I pray in my heart that this world never ends I see me through your eyes Living through life flying high Your love shines the way into 8). So I offer my life I 9).. my love, for you When my heart was never open And my 10). never free To the world that you have shown me But my eyes could not 11). All the colours of love and of life ever more 12). (I see me through your eyes) I see me through your eyes (Living through life flying high) Flying high Your love shines the way into 13) So I offer my life as a 14) And live through your 15).. And live through your 16). I see you I see you.
Last month we heard that Leona Lewis would be singing the theme song for Avatar, in a similar fashion to what Celine Dion did for Titanic over a decade ago.



Well the song is now online, and while I doubt it will become one of the biggest selling singles in history, it doesnt sound that bad.
December 2009



LAB LESSON-PART 4: (chapter 16-19)

Match the descriptions with the names and words in Navi: 1. TSUTE Y: 2. NEYTI RI: 3. IKRAN: 4. EYWA: 5. TSAHI K: 6. MOAT: 7. EYTUK AN:

a) Deity, goddess according to Navi religion. b) A horse that will fly with only one hunter in the whole life. c) The next clan leader of Navis.
d) The one who interprets the will of Eywa. e) Omaticayas spiritual leader; Neytiris father, Moats mate. f) Next Tsahik of them; heroine of the film. g) Neytitis mother. Current Tsahik of the clan.

Match the given words/phrases with their synonyms.

hang on seed sacred pure spirit

_____________ holy _____________ soul _____________ a small, hard object produced by plants _____________ wait _____________ clean

alien insanity fathom shareholder float

_____________sb who owns shares in a company _____________ not to sink _____________ think and understand _____________ madness _____________ foreigner

PRE-WATCHING Vocabulary Preview A. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the pictures below and then look them up in your dictionary and write their definitions with your own words.


LAB LESSON AVATAR 1/7 1. The days are starting to blur together.
( ) /blr/ ..

2. Everyday, it is reading the trails, the tracks at the waterhole, the tiniest scents and sounds.
( ) /tani/ ... 3. I really hope this tree-hugger crap isnt on the final. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the definitions given on the right.
(The words/phrases listed below are in the order they appear in the movie.) (WRITE the words in the blanks.)

_____________ a small area of water in a dry country where wild The language is a pain, but I figure its like field-stripping animals drink a weapon. /strp/ _____________ strong. _____________ strong determination to Everyday, it is reading the trails, the tracks at the succeed in doing sth waterhole, the tiniest scents and sounds. /trel/ _____________ series of marks that have /sent/ been left by someone or sth I talked Moat into letting Grace into the village. _____________ if a player or sports team is, they are not I was a stone-cold aerial hunter. /e.ri.l/ able to get any points _____________ a pleasant smell that Toruk Macto was mighty. something has. _____________ (phrasal verb) to persuade I am starting to doubt your resolve. /rzlv/ sb to do sth _____________ remove, damage.

WHILE-WATCHING Comprehension and Discussion 1. What is the life philosophy of Navis? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is a clean kill? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What is banshees? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4 Where are the Ikrans? How do they go there? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. How do they understand which Ikran is to be chosen? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. What is the importance of bigger and orange Ikran? ___________________________________________________________________________________



7. Who is Toruk Macto? What is the story of him? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. How does Jake feel after 3 months in a new life? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 9. What is Jake Sullys last plan? ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. What is the importance of this ceremony? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 11. If you were an Omaticaya, which privileges would you have? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 12. What is Utraya Mokri? What is its importance? ___________________________________________________________________________________ POST-WATCHING Some Expressions to Consider I am a man of my word. This sentence means that this person always keeps his promises. There is a deep connection the people have to the forest. strong connection Reading Comprehension
Did you know this? The Christmas tree and its celebration today resemble the celebration of rebirth by the ancient Turks. According to the beliefs of ancient Turks before their adoption of Islam, there is an Akcam pine tree at the center of the world. They used to imagine that this sacred tree exists in the middle of the world and its tip reaches all the way up to the palace of God Ulgen in the sky. They call it the tree of life. One can see this tree in the motifs on the carpets and kilims belonging to Turks today. The sun held great importance in the beliefs of Turks, according to which day battles against the night on the 21nd of December. After a long fight, day emerges as victor. It is this victory of the sun over darkness that the Turks celebrated under this large Akcam pine tree. The rising of the sun is seen as a rebirth. The name of the special day is NARDUGAN (Nar=sun, Dugan=being born), the birthing of the sun. The God lgen is praised for having returned the sun. Gifts are placed under the tree to ensure that the prayers are duly received. The tree is decorated with prayers for the new year. Homes and individuals were equally dressed up for this holiday and people gathered around the tree to celebrate. The elders were visited and families met to celebrate with food and drink. They believed that celebrating the holiday with family and friends brought life and prosperity. The particular Akcam pine only grew in Central Asia, and was unknown in Palestine. Therefore it is thought that the tradition was adopted by the Christians via the Huns.

1)According to the text, which statement is right? A) Before the adoption of Islam, Turks used to celebrate Christmas. B) Christians learned how to celebrate Christmas by



means of the Huns. C) Turks believed the existence of a sacred tree in the middle of the earth. D) Turks celebrated December 21 as the beginning of a new year. E) The reason why this tree was sacred is a secret. 2) The reason why the Sumerologist thinks that Christians learnt this tradition from Turks is that; A) We dont see any artifact about this tradition belonging to Christians. B) There are some carpets and kilims belonging to Palestinians. C) There are some very reliable records left from Huns and kept till today. D) The Akcam Pine Tree is a territorial plant of Central Asia and can only be grown up there. E) It is still a traditions for Turks to celebrate 21st December as the birth of sun. 3) We cannot infer from the passage that; A) before Islam Turks believed in a God in the sky and adore Nature. B) The Sun was vital according to their beliefs. C) According to the beliefs of Turks on the 21st of December, day combats against night. D) Turks used to call 21st December day as Nardugan. E) On this special day people used to dress up and gather around the tree.

LAB LESSON- PART 5: (1.20- 1.23)


True / False

____ Jake chooses his own Ikran successfully. ____ Jake is as willing as the Colonel to make Navi people evacuate the village. ____ Toruk Macto is one of the 5 vital heroes in the Navi History. Write synonyms of the words given. You can make use of the clues given. Become unclear: _ _ u _ Very small: t_ _ _ Sign, footprint: _r_ i_ Persuade: t_ _ _ i_ _ _ Smell, fragrance: _c_e_ _ Moving in the air:_ _ _ _ _l Strong: _ _ _h_ _ Strong determination: r_ _o_ _ _

PRE-WATCHING Vocabulary Preview



1. Dont make me force-feed a cripple.


2. You need to muzzle your dog.

( )/mzl/...

3. Can we take this down a couple of notches please?

( )/nt/ .

B. Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the definitions given on the
right.(The words/phrases listed below are in the order they appear in the movie.) (WRITE the words in
the blanks.)

You let me down son. There is time to salvage the situation. /sl.vd/ I will do it minimal casualities to the indigenous.

____________ ____________

a bomb designed to cause a fire to make sure that something does not fail completely

It will be humane more or less.


_____________ having an acceptable explanation or reason. _____________ (informal) good _____________ to check or slightly change an instrument or tool, so that it does something correctly _____________ to not do something that someone trusts or expects you to do _____________ someone who is hurt or killed in an accident or war _____________ not cruel

Then you are justified in taking it. /dstfa/ Calibrate fast. We are going in right now.

Switch incendiaries. /nsendiri/ Solid hits. Solid rocks on the target. /sld/

WHILE-WATCHING Comprehension and Discussion



1. What does Jake do when the dozers come to the Hometree area?

___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the biologically measurable reality about Pandora Forest? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What is the next plan to evacuate the area with fewer casualties? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Why do Navis tie Jake and Grace and take them as prisoners? How do they become free again? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. I didnt sign up for this shit. Who is the person saying this sentence and changing his/her attitude and draws back? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Colonel Quaritch has got a video log belonging to Jake which enables them to decide what to do. What is this video log about? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What is the reality Navi people know but Humans do not. What is it Navis trying to protect? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Turn back to matching part. Remember the movie and next to each statement write by whom, where and when they were uttered. POST-WATCHING Some Expressions to Consider You crossed the line. To exceed the boundary. The words are stones in my hearth. What I would like to say is burden for me, I want to share it and feel relaxed. I am not talking about some kind of pagan voodoo. I am talking about something real. Magical beliefs and practices used as a form of religion, especially by people in Haiti That is how you scatter the roaches. if a group of people or animals scatter, or if something scatters them, they move quickly in different directions roach (cockroach) is a large black or brown insect that lives in dirty houses, especially if they are warm and there is food to eat.( Here used for Navi people.)
Did you know this? The human brain has a huge number of synapses. Each of the 1011 (one hundred billion) neurons has on average 7,000 synaptic connections to other neurons. It has been estimated that the brain of a three-year-old child has about 1015 synapses (1 quadrillion). This number declines with age, stabilizing by adulthood. Estimates vary for an adult, ranging from 1014 to 5 x 1014 synapses (100 to 500 trillion). Neurons communicate with one another via synapses. Some neurons have got 1000 dendritic branches, making connections with tens of thousands of other cells; some other neurons have only one or two dendrites, each of which receives thousands of synapses. Some neurons also communicate via electrical synapses, which are direct, electricallyconductive junctions between cells. Remember the movie. What are the common aspects with the nature and human body?



AVATAR PART 6: (chapter 24-28)

True / False

____ Jake and Grace pretends that they share the same feelings and ideas as Navis. ____ According to beliefs of Navi, they can upload or download data to the network in the nature. ____ Colonel Quaritch finds a brilliant idea to make Navis evacuate the area which is a really humane way. Match the given words/phrases with their synonyms.
frustrate: _ _ _ d_ _ _ save: s_ _ _a _ _ a level on a scale: n_ _ c_ victim, injured or dead: _as_ _ _ _ _ not cruel: _u_ _ _ _ make sth/sb right: _ _ _ t_ _ _ disperse a crowd: s_ _ _ _ _ _ gag: m_ _ _ _ _

PRE-WATCHING Vocabulary Preview Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the definitions given on the right.
(The words/phrases listed below are in the order they appear in the movie.)

_____________ someone who is not loyal to their country, friends, or beliefs Personally, I dont feel these tree-hugging _____________ somebody who is disloyal to traitors deserve steak. /tretr/ someone who trusts you so that they are harmed or upset Get the trauma kit. _____________ a wall which divides the structure of a ship or aircraft into separate parts Trauma kits forward, on the bulkhead. /blkhed/ _____________ someone who is not accepted by the people they live among, or who has been forced out of their


LAB LESSON AVATAR 1/7 Outcast, betrayer, alien /atkst/

home _____________ a set of tools, equipment etc that you use for an injury.

WHILE-WATCHING Comprehension and Discussion 1. Why did Max stay inside? Whose idea was it? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. At the time the heroic group fled from colonel with a helicopter, there was a bad surprise for them. What was it? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Where did they flee to? Why? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. How did Jake manage to get on Toruk? What was his theory? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5. How was Neytiris mood then? How did she feel? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6. What did they do in order to save Grace? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What is Jakes plan to combat in order to get their land back? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. What was the message Navi people and Jake is going to give to humans? ___________________________________________________________________________________


When the first white men arrived in the new world [America] from the Old world [Europe], they came across high cheek boned, deeply suntanned natives, who they later nicknamed 'Red Indians'. These were the first ever to live in America and lived there alone for centuries. Did you know that they weren't called red Indians because of their skin colour, but because of the red war paint they wore when going out? The White Man discovered the Native Americans (Red Indians)in the 16th Century. They were by no means foolish, they knew how to use stone, wood, skin and bone for their weapons and household objects, but knew absolutely nothing about Metal. The men knew how to get their women [squaws] to carry all the heavy loads, all about fire to cook and keep them warm. The North American Indians lived on maize, beans, dried meat, peppers, tomatoes and groundnuts. They also hunted buffalo and bison. Did you know that they were the first to gather rubber and grow tobacco? They were also probably the first to built blocks of flats. Well before the White man came, war was a ceremonial game for the Indians. For them it was a test of bravery. Of course, later they fought for survival. They also enjoyed trading and didnt mind going long distances in order to barter goods for wampum, a kind of shell money. Religion was very important to the Indians and they worshipped different gods. Each tribe had a totem (an emblem), embodying the spirit of their clan. Their doctor was the shaman, or a religious doctor, who treated diseases with herbal remedies. They believed in life after death and that they would go to the happy hunting ground after death. 1. Native Americans were called Red Indians because of the fact that A) They were red skinned and cheek boned.



B) They had a very dark complexion as a result of the exposure to the sun light for a long time. C) They used red paint during the war time. D) they wear red war paint when going out of their homes. E) Lots of blood was shed during the war against White Men.

2. Which one is wrong according to the text? A) Natives lived on their own until the arrival of the White Men in the 16th Century.
B) Indians knew how to make use of the Natural Life in harmony. C) They knew how to cultivate their lands. D) They made their women carry heavy loads. E) They disapproved of hunting animals such as buffalo or bison. 3. Which one of the below is a common feature of Navi and Native American traditional life? A) They both made weapons from wood, skin, stone and bone. B) They both respected a Shaman who was doctor making use of plants to cure illnesses C) They both believed in after life and the fact that they would go to a more peaceful place. D) They both used wampum which is a kind of shell money for trade. E) War was a kind of game which is a test for bravery until the arrival of the enemy according to both.

AVATAR PART 7 : (chapter 30-34)

PREVIOUS LESSON ______ Human beings managed to mine the unobtainum. ______ Dr. Grace died and her soul was put into her avatar and a new life as an Avatar began. ______ Neytiri will never forgive Jake because he knew what would happen to Navi but he kept it as a secret. Write 3 words which are synonyms of collaborator: 1.____________ 2.____________ 3.____________

Vocabulary Preview Match the underlined vocabulary given in their original texts with the definitions given on the right (The words/phrases listed below are in the order they appear in the movie.) (WRITE the words in the blanks.)


LAB LESSON AVATAR 1/7 There is an aboriginal horde there massing

for an attack. ____________ to come together ____________ to choose to support one person or group in an argument, and oppose the other one ____________ do something to prevent something from happening, especially something that will harm you ____________ the very quick use of a very large amount of force by the military, in order to make the enemy no longer want to fight. ____________ a lot of people/things arrive or leave at the same time ____________ to make something quickly using whatever materials you have ____________ a large crowd moving in a noisy uncontrolled way ____________ an area that is strongly defended by a military group. ____________ death as a martyr.

/h:rd/ /ms/ More are pouring in. Our only security lies in pre-emptive attack. /pri.emptv/ The hostiles believe that this mountain
stronghold of theirs is protected by their deity.

They are rigging a shuttle as a bomber. It is for some kind of shock and awe

I was hoping for some sort of tactical plan

that didnt involve martyrdom./mrtdm/

Our great mother doesnt take sides.

WHILE-WATCHING Comprehension and Discussion

1) How many people are there against the Colonels army? How fast are they gathering?

2) What is Colonel Quaritchs new plan in this situation? Why?

_______________________________________________________________________________ 3) What do Navis have as weapon against the hostile? _______________________________________________________________________________

4) Jake tells Eywa to look into Graces memories. How did Jake describe the world? And who is the
mother killed? ________________________________________________________________________________ 5) Could Humans hit the tree of souls? ________________________________________________________________________________

Some Expressions to Consider Well blast a crate in their racial memory so deep. (here) To leave a big failure to the history of the race. We have the homefields advantage. To be on their own area which is known very well. (X an away game.)



I need to give you heads-up. Heads up!:(American English) spoken: used to warn people that something is falling from above It is the flux. a situation in which things are changing a lot and you cannot be sure what will happen.
Total: 117 new words and phases.

The End
What happened to the characters below at the end of the movie? Jake: _________________________________________________________________ Grace: _________________________________________________________________ Norm Spellman: _________________________________________________________________ Trudy: _________________________________________________________________ Max _________________________________________________________________ Colonel Quaritch: _________________________________________________________________ The other director of the organization: _________________________________________________________________ Moat: _________________________________________________________________ Neytiri: _________________________________________________________________ Humans: _________________________________________________________________ Navis: _________________________________________________________________ WRITING: Write a paragraph about the hidden messages of the movie. What are the lessons learned? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________