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Published on Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 15:00 Updated at Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 22:36


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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday released the Usha Thorat committe report on nonbanking finance companies or NBFCs. The report speaks about the issues and concerns of the NBFCs. (Thorat is a former deputy governor of RBI). He e a e e e ec e da i f Th a -c i ee:

Tie I ca i a f NBFC be a 12% So far, NBFCs' capital adequacy requirement is at 15% wherein there is no stringent stipulation of tier I or tier II capital. If the recommendation is accepted, every NBFC has to have a minimum tier I capital or equity capital of 12%. P i i i g f NBFC d be i i a h ef ba .

In April this year, RBI increased provisioning norms for banks from 10% to 15% on sub-standard assets (where interest payments have not been made for two months) while restructured assets (where concessions have been given to the borrower to prevent the loan from going bad) too have to be provided at 2% as against 0.25-1% earlier. If accepted, NBFCs too have to follow this. NBFC heads feel such provisioning is good on a longer term basis. Interestingly, it has an income tax benefit. The proposed income tax deduction is seen as a big relief. Li idi ai be i d ced f 30 da

RBI has recommended maintaining a liquidity ratio of for 30 days. Which means an NBFC has to set aside cash balance equivalent to its debt payments due every month. This debt may include repayment of bank loans, interest payment to bond subscribers and others. Asset finance companies, especially those with longer repayment cycle, may be impacted. The measure is perceived to be important to check asset liablity mismatch of NBFCs. Ri eigh f NBFC , ed b ba a be ai ed 150% f ca i a a e e e a d 125% f c e cia ea e a e This reflects RBI's intention to bar NBFCs from taking higher exposure in capital market and real estate. Two such sectors are considered to be risk-prone and inclusive of high volatility. However, asset finance companies which basically do business of funding asset purchases would not be impacted due to this.
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