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Marketing mix

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Sales Management and Relationship Selling Prof. P K Bansal






Public relations

Personal selling

Sales promotion

Sales management Sales management

Planning Planning Budgeting Budgeting Recruiting and selecting Recruiting and selecting Training Training

Motivating Motivating Compensating Compensating Set-up territories and Quota Set-up territories and Quota Sales Force Management Sales Force Management Evaluating performance Evaluating performance

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Sales Managers Time Allocations

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Sales Management means the Planning, Direction and Control of Personal Selling, including recruiting, selecting, equipping, assigning, routing, supervising, paying and motivating as these tasks apply to the personal sales force. American Marketing Association

Job Responsibility
Selling Face-to-face Telephone selling Administration Account service/coordination Travel/waiting Internal meeting

Managers Time Allocation %

29% (17) (12) 25 17 15 14

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Levels of Relationship Selling 1) Transactional Selling

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What creates satisfied customers?

A Total A Total Customer Customer Solution Solution 22% 22% Competence Competence of the of the Salesperson Salesperson 38% 38%

Customers are sold to and not contacted again

2) Relationship Selling
Quality of Quality of Product or Product or Service Service 26% 26% Competitive Competitive Price Price 18% 18%

Seller contacts customer after the purchase to determine if they are satisfied and have future needs.

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3) Partnering
Seller works continually to improve its customers operations, sales, and profits. Encourages both, the buyer and seller to share information, risks and profits together Buyer striving for the lowest possible cost and the seller aiming for the highest possible margins while enriching each other.

4) Consultative Selling
The Team Leader Role
Sales person coordinates all the information, resources and activities needed to support customers before, during, and after the sale. Forms Sales Team to interact with the Buying Teams.

Business Consultant Role

Salesperson gives Advice and Service Salespeople need to know a significant amount about the customers business at the start of first interaction

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Long Term Ally Role

Salesperson acts as a helper in meeting the customer's needs to create a win-win situation. The difference between the salespersons pre and post sales concerns for the customer (Called Relationship Gap) is eliminated and customer receives the level of support and service that meets his expectations now and throughout the duration of the customer relationship process.