Installation manual

I know, an installation manual should not begin with a reminder, but since it’s very important I’ll break that rule: please pay attention to STEP 10, when setting initial_balance and fixed_lot (if this is the case). Everything is explained, but do not skip this step!

This is the installation manual for Black Belt EA v1.0, please follow the bellow steps EXACTLY, otherwise it might not work. Everything is fully documented with colors and images, the installation takes no more than 2 minutes.The following antivirus softwares: AntiVir, AVG (both free and commercial versions), Emsisoft, Ikarus will detect BlackBeltEA.exe and blackbeltea.dll as a virus. It’s just a false positive because it communicates with the licensing servers and the dll file is protected against cracking with a commercial application thus normal headers are modified. You are advised to disable those antiviruses, otherwise the software won’t work. 1. Download the file called BlackBeltEA.exe using the download link you received after purchase and run it. If you are under Windows Vista or Windows 7, right click on it, select Run as Administrator, then run it. You will get the following window, click Next.

2. Click I Agree to accept the license terms.

3. Choose your Metatrader root directory. I’m on Pepperstone, so I choose its installation directory as seen in the following pictures.

4. Click Install. At this point BlackBeltEA should be installed and ready for use. The installer creates the following files {Metatrader root directory here}/experts/BlackBeltEa.ex4 {Metatrader root directory here}/libraries/blackbeltea.dll Now you must configure Metatrader to load Expert Advisors properly. 5. Start your MT4 platform and open an EURUSD chart. From the Left panel, Market Watch, select EURUSD, right click on it, then click Chart Window. The chart should be plotted on your screen.

6. Select M30 timeframe by clicking on the highlighted button as shown in the picture bellow. The chart opens on H1 timeframe by default, but Black Belt EA needs M30 timeframe active in order to work.

7. Go to the upper menu, select Tools -> Options, select Expert Advisors tab, then make sure everything looks like in the picture bellow. This is very important, otherwise the EA won’t work. Once again, please pay a closer attention to this step!

8. Go to the left menu, expand Expert Advisors tab by clicking the [+], selectBlackBeltEA, right click on it, then click Attach to chart.

9. Click the Common tab and make sure everything looks exactly like in the image bellow. This step is very important also.

10. Click the Inputs tab. Here are the explained inputs: Magic Number = a five digit integer number used to identify orders opened by Black Belt EA. It can be any unique five digit numbers, or just leave the default. You have to make sure that different EA’s running on the same account don’t share the same magic number. License = enter your clickbank Order Number OrderString = a string that identifies orders opened by Black Belt EA, leave it alone or just change it to whatever you want although it’s not recommended if you don’t know what you are doing. MM = Money Management. If set to true, money management will be used, otherwise, if set to false, a fixed lot of your choice will be used. (if you choose to disable MM, then setfixed_lot to your fixed lot size). MaxOpenTrades = Maximum number of open orders at the same time. Default is 16 and it’s not recommended to reduce them because the performance of the EA can be reduced, internal algorithms can handle that amount of risk. But if you still want to reduce the number of open trades, set it to 6. A value less than 6 will highly decrease the performance and it’s not recommended. initial_balance = this parameter is very important!! The EA doesn’t work properly if you don’t set this properly. Just input your starting account balance. For example, if your starting balance is $1,000 then set initial_balance to 1000. Default is 10000, don’t leave the default, set your own starting balance! fixed_lot = if MM=false, then fixed_lot would be used. Do not use the default lot size as it can blow your account! Set the lot size accordingly. If MM=true you don’t have to set the lot size by yourself, but if MM=false please set the lot size accordingly. For an initial_balance=500, fixed_lot should be 0.01

balance_percent = if MM=true, this option sets the risk in the following way: if the equity increases by balance_percent% of initial_balance then the lot increases by 1% of your initial_balance. For example balance_percent=0.8 and initial_balance=10000means that every time the equity increases by $8,000 the lot increments with 0.1 (1% of initial balance). balance_percent comes with a default value of 0.8, if you want a more aggressive money management, more profits, higher risk, just decrease this value a little bit up to 0.6. Recommended settings are: MM=true initial_balance= {your starting balance here} IMPORTANT!! balance_percent=0.8 There are a few parameters more, but don’t touch them, leave the defaults. Click OK.

11. The installation is almost over. If everything works smoothly, you should see the following screen:

In order to check for unexpected errors time to time, go to Metatrader upper menu, clickView, select Terminal (it is selected by default, if you select it again it disappears and you have to select it once more), select Experts and Journal tabs and look for errors. If you find some, please contact me. An error looks like this:

If you have any questions of any kind related to my product or installation issues please email me using the email contact form. I’ll usually reply within 2-5 hours but sometime might take as long as 12 hours, but no more.

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