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BOOK REVIEW PURPOSE: To expand your knowledge in a new area of Wellness as defined by the course that you would

like to know more about.


Must be a book. No autobiographies, booklets, magazines or fiction novels doubt, ask first. Follow the question / answer format. State the question then the answer. Number your responses.

if in


Font: 12 Times New Roman. Report must be typed, single spaced. Stapled Cover Page must be included.


15 % of total grade

LATE PENALTY: 3 marks the 1st day and 1 mark / day to a max. Of 5. Not accepted after 1 week past the due date. If you have a problem, see Professor Early.


Tuesday March 1, 2011

Book Review Assignment Book Title: Living with Death and Dying Author: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Course: Wellness: The Better You (2010-2011) Course Code: HEAL 1020 Instructor: Renee Hober Student Name: Maryam Botros Student Number: 5698162 Program: Practical Nursing Diploma-SPN1

Book Review Wellness: The Better You 2011 PART 1: Due Feb. 15th, 2011 NAME (print): _Maryam Botros __ STUDENT#: 5698162_ TITLE OF THE BOOK: Living with Death and Dying AUTHOR: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-4 (below) prior to reading your book, please type your responses. 1. To what component (s) of Wellness does this book apply? This book applies to the Emotional Dimension of wellness ),as Elisabeth Ross described her experience in dealing and promoting the subjective sense of well being(Gwen Robbins, Debbie Powers, Sharon Burgress, A Wellness Way of Life), to the person with chronic diseases and the person who is expecting to die at any moment. Actually, the author demonstrated a high level of awareness in recognizing their feelings and helping them and their families to accept the reality and living with it. Also, it applies to the Social Dimension as the author was helping the patients with terminal diseases to interact with the others and to talk about their challenges when they are interacting with their families. On the other side she helped their family members specially the children to understand the meaning of death without hurting their feelings and to cope with the stress that may present while they are living with a family member who is dying. Finally, the Spiritual Dimension that the author was emphasising on the important o f the faith that is helping the person in his journey with the chronic disease till death.

2. Why did you select this specific subject? Actually, I have a personal experience with death as my father died after a long journey of fighting with Hep C.. During this period of time I think I was emotionally unbalanced and disoriented. I didnt know how to deal with the situation and how to handle it in a manner that keeps me well. Therefore, I wanted to know how I can help myself to recover from this situation and to review my mistakes and to try to correct them in the future encase if I had this situation again. Also, I selected this subject as I am interested in understanding how the person might behave if he knows and expect that he will dye especially after a long journey of pain, and how to communicate with him/her in this period

of time and how to help them to accept them. I believe it is a high level of communication that requires sensitivity and a deep understanding of the meaning

of the wellness and health in all dimensions. The physical dimension of wellness in this book is not the main dimension as the characters were experiencing severe diseases and that made me understand the importance of the other dimensions of wellness in absence of the physical one. I believe this subject is highlighting these dimensions and introducing a new meaning of wellness, that the person can be well although he might be physically dying and that is by applying the mindfulness and living the moment . 3. Why did you select this book? I selected this book because it includes a real experience and narrates true stories for real people. The author Elisabeth Ross is a doctor and psychiatrist, and internationally renowned thanatologist (Elisabeth R., Living with Death and Dying). She is an expert in both fields the psychology and the pathology and that made her book of a significant value. I am interested in learning in these two fields and this book combines them together. Also the book is attractive as it narrates stories about many people with different interests and different mentalities and that encourages reading the book till the end to know about these people in the most critical time in their life. Although the book is only 180 pages but very sentence in this book is really carrying a very intense idea and I recognised this when I read the first page of the book I found it meant to be a reference and a practical guide to the health care providers that are dealing with patients with terminal illness in a very simple language that even the unprofessional can understand.

4. Explain how reading this book will affect your WELLNESS as defined by our class model. Actually, reading this book changed my understanding to many ideas specially the death. To me the word death itself he carries an opposite meaning to life but the book taught me that death is the final stage of growth (Elisabeth Ross, Living with Death and Dying) some people have to reach this stage through a struggle with diseases. Actually, death according to this book is a result of a life assignment that God is giving to the people. Some people have a hard one others have an easy one. It adds to my wellness spiritual dimension and gave me the idea to volunteer in the hospitals to contribute even by doing a small role in helping these people so it adds also to my wellness social dimension as I assigned it(the Volunteering) as one of my SMART goals or as a responsibility for 3 months. I found this volunteering opportunity as a specific goal that is directed to the community in an efficient way. Also it is measurable as it is for three months and achievable as

there is a need for the volunteers in the hospitals and targeted as it will be a real experience that is aligned with my study as a nursing student. I believe that this volunteering will increase my network and allow me to connect with many professionals in my field it will help me to change towards Moreover; the book helped me to understand how to apply the mindfulness concept in the most critical

situations in the life that it is losing someone you love. (Gwen R., Debbie P., Sharon B.), A Wellness Way of Life. First, the patience as an effective behaviour that enables me to control my emotions and priorities my thoughts. Second, is the acceptance. I realised that staying in present and focusing on the future is a very efficient thought that helps me to stay on the top of the situation and moves on to the next step and concentrate on my future goals.

Book Review Wellness: The Better You 2011 PART 2: Due March 1st, 2011

1. Did this book meet your expectations? Explain Why.

2. Using the following table, in point form, give a complete synopsis of the content of the book, chapter by chapter:

Minimum of 2 pages Maximum of 4 pages Use the following chart format

Chapter / Major Points

Supporting Points / Statements

3. Evaluate the book based on your needs

Minimum of 4 paragraphs ( 1 page)