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Welcome to kindergarten! I am delighted to be working with you and your child on this exciting adventure. Kindergarten is a time of new beginnings, making friends, gaining independence and learning lots of new things each day. This packet may answer some of the questions you may have and will be a good future reference. Our Daily Schedule *Please note that adjustments may be made to our schedule in order to meet the
needs of our students. Our schedule follows a daily routine, which makes children feel secure in knowing how each day will go.

7:30 Arrival 8:058:35 8:40 9:10 9:25 9:3510:40 10:40 11:00 11:0511:35 11:40 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:15

Teacher picks up students in cafeteria. Backpacks, STAR folders, and lunch boxes are put away. Sign-in on attendance chart. Group calendar time/morning meeting Breakfast/Morning Bathroom Break Students return to meeting rug for BUZZ board/daily message & Shared Reading Language Arts (alphabet studies, phonemic awareness skills, and sight words) Discuss center assignments (pocket chart on calendar board) Center Time & Small group reading instruction ** Handwriting is incorporated as a center (we use the Handwriting Without Tears program). Reading intervention is incorporated during center time. Morning Recess (if time permits, in the beginning centers may take longer until students learn the routine) Restroom Break/Wash hands for lunch Lunch/Bathroom Break Special Class Meeting Rug-Whole group math lesson Rest/Naptime **Naptime ends in January and Writing journals will be completed during this time. Clean up mats & Restroom Math Centers (small group math instruction/practice with teacher) **Fridays-students will be working in math journals to help develop and strength problem solving skills. Afternoon Recess/Bathroom Break

1:502:30 2:35 Snack-time 2:55 Clean up/Prepare for Home ** Science and Social Students are incorporated into our reading units and our holiday studies**

and most do not like having time out away from activities/afternoon recess. Everyone starts the day on the home beehive.Special Class Schedule Time. Be Safe. There are usually more light changes at the beginning of the school year. Home Hive (start) Blue Hive-Be Careful 5minutes Orange Hive-Uh-Oh 15minutes Green Hive-Warning Yellow Hive-Stop & Think 10 minutes Red Hive-Oh-No-No Recess & Note Home This plan is very effective for kindergartners. . It usually does not take long for most to learn to respect our classroom expectations and those of the school. We have a visual behavior board where each student has his/her own bee. as the children are all beginning to learn acceptable behavior for school.11:30 Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ***Please wear tennis shoes on PE/gym day*** Classroom Rules We follow the 3 B·s. Each day we want to have ´beeµ-autiful ´beeµ-haviorµ. Be Respectful. *Listen & use soft voices inside *Keep hands and feet to self *Raise hand *Share & take turns Discipline My behavior system is based around the theme of ´beesµ. The children do not enjoy moving their bees. These rules cover just about every scenario. Be Responsible. If a classroom rule is broken students must move his/her bee to different color hives.

*Weekly Newsletters will be sent home *Our reading program has a weekly ´Family Tiesµ newsletter *Special Notes/Letters regarding classroom is the way to stay informed. Communication Communication between home and school is very important««. Students will a have a leveled reader (some are paper and some will be small book) to read/practice and return each night.Homework No homework on Wednesdays and Fridays Homework will be sent home in a weekly packet on ½ sheet of paper. school events and community events *Monthly School Calendar When we need to communicate on a more personal level. about your child we may«« . Homework *Reinforces skills *Gives parents insight into their child·s learning *Develops responsibility *Establishes study habits If your child forgets something one day (which we all do) he/she may simply bring the forgotten item(s) the next day.. Please do not let ´forgettingµ become a concern. On the paper reader you will see a check mark at the top when your child is finished with that reader. Each ½ sheet has the day the assignment is to be completed at the top right hand corner. Please do not work ahead and complete all assignments in one night. ** Please encourage your child to do his/her homework independently (please do not complete the assignment for them) but provide assistance and support when needed.

I like email but please keep in mind that I usually only get a chance to check it once or twice a day.looked-forwarded-to time of the day in kindergarten! A monthly snack calendar will be sent home in each child·s STAR folder. Your child will have 1 day a month to bring snacks for the class. -Phone Call«You may call the office and leave brief message and I will return your call as soon as I am able. grapes. Please keep in mind that ARC meetings and grade level meetings are also held during this time.-Send a note«. Yes. bananas pudding cups . Calls will not be put through to the classroom during instruction time.. My daily planning time is 11:30-11:50 . I am a little old fashioned and I like this way of sending messages -Email. Snack Snack time is probably the most. Kindergartners enjoy simple snacks such asGramham crackers Dry ceral Goldfish crackers fruit snacks pretzels yogurt sticks Apples.

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