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Frescolat ML 620105 Frescolat ML cryst.

600190 Frescolat Mga 600165

active ingredients

Frescolat ML no. 620105 Frescolat ML cryst. no. 600190 Frescolat Mga no. 600165 active cooling ingredients
BENEFITS Nature identical cooling agents Provide a pleasant, long-lasting freshness and cooling effect to the skin Create the sensation of freshness and coolness without employing alcohol or menthol Usage as signal or marker to reinforce to the consumer that the product benefits are being delivered, e.g. to indicate time related benefits Usage as an active cosmetic ingredient everywhere in the world Faint inherent odor, which can easily be masked, therefore fragrancing of final products is easy Different qualities can be used to produce cosmetic products with either acidic or alkaline pH Safe to use and compatible with mucous membranes PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Oil-soluble Cold processing is possible by dissolving first in perfume oils, cosmetic oils or glycol solvents Dosage: 0.1 to 2.0 %

ML / ML cryst .
2 4 6 8

10 12 14

pH stability 1% product in 45% EtOH/H2O

ACIDIC TO NEUTRAL pH PRODUCTS Frescolat ML No. 620105 (nature identical) Clear, colorless liquid or fused substance Congealing point: min. 40C IFRA No restrictions, listed in TSCA, EINECS, PICCS, MITI, DSL, AICS, FEMA/GRAS No. 3748 INCI name: Menthyl Lactate Frescolat ML cryst. No. 600190 (nature identical) White crystalline substance Melting point: min. 42C IFRA No restrictions, listed in TSCA, EINECS, PICCS, MITI, DSL, AICS, FEMA/GRAS No. 3748 INCI name: Menthyl Lactate NEUTRAL TO ALKALINE pH PRODUCT FRESCOLAT MGA No. 600165 Clear colorless pale viscous liquid IFRA No restrictions, listed in TSCA, EINECS, PICCS, MITI, AICS, FEMA/GRAS No. 3807 INCI name: Menthone Glycerin Acetal

Frescolat Applications appLication area Male & Family toiletries Pre-/After shave products (lotion) Shaving products, alkaline (cream, foam, gel) Shaving foam, non-alkaline Deodorant roll-on / spray Deodorant stick: alkaline Antiperspirant / deodorant dry stick Body lotion Shower gel / shampoo Toilet soap, alkaline Toilet soap, non-alkaline Beauty products Depilatory cream / lotion Skin tonic / lotion / gel Refreshing mask after sun products Cooling lotion / gel / balm After sun shower gel / shampoo Lip balm sportive products Refreshing lotion / gel / balm / tonic Sport shower / shampoo Hair care products Shampoo Conditioner Tonic / gel / balm ML/ML cryst. Mga*

* - Please inquire about recommended usage levels - For use in toothpaste or in food products (e.g. chewing gum), please inquire about the patent situation and/or local regulations. 1

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