February 21

Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is a process through which one assesses and determines one s strengths as an individual worker and in some cases, as part of an organization.

GROUP : 3 Anirud Balaji Rabitha G. Sheikh Rezwana Shreya R. Shruti C. Vinay Murthy

and has grown to be. we focus on smarter approaches and newer technologies. Values and Standards: y y Total customer orientation .(WATCHES DIVISON) Company Overview: Titan was established in 1984 as a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.Driven by innovation and creativity. Corporate Citizenship . Mission: To create wealth for all our stakeholders by building highly successful businesses based on a customer-centric approach.Customers take precedence over all else. high performance is but a way of life and is nurtured by teamwork.At Titan Industries. with 12. Vision: To be a world-class. we ceaselessly strive for excellence. innovative. Creativity and Innovation . Africa and Asia Pacific.We ensure that a part of our resources is invested in environment and community betterment. y y y y . and to contribute to the community. progressive organization and to build India¶s most desirable brands.In all our pursuits. Passion for excellence . always.We value and respect Titanians and endeavour to fulfill their needs and aspirations. Employee appreciation . Performance culture and teamwork . present in 30 countries covering the Middle East.000 sales outlets and more than 600 services.TITAN INDUSTRIES LTD.

our competencies and capabilities to enter into new categories and businesses is the third challenge. ` TPD will leverage. ` TPD will leverage its manufacturing competencies cost-effectively. To sustain and grow rapidly & profitably is the first challenge. To retain our leadership position and sustain dominance is the second challenge. retailing and distribution to consider entry into other categories. ` Titan will develop a capable. ` TPD will strengthen its retail prowess significantly and prudently. ` Titan will ensure high workforce engagement. to scale existing capabilities. where there is respect and fairness for all. As we grow & diversify. To leverage opportunities. ‡ ‡ Strategic Priorities: ` TPD will invest in creating desirable product & retail brands. using our core competencies. India is the country of opportunities. attract and retain talent and build a leadership pool to meet current & future needs is the fourth challenge. ` TPD will develop its manufacturing. there is intense competition in the watch industry as well as a transformation of the retail sector. With entry of several international and local players. and invest in its design & development capabilities to produce meaningful design. . ` TPD will build enduring and profitable associate relationships. sourcing and supply chain capabilities significantly. performance oriented and learning organization. ` TPD will make its brands come alive by creating a delightful shopping and service experience for its consumers.Strategic Challenges: ‡ ‡ The watch segment in India is growing at a slow pace. How do we seize these opportunities. ` Titan will ensure that it attracts. acquire new capabilities. ` Titan will consistently deliver increasing profits and profitability. and focus on being a great place to work in. retains and develops top class talent. ` Titan will use its core competencies in design.

Mr. Leadership skills ± To effectively manage teams and motivate them and also take initiative in certain projects Decision making capabilities ±To take ownership of projects at the implementation level. Competency requirements: y Effective Communication skills ± To handle the communication flow between the management and trade unions. Required to sustain and take forward the Organizational objectives. Analytical ability.To be able to instill the organization values in the subordinates. Dealing with ambiguities Risk taking ability Interpersonal skills. /Watches Education/Experience of the incumbent: y y Post Graduation + M Phil Minimum 6 to 8 years of relevant experience required in the field The recruitment & selection process: y Application through newspaper advertisement y Aptitude test y Interview Major responsibilities of the job: y y y y y y Understanding of the Organization vision HR including training. To understand the requirements of the business at implementation level and take ownership.Analyze the situations of crunch and find out ways to deal with them Problem Solving. R. Statutory.Balaji (Sr.Maintain cordiality among the laborers working on housing projects and deal with the issues related to supervisors and laborers. PMS Industrial Relations Welfare. Manager Human Resources) Titan Industries Ltd. Subordinate development etc. also guide the trainees effectively during training sessions. y y y y y y y .

suppliers and distributors.Building good relations with employees.K.).15 years The recruitment & selection process: y y y Application through newspaper advertisement Aptitude Test Interview Major responsibilities of the job: y y y y Reviewing and Monitoring Strategy formulation and Execution Individual initiatives Coordination with employees.Seenivasan Group Manager . y y y y Problem solving ability.To handle emergency situations related to non delivery issues and to review and monitor the movement of various Leadership skills ± To take individual inititiative in situations required. Networking skills ± To deal with external sources and also keep a track of delivery of movement requirements for meeting watch demands in the market.Movement Manufacturing Titan Industries Ltd./Watches Education/Experience of the incumbent: y MS (Eng. y . y Relationship Management. coworkers. suppliers and distributors. Organizer ±To manage over 20+ functions. Competency requirements: Excellent communication skills and excellent team player To coordinate with 800+ employees directly and indirectly.