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It was dark outside when I woke to a man standing in my bedroom; I was scared but did not run for

I thought I'd recognized him. He was slender and pale; he wore old attire from the 1500s at the latest, light shirt and long slender pants. Compared to the room I was in, he seemed to fit the style as if he were just another figure in the bedroom. The bedroom was small yes, but it was suitable for a girl of my stature. For a moment the man seemed so still it was like he was just part of a dream that lingered or I was still in the dream. I noted that he looked calm and collective, but ready for something. It wasn't until he spoke that I realized he was alive and actually there.

"Hello," he said I stared at this man in disbelief. He was real after all, but something was off, for I did not sense his heartbeat or the heat

of blood flow. I thought I was going to die, just like my neighbor had the previous week. I prepared myself to fight, but saw that was inevitable since he was not human to begin with. I tried to sense his feelings and all I was able to read was astonishment. He seemed brutal. The way I kept at his heart, he seemed to twist a little, and for a moment I thought he felt it. "Kataline" he called My heart stopped, he knew my name. He smiled while I lay there frozen. I couldn't move; I barely could breathe. The room had become so cold and full of tension. At that moment I would say it possible to die of fright. He leaned toward me, and I sat upright scared to move any farther. W-Who are you? I managed to say "That is none of your concern child, for you will not last past

this night. Not alive anyway." Frozen with fear, I just watched as this man came closer, I noted that he had a gentle walk about him he seemed to just float over to where I stood. When he paused for a brief moment my breathing stopped all together, along with my heart. "Kataline you are very beautiful, you have that natural beauty. I don't see that often enough nowadays." He sighed. "Too bad huh? My eyes widened with fright as my breathing and heart beat faster. I knew that I was dead then, so I fell back on my pillow and waited for the slaughter.

I woke up to find myself stronger, healthier, and I felt like I didn't have to do anything drastic. I stood up instantaneously, but gracefully; I walked over to the window and opened it. It was dark and welcoming outside. For a split second I thought I had dreamed it all, that it was only a nightmare. I turned and faced the mirror to find myself looking at a pale dark creature like the one that was previously here, but female instead of the horrid male. The creature in the mirror was young and yet captivating and beautiful, the creature had my medium bleach blond hair, but I saw that her skin looked differently with it. I saw that the skin matched more perfectly with the hair and texture of her clothes, and that it was oddly welcoming and not so frightening. Her eyes were not cold and red as was the males, I raised my hand and the mirror woman copied it. For the first time I took a breath. I smelled new things, the smell of that man because it was fresh and didn't belong, and even the faintest hint

of old blood. None of the lights were on, but I could see just as well as if all the lights were on. I looked around the room and could see where the peach paint was starting to come off and where dust was on the marble counters. I thought that I had cleaned only yesterday, but it seemed like the place had been dusty for more than a day or two. My clothes were still scattered around the room and the mirror was still upright when I saw my reflection. I finally turned to my bed to find it stained in blood. Frightened I staggered back a few paces because I realized that was my blood, since there was a spot that was still white where I had laid. No one loses that much blood and lives. "Figures" I said I was surprised by my voice; it was a bit daintier, but still the same. I went over to the bed and sighed. I'd become thirsty; not thirsty for water, but for the blood I smelled.

I decided since it was night and it was safe, and I knew no one I knew would be out here at this hour, that I'd follow that mans scent to where ever it led. It frustrated me that I was not given the opportunity to jut die; that I had to be changed because the bastard found me appealing. I knew I was beautiful in my other body. I knew because all the men near me always stopped to look. I didn't take it much to heart because I was raised better than to be vain about myself. I didn't want to become selfabsorbed, as I knew others had. It appeared to be around three- o-clock when I strode in the middle of town. It felt odd that I didn't even need a car or any transportation, I was strong enough and it felt like I was floating while I walked along. I'd noted earlier when I strode past a businessman on the corner that I didn't really have to search him to know how he felt. It felt nicer that I no longer had

to probe in order to get what I wanted. I had only one complaint about being an empath and that was the weird picture that sometimes came with the emotions of a human. Being a newborn apparently had some knacks to it, but humans were still the same they seemed to have the same troubles and the same happiness's. The man's scent seemed to be going all over town square because I felt like I was bobbing and weaving all over the sidewalk. I shook my head as I noted this man was drunk. It took me off guard because I didn't think immortals could get drunk, I guess I was wrong about that. What else then was I wrong about? The scent lead around a corner in a dark alleyway, and there I found another one of his victims. This one was completely dead though. It seemed sad; this victim seemed young for being out at this hour, and in this place. With no heart and no life I decided it was a good idea not to leave it here, especially with a bite mark

on it. I put a few more bite marks on her to make it look like an animal rather than the clean one bite it had, I then picked up the victim and carried it to where I knew a policeman usually stood around this hour. When I rounded the other corner where the policeman stood, he looked at me differently, but in awe really than anything else. The policeman was young and wore his black uniform; he had short brown hair and was a little heavy. His eyes were a plain brown that had nothing captivating about him. He was surprised like I figured he would be, but he was himself after a moment and looked at the girl. What happened here? he asked I found this girl in the alley way when I was passing by. My voice startled the man in yet again another daze. I waited patiently while I read all his emotions as they ran through him. He felt no fear from me because all he could see was the beauty.

When he collected himself once again I started to hand him the body. Would you take her to the station? I asked Well, no need to take her to the station but I'll make sure she gets her proper rest. He said. I knew then that his intentions were noble, so I handed him the body and walked back to my trail. It didn't take me long to pick it right back up and find now what appeared to be my own scent that lingered for a moment. My scent seemed rather nice and fragrant than when I was human, but then again I couldn't smell as good as I can now. I sighed for the second time tonight. Why did I have to be changed? As I followed the trail again I got a little mad at my thirst. Even though I seemed content a moment ago, it wanted it yet again. It truly was my fault since I bit into something and found no pleasurable liquid inside. Soon I found myself loathing

the victim the man had left there dead. I shook my head in disgust; I did not need to hate a victim like her and I didn't want to admit I wanted blood. She was just the same as me, same man who ended us. Fortunately for her she was chosen to just die. It saddened me that I jumped to conclusions about a girl I didn't know; I felt utterly horrible after that, but I followed the trail regardless. In his scent I caught a whiff of something that smelled like blood. My throat went into flames and I desperately wanted to feed. I uttered curses so fast that it was incomprehensible to a human, or at least it seemed like that. In the end of my fit I followed the scent, which seemed to be where his scent was also. So at least I knew I was lucky this go around. As I followed the scent it took me to the industrial side of downtown that I'd only been to once. The scent stopped at a specific building, the

building held nothing of value that told me anything but I knew that this place was full of the scent. I looked around and found no entrance, so I followed my new nose that led me to the alleyway where there was some hidden door. I couldn't place it just right but I knew that it was an entrance to where the scent was leading. I followed.

When I got down the stairs to the main entrance that looked more like an entrance I found that this place was some kind of club. The only weird part was that it was not a regular club like the ones above, it seemed the scent of blood was all over this lower floor. It had a corner bar table; just like the ones in real bars, but this one held wine classes and tequila shot classes full of the red liquid. Behind the counter were refrigerators and

above was a kitchen feel ceiling. Compared to the bar itself the wide space was enormous. There was a band playing, but it played soft music and the people on the dance floor were either dancing the dances of old or just standing around talking with drinks in their hands. The walls of the place were gray, silver and purple. The ceiling was pure black with silver streaks on it. I gathered they were trying to make the place look like the night inside. Could we not go outside often or something or is it just to make us feel more at home? I weaved my way through the beautiful crowd of vampires to the edge of the counter where a man was giving a drink to a gorgeous woman. This man had medium black hair and a pale face. He had on a black and white uniform that showed he worked there; he also was very beautiful. I assessed him over and saw that he was gentle and very gorgeous. He saw the woman as a worker or a friend, well in that category anyway.

The woman left and then he saw me. At first it was amazement that entered in his body, then a new type of feeling I was not use to. It almost over-powered me but I let it slide as I walked up to him gracefully. Hello there, he said to me. This fellow seemed to have and ancient accent to his voice. Hello yourself, I said back Can I help you? Yes, What is this place and why does it smell of blood? He looked at me confused for a moment before it clicked in his head. You're new aren't you? New in life, or better, this life? Yes. So youre a newborn vampire. I'm guessing so, since I followed the scent of the man that took me with no cause and the scent of blood here.

No cause? he asked astonished. Yes, He said he found me appealing and that was cause enough for him. You also said you followed his scent here? Yes, I want to kill him for taking my life away like that. I sensed he was more pleased than sorrowful, and so I was for a brief second mad at him. Why the angry stare at me? he asked puzzled. You were pleased of my death were you not? For a different reason, miss? Kataline. That your human name? Of course." 'Tis a very pretty name, Kataline. I couldn't help it, internally I blushed, but nothing showed me of that but my smile. I was grateful to know this man so I

thought I needed his name as well. 'Your name if I might ask. Damien. Old fashion name huh? I am old fashion, Kataline. So why were you happy? I asked still a little angry Because Im glad that I got to meet you. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. Then I got a whiff of what was behind me and almost fell to the ground. Kataline, you alright? he asked worried That scent in the air almost killed me. Damien chuckled It seems you are beyond just thirsty. Here, I'll get you a drink. Drink?

That night I had my first taste of fresh blood. Damien had to struggle to get me to drink it since I did not truly want to drink more blood and become more like a monster. I also had a taste of my new kind of people in one place. Damien was a big help that night; he knew I was new to this life so he filled me in on all the lifestyles and secrets. So, we do burn in sunlight. Technically, in a manner of speaking, yes. Now a days our bodies have grown accustomed to the sun so all that the sun does is boil our blood. Is that painful? It can be for someone who is not use to it. You see, back

in the day our blood and skin boiled with the suns rays. Now all that it can do is kill you with over heated blood. And what about sleep? Damien laughed and smiled at me. We rest, we cannot sleep. He said I see. And we have become modern vampires correct? What do you mean? Well, there's where you sleep, or rest. Plus do we still hunt our prey? Well as I said this place, he motioned around the bar, this is as close as hunting still gets. There are those of old that still delight in hunting, but they don't hunt much anymore. They find it more convenient to come to a blood bar. So it's called a blood bar? Yes. One more question.

Carry on. Can our kind get drunk? He laughed then. Sometimes. I nodded and quickly filed that in my mind. Why do you ask? he said. Well the man whom I'm hunting, he was drunk in the main street last night it seems. You're hunting him? Alone? He was shocked and horrified that I would, as a newborn, hunt a man down. He sent pictures of those who have tried and failed. I'm not going to fail Damien. Huh? How did you? I smiled at him politely. I'm an empath Damien.

But empaths normally only know feelings, you knew my thoughts. I smiled again at Damien. I'd have to explain it to him for him to get it. Damien, I'm a unique empath. When you feel something, usually a thought can go with that feeling, or even pictures. My brain will allow me to get those thoughts and pictures along with the feeling. Do you see now? Somewhat. I laughed at him. I've only heard of gifted ones in stories, I guess some are real. He chuckled. I smiled at him. Damien seemed like a well brought up and nice man; besides the vampirism, he could be a great ladies man. Hey, would you be willing to help me tonight?

He shocked me with a weird question, but how could I refuse when he helped me answer my own questions. How? Well the person who is suppose to help me behind the counter tonight is not here, so could you fill in for a while and Ill pay you back with helping you find your man, sound like a deal? I thought it over for a while. I debated whether it was worth it, and if it wasn't. I knew I wanted to hunt Him down, but I never thought to bring someone along. I looked at Damien and he appeared to be strong. So it didn't seem like a bad idea having him around, plus he knows things about this life that I don't yet. It felt like I debated for an hour but only seconds went by. I looked back at Damien and nodded. Okay I'm in, but I think I'm getting the better deal

Alright, he chuckled, let me show you where your uniform is. Damien took my hand and led me to the back of the building. There in a closet were the uniforms. He looked me over and chose the fourth one from the right. Here. He handed me the outfit, the shirt was sleeveless and white and ties from the sides to the back. Also, the slacks were white but the apron was black with strings on the side to give leverage to walking and running around. A black tie came with the facade and also something I didn't know what it was. I looked at Damien for conformation, he laughed a little and said, Those are your sleeves. I looked around for a place to change and saw none. You don't intend to watch me while I get dressed do you? Damien laughed and shook his head. He then left the room

and closed the door behind him. I sighed and started undressing, first to re-attire myself with were the slacks. They were quite comfortable for being bar's clothes. Next was the shirt and tie. I had a little trouble getting to the strings in the back of the shirt so I gave up for the moment. I put on the black apron next; I was able to get these strings since they were both on my sides. The last things were the sleeves. At first I didn't properly know how to put them on, but I figured it out in no time flat. I knocked on the door and Damien entered. He laughed and spun me around, so he could fix the strings in the back that I couldn't get. Thank you I muttered He turned me back around and nodded. Now youre a bar maid.

It felt so weird being in a suit I didn't recognize, working in a place I'd never been, but Damien helped me through the night. Damien said that it was okay to sneak a few drinks now and then of blood. I acknowledged the basic needs of those around us and even met some nice people. Soon I got the hang of being a barmaid, filling this order, going to fetch a whatnot for Damien, it felt nice not being alone, and actually fitting in with my new lifestyle. I knew that this job would not last forever, but it felt nice to have something to preoccupy my mind. It wasn't until the scent hit me as I headed to the back alley

with Damien that I remembered and growled. What is it Kataline? he asked That scent, it's that scent that makes me very angry Damien. That's the scent of my murderer. I wouldn't say murder but I see your point. Damien sniffed the air and gagged. He looked at me and he looked angry as well. The musty, icy smell right? Sure, I just know he smells icy. That's the smell of an ancient hunter. He growled. We both breathed a couple times to calm down. And he can get drunk? I asked No, it's the blood that makes him drunk. You noticed that if you have more than a couple drinks you start getting tipsy? Yeah like Charles-the-counter-guy back there right? Damien laughed a little and lit a cigarette.

Yeah Charles is always there and he's always looking for a night stalker and a good bloody drink. He smoked the cigarette for a moment while I asked. Night stalker? I asked He blew a puff of smoke then looked at me. Vampire whores that lurk at our doors. Damien saw that I eyed his cigarette and he offered. I took it without thinking. I wasn't a smoker before hand, but it seemed like a nicer thing now that I looked at the world differently. I let out a puff of smoke and felt great. I wont get addicted will I? Damien laughed and shook his head. Our bodies are pretty much like the dead, no way can nicotine get in a dead system he put air quotations around dead. I laughed and sighed.

So, I am dead huh? Damien shrugged and looked at me. He looked so somber and lovely. I almost leaned in to get a better take of his smell, but I stopped myself just in time before I made a fool of myself. You're like the living dead. Your heart beats, your organs work but you can no longer live a normal life. Hearts beat? I asked Faintly, only we can hear them. He said sadly Have some vampires tried to live normal lives? Damien took the cigarette from my hand and inhaled the sweet smell of smoke. Okay I know I can't get addicted, but the smell was intoxicating. It was then that I realized the musty smell had grown stronger and was moving again. Damien! He's close! I growled I started to get out of the alley when Damien grabbed my hand and wrapped his other hand around my waist.

Not yet Kataline! I growled and tried to get out of his grasp. Let me go Damien! I don't know when I'll get this chance again! I still couldn't get out of his grasp, He'll come again Kataline, trust me! I snarled and tried with all my might to release his grip on me. Finally the smell was too far away to track. Dammit Damien! I told you he must die first! Damien loosened his grip on my hand and looked away from me. Kataline? he whispered. I huffed for a minute looking at the exit of the alleyway before I looked back at him. It was then that I realized the pain in his eyes. I searched his heart to see sorrow and anger. Anger? Where's the anger from?

Damien, I'm fine now. You can let go of me now. He shook his head firmly. Damien seriously, I'll be okay. He tightened his grip on me and led me back in the bar. As soon as he closed then door, he let me go. Kataline, I beg of you never to get that angry again. Huh? I looked at him blankly. Kataline, you radiated immense feelings of hate, it was so strong I felt it. I looked at him and thought about that. So, I can radiate a feeling as well as sense them. I make one really cool empath! I'd never radiated a feeling before. I only knew how to sense them. I thought Hm-mm. . . was all I could say. Do you not believe me? he asked angered Oh, I do. That's not why I'm humming.

I decided I'd try again to radiate a feeling, this time I'd try to make Damien calm instead of angry. I searched his core and found the center where most feelings were kept. I sent a wave of calm and contentment to where there was anger. I struggled to keep the radiating emotion strong enough to make him calm. Finally I watched as Damien's face became calm and contended. Feel better? I asked proudly. Damien sighed with relief and nodded. I don't remember you saying you could do that. He teasingly accused I shrugged. Well, come on, we have to finish our shifts right? I asked. I took his hand and led him to the main entrance door. He opened the door for me like a gentlemen and I thanked him with

a smile. We released each other and resumed our nightly positions as barmaid and bartender.

I was cleaning up the glasses when Damien was behind me. Do you think you're sneaky? I asked No, but I just wanted to tell you that you're free from your job, Clairise is here Oh, so you're kicking me out? I looked at Damien and he seemed to be smiling. He shook his head and bent over to my ear. No stupid, we're done so we can leave and go catch your

soul stealer. I looked at him in shock Oh . . . was all I could say. He laughed quietly while I put down the rag and headed to the door with him. Is it still night? I asked. No, it's closer to dawn, but we have a few minutes to get to my place to plan things out. I stopped abruptly. Your place? Damien nodded and smiled Yes my place, or would you like to go back to yours and stay there looking like you do? I thought about it and I knew he was right. No way could I stay in my apartment, especially since the last time I'd been there I died. I shook my head and sighed. My place then. Damien said confidently with a smile.

Damien's house was pretty large for being a bartender's. His walls were an off white cream color, and one wall in the back was a sand color of brown. The windows coal colored and were boarded up with only slits to let a little light in. Damien didn't have much furniture; he only had a Peruvian couch and a glass coffee table. The place looked like it used to be a studio of some sort, renovated into an apartment. I walked over to a window that had not been fully boarded up yet. Nice place, Damien. I complemented over my shoulder. Hey I know there's not a lot of furniture, and its because I'm in the middle of moving places. I used to live with Isabella.

I stopped looking out the window and looked at him. As soon as he said the name, sorrow was wrapped all around him. Damien . . . He chuckled a little, but it didn't seem to reach his eyes. Hey, it was a while ago and it doesn't matter. He said. It was my turn to laugh at him. Damien you suck at lying to me. Member, I pointed at myself, Im an empath. Damien looked away and walked over to the couch. I watched as he walked and saw that he also glided like my soul stealer. I sighed and walked over to him, but I appeared to be trying too hard to glide so I almost fell into the couch. Damien looked at me and started laughing. I glared at him, but smiled in response. That feeling he had when I first met him came back again, and again in the alley, I didn't recognize it and so I kept staring trying to figure it out.

What are you staring at? he asked Sorry, nothing. I said quickly looking quickly away. Damien looked at me and then looked harder. Damien, really its nothing I promise. I said again Still don't believe you, because I know girls who stare, are staring at something specific. Well I have no clue what you're talking about; because all I know is that you're very confusing. Oh really? Is that what you think I am? Yes, you are. And you're stalling. he said, taking my chin in his hand and making me look at him. As soon as my eyes met with his once more that feeling came back. I could not recognize it still. I felt all giddy and nervous inside, and I couldn't make it go away. The more I looked into his baby blue eyes the more captivating they

became. You're staring at me again. Its k-kinda hard not to when you have a hold of my face. I stuttered Are you nervous? he asked breathlessly. He seemed calm on the outside but he was starting to radiate that feeling, sorta what I was feeling inside my own body. Maybe I was not paying enough attention, but I wished I had known more things while I was alive to know what this was. I'd never really had a guy so close to me, except when I was threatening one of my best friends boyfriends. This was nothing compared to those moments, and the more I looked at him the more it seemed I was being drawn to him. Damien started leaning into me and I closed my eyes not knowing what was about to happen but I didn't care. Damien's mood instantly changed and he was a couple steps away from

me. I blinked several times trying to figure out what just happened. I think I should show you were you shall be resting now. he said roughly. I nodded slowly and followed. He took me up the spiral staircase in the back that I had not noticed until that moment. When we reached the top of the stairs he showed me to a room across the hall from a slightly furnished room. The room he had chosen for me seemed very fictional and very suitable for a petite person like me. The whole place was fully furnished. You must get paid a lot for this stuff. . . I said out loud. Without realizing I had spoken my mind I gasped and turned around to see Damien smiling at me. That wasn't meant to come out of my head. I said embarrassed.

Kataline, it's quite alright. he laughed a little I accumulate money over time. The only thing I spend my money on a regular basis is cigarettes. I thought about that and nodded. Since he practically works at the blood bar, he doesn't need to pay for his drinks. Also since he can't get hooked on cigarettes he doesn't have that need to smoke a pack a day. I see your point. I finally said. Damien smiled again I hope this place is suitable, and are you comfortable with me sleeping across the hall? he asked For one moment I thought he was going to say, are you comfortable with me sleeping with you? thankfully I heard what he did say and nodded at the appropriately time. As long as youre comfortable. he said distantly.

I woke up the next day to a dark sky. At first I thought I was reliving my deathly experience when I realized I was not in my own home. My memories flooded back into my mind and I remembered what all had happened the night before.
I was killed and now was hunting my soul stealer. I worked at a blood bar and learned what I am and what I shall become. I am not at my own home, but at Damiens. . . Damien!

As soon as I remembered I got up and started looking around. I first went across the hall to see if Damien was still in

bed, but he wasnt. The room he was staying in last night seemed too small or too ordain for the character Damien portrayed. I assumed then, that Damien had put me in his

room while he slept in the guest room that was still in need of many renovations. I walked down the spiral staircase to find a new smell in the room. Everything seemed so new still to me that the feeling of recognition hit me hard. I almost fell down the stairs, but thankfully grabbed hold of the rail. The flash wave of concern hit me immediately after that. Are you alright? Damien called up to me. Im, Im okay. Just startled is all. Damien came to my side in a flash. He helped me up then looked me over. I looked back at him and felt his concern for me grow stronger almost overwhelming me. I tried to be free of his grip but for some reason he would not let me go. That feeling was trying to come back but was quickly squished by his

feelings. I felt my own body absorb his emotions to the point where it was hard to tell where his emotions ended and where mine began. It was getting hard to breathe and I almost fell for a second time when he finally released me.