COUNTRY MANAGER EXAMPLE For example, I just wrote a case on Procter & Gamble in Japan.

They understand t hat Japanese women are incredibly sophisticated, demanding customers who spend more money on cosmetics than anyone else in the world. Instead of saying, "Well, we've got Olay and Cover Girl. We'll just drive that down the pipeline and put a Japanese label on it," the local managers said, "Wait a minute. We've got very demanding customers here. We've got incredibly tough competitors here. That creates a fabulous environment that's going to drive innovation, so let's build our R&D here and use this environment to drive innova tion." Out of that commitment came SK-II, a skin care product that sells for about $120 a bottle an d has moved them into a whole new range. Now this prestige line is being rolled out globally. So the abi lity to be sensitive, responsive, and entrepreneurial is the critical role of country managers. GOVERNMENT BUSINESS POLICIES For example, when there is a change in the government polices,the business has t o make the necessary changes to adapt itself to the new policies. Google in China. TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT For example, in USA and many other countries electrical appliances are designed for 110 volts. But when these are made for India, they have to be of 220 volts. In the modern competitive age, the pace of technological changes is very fast. Hence, in order to survive and grow in the m arket, a business has to adopt the technological changes from time to time. CROSS CULTURAL ISSUES Saudi Arabia s mixing of religion with state and business can be understood by exa mples like an importer halted sales of the children s game Pokemon because the game migh t encourage the un-Islamic practice of gambling, a franchiser was forced to remove the face under the crown in Starbuck s logo because Saudi authorities felt the public display of a woman s face was religiously immoral. Some companies understood this in advan ce and modified accordingly. McDonald s dim their lights, close their doors, stop att ending to customers during the five times per day that men are called to pray, Saudi Ar abian Airlines convert the rear of its planes to create space for prayer areas. Country s behavior towards women is also very paradoxical. On the one hand, women now outnumber men; they constitute only 7 percent of workforce that too only tea chers and doctors. They cannot study law, architecture or engineering, cannot drive, h ave to cover themselves from head to toe, cannot deal with male customers or officials. In

after two years of existence .JAPANESE FAX MACHINE (search for it in the page. ISSUES WITH GLOBALISATION Vodafone attempting to enter Bahrain. Wal-Mart has struggled to get its global stores to adopt its home grown methods. PORTERS DIAMOND http://www. WTO is run by the rich for the rich and does not give significant weight to the problems of developing countries. rich countries have not fully opened their markets to products from poor countries. manufacturing plants in Japan are working at 50 percent of capacity due to parts availability. WTO is indifferent to the impact of free trade on workers' rights. Even Telenor has severed connections with Unitect Ltd. (Uninor) and is consideri ng different partnerships. Production gingerly came back on-line at the beginning of the week. in that it can in effect compel sovereign states to cha nge laws and regulations by declaring these to be in violation of free trade rul es. Recent pull out of Batelco and Etisalat from Indian Telecom scenario due to "der egulation" of Indian Market and malpractices in terms of Spectrum Allocation.. Many departmental stores have separate floors for men and wo men with all the products. they sell off and leave. enterpris e) by the Kingdom of Bahrain. Even when Saudi Arabia prohibits fashion magazine and movies. in that its hearings on trade disputes . jewellery. Pizza Hut installed two dining rooms-one for single m en and other for families. the environment and health. make up etc to wealthy m en and women.quickmba. For example. while those in North America are operating at 30 percent of . Cur rently. Opposition to the WTO cent res on four main points: Police in Seattle use gas to disperse demonstrators during WTO trade talks in th e city Battle for Seattle: Violent protests disrupted WTO trade talks in 1999 WTO is too powerful. designer s brands fr om Paris have been selling designer collection. Saudi American Bank established branc hes for and staffed only by women. could not survive due to the highly regula ted telecom market there and the strength attributed to Batelco (Govt. Eventually.. WTO ISSUES OVERVIEW FACTS LEADERS ISSUES The WTO has been the focal point of criticism from people who are worried about the effects of free trade and economic globalisation. targeting and positioning.keeping with these customs and traditions. not letting me copy). This shows the accuracy of segmenting. Companies susceptible to local disturbances: TOYOTA: Production operations had been halted after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. child lab our. WTO lacks democratic accountability.

This is not the time to curse the darkness but to work for making In dia emerge as a global market leader . The provisions of W. 2007 IMPACT OF W.O provides opportunities for countries to grow and realize their export potentials.O period and the rising export trend could not be sustained in the post W. however. WTO impact IMPACT OF W.O period whereas imports ros e steadily. The impor tance of land as a source of comparative advantage. they felt the need for better export opportu nities. The impact of W. causing shock waves among the agriculture pro ducers. The issue of gl obalization in the Indian context has occurred in the patterns of trade and capi tal flow in recent years. The changes in agricultural exports reveal that during pre W.O offered ample opport unities to India to expand its export market. which made India an attractive market fo r import of most agricultural commodities. India.T. by expanding world trade. it is almost insignificant.T.T.O.O on agriculture was severely felt by India as cheap imports have frequently hit the Indian market. The establishment of W.T. They also argue that.T. Leaving aside political and institutional factors . who also select its leader ship.O. so far we have not made much use of it. many of whom are democracies. the WTO in fact helps to raise l iving standards around the world. This situation resulted in a wide spr ead decline in agricultural export and had also pressure on domestic prices.are closed to the public and the media. a country s level of income was also largely determined by the global demand for its natural resources and its relative efficiency in exploiting them. International price of agri cultural commodities have since then plummeted. in that its rules were writte n by its member states.T.T. The agricultural products from India can be made competitive in inte rnational market and the prices of agricultural goods in the domestic market can be improved by taking serious steps of reform.T. Today.O is an imp ortant landmark in the history of international trade. India will be able to expand its exports of agricultural products in which it ha s tremendous comparative advantage. can no way step backwards. The W. because of which domestic price turned higher than international price. When developing countries were liberalizing their economies. After the industrial revolution. changed dramaticall y after the industrial revolution. At one time a country s trade pattern was determined by its natural resources and the productivity of its land. Contrary to this.T. the price situat ion changed dramatically after 1996.O period the increase was significantly remarkable than post W. with appropriate domestic policies in place.T. which was the first year after implementati on of Urguay Round Agreement and formation of W. Globalize or Perish is now the buzzword synonymous to Do or Die which conveys that t here is no alternative to globalization and everybody should learn to live with it.T.O ON INDIAN AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Abstract Trade is an engine of economic development.O ON INDIAN AGRICULTURAL SECTOR . the availability of capital became the most dominant source of comparative advantage. unfortunately. Supporters of the WTO argue that it is democratic. being a signatory to the agreement that led to W.January 18th.

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