February 23, 2012 Dear Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Members It is quite clear, the Florida Bankers Assoc

wants to expedite the fraudulent practices of foreclosures under the guise of improving the “stream of commerce.” Yet, interestingly, there are 10,794 cases, not in the entire state, but 10,794 cases in one county alone, Palm Beach County, where Summary Judgment has been issued more than a year ago, yet the banks have not filed for a sale date or certificate of title. Since they seem to be in no rush to finish taking possession of this many homes, why the need to rush foreclosures? To verify these statistics in your home counties, contact the Clerk of the Courts. Or contact me, I will gladly assist you in finding this information for your counties. Further, Representative Passidomo states this bill will benefit all Florida Homeowners. Yet I know of no informed homeowner supporting this bill, as all have been voicing their objections. In fact, there has even been several people representing many homeowners in some of these committee meetings that all oppose this bill for obvious reasons. In 2011, John Obrien, South Essex MA Recorder of Deeds had an independent audit of his records and found 84% of foreclosure cases contained either forged, fraudulent, or false documents in cases. Just last week, San Francisco Assessor-Recorder issued a report of the records in his office and stated 99% had one or more irregularity. 84% appear to have one or more clear violations of law. Analyzed 6 areas, and found 67% had violations in 3 or 4 areas. According to another recent report, the FBI admits 80% of mortgage fraud has been committed by the bankers, not homeowners. I myself have reviewed over 900 foreclosure cases, most from Florida, but a few other states. My research has shown even worse statistics that what these audits have revealed. While I have no doubt there may be rare instances where it occurred, so far, I have not seen one homeowner submitting forged, falsified and/or fraudulent documents into their foreclosure cases. Nor do these audits state

any such documents have been submitted by homeowners. The only real supporters of this bill are the bankers, the same ones that do not have the grounds to file foreclosures in at LEAST 84% of cases, and have had Summary Judgment issued in 10,794 cases in Palm Beach County alone, yet are not making any effort to put them back in the stream of commerce as they contend. Please take the time to research this, this is all information that is verifiable and based on facts, not companies such as LPS and it's subsidiary DOCX that has just been indicted by the Missouri Attorney General, yet their information was utilized to support and get this bill as far as this committee. Voting yes will be your approval of additional homes not in the stream of commerce and legalizing fraud in foreclosures. Thank you,

R n ld G o a illis
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