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Citroën tubik
What we’re used to from Citroën has never been this sci-fi-esque. With this concept car, the functional French brand has made a statement that travel should be fun — and perhaps about to take place in space! We’re quite fond of this stylish full-hybrid diesel vehicle that can seat up to nine passengers and looks like a cross between a kombi and a growling pitbull. We could also see it rolling off the Death Star gangway... It seems as though Citroën’s trying to make you feel like you’re travelling in a cocooned version of your lounge by including a giant, semicircular screen and high-definition spatialised sound. Chrome spinners and a some sheepskin seat covers and we’ll emerge victorious from any basement parking show ’n’ shine!
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Speaking frankly...

battery bullpen!
lasso all these wild electric cars with that extension cord, cowboy!
Vauxhall rak e
Vauxhall (Opel) has thrown its hat into the concept circle with this two-seater, cheap-aschips electric vehicle. Aimed at teenage drivers, the RAK e is made from fully recyclable synthetic material (no carbon fibre), which ensures it uses as little energy as possible, and weighs just 380kg.
stats Engine Electric motor Output 35kW 0-100 13 seconds Top speed 120km/h

VW nils
The Nils has been conceptualised to meet the demands of the minimalist commuter. The idea is based on research suggesting 74 per cent of all commuters living between Berlin and Munich cover 25km or less to get to work, perfect for this zero-emissions car.
stats Engine 19kg electric motor Output 15kW nominal power and short-term peak power of 25kW 0-100 Less than 11 seconds Top speed 130km/h


It may help save the planet, but the electric car is bound to cause havoc with pedestrians. You’ll be strolling through town, oblivious to the little charge-up that’s steaming down the road because of the absence of that familiar fourcylinder roar. But that’ll be something you’ll just have to learn to live with, because here’s a glimpse of the future. No petrol, no noise and, apparently, no room in the cabin!

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