Which place has fond memories for you?

Describe this place and explain why it is memorable to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A country side village Bijainagar in District Ajmer, Rajasthan, India is my birt h place and has my fond memories. I did my schooling here, so all the fun and me rrymaking that I had with my classmates and friends are the memories that I cher ish. In and around Bijainagar there used to be number of Religious Fairs. I with my friends, invariably use to attend those fairs popularly called â Melaâ in Marwari an Hindi. There use to be various entertainments like magic shows, acrobatics sho ws, merry-go-round etc together with ice cream and cold drinks and some fast foo d stalls. We use to have lot of fun and amusement there. In Bijainagar mode of t ransport was only bicycle, bullock carts and camel carts. I had been using bic ycle for attending school. We use to go on picnic and excursion trips to nearby places and use to enjoy ride in bullock carts, camel carts. Also sometimes I had chance for horse ride, camel ride and elephant ride. Now in this fast age era o f computerization whatever I enjoyed is nothing more than a dream. Hence I fondl y cherish memories of my good old days of Bijainagar.

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