Azam endoreses Nurul Amin on Future PM issue.

(By Our Staff Reporter) The Amir of the Jamaat-e-Islami East Pakistan, Prof Ghulam Azam, yesterday endorsed the views of Mr. Nurul Amin about future Prime Minister of Pakistan and said Justice demands that the chief political office must got to an East Pakistani so that the sense of past deprivation can gradually be removed from the mind of the people of this wing. In a statement issued yesterday. Prof. Ghulam Azam expressed his confidence that the people of West Pakistan they sincerely want that East Pakistan should continue to be apart of Pakistan. Hence, he noted, for the sake of integrity and solidarity of our beloved state, the people of West Pakistan shall gladly agree to accept an East Pakistani as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. The provincial Jammat chief said ii is known to our West Pakistani brethren that East Pakistanis were deprived of their rightful political rights specially during long ten years of the dictatorial regime of Ayub Khan. As a result the nation was faced with the present grave crisis, he observed. Referring to the PPP chief's recent statements. Prof'. Ghulam Azam said it is really a matter of great regret that Mr. Bhutto has developed in himself a strange type of- madness for power. It is due to this madness that he created the theory of two majority parties in one state. His hunger for power, Prof, Azam said, has made him and his lieutenants so much imbalanced that they are uttering most objectionable language against the leaders of other parties. Impression The East Pakistan Jamaat chief said that the six-party alliance in East Pakistan and the possibility of an all Pakistan alliance amongst the non-leftist parties seems to have shattered his hope to become the Prime Minister which he so deeply had been cherishing in his mind during the last few months. There is general impression in East Pakistan that Mr. Bhutto was afraid o( any share of power with sheikh Mujibur Rahman and this feeling of despondency led him to create necessary conditions to remove Sheikh Mujib from his way. I can emphatically say, Prof. Azam observed that President Yahya Khan will not commission Mr. Bhutto to head the next central Government. Because. the Jamaat chief said, if he (President) does so it may create doubt in the

mind of the people of East Pakistan that President Yahya Khan and Mr. Bhutto conspired against Sheikh Mujib in order to transfer power to Mr. Bhutto. Appeal to Bhutto. Prof Azam appealed to Mr. Bhutto to realise it clearly that his past political role during Ayub regime and his recent political attitude has practically rendered him only a leader of two provinces. He could not at all develop himself as a national leader. There is no reason why the people of East Pakistan should accept him as their leader. Rather his role after the general election has created very Strong sentiment against him in East Pakistan. Any leader of 'West Pakistan may be acceptable to the people of' East Pakistan except. Mr. Bhutto, he observed. "1 think Mr. Bhutto certainly feels guilty in this respect and that is why he could not visit East Pakistan during the great crisis faced by the people of this wing for last seven months. I fail to understand as to how does he dare to become a national leader with this complex in him. "1 don't say that Mr. Bhutto shall never develop as a national acceptable to all the provinces. Rather I pray that in near future he may attain the necessary attributes of a national leader." He hoped the President would not ignore the sentiment of the people of East Pakistan for the sake of the solidarity of the country." Khairuddin . Syed Khwaja Khairuddin . President of East Pakistan Muslim league (council) and convenor of central Peace Committee yesterday endorsed the statement of the PDP chief Mr. Nurul Amin that an East Pakistani must head file future Government of Pakistan. reports APP. The EPCML, President told a Press conference that the country had come to the present position because since 1953 East Pakistanis had no real share in file Governance of the country. This fact had completely frustrated East Pakistanis ultimately resulting in the present crisis he added. He alleged that this time Mr. Z.A. Bhutto seemed to have taken himself to play the main role in the drama of denying powers to East Pakistanis.

"It will be the most unauspicious day for Pakistan when Mr. Bhutto will be inducted into power as that would be the end of' the integrity. ideology and democracy in this land." he warned. He said the answer to the present crisis is only one and that is Mr. Nurul Amin has said that Fast Pakistan must have its real share in the future Government. There is no other alternative unless the East Pakistanis feel that they representing 57 percent of the population, have proportionate share in the running the affairs of the state. Otherwise the purpose of creation of Pakistan will be frustrated. "It is most unfortunate that every time when power was going to be transferred to the people some artificial situation was created to deny transference of power.

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