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Answer the question below! 1. Hasan : Dayat : Well, he usually drives, but today he is taking a bus. a.

When will Mr. John arrive? b. How did Andi arrive at school? c. What time does he leave today? d. How does your father go to the office? 2. Harry : ? Jack : I usually arrive at home at 1.30 p.m. a. When do you go home? b. When do you leave home? c. When do you stay at home? d. When do you study at home? 3. Suyi : Nur, what does your husband do? Nur : He is a chef in a western restaurant. Suyi : Thats interesting. What is his duty actually? Nur : a. He notes the food orders. b. He handles the tables set up. c. He serves foods for the customers. d. He prepares meals for the customers. 4. Alia : What does your brother do, Tantri? Tantri : Hes a tour guide. a. He helps customers and stamps mails. b. He guides trainees to install programs. c. He maintains buses and controls tickets. d. He takes people on trips around the world. 5. Shelia : What do you do in the present company? Dinah : a. I have sent this insurance policy to a new client. b. I check mail, sort out letters, and put them in the agenda. c. I will have to arrange the annual meeting with the stakeholders. d. I met some clients this morning, and got to explain the company policy. 6. Anggi : What do you do on Sundays? Rendy : Well, I stay in bed all morning. After I get up, a. I will have checked my email. b. I had my breakfast. c. I sent the message to my parents. d. I usually take a shower. 7. Man : How often does the train from Yogya arrive? Woman : You can ask the information for the schedule. Man : Thank you. a. It arrived 5 hour ago. b. It usually leaves at three. c. It departs on time. d. It comes every 12 hours. 8. Rina : I havent met tom for a long time. Where does he work? Wina : he works at PT. Astra International. Rina : How does he go to work? Wina : a. He likes motorcycle c. he drives a bus everyday. b. He drives a car himself d. he rides a camel for fun.

9. Afrizal : Do you always sweep the floor by yourself? Mika : No, I dont. I always . a. had Mrs. Minah to sweep it b. have my servant to do it c. swept it alone d. sweeping with my sister 10. Parents : What do the students usually do at school? Teacher : . .in the workshop. a. they practice c. they are practicing b. they have practiced d. they will practice 11. Let me introduce my self. I am Nina. I am a nurse, I always. a. take care of the patients at the hospital b. drive the car carefully c. finish the job quickly d. take the bag to your house 12. Mila : What is your brothers profession? Yusuf : He is a teacher. . a. He draws an artistic picture b. He makes an artistic things from wood or clay c. He took some tourists touring a city d. He teaches the students at school everyday 13. Amir : Does Marry have a bicycle? Agung : . She has a ten-speed bike. a. Yes, she does b. No, she doesnt c. Yes, she did d. No, she does 14. Thea : Tino : No, he doesnt. He stays at home every Saturday a. Does your father go to work every Saturday? b. Does your father stay at home every Saturday? c. Did your father go to work every Saturday? d. Did your father stay at home every Saturday? 15. Andri : Andi : I swim with my friends twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday. a. How often do you swim every week? b. Where do you swim every week? c. How do you swim each week? d. Why do you swim every week?

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