Dhaka Diaries By Matthew Hartmann

Big Bang Productions 2011

Matthew Hartmann 2280 Kuhio Ave #1689 Honolulu, HI 96815

FADE IN EXT.STREETS OF DHAKA-DAY A white car drives through the crowded streets of Dhaka. A plane is seen overhead. The car pulls into the driveway of the parking garage of an apartment complex. FADE OUT INT.APARTMENT BUILDING-HALLWAY-A FEW MOMENTS LATER A twenty-something young man in a soccer jersey unlocks the doorway to his family’s apartment. This is CYRUS; a college student with an athletic build. FADE OUT INT. CYRUS’ APARTMENT-CONTINUOUS Cyrus walks through the living room and heads into his bedroom. FADE OUT INT. CYRUS’ BEDROOM-CONTINUOUS Cyrus closes his eyes and breathes deeply. He opens his eyes and sees a portrait of himself with a girl on the his desk. CYRUS Why did you leave me?! The room is silent. Cyrus wipes tear from his eyes and starts smashing items all over his room. Eventually he gathers all of the broken items into a garbage can. He drops the picture into the mess and lights a fire. CYRUS Stupid...stupid...


CONTINUED: Cyrus grabs the portrait and throws it at the wall shattering it.


CYRUS’ MOM walks in on him in the middle of his tirade with a shocked look on her face. CYRUS’ MOM Cyrus! What in God’s name do you think you’re doing? CYRUS I...I was... CYRUS’ MOM Well? I’m waiting young man. Cyrus sits on his bed with his head in his hands. CYRUS She left me Mom. I couldn’t do a damn thing. Cyrus’ Mom comforts him. CYRUS’ MOM It’ll be okay Cyrus. CYRUS I’m going for a walk. Cyrus’ Mom looks sympathetically at her son as he walks out of the apartment. FADE OUT EXT. TEA BOOTH-AFTERNOON Cyrus walks up to a tea booth on a street corner nearby his house. There are many people sitting at tables in front of the stand. The OWNER of the stand looks at Cyrus as he approaches. OWNER Hello. It’s nice to see you again. What would you like? CYRUS Hello. A cigarette and a cup a tea would be great.




OWNER Sure. Cyrus sits at one of the tables and lights up his cigarette. He fingers at his tea cup as he thinks about what happened earlier in the day. FADE OUT INT. AIRPORT TERMINAL-FLASHBACK TO MORNING Cyrus frantically looks at a line of people going through security at the airport. He finds his EX-GIRLFRIEND and steps in front of her as she tries to get in line. EX-GIRLFRIEND What do you think you’re doing? CYRUS You can’t go through with this. EX-GIRLFRIEND I’ve made my decision Cyrus. His Ex-Girlfriend tries to slip by him unsuccessfully. CYRUS I understand that we are having some issues but... EX-GIRLFRIEND Issues Cyrus? Is that what you think this is about? CYRUS What do you mean? EX-GIRLFRIEND Poor Cyrus. He always thinks that everything is about him. Always so full of himself. Her words stall him long enough for her to slip past him and keep walking. CYRUS You don’t have to leave the country to get away from me!


Cyrus watches her with a curious look on his face.. FADE OUT EXT... She notices that he is looking at her like and frowns. ARRIANA Does that make my money any less green? OWNER I suppose not. With a dumbfounded look on his face Cyrus watches as she goes through security. One that doesn’t involve seeing you around. OWNER But. The only one available is the one next to Cyrus.you’re a woman. OWNER What will it be miss? ARRIANA I could totally go for a cigarette. 4.. The onlookers mutter amongst themselves when they hear that.CONTINUED: EX-GIRLFRIEND I’m leaving because I want a new start. A few moments later he sees a woman walk up to the booth. ARRIANA is a pretty girl dressed in Western clothing. CYRUS But why do you have to abandon me after all of these years?! A woman named KAYLA glances at him with concern as she passes by him. Arriana looks around for an empty table. TEA BOOTH-A FEW MOMENTS LATER Cyrus shakes his head and drinks his tea. ARRIANA Are you going to give me a hard time like the rest of them? (CONTINUED) . She carries herself as if she isn’t afraid of anything.

CYRUS No. Arriana blows a drag like she’s done it a million times before. I’ve never been to the USA. I’m just not used to seeing a woman smoking in public. Cyrus smiles with disbelief. Cyrus lets out a sigh. ARRIANA Please. ARRIANA Maybe I did pick up a habit or two when I was in the US. CYRUS Anyway. The world is moving on. ARRIANA That’s unfortunate. CYRUS Poor girl. ARRIANA What happened? CYRUS She got herself into trouble. CYRUS Moving on? You sound like somebody whose been among those American girls one day too many. CYRUS You sure are very bold. (CONTINUED) . The men at the booth look at Arti and mutter amongst themselves. Get used to it. What were you doing over there? Arriana scowls.CONTINUED: 5. A young woman named ARTI pushes her child in a stroller past the two.

Bye. Saif wipes some sweat from his forehead. He looks agitated. SAIF Yeah man. SAIF I’ve got it under control.CONTINUED: ARRIANA You sure do ask a lot of questions for a guy who doesn’t even know me.. SAIF Ah. 6. I’ll see you tomorrow.finally. Saif looks at a bag on his table impatiently. CYRUS I certainly didn’t mean any harm. You don’t need to worry. A poster of Bob Marley is on the wall of a very cluttered room. Cyrus raises his hand. Some peace and quiet. He hasn’t shaved for weeks and wears drug paraphernalia. ARRIANA I’m the most fascinating girl you’ll ever meet in Dhaka. He meticulously takes off his belt and wraps it around his forearm. Saif lets out a sigh and puts his phone in his pocket. Saif are you there? FADE OUT INT. Arriana winks at him as she walks away. SAIF Okay. Cyrus catches himself staring at her walk away and makes a call on his cell phone.. (CONTINUED) . SAIF’S APARTMENT-A FEW MOMENTS LATER SAIF sits on his bed speaking on his cell phone. You’re just different than most girls around here. Saif opens the bag and pulls out a needle. CYRUS Hello.

He slumps down into a chair and closes his eyes. SAM My mother wanted to speak with you. SAIF I see. SAIF Oh? SAM She should be here shortly. Saif right? (CONTINUED) . It is. SAIF Hello ma’am.CONTINUED: 7. SAM Yes. SAIF Wow. Are you ready to start up classes again next Fall? SAM Yes. SAIF Thanks for inviting me over. Sam gives him an emotionless nod.O. FADE OUT INT. SAIF(V.) When did I become this way? As the needle goes into his arm a look of ecstasy fills his face. It should be interesting... Are you? SAIF Sure.this is an impressive house. FATIMA Hello. FATIMA’S MANSION-DAY (FLASHBACK) A clean shaven and sober looking Saif sits in the parlor room of a mansion. A girl named SAM sits across the table from him. A middle-aged woman named FATIMA joins them at the table.

SAIF Sure. (CONTINUED) . FATIMA Be that as it may we’re of a different social class than you. FATIMA You’re not from the best part of town are you? SAIF My family makes due. FATIMA I’ve heard that you’ve been trying to see my daughter a lot lately. I go to school with her so it’s natural. Saif frowns. Saif frowns. FATIMA Quite. That’s me. Fatima examines him visually. Saif looks to Sam but Sam looks down at the table. SAIF Yep.CONTINUED: 8. SAIF What does that have to do with anything? FATIMA I don’t want my daughter involved with some peasant boy. SAIF Please. FATIMA To the point then. SAIF Pardon me for asking but why did you want to speak with me? Fatima sneers.

Scout’s Honor. FADE OUT EXT. FATIMA Don’t come back until you’ve actually made something of yourself.CONTINUED: SAIF My father put food on our table my whole life. We don’t have everything but we have enough. A tired looking Saif stumbles down the alleyway towards him. Saif storms out of the house. Saif raises from the chair and yells at her. SAIF My father is dead! How dare you insult him like that? Fatima points to the door. CYRUS I didn’t know you were scout. SAIF Very funny. 9. FATIMA Clearly your father didn’t try hard enough. (CONTINUED) . SAIF Fuck you. Saif laughs. I just saw it in a movie from America once. I had a long night. SAIF I wasn’t. Nothing more to it.AN ALLEYWAY-MORNING Cyrus leans against the wall of an alleyway looking impatiently at his watch. CYRUS No offense man but you look like shit.

(CONTINUED) .when we were in High School. CYRUS Try to not cause too much of a problem this time. CYRUS Nothing like some weed to make me not care about stupid shit. CYRUS Smart ass. Saif rolls his eyes and lights the joint. SAIF Hey! Blowing up the lab was only one time. CYRUS Yeah.. SAIF I may be irresponsible but I’m not completely stupid.. Cyrus takes a drag. SAIF I see how it is. UNIVERSITY COURTYARD-SOON AFTER Cyrus and Saif stand outside in the courtyard of the university. SAIF Shall we? Saif takes a long drag from the joint and hands it to Cyrus. FADE OUT EXT. CYRUS Never going to let it down man. Just forgetful sometimes bro..CONTINUED: 10. You remembered to bring the weed this time I hope? Saif pulls a bag of weed out of his pocket and rolls a joint. Saif attempts to keep a straight face but fails..

. Cyrus helps Arriana pick up the fallen books. Cyrus waves goodbye to Saif as they part ways to head to their respective classes. 11.O) Is this fate or something? Arriana waves at his face. I’m fine. CYRUS Ugh! Sorry! Arriana gives him a curious look of recognition. CYRUS (V. Arriana smiles at him (CONTINUED) . ARRIANA Ow! Watch out! Arriana drops a couple of books that she was carrying. CYRUS Shit. ARRIANA You again? Cyrus stands there in surprise. ARRIANA Hello? Are you alright? CYRUS Yeah. CYRUS Bye..CONTINUED: SAIF Okay. FADE OUT INT. He isn’t watching his surroundings and collides with Arriana.I’m late! Cyrus opens a door and enters a crowded hallway. Let me help you. Later man. UNIVERSITY HALLWAY-MOMENTS LATER Cyrus runs down the hallways.

(CONTINUED) . FADE OUT EXT. 12..CONTINUED: ARRIANA So you go to this school too? CYRUS Yeah. I’ve got a package for you. The Rich Woman signs for the package. SAIF I just need you to sign here please. Saif shows her a clipboard. RICH WOMAN Right. Arriana looks back at him for a moment. WEALTHY NEIGHBORHOOD-A WHILE LATER A RICH WOMAN sits on her porch drinking a cup of tea. CYRUS Hey! I’m Cyrus. Arriana glances at her watch and starts to walk away. Arriana smiles at him and walks away. Saif walks up to her dressed as a daily boy. Cyrus stands there with a perplexed look. SAIF Have a nice day ma’am. ARRIANA I’m Arriana. RICH WOMAN Of course you do. SAIF Hello ma’am.. As he drives down the road there is a loud BOOM. Saif hands her the package and gets on his motorcycle and drives off.

He looks up and sees Arriana across the street. ARRIANA I needed a fresh start. ARRIANA Hey! She walks over to him. A sad look crosses Arriana’s face. I was in the United States for a while but I needed to come back to Bangladesh. ARRIANA This is really weird. I suppose so. CYRUS People don’t usually come back. CYRUS So you’re new in town? ARRIANA Yes. TEA BOOTH-LATER THAT DAY Cyrus stands by the counter drinking some tea. FADE OUT EXT.CONTINUED: 13. Cyrus smiles at her. CYRUS Yeah. CYRUS You again? ARRIANA Are you stalking me or something? CYRUS Please. CYRUS More of those need to go around huh? (CONTINUED) . Cyrus and Arriana pause for a moment and then burst into laughter. Don’t flatter yourself.

CYRUS Thanks Uncle! Cyrus walks down the street. ARRIANA It is nice to be back though. May I? Arriana grabs Cyrus’ cellphone from his pocket and adds her number. CYRUS I know just the guy. OWNER Be careful with that one son. ARRIANA Exactly! Arriana sighs. FADE OUT . ARRIANA I’ll see you around. CYRUS Really? ARRIANA Yeah. Preferably a local. Arriana walks away leaving Cyrus behind. The tea booth owner smiles at him. CYRUS Yeah? Do you know a lot of people in town? ARRIANA Only a few but I’d really like to get out of my own and explore.CONTINUED: 14. ARRIANA Sounds good. Cyrus and Arriana laugh.

You have the look in your eyes of a man who has habits that can compromise this kind of work. ALADDIN I know that you’re buying things other than food with that. (CONTINUED) . Funny how that works. EXT. Aladdin hands him a slip of paper. ALADDIN I heard that some trash was taken out lately? SAIF Yeah.15. SAIF Other things? ALADDIN Son. Saif frowns. SAIF My habits won’t interfere with my job. SAIF Hey old man. Saif opens the envelope and counts the money that’s inside. Aladdin nods. Aladdin smiles. ALADDIN See that they don’t. Saif smirks. Aladdin hands Saif an envelope. ALADDIN Hey little boy. SAIF Looks right. A middle aged muscle man named ALADDIN joins him. TEA BOOTH-EVENING Saif sits at the tea both drinking a cup of tea.

UNIVERSITY COURTYARD-DAYS LATER Cyrus is siting on a bench in the Courtyard with Arriana.) Get a grip man.O. Cyrus and Arriana smile at each other.CONTINUED: ALADDIN Your next assignment. Cyrus gives her an inquisitive look. Saif sits for a while longer thinking about what was said and then gets up and leaves. Saif shakes his head and closes his eyes. Later kiddo. ARRIANA I bet. FADE OUT EXT.. (CONTINUED) . 16. ARRIANA Did it really happen like that? CYRUS Of course! I’m a soccer genius! Arriana rolls her eyes and lights a cigarette. CYRUS Have you ever heard of Steakhouse? ARRIANA The American place? Sure. CYRUS Want to go? Arriana shrugged. Saif takes some of his medication. I’m not doing anything tonight. Aladdin walks away. See that it’s done over the next few days.. SAIF(V. ARRIANA Sure.

CYRUS Likewise. FADE OUT INT. FADE OUT INT. Arriana and Sam take their seats. CYRUS No. CYRUS Oh. CYRUS Great. SAIF’S MOM Saif. Cyrus this is Sam. I’ll see you then. ARRIANA That’s not a problem is it? Cyrus takes a deep breath to keep himself calm. STEAKHOUSE-NIGHT Cyrus waits at a table in a crowded restaurant. is with her.CONTINUED: 17. Please have a seat. SAM It’s nice to meet you. Arriana’s best friend. SAIF’S APARTMENT-AROUND THE SAME TIME Saif enters his apartment and looks to his mother standing in the living room with a stern look on her face. He smiles when he sees Arriana but gives a confused look when he sees that Sam. Sam this is Cyrus. Of course not. SAIF What’s there to talk about? (CONTINUED) . I wasn’t expecting a third person. We need to talk. ARRIANA Good. Sam politely smiles.

SAIF Sometimes what? SAIF’S MOM Sometimes I wish it had been you the BDR had gotten instead of him.CONTINUED: 18. Saif rests his hands in his pockets. FADE OUT . You’ve got ten minutes to pack up whatever you need and then leave. SAIF’S MOM Yeah well. SAIF’S MOM I know the truth Saif.sometimes... SAIF How can you even say that? I’m your son for god’s sake! Saif’s Mom shakes her head. Saif stands there quietly for a few moments. I can’t handle this. Saif shakes his head.. Saif heads towards his room to pack. SAIF Drugs should be the least of your worries about me Mom.. SAIF’S MOM Explain? Explain this! Saif’s Mom holds up a bag of heroin. SAIF I can explain. SAIF’S MOM Not anymore.. SAIF’S MOM This is what you’re going to do to me? You father would be ashamed to have a son on drugs! SAIF Dad’s dead Mom in case you forgot.

Sam gives her a look of disapproval.. STEAKHOUSE-A WHILE LATER The three sit in front of empty plates. SAM So you like him then? ARRIANA Sure. ARRIANA I’ve already told you that I’m not interested in dating. SAM Just a friend? Arriana gives her a serious look. Arriana laughs. CYRUS If you’ll excuse me for a few moments.. ARRIANA What’s there to tell? He’s just a friend of mine. ARRIANA Yum! This was delicious. SAM Yeah. Cyrus glances at the bathroom door. He’s a good friend to me.19. SAM You two have been hanging out a lot lately right? ARRIANA Yeah. He’s a nice guy. I really liked my steak. SAM You should tell him that. Cyrus heads to the bathroom. Sam watches him go and then looks at Arriana directly. (CONTINUED) . Sam grins at her. INT.

ARRIANA Weed? I’ve done my share from time to time. SAM I need to get some fresh air. CYRUS Is she alright? ARRIANA Yeah. CYRUS We should do that sometime then. Arriana sits at the table in deep thought. She’s just stressed from school. Sam heads outdoors. 20. CYRUS So what did I miss? ARRIANA Nothing really. A gloomy look is on her face. (CONTINUED) . Cyrus looks surprised for a moment but then relaxes. Cyrus returns. Pardon me. Sam get up from her chair. CYRUS I’ll go and settle the bill. ARRIANA Awesome. Cyrus leaves to pay the bill. Helps me relax. ARRIANA Okay.CONTINUED: SAM I see. Arriana smiles. CYRUS That’s why I smoke from time to time.

Cyrus and Arriana pull into the deserted parking lot. Cyrus is driving. Arriana sits in the passenger seat. Arriana and Sam sit in a car.CONTINUED: 21. Arriana lights up the joint and smokes it. ARCADE-DAY (MONTAGE) Cyrus and Arriana play an arcade game against each other. FADE OUT INT. Sam stands to the side shaking her head. Sam catches up with them and looks at the joint in Arriana’s hand.) Cyrus. CYRUS’ CAR-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED. ARRIANA It’s only a little further Cyrus! Cyrus follows along. CYRUS I’m so going to beat you! ARRIANA Don’t bet on it. FADE OUT INT. SAM I’ll pass. ARRIANA Want some? Sam crosses her arms. Sam sits in the back. ARRIANA Did you bring it? CYRUS Of course. CYRUS I haven’t been here in years. (CONTINUED) . Arriana shrugs and hands the joint over to Cyrus.

FADE OUT INT. Arriana looks intently at the screen. It’s just a movie. ARRIANA Shit! Arriana jumps into Cyrus’ arms. CYRUS Don’t worry. (CONTINUED) . The character in the movie opens the door and Arriana screams.CONTINUED: CYRUS Nature’s bounty! Cyrus smokes. Arriana sits in the passenger seat. FADE OUT INT. 22. ARRIANA So have you had many girlfriends? CYRUS A few but only one that was anything serious. CYRUS’ APARTMENT.(MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus and Arriana watch a movie. He gives a look of surprise but holds her close. I don’t really watch scary movies. CYRUS Seen this one before? ARRIANA Nope. CYRUS’ CAR-NIGHT Cyrus drives his car. ARRIANA What happened? CYRUS We knew each other growing up and started dating in High School.

Then what happened? Cyrus frowns. CYRUS Hold on a second. It’s her loss you know? Arriana nods. Cyrus cracks a smile and pulls over on the side of the road..there were some other issues of course but yeah. What’s your war story? (CONTINUED) . ARRIANA How sweet. Cyrus pulls over and gets out. CYRUS She was having problems at home and decided that she needed to go away for a while. CYRUS What were we talking about again? ARRIANA Relationships. EMPTY ROAD-(CONTINUOUS) Cyrus and Arriana sit down on the hood of he car. ARRIANA What happened? CYRUS A month later she got on the plane and left me for school in the USA. Arriana gets out as well. CYRUS Right. Here’s the place..CONTINUED: 23. ARRIANA Just like that? CYRUS Well. FADE OUT EXT. Stupid girl. ARRIANA Em hm.

My parents fight all the time. Cyrus whistles. ARRIANA A lot older. ARRIANA Things have never been good at home. Arriana looks at him directly. CYRUS Yeah but I told you mine. Cyrus smiles. CYRUS Yeah? How did you meet him? ARRIANA He was my Professor. CYRUS I know how that goes. There was a void in my life back home. ARRIANA Well he was a little bit older than me. CYRUS How much older? Arriana looks down. (CONTINUED) . CYRUS You’ve got me beat. CYRUS Well at least you found your replacement right? 24. ARRIANA It just came naturally.CONTINUED: ARRIANA I don’t like talking about it. Cyrus nods. Father was never there for me growing up. Arriana lets out a sigh.

.. Arriana You asked about it. ARRIANA I’m sorry? CYRUS I completely understand. ARRIANA The whole experience wasn’t funny at all. ARRIANA I’ll admit that I didn’t factor in his wife and kids at the time but. (CONTINUED) . Arriana gives him a look of disdain. CYRUS So he got tired of his wife and decided to advantage of the young woman. Arriana looks away with a look of shame. CYRUS Hang on? He was married with children? Arriana doesn’t look at him. CYRUS Wait? He actually was married and shit? Damn.CONTINUED: 25. Cyrus raises his hand. CYRUS That’s kind of messed up. CYRUS I didn’t realize you were the kid of girl who would let a guy do something to you that’s so wrong. Arriana scowls at him. He saw that you had a void in your life and used his powers to sway you. Stop it.

ARRIANA What do you know about wrong? I’ve heard the stories. CYRUS You want to know why I was a player? Arriana scoffs. CYRUS What stories? ARRIANA Cyrus "The Heart Breaker" is what all he girls call you. CYRUS What do you know about right? ARRIANA We all make mistakes Cyrus! CYRUS Mistakes? I’ve made a few but I’d never have an affair with a married woman! It’s just plain wrong! Arriana gets in the car. It’s been hard for me to connect with girls. Cyrus slams his fist on the hood of the car. CYRUS A player is player because he got played too many times. FADE OUT . ARRIANA That doesn’t make it right. ARRIANA This aught to be good. ARRIANA I’ll bet. CYRUS I haven’t been like that for a long time.CONTINUED: 26. Cyrus follows suit.

Saif pulls up next to the old man. FADE OUT EXT. OLD MAN Ugh! No! The old man lays on the ground wounded and looks at Saif. After a while Cyrus pulls up on the side of the road and Arriana gets out with out saying a word. OLD MAN Almost midnight. OLD MAN Please. Saif points the gun at the old man’s hand and pulls the trigger. SAIF Excuse me. Can you tell me the time? The old man looks at his watch. Cyrus shakes his head.27.. A motorcycle drives past. Are you lost? Saif pulls a handgun out of his pocket and fires at the old man with a BANG.. Saif drives away. FADE OUT . An OLD MAN walks down a sidewalk walking his dog. CYRUS Shit. CYRUS’ CAR-NIGHT(CONTINUOUS) Cyrus and Arriana sit in the car without saying a word. CITY STREET-MOMENTS LATER Saif drives down the road with an emotionless look on his face. INT. Although Cyrus doesn’t notice him the rider is clearly Saif.

EXT. CYRUS Thanks. ARRIANA’S APARTMENT LOBBY-DAY Cyrus stands in the lobby of Arriana’s apartment. SECURITY GUARD What can I do for you? CYRUS Hello sir. The SECURITY GUARD walks up to him. FADE OUT EXT. STREET-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus walks down the street holding a soccer ball. He receives another text but ignores it.28. That shouldn’t be a problem. Cyrus’ receives a call but ignores it. CYRUS’ BEDROOM-DAY (MONTAGE) Cyrus sits at his desk typing away. Could you please give this to Arriana? SECURITY GUARD Sure. FADE OUT INT. CYRUS’ DAD sits at the head of the table reading a newspaper. Cyrus leaves a box with an apology note attached for the guard to deliver. FADE OUT . FADE OUT INT. CYRUS’ APARTMENT-EVENING (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus sits with his mother at the dinner table. He receives a text from Arriana but doesn’t respond.

CYRUS’ BEDROOM-NIGHT Cyrus checks his voice mail. Cyrus takes a closer look at him. He knocks on it. FADE OUT INT. CYRUS’ APARTMENT-CONTINUOUS Saif and Cyrus sit on a couch. SAIF I’ll survive. (CONTINUED) . FADE OUT EXT. CYRUS One minute! Cyrus opens the door. Are you actually ignoring me? Seriously? Give me call back when get this. Cyrus scratches his chin and heads towards the door. Come on in. ARRIANA (V. OUTSIDE CYRUS’ APARTMENT-SOON AFTER Cyrus stands outside a door. CYRUS Are you alright dude? Saif laughs.29. He looks visibly in worse shape than before. INT. Saif is at the door.O) Hey Cyrus. Cyrus walks inside. CYRUS Saif? SAIF Hey Cyrus.

(CONTINUED) . She sounds like bad news to me.CONTINUED: 30. SAIF Seriously. SAIF Dude. You don’t know her at all. Cyrus points at the door. Don’t go down that road. CYRUS She was with a married man back in the States. Saif grins. SAIF Oh hello lover boy. I think I like her. She told me something that caused some friction. SAIF Like what? Cyrus frowns. CYRUS Funny. CYRUS The past is the past. SAIF I’m just trying to help man. SAIF So what’s wrong bro? CYRUS You remember that girl I told you about? SAIF Arriana right? CYRUS Yeah. Cyrus stands up. CYRUS I don’t need to hear this crap Saif.

SAIF So this is how it’s going to be? Fine. Arriana really wants to talk to you. SAM(V. You? SAM(V. CYRUS Out.O) I just wanted to see how you were. Cyrus shakes his head. FADE OUT EXT. CYRUS’ APARTMENT-(CONTINUOUS) Saif walks down the road silently. He reaches into his pocket for his medication. STREET-SOON AFTER Cyrus walks down the street with an angry look on his face. (CONTINUED) . His phone rings. SAIF It’s always about you isn’t it? Saif takes his medication. Saif walks towards the door.CONTINUED: 31.O) Hello Cyrus? CYRUS Sam? What do you want? SAM(V. FADE OUT EXT. CYRUS I’m fine.O) Okay. CYRUS I’ve been busy. Listen.

O) Figures.O) You like her don’t you? CYRUS No! SAM Are you sure? CYRUS Well. FADE OUT INT.CONTINUED: 32. SAM(V. You don’t know anything about our relationship. SAM(V.O) You look like a man going after a woman who doesn’t feel the same way. SAM(V.O) Stop being stupid about her.. Cyrus looks at a photo of himself with Arriana.. CYRUS (V. CYRUS Stop saying that. (CONTINUED) .. CYRUS’ BEDROOM-NIGHT Cyrus lays on his back with his eyes closed. You know what you look right like? CYRUS What? SAM(V. She just has to.maybe. Cyrus’ phone rings. CYRUS Whatever.yes.O) She has to like me. Cyrus starts walking down the hallway. Cyrus hangs up and keeps walking. He answers.

ARRIANA I’m glad you came. CYRUS What’s going on here? ARRIANA What do you mean? Cyrus looks her in the eye. (CONTINUED) .CONTINUED: CYRUS Hello? ARRIANA (V. CYRUS Sure. Cyrus takes a deep breath. Bye. ARRIANA (V. CYRUS I’m glad. CYRUS I need to know something important. Do you want to come over and watch a movie? Cyrus gets up from his bed.O) See you then.O) I liked those chocolates.O) It’s okay. I’m sorry. ARRIANA (V. Arriana smuggles against him. I felt really bad. ARRIANA’S BEDROOM-SOON AFTER Cyrus and Arriana lay on a bed together watching a movie. 33. FADE OUT INT. I’ll be right over. ARRIANA (V.O) Cyrus CYRUS Hey Arriana. ARRIANA You can ask me anything.

. ARRIANA Done what? CYRUS Spending so much time with someone. Arriana looks at him with concern.CONTINUED: 34.. He takes her hand. CYRUS Why do I do that? I haven’t done this before. CYRUS Seeing someone every day for the past thirty days.what is this? ARRIANA What do you mean? CYRUS I’ve never done this before. I’m not that kind of a guy.. ARRIANA What question? CYRUS Why do I go out of my way with you every day? Arriana looks at with a hint of sadness. Cyrus takes a breath. Arriana looks at him with a confused look.. Have you? ARRIANA I do this with everyone.. CYRUS This. Arriana pulls her hand away slowly.us. CYRUS I mean. CYRUS I ask myself that question.. (CONTINUED) .

I told you from the beginning that I’m not looking for a relationship. Cyrus gives her a look of disbelief. (CONTINUED) . CYRUS Texting on the phone all night! Hanging out every day for the past three weeks? 35. CYRUS So there’s no feelings here? ARRIANA No.. Arriana sits up on the bed. CYRUS You don’t do this kind of shit with friends! Cyrus looks at her directly. Cyrus sits up as well. ARRIANA I’m not looking for anything serious. We’re just friends. CYRUS Are you fucking kidding me? Cyrus gets out of the bed. Is there any from your side? CYRUS Yeah. ARRIANA Yeah.I’m like this with all my friends. CYRUS I want to be with you and that’s it. Arriana smiles.. ARRIANA Cyrus.CONTINUED: CYRUS Everyone? Really? Arriana moves away from him subtly...

CYRUS Hey Arti. CYRUS Friends? We’re a fucking couple damn it! Cyrus storms out of the room. ARRIANA Cyrus! 36. (CONTINUED) . SAM Hello Cyrus. Cyrus reads for a while longer until Sam sits down next to him. FADE OUT EXT. He glances at a crowd watching Kayla give a speech and shrugs. ARTI Hi Cyrus! Cyrus waves back with little enthusiasm. Gotta get to class. What can I do for you? SAM How are you feeling? Cyrus laughs. CYRUS Hello Sam. ARTI I can’t stay and chat. UNIVERSITY COURTYARD-DAY Cyrus sits under a tree reading a book. ARRIANA Cyrus please! We can be friends.CONTINUED: Cyrus grabs a pillow and throws it across the room. Arti continues on her way. Arti walks by on her way to class and gives Cyrus a wave.

Cyrus reads the letter. I know that you’re mad at me but I really want to talk with you.O) Dear Cyrus. Sam leaves.. Here. FADE OUT . SAM I’m not doing this for you. Arriana walks along with a sad look on her face. ARRIANA (V. SAM I know that you’re angry but you should talk to her. Sam looks at the scruff on his face and nods. Sam gestures across the courtyard at Arriana. Sam hands him a note.CONTINUED: 37. CYRUS Fucking fantastic.O) But first you need to know what happened. She wants to talk with you. CYRUS You want me to say that you were right or something? SAM I offended that you’d think I was so petty.. CYRUS What’s this? SAM Answers. ARRIANA (V. I can’t stand seeing her like this. Cyrus gives a faint smile.

. FARHAD Like you care about what people think. Arriana laughs but pushes him away. ARRIANA Do you love me or not? FARHAD Yes but.. Farhad leans in to kiss her. ARRIANA Still.. PIER-DAY (FLASHBACK) Arriana stands on a dock with an older gentleman named FARHAD. It’s me of them. Arriana looks at him directly. FARHAD Arriana. ARRIANA Farhad! We’re in the public. FARHAD Are you enjoying the US? ARRIANA Yes. ARRIANA This is why you need to make a decision. ARRIANA Does your wife and kids even suspect? Farhad sighs. (CONTINUED) . FARHAD They are starting to wonder why I’m gone all the time. EXT. Arriana looks down.... You’re the best part of it..38..you know it’s not that simple.

CONTINUED: 39... FADE OUT EXT TEA BOOTH-EVENING Cyrus sits at a table. CYRUS I’m not ready to be your friend. Cyrus tries to maintain his composure..listen. ARRIANA Hello Cyrus. Please. ARRIANA Damn it! I can’t keep doing this. ARRIANA How are you? CYRUS I’m okay. ARRIANA But why? CYRUS I can’t handle being around you. ARRIANA For how long? CYRUS I don’t know. Arriana arrives. Arriana starts to cry. Arriana runs from him. CYRUS Don’t cry. CYRUS Hi Arriana. I need some space. Cyrus grabs her hand tenderly. Cyrus starts to walk away (CONTINUED) .

CYRUS I’m not going to let you go.O) Fine. CYRUS I’m glad that we talked. ARRIANA (V.O) What the hell am I doing? He makes it halfway down the street before running back to her. Hello Cyrus. ARRIANA (V. FADE OUT INT. CYRUS’ BEDROOM-LATER THAT NIGHT Cyrus sits on his bed looking at his phone. We’re going to be friend.CONTINUED: 40. I’ll always be that guy you met. CYRUS So we can hang out soon? (CONTINUED) .O) Oh.O) Okay. CYRUS Are you sure you’re okay? ARRIANA I’m fine. Cyrus frowns. Arriana smiles and gives Cyrus a hug. CYRUS (V. He calls Arriana. CYRUS Hello Arriana. Cyrus leaves. CYRUS How are you? ARRIANA (V.

O) Cyrus. ARRIANA (V. ARRIANA (V. ARRIANA Let me think about it. FADE OUT INT. CLASSROOM-DAY (MONTAGE) Cyrus sits with Arriana laughing in a crowded classroom.. Cyrus frowns. CYRUS Are you serious? If we’re going to be friends then you need to hang out with me. FADE OUT . CYRUS I thought you could just go back to how things were before..CONTINUED: 41. There is a CLICK and Cyrus looks at his phone in disbelief.O) Friends don’t order each other around Cyrus! Cyrus yells at her. CYRUS Make up your mind Arriana! Am I your friend or not? There is a long silence. ARRIANA The world doesn’t revolve around you buddy. CYRUS What do you mean think about? ARRIANA (V.O) I thought you were but now I’m not so sure.I need some space.

Arriana doesn’t look at him. CYRUS’ APARTMENT-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus sits at his computer on Facebook. Cyrus looks at Arriana’s page and sees her statuses indicating that she is having a great week. Cyrus stands at the corner and waves. CYRUS APARTMENT-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus logs onto Facebook and smiles when he sees that Arriana’s profile is a photo of them together. FADE OUT . INT. He sets his status to something negative. FADE OUT INT. Sam looks at him with an apologetic look. STREET-AFTERNOON (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Sam and Arriana walk down the street laughing. Arriana is across the room speaking to Sam with a smile on her face. FADE OUT EXT. FADE OUT INT. FADE OUT EXT. CLASSROOM-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus sits in class with a sad look on his face. Cyrus looks at her profile photo and frowns when he sees that she changed it.42. STREET-AFTERNOON (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus and Arriana chase each other down a street laughing.

EXT. A stack of a dozen boxes are next to his now cluttered desk. FADE OUT INT. He looks at the stands and sees that they are empty. SOCCER FIELD(MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus attempts to make a goal and fails. The alarm rings and he turns it off. He checks his voice mail. EXT. CYRUS’ CAR-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus points out the window at various sights for Arriana. FADE OUT INT. He pulls into the parking lot of the University.43. Arriana waves at him. CYRUS’ BEDROOM-EVENING (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus sits in his room eating a slice of pizza. FADE OUT EXT. CYRUS APARTMENT-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus lays in his bed. (CONTINUED) . FADE OUT INT. SOCCER FIELD(MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus scores a goal and looks into the stands. FADE OUT INT. UNIVERSITY PARKING LOT-DAY Cyrus gets out of his car. CYRUS’ CAR-DAY (MONTAGE CONTINUED) Cyrus drives alone.

Cyrus hands her the book first and receives a hug for it. Arriana answers. ARRIANA Hello Cyrus.. Arriana looks at him with concern. CYRUS I see. ARRIANA’S APARTMENT-SOON AFTER Cyrus walks down the hall carrying a book LIKE A DIAMOND IN THE SKY and a bouquet of flowers.CONTINUED: 44.. He passes Farhad on the way to the elevator. ARRIANA (V. CYRUS Hey. ARRIANA Thanks. We need to talk. Please come over. ARRIANA Cyrus. I bought you something. Cyrus smiles. Farhad picks up the flowers and looks at Cyrus with confusion. Cyrus knocks on her door. Cyrus walks down the stairs. Arriana raises her hand and shows Cyrus a ring on her finger. FADE OUT .O) Hello Cyrus. FADE OUT EXT. Cyrus drops the flowers on the ground and turns around. CYRUS I also brought you flowers.

EXT. FADE OUT .45. OUTSIDE ARRIANA’S APARTMENT-CONTINUOUS Cyrus walks down the street alone.

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