The Banks Public Partnership

The first step


A project managed by the City of Cincinnati with the cooperation of thousands
OKI had major role and brought regionalism to project


Flooding: The development’s design challenge
1997 Flood: The Crisis that defined that design
From the North From the South

From the East

From the West


Cross-Section Of The Design Concept
A floodable Intermodal Transit Facility with a flood-proof development podium and excellent transportation connections.

Master Development Plan

Phase 1 June 2008

Phase 1 October 2011

Phase 2a
Block 2 Site Work/ Parking Facility Construction June 2010 to November 2011. Any remaining work for Public Parties will be done along with the Developer’s work.

So where are we now?

Agenda of Project Report
February 13, 2012 Staff Meeting for the Board of County Commission 1. Project update 2. Local Public Agency (LPA) Agreement for balance of federal monies awarded the project 3. Trade Contract -28, Public Safety Technology recommendation for award 4. Recommendation for award of the design contract for replacement of the temporary pedestrian bridge over Pete Rose Way 5. Working with the Developer to support continued build-out of the Master Plan.

1. The block 2 addition to the Central Riverfront Intermodal Garage and the Riverfront Street Grid with its underlying utility network are all complete and in service. A minor punch list remains. The electronic system to support both the event management and valet parking is in operation.

Phase 2a
Parking 1/31/12

New Second St Entrance

Approved Valet Parking Locations

1 4
19 LOT 25 17

Lot 21

Lot 22

Lot 20


LOT 27

LOT 28


2. All Public Parties’ work envisioned by the Public Parties as Phase 1 and the additional Phase 2a construction made possible by the ARRA program is complete. Work underway with the Developer for next phases.

3. Both construction phases of the Public Parties work continue to be within approved budgets and on target to meet SBE, DBE and safety goals and should remain so through all contract closeouts in March. The project continues to have no lost time accidents.

4. Through cooperation with OKI and ODOT, all grant monies, primarily OKI STP money, not projected to be spent in current work have been re-programmed into the two parts of Bid Package 12.

5. Carter-Dawson reports that Phase 1a residential is 99% leased and that the retail is 80% leased.



The Banks Project Economic Inclusion
As of December 25, 2011: I. Construction SBE MBE WBE

36% 15.9% 2.9%


Professional Services SBE 8.0% MBE 6.8% WBE 2.1%

The Banks Project Economic Inclusion
Federal/ODOT Funding – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Bid Package No. 5 7 6

ODOT DBE Goal 8.0% 8.0% 5.0%

Contractor Commitment 10.8% 10.7% 5.0%

Actual DBE Participation 12.0% 11.7% 5.4%

Bid Package No. 9 11

ODOT DBE Goal 4% 8%

Contractor Commitment 4.9% 8.4%

Actual DBE Participation 2.8% 7.4%

Bid Packages 5, 6, and 7 are closed out. Substantial work is being completed this month by the DBE contractors on Bid Packages 9 & 11, and the final billings are projected to meet ODOT goals.

The Banks Project Economic Inclusion
Combined Minority/Female Workforce participation as of December 25, 2011 is 17.42%; Minority Workforce (female and male) is 16.12% For the one-month period ending December 25, 2011, nearly 89.7% of workers lived within the 15-County Cincinnati-Middletown MSA
Local residency analysis as of October 25, 2011 (1,397 workers) Tri-State 97.6% Cincinnati-Middletown MSA 76.9% Hamilton County 25.6% City of Cincinnati 9.2%


Over 416,000 hours worked without a lost-time accident through both Public Parties construction phases, to date.


Bid Package #9 complete; closeout underway
Mehring Way and Elm Street guardrails the only work remaining

Bid Package #11 complete; closeout underway
Certificate of occupancy expected in February

Bid Package #12
 Riverfront Public Safety technology contract out to bid  Part 1 to be bid Spring 2013 Widening Second St. sidewalk, removal of Race St. Bridge, reconstruction of portion of Freedom Way, completion of Public Safety technology  Part 2 to be bid Fall 2012 Sidewalk upstream side of Roebling Bridge, steps and pedestrian bridge over Pete Rose Way near Broadway; construction of Ohio River Trail from Steamboat Monument to Joe Nuxhall Way



Developer’s Leasing  Toby Keith’s prepared for opening  The Tin Roof awaiting construction permit; opening projected for Spring 2012  Orange Leaf beginning construction  Mahogany’s designing their build-out  The Wine Guy executed their lease  Ruth’s Chris signed lease; construction set to begin second quarter 2012


Cincinnati Park Board Progress


Cincinnati Park Board Progress
Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park, Phases 1, 2 substantially complete.  Walnut Street Fountain & Grand Stair open to public in early Spring  Bike Center interior design underway; expected opening in Spring Phase 3 work on grounds, underground utilities continues. Moerlein Lager House geothermal installation, brewing tanks installation and interior finishing continues; Lager House will open February 27.

Coordination with Cincinnati Parks
Moerlein Lager House Opening February 27, 2012

Coordination with Cincinnati Parks
Walnut Street Fountain, Grand Stairs & Bike Center

Coordination with Cincinnati Parks
Walnut Street Fountain, Grand Stairs & Bike Center

The Banks Project in the news



The Banks Project in the news


 According to budget
projections, local funds remaining from the February 2009 budget are sufficient to cover necessary match and soft costs not eligible for federal funds.  Phase 1 has just over $1m contingency remaining which can be moved to Phase 2.

Phase 2a Budget Reallocation
(Rollover of Phase 1 contingency would add $1 million)
Phase IIA Sources May 2010 Approval Existing Phase I Public Parties Source TIF Bond Proceeds Stimulus - State of Ohio CMAQ Federal Grant (Stimulus) STP Federal Grant Developer Contribution** Stimulus - OKI Existing Federal Earmarks OKI Enhancement Grant Budget Total Total Federal Use Projected Local Use Total Use Source $5,692,945 $10,197,496 $13,000,000 $10,200,000 $7,521,071 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,125,116 $1,000,000 $52,236,628 BP9 Projected Use BP11 Projected Use BP12 Projected Use Total Projected Use $5,000,000 $230,358 $1,500,000 $491,964 $8,000,000 $10,200,000 $1,032,592 $13,000,000 $10,200,000 $7,521,071 $1,500,000 $1,117,080 $750,000


$625,116 $750,000

$7,222,322 $1,492,000 $8,714,322

$19,232,592 $10,397,120 $29,629,712

$7,633,237 $5,414,540 $13,047,777

$34,088,151 $17,303,660 $51,391,811

Phase IIA Sources December 8, 2011 Existing Phase I Public Parties Source TIF Bond Proceeds Stimulus - State of Ohio CMAQ Federal Grant (Stimulus) STP Federal Grant* Developer Contribution** Stimulus - OKI Existing Federal Earmarks *** OKI Enhancement Grant**** Budget Total Available Total Federal Projected Local Total Use

Source BP9 Projected Use $5,692,945 $10,197,496 $13,000,000 $5,000,000 $10,200,000 $9,261,022 $215,520 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,500,000 $1,037,062 $592,480 $750,000 $53,638,525 $35,748,084 $17,890,441 $7,308,000 $1,492,000 $8,800,000

BP11 Projected Use

BP12 Projected Use

Total Projected Use

Unallocated Funds Contingency


$8,000,000 $10,200,000 $1,702,880


$13,000,000 $10,200,000 $9,261,022 $1,500,000 $1,037,080 $750,000

$444,600 $750,000

$19,902,880 $10,397,120 $30,300,000

$8,537,222 $5,414,540 $13,951,762

$35,748,102 $17,303,660 $53,051,762

-$18 $586,780

$1,036,800 $259,200

*More STP available than considered in estimate of May 2010 ** The Developer contribution is contingent upon exercise of a Future Phase Trigger Notice as specified in the MDA and will not be available during construction. The Public Parties will need to advance these funds. *** Federal budget rescission reduced the dollars available in the earmarks/grants

Bid Package 12
Street Grid Pedestrian Improvements Part one: ODOT Local Public Agency Agreement (LPA) in place 1. Traffic and Public Safety Technology 2. Second Street/Transit Center Pedestrian Upgrade 3. Freedom Way, Rosa Parks Street to Walnut Street 4. Removal of Temporary Race Street, South of Freedom Way Part two: LPA ready for approval 1. Suspension Bridge Approach Pedestrian Connection 2. Riverwalk Trail 3. Broadway/Pete Rose Way Pedestrian Connection

Bid Package 12, Part 2
Suspension Bridge Pedestrian Connection



Bid Package 12, Part 2
Riverwalk Joint Project with Cincinnati Parks

Bid Package 12, Part 2
Pedestrian Bridge, Stair and Staging Replacement


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