Behold, it came to pass that I, Enos, knowing my father that he was a just man for he taught me in the language, and also in the nurture and admonition of the Lord—--and blessed be the name of my God for it-Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart. And it came to pass that after I had prayed and labored with all diligence, the Lord said unto me: I will grant unto thee according to thy desires, because of thy faith.

Intentional Adventures
Creating “Something Better” Moments

Enos 1, 3, 12

Albuquerque NM West Stake of Zion 25 Feb 2012

Intentional Adventures Ideas

and they shall teach their children to pray and to walk uprightly before the Lord.

Doctrine and Covenants 68: 28 ……
I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

Philippians 1:3
...because I have you in my heart………
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Philippians 1:7

I appreciate most, though, is that she doesn't correct my children or get involved unless someone is in danger. That way she doesn't have to be a disciplinarian - she can just be a grandma who loves and is positive. Don‟t have favorites, kids can tell.

Intentional Adventures
    You can make simple events special. You can help your grandchildren know their names and the Savior’s name are written upon your heart. You can create adventures of magical zeal. The purpose of each adventure is to strengthen relationships and to bind them to you for eternity: mind, body, and soul.

L LeB B My greatest desire for each member of my family is for them to
know that I love them. I desire for them to feel my gratitude that they chose to be a member of our family and how blessed we are. I lived a long way from my grandparents as I was growing up and so it was in our visits - the time they spent with us and the things they sent in the mail that I felt their love. I, also, desire that my family will recognize the special gifts that they have received from our Father in Heaven and how they bless our lives. I am thankful to have some of our grandchildren close by. But I am always there for each of them when they are born (or shortly after), as often as I can to help. I love to sing to and rock them as babies. As they get older I play with them, teach them crafts, and I love to laugh with them. Our oldest grandchildren live too far to see them often. When the older two were 8 & 9 we started “Grandma Camp.” They came out to MI and spent 10-14 days with us fishing, swimming, painting, playing baseball, tennis and going to MI Adventure! Being a Grandma is the BEST!

Nature Adventures
On your Walk look for leaves, rocks, colors, etc. Let them pick what today’s Walk Adventure will be about. Use wax paper and hot iron to create Leaf Gifts for parents, other grandparents, friends, and neighbors. Take markers and paper pads to draw the colors and objects upon which the colors are found. Stop along the way. Spread out a blanket. Allow time to actually draw what they see. You draw also. Talk about the wonderful families that live in your neighborhood or let them tell you about their wonderful neighbors. Help them draw a map of the neighborhood. Write names in the appropriate map locations for the neighbors and their children. Growth charts. Even if you are not with them on their birthday or holiday nd send in their 2 birthday box (for ex.) a tape measure. When you webcam or talk with them on the telephone ask them to have Mom or Dad measure their height. Record it on your growth chart. When they visit they will see it and know they are important to you. It will become something they anticipate each birthday, holiday, etc. Put a compass, on a cord, around their neck. Every once in a while check your direction and find North. Note the Sun’s movement. Talk about who lives to the North, South, East, West of GeeGee and PopPop’s home. Let them set the pace and encourage them to occasionally orient themselves and double check it on the compass. Play ‘Go 2 Steps East.’ GeoCache as they grow.

P L F My primary goal as a grandmother is to love my grandchildren
as unique and different individuals from unique and different parents. To respect the way they are being raised and to be there to help out whenever invited. We sent an individual love letter to each grandchild for Christmas and the writing of those letters was a memory making and memory revisiting experience for us and for them. We have "Grandma's Crafts" every family reunion which is so fun. I love to spend one to one time whenever possible so I get to know them better. My grandmothers were very loving... I remember providing them service and feeling very appreciated and loved. G N Love unconditionally. Gardening together, cooking, canning, going to Macy's on the bus (it was the 60's!) and spending the day shopping. With the other grandma, I remember drinking soda pop from the bottle, getting to sit at the lunch counter (even though "ladies" didn't really do that!), making Jiffy Pop popcorn, watching Miss America together every year and having our own votes, dressing up in her clothes. Fun memories! My own kids remember going on their own vacations with my parents, learning to cook, making Barbie clothes, reading and going to the library.

Educational Adventures
Before they can even write give them a pen and pad of paper. On a paper you have listed 1), 2), 3), etc ask them to write the shopping list. Add a bold first letter to each item so they learn letters and their sounds and as a clue to you…

K S Any Nana, GeeGee, Gigi, Gammie, Grams, Grandma J, or NeeNee can
create “Something Better” moments for their grandchildren.

Create special names for ordinary events. Instead of saying, ‘Let’s go to Marie Hughes Elementary School,’ you say, ‘Let’s go to the Blue Park!’ Why? Because the playground equipment is blue and you are helping them find value in knowing their colors. Provide a calendar for the week they will be visiting or an hour by hour calendar if they are spending the afternoon. (Coordinate with parents ahead of time and out of hearing of grandchildren.) When they arrive, bring out your Adventure Jar that is filled with one to twelve acceptable activities appropriate for time available. I have been known to have 10 slips with the same thing on each slip… let them fill in the calendar with Adventure Jar events. Post calendar. Review the events scheduled. Teach patience and flexibility (little brother taking an extra long nap, rainy weather, etc.) Put on the calendar only things you WILL do with them. For ex: do not put ‘plant apple tree’ unless you have the necessary supplies. Instead, write ‘Go Fish.’ Keep mini notebooks, pens, and coloring books in the seat pocket of your car. Encourage them to write, draw, write, and draw some more. Write a love note and tape it to the seat pocket so when they get in the car they will see it. Then they can write one to you. Pin these notes on a ribbon tacked to your wall. They will want to read and reread them. Keep large straight pins in your dashcover so they can surprise you with a love note! Adventures around the World. Keep world map up. Put tags on it of ancestors’ birth, immigration path, where they settled, in which temple sealed, etc. Play ‘Where in the World’ for where they think they will serve a mission, where family members have served missions, where all the temples are, every place mentioned in General Conference, etc. Timeline: poster board cut into thirds and taped on the back running down the long hall or around the dining room walls. Place ancestors’ birth, travels, temple sealings in one color (above line), world events in a different color (or below line.) As they study history in school, let them add the world events to the timeline.

memories, definitely listening to stories my grandmother told about "the old days," matching dresses she used to buy my sister & me when we were little and spending a month one summer with her when I was in 8th grade. Oh, and her gorgeous red fingernails. Baking with grandma has always been my two girls fav memory!

L Grandparents seem to have time without the rush of dinners, laundry
etc. So my favorite memories of my grandmother were first: quality time! Followed by unconditional love, listening without judging, understanding, and she just being there as my personal cheerleader! Also, spoiling me with her yummy baked goods always made me feel special.

K Playing card games with my Nan, she never let me win - I had to beat
her fair and square (or at least she made it seem that way). We also had a ritual of drinking grape juice out of crystal glasses and eating popcorn together while watching TV. She always had time to play with me. I got to help her with her knitting and she took time to teach me how to knit at a very young age. All 4 of my grandparents were gone by the time I was 12 and I cherish the memories I do have.

D Lots of love and encouragement. Listen very carefully to what they
have to say. Always make the time...and sometimes make special “alone time” just for them..Be very patient and kind. Mistakes are allowed. Let them be creative and use your art supplies. :) My favorite memory of my grandma was getting picked up on Sundays and going to visit my Uncle. He lived next to the beach and we would have wonderful lunches on the beach. As I got older my favorite memory was sitting outside on the big swing with her visiting and picking apples in the Fall for her from the big apple tree outside her window.

P I had the most excellent grandmothers, both from very different worlds.
One thing I do know is that they loved me unconditionally. Period. I could feel it as the oldest granddaughter on one side, and I could feel it as one of 25 on the other. I make SURE that I give my own grandchildren that same feeling. I, also, like to teach them things that the parents don't have time for. Like how to plant a sister garden; making French toast; playing board games whenever they ask. I, also, read them bible stories. They love it when I read to them. My Grandma has ears that truly listen, arms that always hold, love that is never ending, and a heart that‟s full of gold.

Love Adventures
Lunchbox Love Notes are a favorite anticipation. Or notes in shoes. Or notes on pajamas. Or in coat pockets. Postcards are inexpensive and fun. Just a short note space makes it easy to write and to read. Send them a stamped, self-addressed postcard made from a plain 4x6 index card. Ask them to draw a picture on the front of the postcard or draw the blue, red, and dashed lines with L-O-V-E or their N-A-M-E lightly penciled in for them to trace and send to you. Create one using parts of a map (they can collect all cards) put together with the question: What skill, scripture, prayer, virtue have developed/said to prepare you for your mission? Travelling? Take postcard stamps, send a locale card to each grandchild. Annual pics in front of Temple become 4x6 picture postcards. Start now.

R M F I am not a grandma, but as a mother I can say that I really
appreciate the way my mother-in-law is a grandma. She loves always, cheers and encourages, and lights up when she sees my children. One of the things

S K Grandma Savage had the most wonderful house. Musty basement, and
we were allowed to go down there to fetch a quart of raspberries or some apricot jam. There were so many treasures down there it always took us a good, long while to get back upstairs. Her backyard had a creek running through the back edge of it and we'd make little boats out of sticks and canvas sails and float them for hours. She'd get the irrigation water in the night, sometimes as late as 2 am, and we'd help her lift and shut the gate. Grandma Clark wore her hair in a soft bun at the nape of her neck. She wore jersey dresses and orthopedic shoes. She always had good cheese in the fridge and Pepperidge Farm bread. She had a grapefruit tree in the back yard and we would pick a fresh one in the mornings for breakfast. To this day, I prefer my grapefruit warm.

Create with them (or send them) a treasure box for all your lunchbox love notes, letters, postcards, and birthday cards. When you visit them, bring a paper punch and punch a hole in the upper corner of each love note. Slip a key ring or ribbon through the holes and create a “Bundle of Love” they can look at and read over and over again. Handwrite your testimony. It will be their most treasured love note. Heart attack their Primary teacher, parent, cousin, sibling… Wordle: Top Ten Reasons I Love You. Print & mail it. Kids love mail.

Play Adventures
Keep balls/Frisbees in your car. You will be able to stop at local tennis courts, playgrounds, and parks. Keep sidewalk chalk in your car. Let them use it! Large cardboard boxes and duct tape can be great fun. Celebrate a holiday today that you were not able to spend together. Decorations. Food. The whole schmeer. Dance with them. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures.

J P F I was born on my Grandmother's 50th birthday. I look up to her so
much! She taught me to crochet, play the organ, and paint. She NEVER has a negative thing to say, ever! Even when her house got broken into and the burglar stole anything of value she still said she worried about that boy and hoped he would find a reason to turn his life around. She is definitely the optimist and finds goodness in everyone she meets. She is also the greatest example of standing by her husband and supporting him and his interests. An example I have strived to follow. Oh, and she makes the BEST food from scratch ever!!! And most of her food comes from their own garden and fruit trees. She is, also, my biggest fan! Always has been and because I know this, I have always strived to live worthy of her admiration.

Kitchen Adventures
Creations – insane mixtures full of texture and aroma. Smell, Taste, Texture blindfold experiments. Mission Meal Mondays: of ancestors, family members, want to go. Get the Culture Guides off and learn the customs of that country/state. Cupcakes to neighbors. Gratitude Tuesdays. Pajama Breakfasts. Waffle Wednesdays. PopPop Day: make his favorite dinner and dessert. Next time have them choose another family member, even an Aunt or Uncle away on a mission or at college. Read fractions in cookbook. Family History Sundays. Great Great Grandmother’s favorite recipe.

J L S African Violets, pear preserves, picking figs, cutting off corn, and
making red velvet cake. My grandmother was so unique in so many ways. Very devout woman who loved her family fiercely. B 1. show respect to mom and dad and their rules. It allows you lots more time with the grandkids when the parents know you are not teaching how to disobey. Of course what happens at grandma's also stays at grandmas!;) 2. Have a few toys and supplies for the grandkids so they don’t have to cart their house with them, but not so much that it feels like you are trying to "one up" parents. ok...the numbers don’t match your questions… my top one...when it is a Daughter-in-Law, make her your friend and you will have all the access to the grandkids you may want. D When I was 22, I moved to another state to be with my grandmother when my granddaddy passed away suddenly. It was one of the best things I ever did. Best attributes of a grandmother... Unconditional love, ginormous hugs that swallow you up, and stories about „back in the day.‟ Favorite

Spiritual Adventures
Sing all the time. Blueberries, blueberries, blue blue blue… Learn the Primary Program’s music, sing the songs with them. Have the music playing. Use a Prayer Jar with pics of each person on a popsicle stick. Make postcard/puzzle out of Gospel Art Book or Scripture Readers. Put sticky note on that page noting to which child the other components of pic go. Night time rituals: let each grandchild open scriptures and point to a scripture. Read and Discuss. Discuss how that scripture can change their life. Bedtime Stories of ancestors. One Page Wonders. Family traditions written, PopPop’s memories of his childhood, patterns of your family. Add yours.

what are your favorite memories of your grandmothers? what are your grandmothers' best attributes? P W She loved me no matter what. Walking to church with her. And eating Fritos with cream cheese and drinking 7Up. I had a great grandma.

over . . . and on about the third day, my dear sweet Granny, who had never had a harsh word for me in all of my life, turned around and yelled SHUT UP! I was stunned into speechlessness, and more importantly, stunned into song-lessness. I didn't sing it anymore, but as the years have gone by we've laughed so much about that, and that story was told at her funeral.

K O'B S I have SO MANY memories of my beloved "Grandma J"! Her
phrase "oh, it's a REAL TREAT!" any time something we would consider "average" but pleasing occurred. EVERYTHING was special to her! My earliest memory is going to her home after school and having mushroom soup in a wooden bowl. My prize possession is one of those wooden bowls. I use it DAILY as a trinket/jewelry holder. Makes me remember Grandma J every single day! When my time comes for grandchildren.... if I can be half the grandmother she was, I will consider my life a great success! Now I have to go get a tissue! PS: Rachel will be married on 08-18-12.... it would have been Grandma J's 101st birthday! C G My grandmother could buy a blouse in a store and go home and make it over to just what she wanted. She was always a classy lady, matching purse and shoes and white gloves! She also made the best tuna sandwiches and lemon meringue pie. She had the softest and most beautiful skin!!!

K S Grandma Anne made the simple things special. V G Both of my grandmas lived well into my adult life, so I was lucky that
way. I never got to spend a great deal of time with either as I grew up, due to distance, but saw them enough over the years to have a good relationship with each. But two very different ladies... My Grandma Evelyn ...the only real memories I have of her are that she sat on the couch, smoked cigarettes, drank coffee, and watched TV. Sadly that is about all I can say for her. She did have a great collection of costume jewelry that we love to look through... My Grandma Vera was a great lady. She had eight children, and though they never had much of this world's goods, she had the best heart, the most loving, kind soul. She could tell the funniest stories and have everyone laughing til tears rolled down their cheeks. She was a great cook. But I think her best quality was that she could laugh at herself, and helped others do the same. I loved her!

A A My favorite memory of my Granny is when she came out to visit me
when Ryan was deployed. I wanted to complain a little bit and she wouldn't let me. Every chore we did, she offered a prayer of thanks. "Thank you for these dirty dishes! We had such a good dinner and our bellies are full. Thank you for these dirty clothes and the warmth they provide, etc." She was a great example of giving thanks and I remember her praying for people who cut her off on the freeway. She would say a prayer for their safety and everyone else's. My favorite memory of Grandma Angie is that she always had the coolest games for us to play. And she was very generous. She called on all the major holidays and birthdays, no matter the distance. My favorite memories with Grandma Kathy are of cooking with her and learning how to sew and quilt from her. She taught me how to can and make the best beans in the world. She always gives great advice. She also has an eye for a deal.

S W E My Grandma Mirabal used to have a fair amount of cattle in El
Morro. She would get out there for branding and delivery of calves. She always had a pot of green chile stew and fresh made tortillas for everyone to eat in between doing ranch chores :) love that lady!

G W My grandmother has a great imagination. She had a unique craggy
tree in her backyard, when we were young girls she called it the fairy tree. We would leave presents and treats for the fairies and the next day the fairies would leave us presents. This is only one way she constantly encouraged imagination and creative thinking.

P O'B C Welcoming. Calm. Patient. Appreciated simplicity. Those are
the virtues I most admired about her. Oh and let's not forget the time she and Mo made a double decker tree swing!! I always admired her interest in reading and gaining knowledge.

D L H This will sound odd that this particular memory would be my
favorite but we've laughed so much about it over the years: My Grandma and my Mother and I were driving to TN to see family and then on to NC to see the rest of them. I was in Junior High and a commercial was popular for Bumble Bee Tuna with a catchy song - "yum yum bumble bee bumble bee tuna" and I sang that ditty across the United States. Over . . . and over . . . and

A H M I was blessed to have Grandma Madge only until age 8! Memories
of coffee and homemade eggnog and a love that was the most powerful love I have known on this planet until own grands!!! Sniff Sniff...... invoking some of the most precious and powerful memories of pure love!!! I would say that even the everyday things can become cherished memories.