January 26, 2012 Ms. Brittany Anas Boulder Daily Camera Dear Ms.

Anas: Attached, as you requested January 24, 2012, is a document with Fiscal Year 2011 and Fiscal Year 2012 salaries for certain University of Colorado employees. Those whose names you provided who received salary increases not funded from the compensation pool are identified in a separate category, titled Promotions , and shown with an asterisk. The university has no answer for your question, Bruce Benson: How much would his raise have been had he not turned it down? The question never was asked or answered, so I cannot speculate on what a response might have been. Also included with the specific information you requested are contextual salary comparisons we use to benchmark the university s salaries. In addition to the benchmarking process, we also review the details of job scope and responsibilities relative to comparable titles at other institutions. Given CU s relatively low numbers of administrative positions compared to peers, we often find that our staff has broader responsibilities than those in similarly titled positions at other universities. Additional comments appropriate to the positions appear in the document adjacent the names. As you know, the University of Colorado is a $2.8 billion enterprise, with 27,400 thousand regular and temporary employees. Pay for these employees is 61% of the university s education and general budget, because we accomplish our collective mission primarily through our talented faculty and staff. They are on four geographically dispersed campuses and at system administration, serving about 58,000 students and undertaking significant research and community service. The Boulder campus alone is a $1.2 billion organization, with a complex educational, service and research mission. Recruiting and retaining highly talented leadership, staff and faculty are key to the continued success of the university and its service to the citizens of Colorado. When we set salaries for university leaders and others, therefore, we analyze various factors: y Scope of responsibility people, nature and significance of functions, budget accountability y Risk or consequence of error y Level of internal and external interaction and influence y Scarcity of skills y Reporting relationship y Market competitive universities, large local employers y Internal organizational relationship to other positions I trust this information is useful. I should be pleased to discuss it with you. Sincerely,

E. Jill Pollock Vice President for Employee and Information Services Attachment
Office of the President, Employee and Information Services 1800 Grant Street, Suite 800 ‡ Denver, Colorado 80203-1187 t 303 860 5644 ‡ f 303 860 5706 ‡ Jill.Pollock@cu.edu

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