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Name: ___________________________________ Ms. Bach February 2012 Exit Slip The Presidency and The White House A. B. C. D. E.

E. The Rose Garden Hail to the Chief Ruffles and Flourishes State Dinner The Oval Office AB. Air Force One AC. Marine One AD. Camp David AE. Secret Service BC. The Residence

Date: _____________

______1. A branch of the Treasury Department which is responsible for the safety of the president. They are trained to get in front of the president and, if necessary, to take a bullet intended for the president. They are with the president and family constantly. During a presidential campaign, they also protect major candidates. A retired president receives this protection until death. ______2. A formal dinner held at The White House and hosted by the president to honor a distinguished visitor, usually a visiting king, queen, emperor or president. ______3. A large well-kept garden at The White House. In the winter, the flowers grown indoors. Flowers are always available as decorations in the mansion. A few weddings of presidents children have been in this area of The White House property. ______4. A presidential vacation spot in the mountains of Maryland. It has been used since the 1930s. It was named after Dwight D. Eisenhowers nephew, David. ______5. The formal office of the President of the United States. It is held in awe by most Americans who understand that great decisions are made there on an almost daily basis. It is symbolic of supreme power in the U.S. ______6. The music is played whenever the president enters the room on a formal occasion such as a state dinner. ______7. The part of The White House where the president and the family lives. Closed to the public, it contains the personal belongings of the inhabitants and reflects the presidents personal style. This is a place of privacy of the president. ______8. The plane assigned to the president which is, in reality, a flying oval office with full communication abilities.

______9. The responsibility of this helicopter is to take the president on short local trips. There is a landing pad at The White House grounds for it to use. ______10. This is the musical equivalent of a twenty-one gun salute which precedes (comes before) Hail to the Chief. 11.All are features of Air Force One EXCEPT a. Bedroom b. Bathroom c. Dressing room d. Bowling alley and pool table e. Communication devices such as the Internet, phone and computers 12. When was Hail to the Chief first used? a. by President Lincoln in the early 1860s at the Gettysburg Address to bury the soldiers b. by President Roosevelt in the 1940s regarding World War II. c. by President Tyler, a widower president, in the early 1840s to impress a lady friend d. by President Grant as part of his marching with soldiers as a general 13. The Secret Service last took of a bullet for this president, saving his life. A. George Bush B. Ronald Reagan C. John F. Kennedy D. William Clinton

14.If a president or presidential candidate uses a public bathroom, the secret service would a. Walk in the bathroom with the president b. Clear the bathroom before the president enters c. 0nly stands outside the bathroom and keep watch d. All of the above e. A and B f. Give the president privacy and let him/her alone in the bathroom.

Name: ___________________________________ Ms. Bach February 2012 Exit Slip The Presidency and The White House A. Joints Chief of Staff B. State of the Union Address C. Political Action Committee D. C.I.A. E. F.B.I. AB. A.C.L.U AC. Lobbyist

Date: _____________

AD. Interest Group AE. Title IX BC. Mr. President BD. The Presidents Own BE. Polls CD. N.R.A. (Nation Rifle Association) CE. Press Conference

______1. This agency is responsible for the internal security of the nation. This group is under the control of the president and its director is appointed by the president. ______2. The agency is in charge of gathering information about other countries with whom the US may come in conflict. This group is under the control of the president and its director is appointed by the president. ______3. The heads of the four armed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps) and the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff. However, the President as Commander in Chief ______4. According to the Constitution, the president must deliver this address each year. This is a report to the Congress and to the American people on how the nation is doing and hopes to do in the future. While not date is given by law, tradition has established that the address will take place in January. It is delivered in the chamber of the House of Representatives to both the House and Senate. ______5. Taken on an almost daily basis that tells a president how he is doing. This can change dramatically especially if the president does something very popular (or unpopular). It has been said that the presidents popularity steadily declines from the day that he enters office. Thomas Jefferson said, no one will ever take out of this office the popularity that he took into it. An average rating will be somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty percent. ______6. This is when the president meets with a large group of reporters. Each president also employs a Press Secretary who is responsible for dealing with the press. If the president is unhappy with the media, he/she may cut back on the number of these meetings with the press.

______7. As part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which ended discrimination on sex. It made girls athletics and integrated physical education classes available along with sports. A school may not have more girls sports than boys sports due to this act. ______8. This is a group of liberals that defend all Americans usually on issues of freedom of speech and religion. ______9. A person who speaks for an interest group. This person is paid and actually goes into the Congress to try to influence Senators and Representatives. Tobacco companies such as Philip-Morris would hire these types of people. ______10. A group of people who feel the same way about a specific issue. Together, they create political pressure through numbers. ______11. This is the action portion of an interest group. They maintain a large staff of trained professional lawyers who are paid to get the groups message before powerful and influential politicians. ______12. A powerful interest group that wants to ensure that Americans are allowed to keep and sometimes use firearms. ______13. This is the US Marine Corps Band which is assigned to provide music at all state and other functions. They wear red uniforms. They are headquartered in Washington D.C. and have performed for the president since the early 1800s. They would play the Ruffles and Flourishes and Hail to the Chief. 14.Two recent Presidents who were never members of the military or national guard include (circle two) a. George Washington b. William J. Clinton c. Barack Obama d. George Bush 15. Where is the State of the Union given? a. Senate b. House of Representatives c. In the Oval Office d. In the Press Conference Room B. When commenting on the polls, this president said , no one will ever take out of this office the popularity that he took into it? a. John Adams B. George Washington C. Thomas Jefferson D. Benjamin Franklin