Scarface Script

What do you call yourself?

Antonio Montana.

And you, what you call yourself?

- Where'd you learn English, Tony?

- In school.

And my father,

he was from the United States.

Just like you, you know?

He was a Yankee.

He used to take me a lot to the movies.

I learned. I watch the guys

like Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney...

He dead.So where's your old man now? . He die.They teach me to talk. . . I like those guys. United States. I always know one day I'm coming here.

Somewhere. .Sometime.What kind of work you do in Cuba? .She dead.Mother? . too. .

- You know, things.

I was, this, that. Construction business.

I work a lot with my hands.

I was in the Army.

Any family in the States?

Cousins, brother-in-law, anyone?

Nobody. Everybody's dead.

- You ever been to jail, Tony?

- Me? Jail? No way, no.

- Been in a mental hospital?

- Yeah. On the boat coming over.

What about homosexuality, Tony?

You like men?

You like to dress up like a woman?

Tony. .What is wrong with this guy? He kidding me or what? Just answer the questions.

Heroin? .Okay. no! Arrested for vagrancy? Marijuana? .Never. . Fuck. No. man.

.No. tough guy? Eating pussy? How am I gonna get a scar like that eating pussy? .Cocaine? . Where'd you get the beauty scar.

This was when I was a kid. You can't recognize him. you know? You should see the other kid. And this? .

What? That's nothing. . That's for my sweetheart. my ass! We've been seeing more and more of these. Sweetheart.

or you want to take a trip to the detention center? . You want to tell us about it. Pitchfork means an assassin or something.Some kind of code these guys used in the can.

For buying dollars.That's pretty funny. . Big deal.Okay. I was in the can one time. . Tony. you got me.

Come on! .. It was a Canadian tourist. Did you mug him first? Get him out of here! .So I fuck up! .That's true.

You a Communist? How'd you like it? .Let me talk to this guy. Please! Let me talk to him a minute.

what to think.They tell you all the time what to do. Do you want to be like a sheep? Like all those other people? I don't have to listen to this! . what to feel.

You wanna work fucking hours? You own nothing. you got nothing! Do you want a chivato on every corner watching everything you do? .

man? You know I eat octopus three times a day? I got fucking octopus coming out of my ears. .Everything you say.

I got fucking Russian shoes my feet's coming through. How'd you like that? You want me to stay there and do nothing? .

man.I'm no fucking criminal. I'm Tony Montana. I'm no puta or thief. a political prisoner from Cuba. .

And I want my fucking human rights. He's really good. now! Just like President Jimmy Carter says. . Okay? Carter should see this human right.

That Castro is shitting all over us.What do you say? . ..I don't believe a word of this shit! They all sound alike to me.

this. Here.You know something? You can send me anywhere.Send the bastard to Freedomtown. there. . Let them see him.Get him out of here. . It don't matter. . that.

So? . Get him out of here! .There's nothing you can do to me that Castro hasn't done.

. Told them we were. I was in sanitation..So? What'd you tell them? I told them what you told me to tell them.

not sanitation. .Yeah.Sanitation? . I told you to tell them you was in a sanitarium.They didn't go for it. .

You didn't tell me that. . No. .Sanitarium.. I told you to say you had TB and you was in a sanitarium. Yeah.

You should've kept your mouth shut. .You was cured. They'd think you was a horse and let you out. .When did you tell me that? .

man. I gotta talk to you. .Tony! Montana! Tony Montana! Come here. Come here.

Where are you going? .So close. .Come on. man. . It's important. man. .I gotta talk to you.Come on. .

You almost made it.. man. Are you ready for some good news? . You're chicken.Leave him alone.I got better things to do. .

man? We can be outta this place in days. Not only that. . but we got a green card and a job in Miami. What you got.Sure.

or what? . man? What do we gotta do? Go to Cuba and hit The Beard.Now are we made or are we made.

.No.No.You're kidding? . man. . . man. somebody else.You're not kidding? Guy named Rebenga. Emilio Rebenga. .

.Rebenga? .I know that name.He's political. .Yeah? .

Castro just sprung him..Yeah. Well. This guy was one of the top dogs for Fidel in the early days. he's coming in here today. .

But Castro felt like he couldn't trust him anymore and threw him in jail. he tortured a few guys to death. One of the guy's brothers is a rich guy . But while he was on top.

That's where we come in. He wants the favor repaid. . It's ugly. Miami now. Yeah.

.. your'd be a pleasure... . I'd kill a Communist for fun...You tell your guys in Miami. .

but for a green card. I gonna carve him up real nice.. ! Libertad!! Libertad!! Libertad! From a friend you fucked! ...

That face. . man. .That doesn't look like me. . That's nice.That looks pretty.

.Fuck! ? Qué paso. man? Your big shot friend better come up with something soon. man?? Qué pasa.

I didn't come to the US to break my fucking back. He's coming! What do you want from me? Fucking thing! .

More ham.I told you. .What's wrong? .What's wrong with him? . No more meat.. .

That's the way the sandwich comes! Look at that one. She's beautiful. Look at those titties. . That one in the pink.

What's he got that I don't have? Well.Look at that punk with her. for one thing. he's very handsome. you know? .

. And a little coke money doesn't hurt nobody. Come on.I mean.. That's style. .. Look at this. pizzazz.flash. look at the way he dresses. ..

There's two guys looking for you out there. .Fucking onions. I ought to be picking gold from the street.

Don't stay too fucking long. That's El mono. man.That's him. . I told you.

this is my friend. .We've got a lot of work to do. Tony. that's Omar Suarez and that's Waldo Rojas over there. Waldo.. so.. Tony Montana. I've been telling you about.

I got something for you. Yeah? What do we gotta do? Gotta unload a boat. tons. . You get $ each. Marijuana.

You gotta be kidding. . $ ? Who do you think we are. baggage handlers? ..$ ? That's great.

You know that. First you gotta work your way up to $ idiot. .The going rate on a boat is $ a night.

That was something else. . .After what I did for you in Freedomtown? What was that? That Rebenga hit was a game of dominoes? .Shut up! Take it easy.

chico? Don't he know we could've got another space cadet to hit Rebenga cheaper? .What's with this dishwasher.

Then why didn't you? Don't call me no fucking dishwasher. Who the fuck are you? .-$ ! . or I'll kick your monkey ass.

big man! . all right. man! The Colombians! Okay.You can't do that.

You want to make some big bucks? Let's see how tough you are. You know something about cocaine? You kidding me or what? .

. Hotel in Miami Beach. They say they got two keys for us for openers. New guys.There's a bunch of Colombians coming in Friday. Pure coke.

Do that.I want you to go over there. you get $ . . you pay 'em and bring it back. If it's what they say it is.

. yeah? You know how to handle a machine gun? Yeah.Go. man. We were in the Army. pay them. bring it back.

.. ..That's no problem. You get the buy money then. . Be at Hector's Bodega at noon Friday. If anything happens to that buy money.You gonna need a couple other guys. boss will stick your heads up your

asses faster than a rabbit gets fucked!

I'm scared.

- You're pushing your luck.

- Don't worry.

- That was dumb.

- You worry too much.

You'll have a heart attack.

You act like that guy's doing you a favor

or something.

- What's this with the Colombians?

- What does it matter?

He says "Colombians,"

and you make these eyes...

. Wash 'em yourself.I don't like fucking Colombians! Okay? What you guys doing? There's a lot of dishes to be washed.

I retire! What the fuck you gonna do now? .Don't come back here! .I gotta look after my investment! .

.Fuck you guys! . Are you fucking crazy? .Close the shop! Look at those tits. She's begging for it.

man! That one! . .The young one. Not that one.She's years old.Which one? .

Move the fucking car. You'll have a heart attack. We're at a stop sign. okay? You gotta stay loose. You can't worry. . We're just staying loose up here.

Miami Beach.. .Just play it cool. .Miami Beach! The money stays in the trunk 'till I come out.

Room . something's wrong.Sure thing. Okay? .You got it? Me. Okay. nobody else. I'm not out in minutes. You ready? . .

How's it going. man? . What's wrong. brother? Come in.

No problem. . Sure.Okay. You mind leaving the door open? So my brother-in-law sees everything's okay.

This is Marta. hello. Hello.No problem. . Marta.

. Omar says you're okay.I am Hector. And I am Tony. So.

Omar's okay. Okay. you got the money? .Yeah? Good. So.

You got the stuff? Sure I have the stuff. I got it close by. . but I don't have it right here with me now.

Where? . I don't have the money either. I have it close by. too. man.Well.

.In the car? . not in the car.No? How about you? Where you have your stuff? .No. man.

Okay. You want me to come in? We start over again? Where you from.Not far. Tony? .

.What the fuck difference does it make where I'm from? Take it easy. I just want to get to know who I do business with. man.

Okay? .You'll know me once you do business with me and stop fucking around.

You steal from me.What's the story? . . you're dead.Tony! You know.Yeah? . . you just fucked yourself. Frog Face..

.You want to give me the cash.... .before I kill you? .or do I kill your brother first. .....

Yeah? Okay. it's very important. . Yeah.Why don't you try sticking your head up your ass? See if it fits.

You forecasted an earthquake in the -to..Thank you. .-point range this morning. Important. .I understand.

isn't it rather slender evidence? . However.Thank you. sir.point range this morning.I'm impressed. .We had an earthquake in the -to. .

. I don't what I'm supposed to do today. but. I like the way you.You have such beautiful skin.....

mira! Watch what happens to your friend. You don't want this to happen to you. .Antonio. give me the money.

come on. . I'm going.Come on. Now the leg. It's time.

man. "Cara cicatriz. We're all gonna be all right. Come on." . Okay.Let's do it.

too. It makes no difference to me.You can die. Last chance. pendejo! Fuck you! .

Yeah..You okay? . Okay. take him out of here. quick! Chi Chi! Get the yeyo. man. It went in and out. .

I kill you! Die! Hurry up! Get in! Come on. Let's go! ..Your turn. .

well. I'll check it out right away. Somebody fucked up. .Close the door! Bunch of cowboys. Yeah.

. And I got the yeyo.You do that.You still got the money? . Omar. You do that. .Yeah.

You got the yeyo? .Yeah.Bring it here. right. .Fuck you. . ..

me. Nice fucking guy. . Not you.I'm taking it to Lopez myself.

. You can call me Frank.Mr. . Tony Montana.Tony Montana. My Little League team. .Frank Lopez. Everybody calls me Frank. It's a real pleasure. Lopez.

Frank.Okay. . they all call me Frank.How are you? Manny Rivera. . .Even the fucking prosecutors around town.

He caught one on the job. .Went right through. he tells me great things about you guys.. Omar. We heard about that. .

Well. . Not to mention.Well. . . of course.. Omar's okay.That Commie son of a bitch. you don't have to mention that.. the nice job you did for me.

Sometimes it's fun. . .Damn right.That was fun..That was fun? .That was fun. .

Want some? Two gins. . rum? What do you like? Gin is fine.What do you want to drink? Scotch. gin.

. You. A guy like you. And I need him around me all the time.I need a guy with steel in his balls. Tony and your compadre here. Tony.

Two keys. Here's your money. It cost my friend Angel his life. .Here's the stuff.

Tony.My gift to you. I'm sorry about your friend. there'd be no fuck-ups like this. If people would do business the right way. .

you're gonna move up. . ...Don't think I don't appreciate the gesture. You're gonna find you stay loyal in this business...

.. Then you'll find out your biggest problem is not bringing in the stuff...but what to do with all the fucking cash! ..You're gonna move up fast.

Go find her. You're gonna have that problem. will you? .I hope I have that problem someday. Sit down over here. don't worry. Where the hell's Elvira? It's late.

Gotta get her in between. undressing. the other half.Jesus! Fucking broad. . She spends half her life dressing.

Yeah.. . You gotta jump on her when she's not looking. .She's coming.

That's the best time. What are you guys doing tonight? You wanna go to a nice restaurant with me? You hungry? .

. .I could eat a horse. where'd they get you? Right there in the side? . Tell me.Okay. they're gonna cook you a horse.I'll eat it.

When I changed the clip. .It's nothing. I ran out of bullets like an asshole. It went right through me. a guy who I thought I killed wasn't dead and shot me. It hit the wall.

I killed him. . . nine millimeter.The guy was behind me.Bullets? One bullet.How many bullets you catch? .

Where you going? Come on. You're always hungry.Elvira. . where the hell you been? It's : . You should try starving. I'm starving.

. . Elvira.Manny Rivera. . Elvira.Come over here! I want you to meet a friend of mine.Hello. Tony Montana.

So. there are five of us. Where are we having dinner? I thought we'd go to the Babylon Club.Again? . .

Frank.. . if anyone ever wanted to assassinate you.Again.. .. You wouldn't be too hard to find...

Assassinate me? Who the hell would want to kill me? I got nothing but friends! You never know. . Maybe the catcher on your Little League team.

The catcher? That son of a bitch. I should kill him! You know who that is? . he didn't get a base hit all season.

Luis and Miguel Echevarria.

They got the biggest distribution setup

from here to Houston...

...Tucson, all down that way.

What do you think of that?


You see that fat bastard?

That's Nacho Contreras.

El gordo!

He's got more cash

than anybody in this place.

He's a real chaza!

you tell me. Frank. What is a "chaza"? It's the Yiddish word for "pig.You know what a "chaza" is? No." .

and you never forget it. So. Lesson Number : . Tony boy.The guy wants more than what he needs. He don't fly straight no more. it comes down to one thing.

Don't underestimate the other guy's greed! Lesson Number : Don't get high on your own supply. .

Lesson Number : Don't get high on your own supply. . 'Course. not everybody follows the rules. Your champagne.That's right. Lopez. Mr.

.That is ' ? . Omar. Lopez.The best. you pour it. and you bring another bottle right away. Mr. will you? .

So. Tony. .That's pretty good. What do you think of that? . here's to old friends and to new friends.For a bunch of fucking grapes.$ for this bottle. .

That's good. . Tony? . Frank.How you like it.That's good? .

. .Like you say. I'm gonna get you $ suits. man. too....That's good! I'm gonna get you new clothes.

. I want you and your boys to work with Omar here. . 'Cause I want you to work for you look real sharp.

. You do good on that.We are going to do something big next month. We are running a string of mules from Colombia. there'll be some other things.

Frank. You want a cigar? So. you want to dance. or you . Frank.That sounds like fun to me.

want to sit here and have a heart attack? Who? Me. . Don't foam into the Dommie P. dance? I think I want to have a heart attack instead.

Have some fun. . Tony. sure. You dance.What? You want me to dance? . go on.How about you? .Yeah. Go on.

..What do you think of him? I think he's a fucking peasant! But you get a guy like that on your side..

...What? What's your name? Elvira what? .What's your name? . .he breaks his back for you.

..What? .Hancock! .Hancock? Sounds like a bird.Hancock. Hancock. .

What? . Where you from? .Baltimore.Flying around. .

Where's that? ..It doesn't really matter. all right? .Baltimore! .Baltimore? .

I don't need another friend. especially one who just got off a banana boat. Banana boat? .I'm just trying to be friendly.

You got the wrong guy.Hold it. I don't come off no banana boat. Aren't you part of the Cuban crime wave? . You're thinking of someone else maybe.

Don't talk crazy. .Sorry.So take it easy. .What you talking crazy for? I'm a political refugee here. I didn't know you were so sensitive .

.. . baby? You're good-looking. beautiful legs.about your diplomatic status. You got a beautiful body. What is your problem.

. all these guys in love with you.a beautiful face. okay? . Only you got a look in your eye like you haven't been fucked in a year! Who... why. when and how I fuck is none of your business.

Now you're talking to me. Don't call me "baby"! I'm not your baby. That I like. Not yet. . baby. Keep it coming.

.desperate. Even if I were blind.. ...... starved and begging for it on a desert island.but you gotta give me some time.

She likes'd be the last thing I'd ever fuck. .. That chick he's with.. ..Yeah? .

The eyes. They never lie.She likes you? How do you know? I know. . chico.

The boss's lady.. man.Serious? What do you think? That's the boss's lady. .Fuck you.You're gonna get us killed. okay? .Are you serious? . .

That guy's soft. Look in his face. The booze and the concha tell him what to do. .

Don't fucking go crazy on me. . okay? You remember. okay? Just remember last year at this time we were in a fucking cage.

.You be happy.I say be happy with what you got.I'd like to forget that. . .

What's coming to you? The world... ..Me.. ..and everything in it. I want what's coming to me. chico. .

This town's like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked. .This is paradise. This is paradise. I'm telling you.

my own car. I'd have been a millionaire by this time.. By this time.. I'd have had my own boat.I should've come here years ago. .

A line of blue own golf course. .. You know what I want? I thought of this the other day.. With my name written on the back of chicks' asses.

How's that? That sounds completely crazy to me. Look at that. Look. .

That's what you're doing.You're missing the sights. Want to have some ice cream with my friend and me? . We're missing the action.

Get lost, greaseball!

- Look at that.

- "Ice cream"?

- That's right.

- You said "ice cream"?

- Girls like ice cream.

- Come on, man. That's not gonna work.

You can't do it that way.

You know how you pick up chicks

in this country?

- What was that? What you just did?

- That's what you do.

That's disgusting.

- Watch.

Look at that. Like a bug coming out of your mouth. .. That figures you wouldn't understand. You look like a lizard.

when you do that.They understand.They know what? . . It'll take practice. but you gotta learn.But the women in this country. . they know. They go crazy. Women love when you suck the pussy.

.Look at that.I think I can.You think you can do it with her? . . She's looking at us.

You gonna watch me? .Why not? . Go ahead..You want to try it with her? .I'm looking at you. .

. . I'm with you. man. .Watch this.You won't do it. I'm gonna get her.

. . Yes. Romeo! Do your thing. I've been watching you.Romeo! You're looking very pretty today. .Just be quiet. Just hang back.Go ahead. you.

I gotta sit down here. See that man? Watch that guy. I gotta watch my friend .You want to see something funny? Take a look over there.

Look at that. You're sick! You see what happened to him? .He gonna stick his tongue out to that girl.

Causing trouble like that. .She's too big for you. I'd crack you.Lf I wasn't a nice guy. . .Bitch! .. Come on.

. .Lesbian! What I try to tell you? This country.What I try to tell you? . you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money. you get the power.

. That's why you gotta make your own moves. then you get the women.Then when you get the power.

There she is. man. About time. That's her. . No.That's the one I rented.

Frank got held up at the golf course. He said to bet on Ice Cream in the first. by the way. . He told me to pick you up. He said he'd meet us at the track later.