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KS~FRC, Being the voice for children, parents, grandparents and extended family members who are victims

of the child protection system in Kansas MOTHER: FOSTER CARE KILLED SON TANYA JONES AND HER SON, DOMINIC JAMES MATZ, WHO DIED IN FOSTER CARE State to investigate death of 19-month-old in Lawrence Dominic James Matz Year 2004, The attorney for the distraught mother of a 19-month-old boy who died five days after he was taken into state custody said the child would still be alive had he been left with his mother. "This is a case where the system went too far," said Scott Wasserman, a Lenexa lawyer. "Dominic Matz should not have been in foster care. He was fine when he was in his mother's care. He died because he was in foster care."
Kansas Family Rights Coalition March 2012

Grandparents, Wendell & Ruby

Kansas Family Rights Coalition: Don and Phyllis Porter, PCJustice Advocate Donna Roberts ACRA, Child Advocate Marlene Jones, Activist/Advocate Kathy Winters, Grandparent Advocate Activist PMA ~ Kansas Chapter Leader Elisa Breitenbach, Activist/Advocate Justice For Families For Change, Advocate COMMITTEE ON CHILDREN AND FAMILIES HB 2137 Protective Parent Act~ Kiegerl said, Doesnt Look Good, still waiting. HB 2542 Citizens Review Panel ~Squashed HB 2538 Grandparents Compensation Bill ~ Still waiting, It costs more money for the tax payers to place children in the home of strangers where they are more likely to be abused, but the State isnt interested in making sure Kansas children are safe or know their family members and where they come from. HB2537 CINC Access To Records ~ NO THREAT TO THE STATE WILL PASS SB 262 Grandparents receive preference in custody cases ~ Amazing this even passed.

The state of Kansas had entrusted David Allen Hickey and his wife with up to 10 children in previous years"

Feb 1, 2012, An Advocate for keeping children safe and Grandparent Rights, Wendell Turners Senate Bill #262, Says, If a child is removed from a parents custody, any grandparent shall receive preference when evaluating what custody arrangements are in the best interest of the child

Police: Foster Father Solicited Underage Sex, Lenexa Police Say Undercover Sting Busts Foster Parent, November 8, 2010 Read more: The States Hired Help Licensed Social Worker Tina Allen, LMSW, License #7585 Jan. 9, 2012, Findings of Fact, Allen was employed by state foster care contractor TFI. The KS BSRB found discrepancies from what families reported and Allen reported, licensee falsely reported client contact information and mileage reimbursement claims and violated KAR 102-2 7 which is Unprofessional Conduct 20Actions/R%2011-0050%20Allen.pdf


Governor Brownback nominated former Executive Director of the KS BSRB, Phyllis Gilmore, as the next Secretary of SRS. As Dir. of the KS BSRB, Gilmore repeatedly refused to investigate complaints against Social Workers. Contact all the Kansas Senators and ask that they do NOT confirm Gilmore as the next Secretary of SRS. READ more here:

Former KS Asst Dir Children Family Services, Sue McKenna RETIRED, Dec. 6, 2011 More on McKenna Here: http:// feature=player_embedded&v=aJGHYVLhSdw

Rikki and her mother Claudine Dombrowski

CITIZEN REVIEW PANEL HB2542 AN ACT concerning citizen review boards; duties and powers; The The Committee On Children And Shame Of Families heard testimony from several Kansas individuals regarding this bill on Feb 1st. Less than a week later, this bill was The Custody being squashed. Here is a link to the Swtich introduced bill:
li/b2011_12/measures/documents/ hb2542_00_0000.pdf

Kansas Family Rights Coalition March 2012

Highly Publicized, Nationally Known, Domestic Violence Victim Claudine Dombrowskis only child was taken from her and sole custody was awarded to her abuser. Kicked To The Curb: Claudine was not only a domestic violence victim, she was then re-victimized by the Judicial system and kicked to the curb when she tried to get help for her and her daughter. What sort of State and Judicial System do we have in Kansas that takes children from domestic violence victims and then places those children in the homes of abusers?

Did You Know? FY2011, 3,408 Kansas Children were placed in foster care and only 1,807 of those cases were substantiated for abuse. The average length of stay in foster care in FY2011 was 19.6 months. So if the children were taken into custody in Jan. of 2011, the odds are that those children will not be coming home until Aug. 2012. Well thats just maybe.

Kathy Winters, member KS~FRC submitted testimony to recommend changes to the bill removing any individual that works in child welfare including family court, juvenile court, foster placement, adoptive families, social services or therapists. Winters requested that these individuals not be allowed to be part of the board. The board should consist of nonbiased citizens.
Kathy-Winters-Feb-2-2012-Submitted-Testimony -For-HB2542-An-Act-Concerning-CitizenReview-Boards

Many Thanks To Larry Halloran, Chairman of the South Central KS Claudine hasnt been allowed to 912 Group for see her child for the last 1 1/2 supporting Kansas Grandparents Desperate years. Prior to the that, the Judicial family rights. For Custody Of Their Grandkids system had kept Claudine on Larry wrote the supervised visits where she had Committee on to pay cash $$ just to see her own Children and Families, I am writing in child. Despite the years of support of the provision in HB 2542 emotional drain and financial ruin that establishes a Citizens Review by the system Claudine continues Panel for child custody cases. Attached to be a warrior for her daughter and is an open letter from December 2010 other DV victims across the that reflected some of our groups conv=FhcaunNz3AE country. cerns. Read more here: http:// See the following links for Larrys Kansas Grandparents emails to the Committee and his Denied Custody /topeka-ks-safe-visit-looses-unitedprevious open letter dated Dec 6, 2010 to Governor Brownback, the Lt GoverPC Justice nor, KS State Legislators and the Sedgwick County Commissioners. Email Feb 2, 2012: -for-mom-who-testified-at-hearing-aboutlosing-custody-of-children/ doc/80514650/Larry-Halloran-Chairman-of-theKS-912-Email-to-the-Committee-on-Childrenand-Families-Feb-2-2012-RE-HB2542 Email Feb 7, 2012 doc/80868737/Larry-Halloran-Chairman-of-theKS-912-Email-to-the-Committee-on-Childrenand-Families-Feb-7-2012-RE-HB2542 Open Letter: doc/80515140/Larry-Halloran-KS-ChairmanKS912-Open-Letter-to-KS-Officials-Noted-Dec6-2010-RE-Child-Custody-Cases

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