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2/12/12 C Pogamming: Vi emoal

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S A T UR DA Y , S EPT EMB ER 19, 2009
Guide to prevent our computer from getting
infected with Viruses that spread through
removable media(like pen drives).
|ost of us use removable medIa daIly, for transferrIng data from one
computer to another.We generally use pen drIves wIth computers at
offIces, colleges, cyber cafes, etc...The computers at such places may
or may not have antIvIrus software Installed. f the system you are
usIng Is Infected wIth vIrus, then thIs vIrus wIll also get transferred
onto your pen drIve along wIth other data. f you use a pen drIve
contaInIng vIrus, It wIll Infect your system, whIch Intern may lead to
loss and/or theft of your personal data and leave you wIth no other
optIon but to format your hard drIve. |ost common forms of such
vIruses are regsvr.exe,new folder.exe, etc..
have been usIng thIs method to prevent my computer from gettIng
Infected wIth vIruses,contaIned In removable medIa, for quIet some
tIme now wIth great success, so thought I'd share It wIth others.
All you need, to follow thIs guIde Is a good antIvIrus software (
recommend and use ESET ND0J2 ).
STEP 1: ClIck 'start' and then select 'run'.
STEP 2: n the dIalogue box type 'gpedIt.msc'.0oIng thIs wIll gIve you
access to the group polIcy edItor.

AnImatIon (1)
8ezIer Curve 0rawIng AlgorIthm
8oundary FIll AlgorIthm (1)
8resenham CIrcle 0rawIng
algorIthm (1)
8resenham lIne drawIng
algorIthm (1)
C++ (1)
C++ program to make a pIe chart
Calender (1)
Character CeneratIon (1)
Cohen Sutherland LIne ClIppIng
AlgorIthm (1)
0IgItal 0IfferentIal Analyzer LIne
drawIng algorIthm (1)
Flood FIll AlgorIthm (1)
nstall Turbo C (1)
LIang 8arsky LIne ClIppIng
AlgorIthm (1)
|IdPoInt EllIpse 0rawIng

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2/12/12 C Pogamming: Vi emoal
2/6 emoal
NDTE: the group polIcy edItor can only be accessed from the
admInIstrator's account.
SETP J: A new wIndow should now open. ClIck on 'AdmInIstratIve
STEP 4: Now on the left hand sIde, double clIck 'system'.ThIs Is what
your wIndow should look lIke.
STEP 5: From the lIst, fInd the lIne that reads 'Prevent access to
regIstry edItIng tools'.
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PerspectIve projectIon (1)
Polygon (1)
regsvr.exe (1)
FotatIon (2)
ScalIng (2)
Scan LIne (1)
The DlympIc Symbol (1)
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7Irus removal (1)
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2/12/12 C Pogamming: Vi emoal
3/6 emoal
STEP 7: Doble click i and a ne indo hold open.
STEP 8: Selec 'enabled' and click 'appl'.
Thi ill peen an naned applicaion (Vi) o make an change
o he egi.
STEP 9: No elec 'n off aopla' fom he li and doble click i.
STEP 10: Selec 'enabled' and fom he dop don bo elec 'all
die',click appl.
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2/12/12 C Pogamming: Vi emoal
4/6 emoal
Thi i ha o indo hold look like:
The i conain an 'aon.inf' file. Whenee o plg in o pen
die ino he b po an inep i geneaed,o compe
eice he inep ih he appopiae ISR (inep eice
oine), hi i ho he compe (and he i) kno ha ome
emoable media ha been conneced o o compe. The aopla
feae ead hi aon.inf file and eece he command lied
in i. Thee command ae eponible fo inalling he i file
ono o em iho o pemiion.So ning 'off' he aopla
iad, doe no allo he 'aon.inf' o eece i code.
STEP 11: No plg in he pen die and go o 'm compe'.
2/12/12 C Pogamming: Vi emoal
5/6 emoal
Posted by Angad at 1:2J P|
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Step 12: 'FIght clIck' on the Icon that corresponds to your pen drIve
and select 'advanced optIons' and then 'clean fIles'.
STEP 1J: NodJ2 wIll now start scannIng the removable medIa for
STEP 14: Dnce the scan Is complete, select and delete all the Infected
fIles from the scan log.
STEP 15: Just to make sure that the autorun.Inf fIle Is no longer
present on your pen drIve, go to 'start',clIck run and type cmd (gIves
access to the command prompt). Type your drIve letter followed by ':'.
For eg. If my drIve letter Is 'I', wIll type 'I:'. Dn the next lIne type
'dIr'.ThIs should gIve you a lIst of all the fIles present In your pen
drIve. f you see the 'autorun.Inf' fIle In the lIst the sImply delete It
usIng thIs command 'del autorun.Inf'.
STEP 16: The vIrus changes the attrIbutes of all the folders on your
pen drIve to 'hIdden', so to collectIvely remove the hIdden attrIbute
from all the fIles and vIew the fIles once agaIn just type thIs In the
command prompt:
:\attrIb H S \*.* /S /0
STEP 17: Now open my computer and 'explore' (do not double clIck and
access the drIve as yet) your pen drIve. At thIs poInt you should be
able to see and access all fIles on your pen drIve. SImply delete the
fIles that you don't recognIze or alternatIvely just copy all the requIred
fIles onto some other locatIon.
STEP 18: After all the requIred data as been recovered, format your
pen drIve !!
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2/12/12 C Pogamming: Vi emoal
6/6 emoal