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Cswip3.1 Exam Question: MD SAZID ALAM 1.

One of the following discontinuities, which is least likely to be the result of some improper welding technique? a. porosity b. Lamination c. Lamellar tear d. Crack 2. Which code gives pre qualified status to certain weld joint configuration a. API 1104 b. AWS D1.1, c. ASME Section IX d. ANSI B31.1 e. None of the above 3. The tensile test can be used to provide values for which of the following? a. Yield point b. Ultimate tensile strength c. Modulus of elasticity d. Elastic limit e. All of the above 4. Under bead cracking is primarily caused by a. a source of hydrogen. b. Restraint. c. Excessive preheat. d. All of the above. e. None of the above :

5. Which of the following discontinuities is associated with shrinkage stresses in the through Thickness direction of thick plate? a. crater cracks b. lamellar tears c. toe cracks s. d. root cracks e. none of the above 6. for the 2G position in pipe welding: a. the axis of the pipe is vertical and the plane of the weld is horizontal. b. The axis of the pipe is horizontal and plane of the weld is vertical. c. The pipe is not fixed. d. The axis of the pipe and the plane of the weld are at 45 degree angle with the vertical plane. e. None of the above. 7. Which of the following weld is not considered applicable for an edge joint? a. V-groove b. Plug c. Edge-flange d. U-groove e. J-groove

8. Which of the following is not a type of weld joint? a. lap b. T c. Fillet d. Butt e. Edge 9. Double-groove joints always require a. back gouging b. special welding processes. c. High deposition rate processes d. Weld to be deposited from both sides of the joint e. None of the above 10. Center line cracks can be caused by : a. the use of preheat. b. A highly restrained weld joint c. using the wrong polarity d. stress relief heat treatment. e. The presence of incomplete side wall fusion. 11. To be most effective, visual inspection must be conducted: a. before welding. b. during welding c. after welding. d. All of the above e. None of the above 12 A discontinuity is: a. always reject able b. sometimes reject able c. always a defect d. sometimes a defect e. b and d above 13. Which discontinuity occurs in the heat affected zone and can result from excess moisture in the Weld zone? a. longitudinal crack b. crater crack c. under bead crack d. Porosity e. transverse crack 14. A mega Pascal is equal to: a. 1,000 Pa b. 1,000, 000 Pa c. 1,000 Kps. d. a and b above e. B and c above 15. Which of the conditions below can cause porosity in a weld? a. b. c. d. e. Welder technique damp electrodes oily base metal b and c above all of the above

16. The CAWI: a. b c. d. e. is responsible for determination of a wedments conformance to acceptable standards .inspects weldments only under the direction of a CWI cannot inspect critical weldments performs inspections the same as a CWI all of the above

17. A burn through many occurs if------a. the current is too low b. the root face is too large c. the root gap is too large d. the arc voltage is too high 18. A solid inclusion in weld may be----a. b. c. d. entrapped gas entrapped slag lack of inter run fusion none of the above

19. A code of practice is------------a. b. c. d. A standard for workmanship quality only. A set of rules for manufacturing a specific product. A specification for the finished product. A code for the qualification of welding procedures and welders qualifications.

20. The principle purpose of a welder qualification test is. a. b. c. d. to test the skill of the welder to assess the weldability of the materials to decide which NDT METHODS to use. to give the welder practice before doing production welding.

21. The strength of a weld is determined by a. b. c. d. Leg length Weld profile Weld width Throat thickness

22. The main cause of undercut is: ----a. b. c. d. excessive amps excessive OCV excessive travel speed too low current

23. If a welding Inspector detects a type of imperfection not allowed by the application Standard he must always:--a. b. c. d. request further NDE reject the weld prepare a concession request only reject the weld if he considers it to be harmful.

24. A crack running along the centreline of a weld bead could be caused by......... a. b. c. d. use of damp flux lack of preheat arc voltage being too high weld bead being too deep and very narrow

25. Which of the following cutting methods is suitable for cutting stainless steel? a. b. c. d. plasma oxy-acetylene oxy-propane it depends upon the thickness