Greenery everywhere, crickets and birds chirping in perfect harmony all around me, sunlight filtering through the leaves

of the huge trees....this was perfect for me. I love this camping trip, I thought as I trudged along with all my 22 friends from my class, laughing as Matt and Raj kept cracking jokes and Andrew kept tripping all over the place. This is the life.... ³All right, team´, said the teacher who was leading us, stopping us in a small clearing, ringed with shady trees and rummaging in his backpack. ³This is where we¶re going to set up camp. Now, I want complete silence while I talk you through the-´ Snap! Slowly, we all turned around. There was a ringing in my ears. ³What was that?´Sylvia whispered nervously, edging closer to the crowd. ³Do you think it was a wild animal of some sort?´ No one answered. The ringing in my ears kept getting uncomfortably louder. Suddenly, there was a low snarl from somewhere behind me. Cautiously, I turned around. The teacher was looking at me as if he were a wild animal, who just seen a tasty snack he could devour. Everyone else froze around me. Literally froze. I backed up as fast as I could. But suddenly the teacher started to morph- becoming what suspiciously looked like a very large cat. ³Your time has come, little man´, said the semi-human thing in front of me, licking its lips. It stopped changing and I realised that the thing wasn¶t a cat, it was a lion. The ringing in my ears just kept getting louder. Run! The word had barely formed in my mind when the lion took one graceful leap across the clearing and pounced on me, hitting me paws-first and pushing me to the ground. Everything went black. The ringing got unbearably loud and it just went louder and louder until I screamed,´STOP!´ The blackness started to dissipate. The ringing stopped. My vision became clearer until I could see my mother hovering above me and shaking me awake. ³Wake up, Adam!´ ³Mom?´ I croaked. ³Oh, thank goodness. I was almost calling an ambulance´, said my mother, worry etched into every line of her face. I sat up and blinked around in confusion. I was in my room. Then it dawned on me.

I¶d miss her. *** An hour later. John following me.. But you¶d better hurry up and get ready! It¶s getting late. ³I just had a. ³It¶s okay´. the tenth grade was. said an exasperated voice.. I almost forgot about it!´ I quickly jumped out of my bed. It looked too supernatural to be real. I turned around and found myself looking at Vera. I was just heaving my suitcase onto the train. More like a vision. Everyone did. did I hate her. After all. over here!´ ³Hi. so people were bound to come. honey. trying to slow down the rate of my heart which was pounding against my ribs as if it wanted to get out of there. There were students from other grades too. something about that dream made me feel uneasy. but not as much in majority as my grade. They said you have to be there at 8 o¶clock and it¶s already 7!´Mom said. I thought. John! What¶s up?´ ³Excuse me. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.bad dream. and then got onto the train. ³Hey.. My mood instantly darkened. with a look on her face as exasperated as her voice was. . Adam! Adam. Nevertheless. I had already said goodbye to Mom outside the station and promised her to be safe. she looked a bit intimidating to me. Of course..Just a dream. but do you mind having your little rendezvous inside the train? We need to get in. you know´. I didn¶t want to worry my mom even more. I was making my way through the large number of people who had turned up for the school camping trip. so I didn¶t tell her this. I said reassuringly.´ The truth was. I gave her one of my rudest looks.kind of. just to show her who¶s boss. I pushed and jostled people standing around on the railway station platform until I reached the bogie I was supposed to sit in. all right then. ³Huh?´ ³Your camping trip! In the Wayward Woods!´ ³Of course! The trip! Gosh. Why did they have to come?´ said John.. Just a dream. with her bushy brown hair flying around in the wind. standing behind us with her little group of weepy friends. It was the first time that Orchard High School had organised a camping trip for our grade. Boy.. but it felt too real to be a dream. ³Well. I had my real camping trip to go to. when I heard my best friend John calling me. ³The arrogant little idiots.

No one knows what his real name is. Natalie. Always complaining that we never include them in class activities and stuff´. I thought. Jay and Walter had shown us all how to put them up and we were doing a pretty good job of it. Sylvia. John and Adam are here!´ someone called out. Raj. Unfortunately. sir!´ Coach was calling roll in the middle of a large clearing in the Wayward Woods. which consisted of all the 18 students in my grade who had come for the trip. Coach was in charge of our group. Sam. Jeff. He finished taking roll and we started putting up the tents. *** ³Adam Price!´ ³Here. We got caught up in a very interesting conversation about The Black Eyed Peas¶ latest song and all its spoofs and all thoughts of Vera and her annoyingness simply flew out of our heads. . There were so many of us that they decided to throw us all together in one group. this also included Vera and her friends. The instructors from the organisation taking us on this trip. But. Faith. look. Harry. Immediately. so everyone just ended up calling him Coach. Clara. Caitlin. ³Hey. He always says his name too long and complicated to pronounce. we were surrounded by all our other friends: Matt. But I was determined not to let them spoil this trip for me. Kate. we don¶t. Renee and Rachel. right? They¶re such a pain in the neck. I nodded in agreement. ³Well. yeah.´ We reached our seats and set our bags down. Rosa and Marcy. Vaughn. Andrew. All the students were divided into groups of twenty and each group was taken to a different spot in the woods to camp. Coming back to Coach.³I know.

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