PMR 2008/ENGLISH Paper 2

SECTION A : Guided Writing (30 marks) As the Head Prefect, you have been asked to give a speech during the school assembly about ‘Safety Measures in School’. • Living Skills Rooms o use utensils and tools o follow instructions Staircase o walk in line o avoid pushing Science Laboratory o conduct experiments o observe rules School Canteen o buy food o queue up

When writing your speech: • • • • you may use all the notes elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting add any other relevant information make sure it is not less than 120 words


We have to be fair as ‘first come. I would like to focus about safety measures in science laboratory. Jamal. Be honest to yourself and give way to the ones who comes earlier.Jacky and Encik Kamal bin Bambang. avoid unwanted conseqeunces in the future. Other than that. dedicated vice principals. You will get the food. you have to take off your tie. I as the Head Prefect would like to talk about ‘Safety Measures in School’. So. Please take care of yourself. we have to follow the safety measure that have been taught by teachers such as wear apron during doing any work and for the males. be safety. Especially while conducting experiments that includes corrosive acids. please queue up. Puan Selasih bt. obey the safety measures. If you want buy food.PMR 2008/ENGLISH Paper 2 Script 1 Assalamualaikum and a very splendid morning I bid to honourable principal. Thirdly. first serve’. The food is not going run or took away by Aladdin. I would like to remind you. Lastly. Safety is very important. As an example. we should walk in line to prevent jams. Besides that. I’m sure you too don’t want walkway jams right? So. we have to use utensil and tool carefully to prevent accidents. We have to follow instructions that had been ordered by our caring teachers. avoid accidents and misunderstandings. Dear members of the floor. Thank you. Wherelse when we are on staircase. in Living Skills Rooms. ‘take care of yourself’. I am very glad as I had been given a golden oppoturnity to talk upon this stage. I guess that all what I want to tell all of you. Try it and prevent misunderstanding with your friends. While we conduct experiments. don’t forget while in the school canteen. there is only one thing. I know you people are really hungry but be patient. Mr. Moreover. It is better to prevent than cure. respective teachers and last but not least my beloved friends. please observe rules carefully. explosive or radioactive substances. Science laboratory is a place for us to study. We have to be safety wherever we are to avoid unwanted incidents. SharK/2 . be patient and avoid pushing while walking because pushing could cause fight among ourselves and may cause accident. why do we should pushing our friends? Are we rushing anywhere? We are still in this compound and we can reach any place in just five minutes.

With the proper observation of the safety rules. It is with great disappointment I report that. SharK/3 . just like the Living Skills Rooms. prefects and friends. Based upon my own personal observations. what is a few minutes of queuing up to get to your food? With that said. In conclusion. they could all have been prevented. Datin Rokiah Yahya. As the Head Prefect. But in the full 20 minutes allocated to you for your recess. my entire speech in a nutshell is. do not be alarmed when I say this. To all of you here today. as long as you remember to use the utensils and tools in a proper manner and follow your teacher’s instructions carefully. So. rules are not meant to be broken.PMR 2008/ENGLISH Paper 2 Script 2 Top of the morning to our beloved principal. They are here to prevent accidents from happening. I have been asked to give a speech this morning concerning the topic of ‘Safety Measures in School’. Allow me to begin my speech with the safety measures in the Living Skills Rooms. do walk in line and avoid pushing. the ever dedicated teachers. if the students had simply observed the rules better. I wish to request everyone’s attention and cooperation throughout this speech as this topic is of great importance. The staircases found all over the school compound can also be classified as dangerous places when it comes to the safety of students. In the school canteen. our school will be a much safer place to study in. Another site of many a mishap is the Science Laboratory. you should be just fine. shall we say. I can assure you. Before I begin. calamities. I thank you all kindly for your attentive listening. Now. it is important to queue up when buying food. a good number of these accidents occur when experiments are being conducted. The reason why I choose to begin with the Living Skills Rooms is because they have been the site of the highest number of. I assure you. it is a very long way down. I hope my faith in all of you will not turn out to be misplaced. I realize that many of you might find queuing up an extremely slow and frustrating process. Many of said calamities could have been prevented if the students were more careful. I cannot stress more the importance of following the safety rules as well as paying heed to your teacher’s advice. The latter especially so if you are positioned at the very top of the staircase because if you fall. To make sure nothing bad happens to you. I trust and have faith that each and every one of you will reign in your impatience and start queuing in the canteen from now on.

There are some various locations in the school where safety should be emphasised. We must observe the rules when we enter the science laboratory. SharK/4 . remember to queue up when you buy your food. On the other hand. Make sure to keep our canteen clean all the time because it is the place we buy our food and eat.PMR 2008/ENGLISH Paper 2 Script 3 Good morning to our principal. teachers and friends. we have to take care of ourself and our school. In the nutshell. As the Head Prefect. We can avoid accidents happen if we follow the rules and do things carefully. we have to use the utensils and tools carefully. When we go to the school canteen at the recess time. I have been asked to give a speech about ‘Safety Measures in School. When we are in the living skills rooms. Don’t try any chemical substances because it is very dangerous. Read the label and follow the instructions from your teachers. Becareful when you conduct some experiments. we should walk in line when we go up or go down stairs. Avoid pushing each other on the staircase or you may injure easily. We can only concentrate better to our studies if our school is clean and safe.

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