The Next World
Story: The Next World Storylink: Category: Harry Potter Author: Harry and Ginny 4eva Last updated: 07/15/2005 Content: Chapter 1 to 21 of 21 chapters Source: Summary: [Complete] In their train ride towards their
seventh year, James and Lily are transported to the future, where their son Harry is about to start his seventh year. How will their travel effect their life in the present? How will it effect the future? JL HG

*Chapter 1*: Chapter 1: Hogwarts Express 1977
The Next World by Harry and Ginny 4eva
Disclaimer:This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, etc. Author Note: FanFiction. net deleted my first account here, James and Lily 4eva so this is the second time I'm posting this story. To all of my other readers, the story Children will be posted soon. Hogwarts Express, 1977 "I am NOT, under ANY circumstances working with James Potter!" That was what the whole Hogwarts Express heard in the late hours of the morning on September first.

"Lily, please calm down, it's not so ba—" "NOT SO BAD! NOT SO BAD! You are not the one who should be working with that bigheaded prat the whole year!" bellowed Lily. Lily Evans and her best friend Amy were on their compartment on the Hogwarts Express, on their way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily was a very pretty girl: she had a long red hair that hung just above her mid-back. She had a pair of almond-shaped green eyes that reflected her fiery temper quite often. Amy Isadora, Lily's best friend, had short straight blond hair and had a few streaks of red in them. She had large brown eyes that attracted looks from boys when they were sparkling. "Lily! You must listen to me! Obviously Dumbledore trusts him enough to make him Head Boy, and if Dumbledore trusts him Lily, I'm sure Potter wouldn't dare to cause trouble." Amy told her. There was almost a whole minute of silence before Lily answered weakly "I guess you're right". The marauders, that did not heard the last comment, were rolling on the floor laughing, clutching their stomachs. All

except James Potter. James was a marauder, co-leader of their little group of four, the marauders. He had jet black hair that no matter what he tried to do with it, always stayed messy. His hazel eyes were usually sparkling with mischief. However, when he was thinking of Lily Evans, his eyes were glittering with affection. He sat there quietly, while his friends were laughing, thinking. Is that what she really thinks of me? "Oi, Prongs, don't let her get to you" said Sirius still clutching his stomach "You really need to move on Prongs, you know that right?" said Remus, tears rolling on his face "I think she made it pretty clear that she doesn't want you." added Peter, catching his breath "Thanks Wormi, I think the whole school knows it by now." said James gloomily "Anyone who wasn't at Hogwarts at the last seven years anyway" said Sirius "Hey Prongs, aren't you supposed to be at the Heads compartment anyway?" said Remus, as always, acting like the serious and responsible one.

"I don't think I am needed there at the moment, It'll only make her even more furious. Are you sure Dumbledore didn't switch the letters by mistake Moony? This job should be yours," Asked James miserably for the tenth time this month. "We already discussed this Prongs, he chose YOU not me. We all know Dumbledore always has his reasons." "I guess," said James gloomily, still a bit disappointed that Lily thinks of him that way. He knew of course, that he and Lily weren't friends, she hated him with passion, and he, he"Hey Prongs, don't worry, she'll come around some day" encouraged him Peter. "Yeah, when hell freezes," joked Sirius. "Gee, thanks Padfoot, with friends like yours who needs Snivellus and Malfoy?" said James cynically. "Hey, don't bite my head off Prongs, I'm only telling the truth you know" said Sirius. "Whatever Padfoot, I guess I need to go now don't I?" he said, pleading with his eyes they would save him from the upcoming tackle with a certain redhead. The marauders however, seemed oblivious to their friend's

discomfort and nodded. "I'll see you in the next world…she'll kill me. Nice meeting you all." Said James and slammed the door after him. "Whipped" said Sirius and they started laughing again.

*Chapter 2*: Chapter 2: Hogwarts Express 1997
Hogwarts Express, 1997 Harry Potter, a skinny black haired boy, with round glasses that hid his emerald green eyes, walked with his Hogwarts trunk and his owl, Hedwig in her cage to the packed King Cross station. He stopped between platform 9 and 10 and began to run towards the wall between them. Trying not to think. "Harry!" a girl came running to him, wearing a big smile on her face. "Hermione," he said and gave her a hug "good to see you". Hermione stopped dead. She saw that his bright green eyes were brighter than usual. Then she remembered. "Is everything alright?" she asked in concern "Is it about Sirius?" "Forget about it Hermione" said Harry. "Look Harry –" "Harry! Herms!" a redheaded boy came running towards them. Harry smiled when he saw Ron; he snuck a look to

nothing. his eyes hanging on one in particular before they were snapped again to Ron and Hermione. walking towards the heads compartment. "What's wrong Harry?" he said after a moment of silence. Maybe you didn't notice that Ron. "Herms?" said Hermione sharply "Herms!" Harry and Ron began to laugh. "Again? " exclaimed Ron in disbelief. "Relax Herms. "What the hell is wrong with him Herms?" said Ron after they separated from Harry.the rest of the Weasleys. "He's thinking it's his fault again" she said. "Stop being such a tactless insufferable prat Ron! It's his godfather for heaven's sake." he said." said Hermione. "Nothing Ron. but Harry's parents are dead since he was a oneyear-old and Sirius was the closest thing to a father and to . Listen I'm going to find a compartment you two should be going to the Heads compartment anyway don't you?" Ron nodded and with a worried glance at Hermione she said without words "Don'tpush-it-anymore-let's-go-before-he-explodes" "We're off than.

attracting some glances from the other parents and children on the platform.his father he ever had!" "I know that Hermione. "What's all that noise? Weasel King and his perfect Mudblood are fighting? And where is Pot-head?" said the sneering voice of Draco Malfoy." "I can't believe Dumbledore made you head boy Ron! You are acting like a complete fool!" said Hermione angrily. they both bellowed at each other simultaneously: "You don't understand Hermione-" "You have no tact-" "What's wrong with you-" . As they shut the door. he's had to get over that by now." snapped Ron "but he has been an emotional wreck for the last two years Hermione. "SHUT UP!" both Ron and Hermione roared. "That's a very nice thing to say to your friend Hermione you know that don't you?" Ron snapped again. Malfoy looked taken aback and Ron and Hermione took the chance to walk fast into the Heads compartment.

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after the O. 'But you're just an arrogant. debating whether he should go inside or not.' said James quickly.' 'Messing up your hair because you think it looks cool to look like you've just got off your broomstick. You make me SICK.I'm surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. His stomach was knotted with nervousness.' 'I will if you go out with me. 'Go on… go out with me and I'll never lay a wand on old Snivelly again.'" END FLASHBACK . Potter. showing off with that stupid Snitch.' she said coldly.: FLASHBACK "'You think you're funny. Evans.*Chapter 3*: Chapter 3: Twisting Time Twisting Time James walked slowly towards the Heads compartment. What if she starts screaming at me? He remembered that day in fifth year. bullying toerag. walking down corridors and hexing anyone who annoys you just because you can . Leave him alone.

James made up his mind. read them and then we need to tell them about their duties and privileges. to whom did you pay to get the Head Boy position?" . "Evans" he said in a voice that tried to sound like his own. You need to act like a gentleman Prongs. he heard from deep inside of his brain what Remus told him last year. it's pathetic. There was silence while he read until – "Potter. "Potter" she said sharply "The instructions of what to say to the prefects are on the table. he took the instructions from the table. And then. and would do anything for it. try to be nice to her – not like you are used to now – act with her like you act around us – stop 'messing up with your hair' like she said and for goodness sake drop the tone you use to use when you talk to her." He simply nodded. He took a deep breath before he entered the Heads compartment. when he voiced his desperation to his friends.James sighed. afraid to say the wrong thing. He wanted her to like him more than anything.

She dropped the harsh manner as the hazel eyes bored into her emerald ones. "Yeah right. "What do you want me to say Evans?" he said slowly. She snorted. anything. He lifted his head to gaze at her. he stared at her in confusion for a moment before lowering his head and murmured "No one".He was speechless. He shrugged. "Look Evans I don't have time-" Finally snapping at me! I was worried! . Why the hell is he so passive now? What happened to arrogant Potter? She thought this is James Potter we are talking about here. "Just say something Potter. he'll be himself in no time. "Say something Potter!" she snapped suddenly. there is no way a normal person will appoint you to the Head Boy position" He was speechless again and simply nodded. Lily lost her temper. But he simply sat there in silence. why don't you tease me? Where is the arrogant bigheaded Potter I know?" He began to lose his temper but reminded himself to get a grip.

." started James. "Look mate. gasping for breath. Lily. "Holly shit! – Hermione – Hermione – girl – eyes – Harry. Ron looked at James and asked "What's wrong with your eyes Harry what-" he gasped as he turned his gaze to Lily and saw her eyes. they ran outside. "Ouch" "Get off me Potter" "Let go Ron" "What—" The four lifted themselves from the floor. Ron and Hermione fell to the floor. I don't know who Harry is or what are you doing in the Heads compartment." he said wide eyed."-for arguing with you. Ron and Hermione didn't need to tell them twice. I want to make this year work" voice rising he said "and I don't want to fight with you Evans – " his voice was growing steadily and by now he was yelling I AM NOT IN THE MOOD TO FIGHT WITH YOU!" The Heads compartment began to spin – James..

she already ran to the Heads compartment and cast the Sleeping charm on . what—" Malfoy's drawling voice sounded and Ron and Hermione kept walking. "Granger. why did we go back in time! What are Harry's parents doing there?" "Harry's parents!" exclaimed Ron. "We didn't go back in time – they went to the future – Hermione what do we DO?" "Okay. "Ron – did Malfoy just talk to us? Draco Malfoy?" she asked."Ron." "This is impossible Hermione unless we hex-" But Hermione was too quick for him. "Yes Ron! Harry's parents! Didn't you notice that boy looked just like Harry and that the girl had eyes exactly like Harry's? They look just like the people in Harry's pictures! We are back in time!" said Hermione hysterically. lets not lose our temper we need to make sure they won't instruct the prefects and that they will be in quiet for the whole ride – also that they won't see Harry. Ron has gone white while realization was drowning at him. Then Hermione turned dumbstruck to Ron.

They look like 17 years old and they have the Head Boy and Girl badges. He . I'll do it." Ron said still shocked at the spitting image of Harry sleeping on the floor. We cast the sleeping charm on them and we will be waiting to your decision about what to do with them. sleeping. She breathed deeply when both James and Lily's bodies sank to the floor." She said "Right. Sincerely yours. "We need to lock the door and send an owl to Dumbledore. Hermione walked out the door towards the prefects' carriage while Ron wrote to Dumbledore Dear Proffesor Dumbledore While Hermione Granger and I were yelling each other at the Heads compartment.James and Lily. you talk to the prefects. Ron looked at his letter critically and screwed his nose. suddenly the compartment began to spin and we found ourselves in the same room with Harry's parents. Ron Weasley.

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KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Dumbledore looked out of the window and saw Ron Weasley's owl tapping on the window. wondering about a life of a sixteen years old boy. He must be a victim or a murderer. But he is already a victim. Five times too many. He escaped from the hands of Tom Riddle five times. . Even more obstacles than part of the most qualified Aurors had been through. A boy that had faces many obstacles. What happened? Is there something wrong with Harry? He thought frantically. Killed or be killed. Crazy thoughts ran in his head like crazy thoughts usually do in frightening moments.*Chapter 4*: Chapter 4: It Is Not A Dream It Is Not A Dream Professor Dumbledore sat in his office.

Your and Ms Granger's actions were mature and correct. "I suppose. and scribbled a reply. "I don't know. Dear Mr Weasley. Thank you for letting me know about this accident. A." she said. You are to keep them there under the spell. What do you recon they'll do with them now?" he asked looking at her face. "Hermione.KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK He opened the window. do not let Mr Potter (junior) know about this incident. On a personal note. Dumbledore "We did the right thing then?" said Hermione after reading the professor's note. Blushing lightly because of the sudden interest of Ron in her face. as his emotional state is not so well. Safe trip. read Ron Weasley's letter for several times before inhaling deeply. Professor McGonagall will collect Mr Potter (senior) and Ms Evans from the Heads compartment. I-" but Ron was intruded by a sudden knock on .

Herms and I have some Head business to deal with. Just then. "Ron. why aren't you coming?" he said with a bit of pinkish color on his cheeks. clearly startled by the fact that he was about to enter the Heads compartment. said "Harry –" But was saved as the train stopped. Ms Granger. She watched James and Lily lying on the floor and her eyes filled with tears." she said. I believe there is no need for you to stay here anymore. Hermione. "That was really some quick thinking Ron. can you catch us a carriage? And don't let Ginny or anyone come in. Mr Weasley." he said and Harry turned confused and bewildered to find a carriage. He opened the door lightly just to see Harry standing with concern etching all over his face. please join Mr Potter on the . and giggled lightly as she saw his ears reddening with embarrassment. "Well. Too long indeed.the door. It's been too long. a knock on the compartment's door interrupted their conversation as Professor McGonagall came in. "Harry. Ron said.Ginny told me that the meeting was over ages ago. After a quick thinking.

"Mrs Po.carriage. . I think it will be the best if you two will come with me straight to the headmasters' office. "Yes Ms Granger. not wanting to lose his badge so fast. Ms Evans. what have you done. if you be kind enough to join Mr Weasley on the carriages." she said as she glanced at James. Ennervate" she said as she pointed her wand at Lily and James. You may cause a little panic among the students.I mean. but was interrupted by Lily. I'll take it from here" and gave her one of her rare smiles. you and Mr Potter came forwards in time. " she said briskly "Are you going to be okay professor?" asked Hermione in a small voice. what are you doing here? Where is that girl?" she asked The happy twinkle in McGonagall's eyes extinguished as she watched the two fighting. now. "Professor McGonagall! How lovely to see you here! Absolutely smashing to –" said James with a smirk. "But we didn't do anything professor! I swear I just yelled at –" he said in panic. professor. "Oh boy. "Shut it Potter.

. Remus Lupin read the letter professor Dumbledore wrote him in the seventh time. A. yet I want you to come to Hogwarts as soon as possible. Have a safe journey. James and Lily came forwards in time? Remus reread the letter again. I have yet seen them myself." she said sternly. Use the Flooer Powder (the one who can send you to Hogwarts) I expect you in my fireplace as soon as possible. Dear Remus James and Lily appeared in the Hogwarts Express in the Heads compartment today as seventeen years old teenagers. drawing a very shaky breath and wiped the tears that had fallen when he hadn't noticed."Not now Mr Potter we shall discuss what happened once we will be at the headmasters' office. Dumbledore Remus sank into the nearest chair in shock. becoming increasingly bewildered every time.

" Remus said. he thought. What do you mean Lily and James are here? I don't remember something like that happened in seventh year…. He stood up and grabbed some Flooer Powder from a bag near the fireplace and flooed to Dumbledore's office. almost by instinct." He said in panic. "If I'm not very mistaken. Except perhaps that. After a minute of silence. "Remus it is pleasure to see you as always. How are you?" said Dumbledore in worried eyes." .Why don't I remember this? Remus thought that the seventh year completely uneventful. Dumbledore said. it means we can save Lily and James. "I was completely fine until you owled me. If only you were here Jenny. James and Lily were hooked up that year…but other than that… Remus sighed and rubbed his eyes. in a very concerned voice "You mean to say that this didn't happen before?" "No professor. He thought that the news would hit him hard. growing wary "What can this mean professor?" he asked. "You don't?" asked Dumbledore.

The awkward silence that followed that statement was interrupted ten minutes later as a knock was sounded. "Come in Minerva" said Dumbledore The door was opened and McGonagall, James and Lily entered the room. Remus sat quietly in a dark corner of the room, not wanting to startle his seventeen years old friends. "Hey professor, you look a little – well, your beard grew longer since I last saw you," said James with a chuckle. "Yes, yes, we quite missed you here Mr Potter." "Missed me? Professor, no offence or anything, but it was only two month surly—" "You are quite wrong James, the last time I saw you was sixteen years ago, in Halloween 1981."

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*Chapter 5*: Chapter 5: Surprises
Surprises "Professor?" said James in puzzlement. "I assure you I have yet to lose my marbles dear boy," said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes. "Now Minerva," he said, turning to his deputy headmistress "you need to welcome our first years in the great hall soon; I suggest you to be off, as Hagrid was never late." McGonagall's nostrils flared but turned around and walked out of the office briskly. Dumbledore turned to James and Lily. "Now Mr Potter and Ms Evans, would you be kind enough to tell me how did you two arrive into 1997 when you are suppose to be in 1977?" James looked at Lily, who was staring at her hands. Lily heard a small buzzing in her head; and James was bewildered – still, not recovering from the shock of going forward in time. "The thing is professor, er...we don't know," said Lily. "All I know professor, is that I went into the Heads compartment and Lily started yelling at me as usual..." a

chuckle was sound from the other side of the room. James tried to see who was there but he was interrupted by the headmaster. "Yes James please continue," Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling. "And...And...Well, you see sir," said James, fumbling with the ham of his robe, "I decided today that…er…" James began to blush and Lily looked at him in wonder, "That I'll try to…er…deflate my head a little." Lily snorted and someone laughed hard on the other side of the room. "Hey! I can do it! And who is it there?" James asked, a little hurt that they won't believe him. "You see James, you ARE in the future. So if you please come here professor…" said Dumbledore, obviously trying to hold his laughter. A man came forward; James gasped and held Lily's hand unconsciously. Lily gawked but when she noticed James's hand on hers, she said, "Get off me Potter! I want my blood circulation back! Remus...? Oh my goodness is that you?" "Yes Lily, it is me, want a hand James?" asked Remus

Wow, his hand really felt good on mine... Thought Lily

regretfully Wait! Hold on a minute! Stop! Stop this thought immediately! Thought Lily in appall Are you saying that you want him to hold your hand? Lily mentally shuddered and shook herself back to the present. "Don't play pun with me Moony" James said slyly. But then he realized Remus was there, 20 years older than him. "Wha-Whoa! Moony holy marauder! This is- bloody hell!" James said wide-eyed "sorry professor" he added after he remembered that Dumbledore was still in the room. "I'm afraid I have gone temporarily deaf. Now, please continue your story," said Dumbledore merrily James continued, although he looked like he didn't want to "Well…Like I said I decided to change for Evans" Lily looked at him in disbelief written all over her face.

For me? Why would he change himself for me? He can't have feelings for me right? It was all acting 'cos I'm the only girl who ever turned him down. Lily tried to convince
herself. James continued "Um…I kinda didn't want to make her angry and I just…I just didn't say anything to her until I broke down and told her I'm not in the mood. And then, the whole

compartment was spinning and we fell on this redhead boy and this girl." "The compartment was spinning you said?" asked Dumbledore and he sat for a moment in silence. "Remus, be kind enough to bring Mr Weasley and Ms Granger over here after dinner. Make some excuse to Harry. In the mean while, Mr Potter, I suggest you and Ms Evans to eat your start-of-term feast in the kitchens." "Why in the kitchens sir?" asked Lily. "Because dear girl, you may cause panic between the student body and between some – some of the teachers," he said, thinking of the heart attack Severus will get if his long-lost-crush and enemy in heart will appear at the feast. Lily and James stood up. "Ah, before you two go I want you to promise me that you'll stay in the kitchens. And also, I'll cast a Disillusionment Charm on you, just in case someone will stumble his way into the kitchen," he said. "Yes sir" they mumbled "Sir, I must ask you one thing though," said Lily hesitatingly "If we are in the future, does that mean that we are no longer Head Boy and Girl, sir?"

"I am afraid so Ms Evans, but don't worry, when you will go back to your time, I am certain you will be the fantastic Head Girl as I remembered you were. Same for you Mr Potter. I am sure you will be a wonderful pairing." Lily, who blushed to the compliment from the headmaster now, stood in shock and a little anger at the headmaster who suggested that she and Potter was a wonderful pair.

Does he know something that we don't? James wondered
and mentally smirked. "Is he suggesting something here Moony?" asked James suggestively to Remus. "I must certainly not," Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling nonstop while Remus chuckled. "Very well, let's go," he said after he cast the charm. James, Lily, Remus and Dumbledore left the office, splitting when they got to the staircase separating the kitchens floor to the Great Hall. "Well professor, that was entertaining. I forgot how much she used to dislike him," said Remus in amusement after James and Lily went. "Indeed, indeed my dear friend. It was a very enlightening

event," said Dumbledore. "Professor…before they came…you said that there is a chance we can bring them back to life. Is that…is that true?" Remus said when a hope balloon started to grow in his stomach. "Yes. You see Remus, in the 12th century; a charm was invented by the greatest wizard at the time, Ajax Ambrose. This charm can be cast in order to reverse time, and to keep the travellers in time in the age they were before they cast the reversed charm - to travel to the future. This charm is not an incantation. It is a sentence that in both future and past, the person who said it has a strong feeling of pure love towards the other person." "And you guess that both James and Ron have these 'pure love' feelings towards Lily and Hermione and they both said the same sentence?" Dumbledore nodded in affirmation. "Well, we both know James had feeling for Lily ever since third year but Ron...? This is surprising," said Remus, chuckling. "Yes, yes…the problem is how we are going to get James and Lily back to 1977. I'll have to think carefully about this…" Dumbledore looked pensive. "Would you like to join us for dinner? I'm sure that our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher will keep you busy for a while," said

Dumbledore with a sly look at Remus. "What do you mean?" asked Remus, his heart beating. "Oh, don't worry Remus; I'm sure that you'll find her company very enjoyable." Dumbledore said with the usual twinkle in his eyes. Remus didn't know what to say in response to this statement so he kept walking. "Where do you recon Dumbledore is? I mean…he was never absent from the start-of-term feast," said Harry. "I don't know," lied Hermione smoothly. "Um…anyway Harry, who do you recon that woman is?" asked Ron pointing to the teachers table; desperately trying to change the subject. Hermione shot Ron a quick grateful look. "There is only one option open is there?" said Harry reasonably "But, wait a minute what's professor Lupin doing here?" "What?" said Hermione and Ron at once and quickly searched the great hall, their eyes darting and widening as they saw him. "So…so…that means that they –" Ron started but was

HERMS" he said and he and Ron burst out laughing. Even when he laughs. "It makes him to think of this." "Don't call me Herms you prat!" hissed Hermione and Harry couldn't help but laugh. a thought popped up in his mind and he turned to . Dumbledore watched the three teenagers that were laughing." He remembered one of Hermione's letters to him this summer. He needs someone to cry on.pinched by Hermione "Ouch! Sorry Herms. "He says that he is okay but I think that the summers are particularly hard on him. and fast. He needs Hogwarts. reporting on Harry's condition. "Nothing." But then. His eyes lingered on the black-haired boy. "What is so funny Harry?" she asked bitterly. He remembered the letters Hermione and Ron were writing him for two summers. They stopped laughing and no matter that a smirk was all over his face. his eyes are still sad. Harry Potter's eyes gave him away.

" Albus sat there a moment. As the sorting ceremony was over. professor Amy Isadora. Snape's face tightened.Lupin. do you see what I see in Harry's eye? Do you see his sadness?" he asked sadly. . "Professor. Amy Isadora? This name was familiar. and wondered whom that teacher was. he needs some time. "Remus." Remus froze. I think that first he needs to readjust Hogwarts. if his summers are bad as Ron and Hermione say. Harry. Ron and Hermione took notice of that." Yet again Dumbledore marvelled on his students' intelligence. while the students were sorted and finally said "Very well. "Do you think it's wise to let Harry see his parents?" Remus sat still for a few seconds. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! First I would like to introduce you to your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. he stood up for the regular start-of-term notices. Remus nodded as he tried to understand where this conversation is going. He looked at the new Defence teacher and paled. On the other side of the table.

"You'll be surprised. First-years ought to know that the dark forest is strictly out of bounds. In addition. what are you doing here?" asked a voice near Remus."Now." "Really? Well now. "Of course it is me you prat! Who do you think I am. "Now. as the tables were suddenly full with food." she said happily." Several chuckles were sounded from the students as they remembered Lee Jordan's prank (inspired from the twins) from last year. it happened three years ago. I believe I said it all. he asked me to tell you all that no Bowtruckles are to be taken from the greenhouses. "I know Am" he smiled at her. Tuck in!" several groans of satisfaction were sounded. "Amy! Is that really you?" whispered Remus as he looked disbelievingly at the woman near him. "So…what did you do since…since Lily and James died?" . "So Remus. I assure you I'm no more Death Eater than you are. a Death Eater under Polijuice Potion?" said Amy jovially. Mr Filch our caretaker has asked me to remind you that no magic is permitted in corridors between classes.

the only person he knew that was close to a father to him. and you just insulted his dead godfather. "Oh my god. . shocked until Dumbledore got up. who sat in the end of the table. With that. got up and went straight to the common room. "Yes Amy." he said suspiciously. "Innocent? How can you say that Remus? He was their blasted secret keeper! And he murdered 12 people! Not to mention that he murdered Peter!" Harry. he got up and went."I've been working in Jordan for the Order." she said clutching her hands so tightly that her knuckles were white. somewhat chocking. Amy sat there. "Yes." Said Remus with barely concealed anger. that WAS Harry. That blasted Black. he was innocent" Remus said. "Am. Dumbledore never mentioned you. you saw what happened last time. "Funny. a numbing sensation was spread all over his brain. caught her words. He put down his fork. is that Harry?" she whispered tearfully. well…I was undercover you know…he can't afford telling the whole Order what are the plans…well." She said quietly. He felt frozen.

A/N : Thank you all for reading and reviewing. Bill Hagridsson – Thanks for the correction. classes are cancelled until after lunch tomorrow. But it is fixed now. Good Night" "What's going on professor?" Amy asked.-sigh. I made up Flooer Powder. . Thanks for reviewing. As such. we will be having a meeting tomorrow morning. I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday. Dumbledore studied her for a moment "You'll know everything tomorrow Amy. I was so engrossed in other fanfics I just forgot. I didn't know if the usual Floo can do that and didn't want to be yelled for reviewing. it means a lot. Teachers. Jinxeh . I was told last time of that mistake and just couldn't find where it happened in the first time I posted this story."You may want to return to your common rooms. go to rest. I wouldn't be able to update tomorrow as well because I have a major history test on Wednesday. a one that can Floo you directly to Hogwarts. you'll need that" he said with a sad smile.

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since he tried pull his hat onto his foot. He looked at the teachers table and yawned. still rubbing his eyes. Getting dressed took him more than he thought. He went to the great hall for breakfast. A.*Chapter 6*: Chapter 6: I'm Dead! I'm Dead? The teachers and Remus woke up in 6:30 the next morning with a flash of a blinding light and a letter resting on their bed. Remus rubbed his eyes and took the letter. He studied her for a moment. she studied him for a moment with a confused expression until she looked at her plate and resumed her eating. Her blond hair was up in a ponytail and her cream-colored . Dumbledore Remus sighed. What can possibly be so urgent that there won't be any classes? He came out of bed and took a shower. Amy was there. Please make sure you ate breakfast because the meeting will last until lunchtime. Dear Mr Lupin The teachers meeting will take place today at 7 am in the staff room.

Only Arbella Figg. "I refuse to admit any connection Black and I had.gentle face was no longer young. "Then why do you care so much huh?" he growled in frustration. There was a moment of silent until she spoke. At 6:55." she said grudgingly. . She gave us reports on his condition for ten years and I can tell you this boy had a difficult life with these muggles. "Well because of Harry. would you stop calling him Black! He was your fiancé for god sake!" said Remus a bit too loudly for his taste. "Amy. thinking. she is his neighbor you know. "Morning Amy" he grunted. She stayed silent for the rest of the meal. I never saw him after that Halloween –" "Neither of us did." he growled. the teachers headed towards the staff room. "Morning" she said as he sat down near her. with a little tremor in her voice. "What did you mean yesterday? How can Black be innocent?" she said.

professor Snape and Remus. He murdered 12 muggles and Peter Pettigrew. "The Potters switched secret keepers a week before they were murdered. As well did professor McGonagall. The only ones who didn't look surprised were professor McGonagall. who for Voldemort-" some of the teachers flinched . "Well. "As you all know." Remus looked at him with a confused and angry expression on his face. "Their secret keeper was Mr Pettigrew. Dumbledore entered the room and sat in the head of the table and looked at his teachers faces with a happy and clear expression. "We are here to discuss a very important matter. But first I would like to tell you something important that is intertwined with the matter.When they arrived. He is a Death Eater." A shocked silence took over the teachers. What is he playing at? Amy's jaw was set and she glared at Remus. all of the tables were organized as a rectangular. The teachers took their seats as did madam Pomfrey." There was silence where a shocked Amy turned to Dumbledore. this is a lie. Sirius Black was the Potters secret keeper.

Not before he cut his own fingered and transformed of course. "I'm sure you all remember the accident Mr Arthur Weasley . thanks to the connection Voldemort accidentally made the night of Halloween 1981. chocked. Amy sobbed harder and a few tears slide down Remus's cheek. and blew the whole street with a wand he held behind his back. Mr Potter had visions of the things Voldemort does. "Mr Potter found that out in the end of his third year." "And murdered him" said Amy with shining eyes. he hurried to wipe them. "He. "No Ms Isadora he didn't. Peter Pettigrew is an Animagus and when Sirius Black cornered him he yelled what he yelled. as the Potters best friend was furious with Pettigrew. However." said Dumbledore pityingly. "Yes Amy he was.he was innocent the whole time?" Amy asked." Amy sat there in shock and suddenly began to cry. He kept in touch with him during the last years. Mr Black. Her sobs rocked her body and she tried her best to hide them. He went after him."for over a decade and sold them to him.

had two year around Christmas. After that Voldemort realized that Mr Potter saw these things and share a connection with him." . a few people including Sirius Black headed there too. "Mr Potter suffered from ridicule and slander not only from his classmates. replaced by a determined expression. Sirius didn't." Declared Dumbledore. Harry headed there with a few of his friends. also from the entire Wizarding community." "How is this got to do with Harry?" asked Amy." "Last June. because he had a vision in which Voldemort held Sirius Black in the Department of Mysteries. What he didn't know was that it was false vision. When we were informed that hewas there. All of the students and adults came back." "Voldemort tricked him?" asked professor Sprout in shock. the tears now gone from her face. "Indeed. Mr Potter saw it happen and informed me immediately. "Voldemort came back three years ago and the Wizarding community completely ignored it. Dumbledore ignored her and continued "Mr Potter was in the Ministry of Magic two years ago. the minister acknowledged the fact that Voldemort has indeed returned. He fell threw a death veil in the Department of Mysteries.

With that. "And the pair from the past was Lily Evans and James Potter. "Well. After a few minuets of silence where only Amy's sobs were heard Dumbledore continued." a few giggles were sounded from the female teachers and Snape rolled his eyes in disgust. professor Flitwick squeaked and asked "Who came forward? And who was the other pair?" he looked so shocked his hat fell of his head. but this year he is better but there is another important issue to discuss. ." there was silence. the other pair was Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. "Harry was very quiet last year. Dumbledore smiled. so did Amy. The teachers looked at her with pity. Amy burst out crying and didn't stop. Professor Snape's eyes rolled backwards and he fainted. wiping her cheeks." Amy looked at him." A few of the teachers gasped. the Love Time Charm was cast. wondering what can be more important than her dead ex-fiancé. I'm sure you noticed. Dumbledore continued dramatically "Yesterday on the Hogwarts Express.

I don't remember that happen" said Amy in confusion."Poppy. For a few minuets no one spoke. astonished at the headmaster's obvious stupidity. "They are sleeping in the kitchens." "Where are they now?" asked Snape with sore expression. This means that we can save them. There was silence." "Together!" asked Amy. She pointed her wand at them and whispered Ennervate and they stirred. if you please" said Dumbledore in amusement and pointed his thumb at Amy and Snape." Announced Dumbledore. we can save Lily and James Potter. "But professor. amused by his attitude. I don't know how long it will take me. "The problem is how we are going to tell Harry. Remus told me that neither does he. Dumbledore smiled. Ladies and Gentleman. "I know. they were too shocked to talk. . Until I'll find the reversed charm they have to study like the rest of them. they cannot miss weeks or maybe months of studying.

so did Dumbledore." "Oh boy. one word –" threatened Remus. James Potter was the number one prankster at the time. Snape wore a very sour expression and his lip curled in disgust. Remus thought he heard Amy mutter 'number two'." asked McGonagall. "What are you laughing at Lupin? This is not funny! Hogwarts cannot handle James Potter."Yes indeed. Amy's wand was still pointing at . are they seventeen? They were still fighting at the beginning of the year Albus. forgetting Remus was one of James's so called 'cronies'. Remus considered it for a moment before lowering his wand with flashing eyes. "Remus please lower your wand. We are going back to the pranks time." said Remus "They won't know what hit them. Seconds later. however. her eyes suddenly widening." Dumbledore said eyes twinkling. we are lucky he is alone without his cronies. With that. not to mention…" McGonagall said." she said in a soft whimper. "Poor house elves. both Amy and Remus had their both wands pointing at him "Don't you even say it Snape." He said. they looked at each other and laughed. "Albus.

Amy lowered her wand in bitterness and Dumbledore took the chance to speak. "Careful Snivellus. "What do we tell Harry?" he asked gently. They arrived just as madam Pomfrey started speaking. Very delicate emotional situation? What are they talking . "Tell him. James and Lily stood outside the staff room. When they heard what she had to say. There was a moment of silence were Remus's and Amy's breathing eased. Snape's face tightened as pink spots coloured his face. "Ms Isadora please control yourself. if Mr Potter is indeed in very delicate emotional state. The Disillusioning Charm made them invisible and they could listen to every word. do I need to remind you of that?" McGonagall said sternly." said madam Pomfrey in hesitation. Everything." said Amy in determination. I don't think it would be wise. "I disagree Ms Isadora.Snape. you don't want the whole school to see your underpants again am I right?" she hissed. you are an adult now. James froze.

" she said with a slight giggle that tried to sound stern."His parents came from the past" Lily's eyes widened and she whispered "No…No…" just as James's smile grew and he said "Yes!" and he grabbed Lily and started waltzing with her. He stopped dancing but kept her in his arms. James has his kids and I. He is a very good dancer." Lily froze too.about? I'm totally fine.Potter Then her eyes widened in understanding if we are in the future. Whom are they talking about? Surely not me and Jam. She is so cute when she is angry he thought as her face twisted in anger. I admit. "Yes but Poppy. maybe even children. She is so beautiful I feel so safe she thought I feel like it's the right place to be . we are married. "Stop dancing with me Potter. Mr Potter has to know that his parents came back from the past. his breath stopped as he looked at her.

I'm not. Don't deny it. I know you like it. What was he thinking? I bet Amy would freak. Oh no. Amy is HERE? I date James Potter? We have a son? So…so. it's true.but she stopped that thought as he leaned forward what is he doing? She thought in panic. she needs to know she and James have a son. He almost kissed me. "Don't" she said sharply. An annoying voice said in her head. yeah. Lily was my best friend and I know she would've wanted her son to know she was here. He's just an arrogant bigheadYeah. I'm not! Why would I like thisCute. sulking. handsome. we know. He nodded in defeat and went to the kitchens. we know that in seventh year they dated and later ended up married. She stepped backwards. but you like it don't you? You actually like James Potter. Forget about James. little toerag? . No. Suddenly. she heard from the staff room a voice "I don't care what you are saying." Lily froze. Even if she'll freak out.

She mentally screamed. Shut up. She entered the library. found .Yes! No! He is not cute! She mentally argued with herself. and went looking for the enchanted yearbooks. Said the voice nastily. The voice laughed and Lily shook her head in attempt to shake the voice off her. After a few minuets of intensive search where she tried not to move the books. Go! I'm not going after him. Go after him. she found what she looked for: 1977 YEAR BOOK She opened it and after a few minutes of search. She indeed went to the library. The voice stopped laughing. just in case someone was there. No. she knew that these books cannot lie and show the exact location and details about the person. Yeah right. The voice said firmly. forgetting about Dumbledore's request. I'm going to the library.


Lily Evans Age: 21 (deceased: 1981) Family: mother - Danielle Evans (deceased: 1978), father - Benjamin Evans (deceased: 1978), sister - Petunia Dursley (born: 1957), husband - James Potter (deceased: 1981), son - Harry Potter (born: 1980). Friends: Amy Isadora (born: 1960), Jenny Hudson (deceased: 1979), Sirius Black (deceased: 1995), Remus Lupin (born: 1960), Peter Pettigrew (born: 1960). Profession: pre-school teacher. Titles: Prefect, Head Girl, Order of Merlin Second Class. History: Married James Potter in January 1978, had Harry Potter by 1980, put under the Fidelius Charm in October 1981 with Peter Pettigrew as secret keeper. Died in October 1981 after Peter Pettigrew, told the Dark Lord where she was hiding and by that, broke the Fidelius Charm. Her son, Harry Potter, defeated the Dark Lord in October 1981.
She was stunned. She is dead? The Dark Lord was defeated by her son? This was all too confusing.

These books don't lie. She thought desperately and flipped
the pages, looking for James.

Huh, so you DO care about him said the voice in triumph. No. she said firmly to the voice I just want to know more information. Right. James Potter Age: 21 (deceased: 1981) Family: mother - Julia Potter (deceased: 1979), father Oliver Potter (deceased: 1979), wife - Lily Potter (deceased: 1981), son - Harry Potter (born: 1980). Friends: Sirius Black (deceased: 1995), Remus Lupin (born: 1960), Peter Pettigrew (born: 1960), Amy Isadora (born: 1960), Jenny Hudson (deceased: 1979). Profession: Auror. Titles: Head Boy, Order of Merlin Second Class. History: Married Lily Potter in January 1978, had Harry Potter by 1980, put under the Fidelius Charm in October 1981 with Peter Pettigrew as secret keeper. Died in

October 1981 after Peter Pettigrew, told the Dark Lord where he was hiding and by that, broke the Fidelius Charm. His son, Harry Potter, defeated the Dark Lord in October 1981.
Peter sold us to Voldemort? Peter is a Death Eater? I'm not sure James is going to like this. She thought. She took the book and walked to the kitchens, pondering on the situation. She was dead. It explained it all: why Dumbledore wanted them under Disillusionment Charm, why they weren't allowed to wander in the halls, why the teachers were panicking. When she entered the kitchen she suddenly heard an annoying buzz that sounded like voices in her head. She looked and saw James sitting on the floor, his hands pressed firmly to his face and rubbing his face. "Potter?" she said quietly. He jumped to his feet, "Lily…What- what are you doing here? How long have you been standing there?" he asked nervously. "Only a few minutes. Why?" she asked suspiciously. "Nothing…um…not to be rude or anything, but what do you


He is back to his normal behaviour. She thought in
satisfaction. "I did a little research and I think you better take a look at this," she said, handing him the yearbook. He read the information about himself and his eyes were wide. "I am dead? You are dead? Peter is a Death Eater? No…" he said quietly "No…It's not possible…" "These are enchanted yearbooks James, they don't lie. They can't" she said with a slight tremor in her voice. He slide down the wall and sat there, too shocked to say something. Before she knew what she was doing, she sat next to him and took his hand. She gave him a little squeeze and he looked into her eyes and returned a squeeze. They sat there a few minutes, hands joined, looking in the book that described their life..

He looks so lost. She thought with an uncharacteristic
sympathised thoughts about James.

Well, you were lost too if you found out one of your closest friends was a Death Eater and sold you to Voldemort. She
groaned mentally when she heard the voice. "James" she said. He looked at her, looking like a lost child more than anything else. "We need to see what else had changed." He nodded mournfully and flipped to the first pages.

Sirius Black Age: 35 (deceased: 1995) Family: mother - Olivia Black (deceased: 1982), father – Dominick Black (deceased: 1986), fiancée - Amy Isadora (born: 1960) Friends: James Potter (deceased: 1981), Remus Lupin (born: 1960), Peter Pettigrew (born: 1960), Jenny Hudson (deceased: 1979). Profession: Auror. Titles: Harry Potter's godfather, Azkaban Prisoner number 110128, escaped murderer. History: Put into Azkaban Prison as prisoner number

110128 in the false charge of killing Peter Pettigrew. Escaped Azkaban Prison in July 1992. Died in June 1995 during a battle in the Ministry of Magic by the hands of his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange.
James's eyes were blazing fire and even Lily was scared in what she saw in them: anger. James flipped the pages furiously and found what he searched for.

Remus Lupin Age: 37 (born: 1960) Family: mother – Marie Lupin (deceased: 1967), father – Ernie Lupin (deceased: 1988). Friends: James Potter (deceased: 1981), Sirius Black (deceased: 1995), Peter Pettigrew (born: 1960), Jenny Hudson (deceased: 1979), Amy Isadora (born: 1960). Profession: None. Titles: Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, a registered werewolf. History: Bitten by a werewolf April 1967, registered as a
werewolf June 1967. Worked in multiple jobs: dish washer,

chauffer, Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Lily gasped "He is a werewolf?" she asked fearfully. James nodded gravely. "You most promise not to tell anyone, I mean it Lily, no one." Lily nodded "I should've known. For six years he is disappearing one a month. Why didn't I see it before?" she scolded herself. "Why are you disappearing once a month too?" she asked suddenly. James studied her for a moment "Do you promise not to tell anyone? It can put us in a lot of trouble" he said. Lily nodded. "Well…you see, when we figured Remus was a werewolf we couldn't let his suffer alone," said James, buried in nostalgia. "You didn't go after him right? He could bite you…" interrupted Lily. "Werewolf are dangerous for humans, not animals." He explained "Sirius, Peter and I are unregistered Animagus. We go after him every month." Lily's mouth was hanging. Whatever she expected to hear, it wasn't that. "You are an Animagus? When-?"

"When we were at fourth year." He answered. "Potter, this is extremely dangerous! Running around with a werewolf once a month!" she said hysterically. "I know," he shushed her "but we can't let him do that alone. It is very painful to become a werewolf." She sat there in silence, looking at their linked hands. "Well, at least Remus is okay. Not a bloody traitor like Peter" James spat suddenly and Lily nodded in understanding. He studied her face for a moment. Admiring every freckle. Lily could have sworn she heard his thoughts, telling her she is beautiful. "Lily, we need to talk" he said. She looked into his hazel eyes and let his hand go, immediately missing his hands' warmth.

Moment of truth Lily, you can't run anymore the voice
mocked her "Potter…" "No Lily, let me talk," He took a deep breath. "Lily, I know you don't like me very much but I can't stand it

anymore. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I tried everything to make you like me. I worked hard to get good grades; I protect you when people insult you. I know you don't want me to, and that you can take care of yourself but I just can't help it. I really like you Lily. I want you to know that." He said He looked at her and saw her that she was looking at the floor. They stayed in complete silence for a couple minutes. "We should eat lunch" he said "I'm hungry" She snickered silently "Yeah." "Harry Potter sir! Dobby is so happy to see mister Potter here sir! And miss Wheezy too!" squeaked a voice beneath them. James looked and saw a house elf plastered to his knees. He tried to peel the elf off him gently. "I am not Harry Potter Dobby. I am James Potter," he said weakly. Still not quite used to the fact that he has a son. The elf's eyes widened "James Potter?" he nodded "Are you a relative of master Harry sir?" "In a way" said James uncomfortably "We would like to eat lunch Dobby please. Can you bring

us some lunch?" said Lily "Of course Ms what is Ms's name?" squeaked Dobby "Evans. Lily Evans" she said. Dobby nodded and disappeared. Two minuets after four house elves came running with lunch. "Eat Master James and Miss Lily." "Thank you Dobby" they said together. In the meanwhile, the school was in lunch too. Harry Ron and Hermione sat all morning, talking about what on earth can be so important that the first day of school was half free. They sat at the table and started eating. "Harry" said Ron "Um.." he said "Why are all the teachers staring at you?" Harry shot his head up and saw that indeed the teaches were staring at him. "Did I do something? Do I have pink hair or something?" he asked Ron fearfully

"Hey what's happened? Hello?" Harry said waving his hand between the two of them." Hermione nodded. "Hey. put one and one together. . Suddenly his eyes widened in realisation." Ron whispered "They know. "They know. He turned around and looked at a very sober professor McGonagall. "What?" said Harry Hermione looked at Ron. pleading with her look for him to understand. what's with the two of you? What happened?" Harry asked in panic."No mate. looking in his eyes. "That was what the meeting was about" she said. "Potter" said a voice behind him. Professor Dumbledore will be waiting for you in his office after lunch" she said. "You are dismissed from all of today's lessons. you look exactly the same" said Ron Hermione in the meantime. "Oh no…" she whispered.

What happened that Ron and Hermione couldn't tell him? He looked at the teaches table. muttering something that sounded like "Like father. "I know Potter. Like son. A smile appeared on her face."What did I do? I swear professor. This is about something else. closely followed by Remus. When he looked at him he saw in his eyes a mixture of sadness." She said. I know." Harry frowned. I didn't do anything" he said. "But professor…" started Harry in protest. "Professor…should we tell him?" asked Hermione in a small voice. he got up the table and went towards Dumbledore's office. "No Ms Granger he'll know soon enough. Remus gave him a look that plainly said 'you'll-know-everything-soon. "No Potter" and she went.' Harry continued eating and when he did. searching for his guardian. confusion and worry." Snapped McGonagall suddenly. panicked. Harry didn't understand that. happiness. .

looking in awe at their future son. "Sure. just take a look in chapter 1. um…you are going to hear from Dumbledore something that will probably shock you and… and I don't want you to do anything rush okay? Do you promise me that Harry?" he asked. "No Harry. growing weary by the minute. "You'll know in a bit. If you want to know who Amy is." Little did he know that Lily Evans and James Potter were right behind them. Look. A/N: Thank you so much for all of your reviews. If you want to talk to me in the msn messenger add me: mayanlevy2 at hotmail dot co dot il Lily . Thanks for all the rest of you for reviewing."What happened Remus? Is it Voldemort?" he asked. but what happened?" he asked in confusion. I'm tad disappointed because in this point of the story in my last account I had at least 100 reviews… Jinxeh – I didn't even think about this (the Floo powder) at the time.



the Love Time Charm has been cast." "What is it professor?" he asked in fear. Harry. "Well…you see. Harry and Remus entered Dumbledore's office and saw Dumbledore sitting behind his desk. yesterday in the Hogwarts Express." Harry looked terrified. followed by Remus and the invisible James and Lily. "Very well. popping into his mouth a Lemon Drop. This charm is very old and in fact. "Lemon Drop?" he suggested they politely shook their heads." . There is no easy way to tell you what I'm about to tell you. Harry sat. "Ah. Harry. this is the first time in two hundred and eighty seven years that the charm is activated." Dumbledore said jovially.*Chapter 7*: Chapter 7: Family Affairs Family Affairs "Sugar Quills" said Remus and the gargoyle jumped aside. He couldn't imagine something bad happening this early. there is a very important matter I would like to discuss with you. Please have a seat. "Some of the teachers asked me not to tell you because we are afraid of your reaction.

you see Harry." Harry sat in silence. "Well. followed by chuckles from Remus." "I'm a little confused professor. wondering what this is all about." Harry snickered and then the snicker became laughter. your friend Ronald appears to have these feelings to Ms Granger."What does this charm do?" asked Harry." . "When a person from the present and a person from the past are located in the same place and say the same sentence to another person to which they have a strong feeling of love to. you see. what is it has to do with me?" he asked. "This charm brings two people from the past to the present by the power of love. Your parents came from the past. the people from the past comes to the present. that is the problem. After Harry relaxed a bit he asked "Who came from the past?" "Ah. bewildered. Even Dumbledore cracked a smile.

Finite Incantatem"Dumbledore said pointing at the direction of James and Lily. not looking at all mad. We wondered if we should tell you. My parents are here. "Yes.A long silence came afterwards "My-My parents are HERE?" he asked in shock. he kept thinking. trying to get used to the idea. He thought in shock. Oh my god. maybe it has some bright sides. "Where are they?" he asked in fear mixed with excitement. . "Well…they were supposed to be in the kitchen but I see they can't help but sneak into my office. MY PARENTS ARE HERE. It cannot be – fate was laughing in his face. My parents are here. and he will. The teachers and I had a meeting this morning. We were afraid that you will do something rush. A smile appeared on his face." But Harry didn't hear what Dumbledore said. Yes he can. I can talk to them. feeling his brain becoming fogged.

and his eyes were wide as saucers. He snapped out of his daze when he saw from the corner of his eye Dumbledore shift a little. Dumbledore and Remus shared a confused look. when ARE we going back. And what he thinks of is when is he going back! ." he said. how did you know we were here?" Lily asked in shock. He looks like me. His orphan son.. Lily's blood boiled. Harry's felt an odd lump in his throat." James said with tad arrogance."Professor. "When are they going back?" he blurted without thinking. Lily's eyes. James looked at Harry in disbelief. He just saw his son for the first time. "I have my ways. Why would Harry want them to go back? "That's a good question sir. I don't want to be here too long. But his eyes. eyes wandering to Harry whose mouth was open. Thousands of questions popped up in his head. There was an awkward silence where Harry just stared in shock at James and Lily.

"Professor? We don't have our trunk here" he said a bit sadly. You ARE a stupid idiot. making everyone jump and Remus flinch "Is that all you can think of?" she said and stormed out of the office. Stupid James! Stupid James! When she starts to like you. you have to return to your stupid behavior! Stupid James! "Well there is not much to do except placing you in the dormitories. I shouldn't have said that thought Harry desperately she is angry with me now. Bravo Harry. Harry got out but James lingered there a bit longer."You selfish idiot!" she yelled. James and Lily's trunk appeared." said Dumbledore. "How-?" he started but Dumbledore stopped him. There was utter silence when the door shut loudly. damn! The first time I get to talk with my mother and she is angry with me. James and Harry nodded and turned to get out of the office. . "That won't be a problem" said Dumbledore with a gentle smile and with a wave of his wand.

" Dumbledore said with a wink. He thought desperately. He went to his dormitory and pulled out from his trunk the Marauders Map. His mother hated him. Every wall in this room was covered by dozens of posters . where are you?" he said franticly as he scanned the map. he saw the wooden door. Please levitate these to the dormitories. He saw his mother and father today but he did not feel happy anymore. "Wingardium Leviosa. Then he spotted her in the seventh floor in – "The Room of Requirement! What is she doing there?" He tucked the map into his robes and jogged all his way to the Room of Requirement. When he got there. The password is 'Fairy Wings'. Oh and here are your timetables. Harry didn't feel well."It doesn't matter. It was almost ironic that the day he last saw her she died for him and today she hated him."James muttered and the trunks jumped to the air James walked his way to Gryffindor tower in low spirits. He opened it and gasped in shock and relief. I have to find her. "Come on mum. I need to explain. I daresay you know the way.

" she said "Tell me about you. She looked at him oddly. "I don't know. "I still cannot believe it. "Right. I don't want to get too attached to you. seeing your parents even though you never met them". "Nothing" he answered quickly and stop laughing. Harry considered his answer. "Lily? Harry said in hesitation. "Harry…how did you know I was here?" "The Marauders Map." he said. She sat in the middle of the room on a red sofa thinking ad occasionally glancing at the portraits. How weird is it to you?" she asked suddenly "I mean." . Each of them carrying a swear word. She once heard Peter talking about the map too loudly and demanded an explanation from the marauders.of James. Harry looked of one of James's posters with a large and flashing 'Twit' on it and chuckled. Lily was there. "I understand. "What are you laughing at?" she snapped in annoyance. I don't want to believe it. She jolted up." he said." he answered simply and she nodded in understanding.

"I'm going. I'll see you later Lily. This conversation wasn't going to where he wanted it to. It's the Potter temper. It'll change the past. Harry" she said. "He looks just like Harry." "Do you think they are relatives?" "He is SO handsome!" . We will be having two new students here. Hermione." they stood up and whispers began as they saw James." he said before storming off the room. "Hi Ron. Harry got up quickly. It's not only the Potter temper it's a redhead temper as well said the annoying voice in her head Stuff it she answered it briskly and walked towards the Great Hall for dinner. "Don't you want the past to be changed?" she asked gently. Please welcome Lily Evans and James Potter. not acknowledging James in the least. Lily sighed."I can't." He said. Professor Dumbledore stood. "I know this wasn't an ordinary first day of school to you but I have an announcement to make.

." Ron said and he and Hermione went. we have a prefect meeting. The school turned his attention immediately to the food. "They were sorted into Gryffindor." said Hermione suddenly. James grinned in pleasure of the attention. Lavender and Parvati came running "Lily. There was an uncomfortable silence between them. we should go. right. Ron and Hermione got up the table and went to Gryffindor tower. Harry. After they finished their meal James. "Lily! Lily!" someone called. "Oh.."She is a BABE!" They sat down. not acknowledging the stares they've been given the moment they got up. I hope you will welcome them graciously to Hogwarts.sure" she said "See you later Harry. do you want us to show you where you are sleeping?" Lavender asked eyeing James. and Lily had a bright blush on her face." . Now. "Um…Ron. Tuck in!" Dumbledore said. "Erm. See you later. Lily. Neither knew what to say to the other.

They are also quite funny sometimes you know…almost as if Dumbledore wrote them. . honestly." Back in the girls' dormitories." Harry said." he said curtly." James said. "Yeah…yeah…" they entered the dormitory and James went to his bed. "Night. The same sense of humor."Harry" he said "Are you very sad about Sirius?" Harry frowned how did he know? "How did you know?" he asked with suppressed anguish. "I'm sure you'll find a way James. Come on we need to go to sleep. Harry nodded "Yeah. I do miss him. Night. "Lily and I were looking at the enchanted yearbooks."Damn" James said after she entered the girls' dormitories "the moment I get her to like me I screw it all up!" he said." James said as he shook his head. Parvati and Lily were having a very heated discussion about James and Harry. Lavender. "Enchanted yearbooks? What –?" "They show the exact details about the person.

His aunt and uncle from his mother's side I think. we'll tell you" Parvati said. Horrible people." Lavender cooed while Lily wrinkled her nose. Petunia must have abused him. I am a muggleborn so –" she stopped as Lavender and Parvati nodded in understanding. "Harry defeated the dark lord when he was one year old. "Don't worry." shuddered Parvati. all of the things he's done…" "What did he do?" asked Lily. He was raised by muggles. . "What! His aunt and uncle? From his mother's side?" Lily yelped Oh my god. astonished. hoping to know more about her future son."James is far more muscular than Harry. "You don't know the story of Harry Potter?" asked Lavender. He is so cute. "I know the basic story. "No way! Did you see Harry after Quidditch practice? All of his cloth stuck to his body and-" Parvati shivered "he is so brave you know. You-know-who killed his parents and all Harry got was this scar on his forehead.

"He didn't even hear about the magical world until he came to Hogwarts." continued Parvati. Lavender shushed her. Harry doesn't talk about them much you know. He knew nothing." "Harry saved. he died that day. You know the legend about the chamber of secrets?" Lily nodded. planning her revenge on Petunia "In out first year." she said "No offence of course" "None taken. they barely giving him something to eat. "Well. it was written in many history books. but he somehow entered the chamber of secrets and saved . of course she heard about it." Lavender said shaking her head. but that's not all. Our professor was a Death Eater you know. the PHILOSOPHERS STONE! WHEN HE WAS ELEVEN?" Lily yelled. no wonders he eats like a pig in the first week of school. "Yeah. Like a complete muggleborn."Yeah. but from what I heard from their conversations. "Anyway. in out second year we discovered he is a Parseltongue and we don't know what happened there. Harry saved the Philosophers Stone from you-know-who's hands." answered Lily quickly.

"Our Defense teacher turned out to be a Death Eater under Polijuice Potion but we don't really know what happened there too. We never in our whole life saw Harry cry but in the end of fifth year we saw him at the lake crying. Nobody except Harry and Dumbledore knows exactly what happened there. besides Dumbledore. "Yeah. The third task was this maze and all we know Harry showed up in the middle of the maze holding one of the students' dead body. "Nobody believed him really. All we know that he stated screaming in the middle of the History of Magic OWL exam and shoed up in the hospital wing two days later. I think you know about that." Lily's eyes widened. We don't know much about it too because Harry never spoke about it. Ron and Hermione but it turned out to be truth in the end of fifth year." . but that's not all. Some people from your school were there" Lily nodded. He said you-know-who was back.Ginny Weasley – Ron's sister." "In our fourth year he was the fourth participant of the Triwizard Tournament. wondering what he was doing in the Triwizard Tournament." "Oh my god" Lily whispered.

no wonder he looks so skinny and sad. "Night Lily." Parvati nodded gloomily." added Lavender "Oh my god. Oh. my god. it's been a very long day. Wonder what happened. "In sixth year nothing important happened except Harry looked like he hadn't eaten the whole summer. I think I'm going to sleep now. what happened to him?" asked Lily despite the fact that she had a suspicion."That was horrible." In the mean time." Lily sat there in silence." said Lavender in undisguised sadness "He looked so miserable. Ron and Hermione. look." "Night." Lily said and rubbed her eyes." "And his eyes were swelled like he has been crying nonstop. Ron and Hermione were running a very . "Thanks for telling me guys. "Nobody really knows I think beside Dumbledore.

" said Ron "so we decided on having a Halloween ball and Christmas ball.successful prefect meeting. "Okay than." said Hannah Abbott anxiously. and one before Christmas too. "Okay. Ron . Any more?" said Ron waving his hand dismissively as Hermione wrote. "What about in Valentines Day Weasel King? Never crossed in your mind?" said Pansy Parkinson nastily." shooting a glare at Pansy "Anymore?" "What about in the beginning of April? You know…before the exams. "Yeah good idea" said Ron "and how about after the exams." He said "I think we should do one this month before Halloween" said a Ravenclaw sixth year. a day after?" There were agreement murmurs. What about Hogsmede dates? We can do only 5 in a year you know. Ron blushed and Hermione looked furious. "Yeah." said a Hufflepuff fifth year . "Whatever. You are not to tell anyone about the balls. "Valentines Day it is then.

"You love that don't you Weasel King? Being Head Boy with the stupid Mudblood. Go before it will be a week of worth detention." Hermione said coolly from the corner of the room." said Ron as his ears turned pink. "So…Herms…what do you think Harry will do now. "Thanks Hermione. music and other stuff. "Why? What are you going to do to me Weasel? Potty is not around to throw hexes at me. You love her don't you Weasel?" "Shut up Malfoy." There was silence as the prefects came out. not looking at her." Malfoy drawled. Ron swallowed. ." said Ron. Malfoy's face twisted in anger but he didn't say anything. that his parents are here and all?" he asked shakily.and me will plan this and give you assignments about food. "No problem Ron" she said as she got near. He shut the door and left. You can go now. Hard. "Twenty points from Slytherin Malfoy for insulting the Head Boy and Girl. Only Malfoy stayed.

yeah. too astounded to make a sentence right. back to her businesslike tone. the blush still bright on her face. he didn't get a chance to finish his sentence because Hermione kissed him. sending shivers down Ron's spine "I just hope he won't be too sad when they leave" "I know…do you think they'll erase their memories?" he asked. They didn't know if they were there minutes or hours but the large clock above the fireplace suddenly chimed. it'll change the history. .go" Ron said. "Yeah. heard all about it 'you can't change history or it'll have serious conseque-" However." she said. The two teenagers jumped apart and started blushing madly. but soon he shut his eyes and devoted himself for the kiss. "They have to. "I think we should go" said Hermione. "I know I know." she said quietly."I don't know. Midnight. His eyes widened.

He especially hates the Gryffindors.They walked to the common room in a stunned too" Ron mumbled. good night Ron." Parvati said "Hermione wake up honey.yeah." she turned to Hermione "Ron-" they heard Hermione mutter. "Huh? Snape? What are you talking about?" Lily asked sleepily in annoyance. "OH MY GOD Lavender get here quick! Hermione's lips are all swelled! Who did you snog yesterday Hermione?" Parvati asked slyly." Hermione said "Yeah. "Hey! Lily! Wake up honey! You have Snape first thing in the morning. He almost skipped back to the boy's dormitories. staring into space with a dreamy look. I had fun." "Night" he said in wonder. She giggled and pecked him on the jaw "Night. no Idea why. "Professor Snape is the most evil teacher at Hogwarts." Lavender yelled into Lily's ear. . "Well. though.

already dressed "Ron snogged Hermione?" "Yeah! They have been friends from day one. Everybody knew they like each other. "Well. "WHAT!" Hermione cried in alarm and ran to the showers. Lily's in the shower" Parvati said. "Who do you think snogged her yesterday? She kept muttering Ron in her sleep. It was obvious. wake up anyway you have Snape first and it's 10 minutes to breakfast."Leave me alone." Hermione said. "What?" asked Lily. Lavender and Parvati giggled." Lily giggled but something happened in her mind Why is this situation so familiar? Maybe because of James? This has nothing to do with Ja. the blush spreading over her cheeks. do you think?" "Oh god! Ron snogged Hermione! And it's about time too!" Lavender yelped in joy. but always fighting and bickering one another.Potter .

Her hair seemed to have deflated and was up in a ponytail. Let's just go to breakfast. "Hurry up then!" Lavender yelled. Hermione no longer had her bushy hair. Hermione who was already red. I just dozed off for a minute. I found during the summer holiday a Hair Flattening Charm so I thought…" "Ron will have a fit" said Lavender. who looked at her open mouthed "what?" she asked. As . now had a deep crimson color on her face now "Let's go" Harry. I'm coming" she said. "What have you done to your hair? It looks wonderful" whispered Parvati in awe. James and Ron were already at breakfast. Two minuets later Hermione came out. "Wait for me!" Hermione yelled from the shower.Denial again "Lily? Are you alright?" "Yeah." she said. annoyed. Hermione blushed "Well. "I'm coming. smiling. But ran into three girls.

"Yes. yes. The chatter immediately stopped. The rest of the meal passed silently. Parvati and Lavender walked to the great hall. "Ah. Lily. there are a lot of flies in Hogwarts. They immediately closed their mouths. "He-He-Hermione is t-that y-y-you?" stuttered Ron. "So…Lily…did you know that Snivellus teaches potions?" James asked in arrogance." said Lily with a mischievous grin.Hermione. Harry and James lifted their heads and Ron and Harry's mouths were threatening to touch the ground. Lily decided to ignore James's greeting. . some of them may slip in. Ron. "Morning Lily" said James chirpily." Lily answered." "You might want to close your mouth. not noticing the look on Harry's face. James was taken aback by her cold attitude. When they entered the great hall. they caught the eyes of many people.

"Thanks Ron. I will have to take 10 points from Slytherin for assaulting the Head Girl and because we warned you yesterday you have also a week of worth detention. now embarrassed. James studied them both. Harry looks like he wants to laugh but something's bothering him." and went." said Hermione weakly. anyway." said Ron coolly. face burning from rage." The group snorted with laughter but only Lily and Harry didn't laugh."So…the Mudblood Head Girl decided to change her look? You know Granger. Lily frowned and Harry had an apologist smile on his face. looks does not change your blood. "That stupid git. "What's up Harry?" he asked as they entered the . no problem. "Malfoy." Malfoy's voice drawled behind them. They went to the dungeons and James mumbled "Wonder if Snivellus washed his hair. Malfoy was furious "You'll pay for that Mudblood lover." he said.

nothing" he said because Snape just entered the classroom. why don't you let her talk. .. this is a NEWT level class.. glaring back.classroom "Wha. and I expect you to do everything perfectly. "Oh well. I have no idea how some of you were able to enter that class-" he shot a glare at Harry and James "but I don't want to have any. "No one?" he asked. slip-ups. for your insufferable arrogance." he said "Today you are about to brew a Truth Potion. "5 points from Gryffindor Mr Potter. Hermione raised her hand. "No nothing PROFESSOR" James said. "Now. James sniggered "Potter something is funny?" Snape glared at his old enemy. He obviously wanted to do this for a long time. Anyone care to explain?" Hermione raised her hand.nothing James." he said with a smirk." asked Lily in surprise. his black robe bellowing behind him. never thought I would meet a class who doesn't even know-" "Professor.

"Potter. "Well. was when Snape stood near his cauldron and didn't say a thing." She said quickly looking at the floor. Now the ingredients are on the board you have an hour and a half. Evans-Malfoy. also known as Veritaserum. and Granger-Parkinson. afraid of Snape's reaction. Harry went towards Crab with a sigh. Snape seemed to swallow a big lump in his throat and the vein in his head was visibly pumping. Weasley-Nott. "Ms Granger" Snape said in distaste. Harry stared open mouthed at Lily while James looked at her with something like pride and disbelieve. what exactly is that suppose to be?" Snape . Harry flashed a smile towards Hermione and she returned it somewhat hastily. James however was in trouble. Potter-Crab. "Yes." he said coolly "you will work in pairs. Potter-Goyle.The classroom was silent in shock." he continued to pair the class. He is a very powerful potion and used only after a permission from the Ministry of Magic. the Truth Potion. The lesson continued reasonably well and the best part was as well as Harry was concerned. It was in the exact color it was suppose to be.

living a smirking Snape sneering after him. give me a sample of your potion and class dismissed." said James with a cocky smile. well. ." said Hermione. Every lesson since first year he took points from Gryffindor. "Potter." he said to a shocked James "Five points from Gryffindor Potter. "I was beginning to wonder.sneered at James." he said. "Yes professor." he vanished the potion "such a waste of ingredients. can you read?" Snape asked with such a poisonous voice that took James's smile off his face. its ingredients and what you did wrong." Sneered Snape "Since there is no use on this potion we can vanish it. "Veritaserum SIR. "Yes. Especially from Neville and Harry. trying to sound conceited. those of you who have been able to brew a proper potion. Snape wasn't really fair to Gryffindors to begin with. "That was really unfair of him! His potion was better than some of the Slytherins'!" yelped Lily after they were out of Snape's earshot. Write me a two foot essay about this potion." James cursed and rushed out of the class in angry.

But what did Harry do to him? He is his son." she said. Your son. His potion was not so bad. He wasn't fair to James. Oh god." said Lily in confusion. "Thanks for standing for me Lily" said Hermione suddenly. "What-yes I'm here. Well. "Lily? Are you there?" Hermione waved her hand in front of Lily's face."But Harry isn't so bad. . I guess you are right. Snape is angry with James for stealing you away from him and James always hexed him. "No problem Hermione. Lily thought as they kept walking. well. And James just stood there. you are right. "Yes. For once. he can't really be an insolent to him right? Yes." Said Lily with a smile. I could've been much better if it wasn't for Snape" Harry said from behind them. Snape is a professor now. He is mean to Harry because of James.

Harry's table became a phoenix but instead of wings. there were the table's legs. Lily and Hermione were able to transfigure it completely."I've been trying to get your attention for five minutes now. "Yeah. We have transfiguration. Hermione and I decided that the next Hogsmede date is on September ." she stole a glance at James "We are going to start with transfiguring a table into an animal…." "Right. James was already there. Only a transfiguration lesson and a trip on full moon were able to lift his spirit that way. I'm fine" James grunted. Harry sat next to him. even for the more talented students between you. This is not going to be easy. When they left to lunch. "Hey. In lunch Ron surprised everyone "Hey. are you alright?" Harry asked. He sat in the front line. Professor McGonagall entered the class. This class will demand a lot of work from each and every one of you. let's go" she said When they got into class. "Welcome to NEWT transfiguration." the lesson continued and by the end of class only James. James was in much higher spirits.

James was in bad spirits for the rest of the day." hissed Hermione. not even taken aback from the chilly attitude. Lily started hearing some strange noise in her head. and I .26th." she said icily. rubbing his arm. I just heard the date. much like Crookshanks. Lily. like a radio. A/N: Thanks for your reviews again. Suddenly. I got 20 reviews this time -cheers-. Harry immediately pricked his ears "So. James coughed as everyone continued talking. who are you going with to Hogsmede?" "I don't know Potter. He said out of the blue and Hermione smacked him "Ouch!" "You weren't supposed to say that! The notices are only two weeks from now. I don't think I will. For the readers of 'Children' (past readers) I've almost finished chapter 6! And to this story's readers (past ones) I started chapter 19. ignoring the buzzing sounds she heard. "No Potter." Lily said in annoyance. "Sorry" Ron muttered. "So…do you want to come with me?" he asked.

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Harry. I'll tell you later. "Hey. "It's just that…" she started but at the moment. Lavender wasn't happy but kept silent. Ron and Hermione entered the classroom. "Yes you are." she said. What's the matter?" she asked." "Why are you looking so gloomy?" chirped Lavender. "Hey" she said happily. "I'm not looking gloomy.*Chapter 8*: Chapter 8: Getting Cosy Getting Cosy Lily entered the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom in Thursday afternoon and sat in the middle of the class." Forget it. adjusting her bra when Dean passed. not too bad Lavender immediately sat next to her." she said. afraid that she is a bit too obvious of her guilty feelings. James. The teacher wasn't there so she waited to the rest of the class to come. . Lily looked at her timetable and saw that they took this class with the Hufflepuffs. Oh well.

those who are at this group will help the others. "I've heard from Professor Dumbledore that there is a Defence organisation in the school. sending James a short glance. Please lift your hand. many of the spells we will learn this year will help you in the future and may even save your life. "Um…I think her name is Professor Isadora but I'm not exactly sure." She said sternly." she started sternly. James smiled innocently. "The spells we will learn in the first two weeks is only a rehearsal of you've learned so far that will likely to be in the practical NEWT exam. "Good morning class." she said. Lily's heart skipped a beat Isadora? Is that why Amy is here? A stern looking woman came into the class. looking at Lily and giving her barley noticed smile that Lily knew only too well."Who's the Defence teacher?" Lily asked. I'm Professor Amy Isadora. "And I expect you to do your best. In this NEWT class there will be no messing around. whoever is ." She said dramatically. This is not going to be easy. her blond hair tied in a very tight bun.

Thanks Amy! Now I'm stuck with two Potters! Lily shot Amy an angry look. quite a lot. All of the members lowered their hands and Harry shifted in his seat "Me" he said in a strained voice. continue with an Impedimenta Jinx for twenty five the organisation. Hermione." she asked. . "We will start with a simple Expelliarmus for twenty minutes. Harry." Harry nodded. "Well. Only disarm Lily. You may begin. only to be retuned by a smile and a shrug. Neville. "Well Mr Potter your job will be to teach our new students while the rest of the members can choose who ever they want." Everybody split into pairs while James and Harry went towards Lily. Parvati. May I ask who the leader is?" although she knew the answer." He added after thought. I suppose Lily try to disarm James. Lavender. it was quite obvious. Ernie. then Full Body Bind for twenty minutes and Twenty minutes of the Leg-Locker Curse spell. "Uh…ok. Dean. Ron. Justin and Hannah raised their hands. well.

James's wand did not move. Focus Lily. pointing her wand at James. encouraging her. James's face was suddenly full with purple and orange spots. Harry and Lily laughed. "Ok. James's wand shot out of his hand and flew to the other side of the room."Expelliarmus." she said after seeing James. trying very hard not to laugh at Lily's expression because of her 'slip-up' in her name. Amy only smiled while Lily walked out of the classroom. From an odd reason. you can do it. "Ms Po-Evans please escort Mr Potter to the hospital wing. "Not funny Amy. She got angry." she yelled. ." she said." Harry said. Lily tried hard to focus but James's smirk was more than disturbing. you need to swish the wand before you say the incantation. "Is there some reason you three are laughing?" professor Isadora asked "Oh. barely concealing her smile. it's your entire fault Potter! "Expelliarmus" she yelled. seething." Lily whispered in a very venomous voice.

"What did she do to him?" Amy asked Harry." . how can a simple Expelliarmus grow dots on one's face? "Oh. Harry did not know who this woman was to Lily but he sniggered. "Okay. Tell me. "I'm sorry professor. reading the confused look on Harry's face. is he waiting for? She faked a cough. I see you have nothing else to do. Poor boy. Nothing during the last years caused him real happiness. "Well. professor." Harry asked in confusion. is that true that you can produce a corporeal Patronus?" Harry nodded "Can you do that for me?" Harry tried to think of a good memory. they would make sure all of his life was full of good memories. smiling broadly. What in the world. Now he lost Sirius too." he said without thinking. I'm just having trouble finding a good memory. "She just threw the Expelliarmus spell. she must have lost control of her feelings. If James and Lily were alive. With the though of Sirius her eyes filled with tears." said Amy.

put an Impedimenta Jinx on her. Most of them with their mouths open. Quickly." he said as she looked at her watch. Harry released Amy from the curse and lifted his head to look at the students." She said. Let's practice together since you have nothing to do. "Locomotor Mortis" he yelled as Amy's legs were tied in invisible ropes.She said in a slightly strangled voice. "Who said you are going to finish this in the first hour Mr Potter?" she said. huh? She thought in obvious shock. If you'll finish the spells quickly you may go. He quickly disarmed her. "I understand. "Really? Go in the first hour professor?" he asked in amazment. He really wanted to go out of class. She didn't do as much as raising her wand. . As arrogant as his father was A smile crept on his face "I'll show you then professor. The class stood shocked by the speed he did all the curses. he released her and threw the Leg-Locker curse. slightly snappishly. He took her wand and muttered the counter curse. He waited for her to recover for a few seconds and threw a Full Body Bind on her.

"Uh…I mean now that the three Potters and Evans is out of class." she said in amazement. this is a remarkable time for four different curses. the bell rang. "You did it in a minute in a half Mr Potter. not sharing their suspicions with the Gryffindors. She looked at her watch and let out a gasp. The class went smoothly. "Why did she say three Potters? Lily Evans is not a Potter. please continue. Twenty points to Gryffindor. You really screwed Amy. was shocked by the speed of this boy." "I know but maybe there is something that the teachers don't tell us. The students walked out of the classroom and immediately started to talk. the students didn't move. They watched him shut the door and turned to look at their teacher." Harry strode out of class. Suddenly. "Now that the three Potters is out of class" she started cheerfully but stopped herself as she saw the confused look on the students faces and the horrified ones on Ron and Hermione's.She. too. "You may go." she stuttered nervously." . The Hufflepuffs talked among themselves. However.

I cast only one spell I don't know what happened. "I don't know Potter." "Mr Potter! You are here for barely a week and already you are in the infirmary?" Madam Pomfrey asked. yes Harry it's bad but let's go to dinner." said Ron rubbing his stomach while Hermione shot him a disgusted look.Ron and Hermione quickly strode out of class. reading one of the Defence books Remus and Sirius bought him in fifth year." said Hermione." he whispered and pressed his hands to his face. "Well. "Harry. She said something about three Potters not in class right now. looking for Harry. They found him in the common room. Harry turned to look at her "Something really bad happened after you left. Harry visibly paled." said Hermione breathlessly. "Oh no. Lily entered the infirmary with James. professor Isadora had a little slip-up. He didn't know why he didn't want the students to know his parents are here. "How did you cast two spells at once Lily?" he asked to a rather angry Lily. "What happened to your face?" "Lily here cast an Expelliarmus spell on me and these .

She looked startled. you are okay now Mr Potter goes back to your . "H-His arrogant smile" she muttered. He did. "What made you so angry Ms Evans?" asked madam Pomfrey Lily heard a slight buzzing in her head but woke up from trying to figure them out when Madam Pomfrey talked.showed up with the spell. preying to god James didn't hear." Said James with a disbelieving look at Lily. There are no side effects to this spell thought madam Pomfrey she must have lost control on her feelings." Lily knew of course that she lost control of her feelings. he did not smirk at her but looked slightly sick. Madam Pomfrey looked shrewdly at her while she vanished the spots. However. "You know what I mean Ms Evans I doubt you want me to say it in front of Mr Potter. There goes my plan… "Well. she wasn't ready for a question like that "What do you mean?" she asked.

Are you coming?" . There was an uncomfortable silence between James and Harry. "Really? You have the map? This is awesome!" he said as the bell rang "Well." James didn't know what to say but a thought suddenly appeared "Do you know who the marauders were?" asked James." said Harry "I have the map" James's face lit up. Harry nodded "Professor Dumbledore gave it to me in first year.common room. I'll go for lunch. what are you doing here?" Lily asked." he said. "Just reading. Professor Isadora let me go early. Okay. did you get my invisibility cloak?" asked James in an obvious attempt to start a conversation. "Oh." Lily and James walked to the common room and saw Harry reading there. "Yeah. "So…Harry. "Hey Harry. I'll be up in my dormitory if you need anything" she said to Harry and went up the stairs.

James and Lily are Harry's parents!" The last part of the sentence was heard all over the great hall. Professor Dumbledore stood. Harry. Ron and Hermione looked paler than a ghost did and even the professors looked a little shocked. Harry. "Did you see Evans's eyes? They look just like Harry's!" "Yes and Harry looks just like James!" "And with what the professor told. Lily. What am I . James. chose the best moment to enter the great hall. This is not good. Harry sat between James and Lily while Ron and Hermione sat in front of him."Yes. where all the heads were on James. They caught a few words from the conversations around them. They moved their eyes from Lily to James. the mass of students turned to look at her." When James entered the great hall for lunch all the heads immediately turned to him Can news travel that fast? Lily entered the great hall. A few people gasped and immediately the hall began to whisper. Then. I'll just wait for Hermione and Ron. as always.

please. . Now. No one touched the food. I must ask you NOT to ask him about it. "Please leave me alone. Ron and Hermione ate as fast as they could and went to the common room. No one dared to make a sound. even without looking at them. not only because they are the future parents of Mr Potter. whom were very embarrassed. Mr Potter and Ms Evans travelled from 1977. They muttered a weak "Okay" and went to the dormitories with a concerned look at each other. They got up from the table without even noticing they did it in the same time and quickly walked out of the hall. Everybody now looked at Harry. I hope you will respect them for who they are. Treat him as you usually do. James and Lily. There was a complete silence as they did. There was silence." he said. Dumbledore coughed "Now that they left I must ask you not to bother them. this is indeed true." The hall began to eat. Enjoy your meal." he said calmly.supposed to say? "Thank you Ms Abbott. Mr Potter – Harry Potter I mean – had a very rough couple of years of slander and ridicule. Where they found Harry in the same position he was before dinner. eat your meal or the house elves' work will not pay off and you'll go to sleep hungry.

She began to cry. He put his hands on her shoulders and she jumped a little." He shrugged off his cloak and put it around her." she said her voice quivering "Did you know what a difficult life he had? Parvati and Lavender told me a few days ago. . He however didn't take his hands off. "You startled me." He said and noticed she shivers a bit "You are cold.The rest of the Gryffindors came a few minutes after them and did the same. "I'm sorry. "Thanks James." he stated. He walked towards her and she didn't even notice. James quietly entered the common room and spotted Lily looking at sleeping Harry. He doesn't deserve it. Lily sat on the windowsill. "Take my cloak." she said and turned to look at him. At eleven pm. looking at the ground while Harry resumed his reading. He picked her up to sit on his lap and she continued to sob." she said quietly. leaving the common room only with Harry and Lily in it. He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and brought her closer to him.

her body did not respond to her brain's order. "Okay. "Lily?" James asked.She held his robes in her hands as if gripping her dear life. "We need to go to class." he whispered." he whispered and fell asleep minutes after her. James heard her breath slowing. He kissed her head "Goodnight Lily. He looked down at her. James breathed deeply and Lily felt his chest moving up and down. She breathed deeply. She is beautiful even when she is sleeping. I can wake up that way every day." he said and felt her nuzzling again and going back to sleep. God what am I doing? Go away from him! However. This is how the students found them in the morning. She remembered last night's events and didn't want to move. He looked down and saw a sleeping Lily grasping his robes. He smiled weakly and held her closer. "I don't want to" she said without thinking twice. whatever you want Lily. He looked at Harry who was still sleeping. Lily woke up and felt she is sitting on someone's lap. James woke up and felt sour and stiff. She nuzzled into his chest. Sleeping just . She felt too comfortable.

like Lily he thought and got back to sleep.
"Harry!" someone whispered in Harry's ear "Harry! Wake up we have classes in ten minutes" "What? Hermione what are you doing in our dormitories?" Harry said groggily. "You are not in the dormitories! You are in the common room and be quiet your parents are sleeping!" she said.

My parents are sleeping? Is she mad? My parents are dead!
He opened his eyes and looked to the sleeping James and Lily "They are not my parents," he said. Hermione looked horrified. "I'm so sorry Harry! Oh god I'm sorry!" she said in a stricken voice. "It's okay. I'll see you in Potions and grab me something from breakfast," he said as he ran to get clothed. Hermione sighed and went to the great hall. "I see that Mr and Mrs Potter did not let us have the honour of their presence today," Snape sneered when class started. Harry's blood boiled.

Stay clam. Control your anger.
"Does anybody know where they are?" he asked meanly. No one raised his or her hand. "Potter where are they?" he shot to Harry. "I don't know professor" Harry lied through his teeth. "I will ask you one more time Potter, where are your parents?" Snape said in a dangerous hiss. Harry, who calmed himself earlier, grew red from anger "I don't know." "Detention Potter, tonight at 7 pm. Now, the potion you are doing today is highly…" said Snape in a satisfied voice. Lily stirred lightly and looked at sleeping James. She felt so comfortable she was ashamed. She looked at his oncehated hair. It was so tempting she wanted to ruffle his hair, just to know what it's like. She raised her hand and stroke his hair. He opened his eyes and she withdrew her hand quickly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," she whispered. "It's alright. I am a light sleeper anyway," he said smiling and yawning.

How could I not notice his smile before?
Suddenly she noticed she was on his lap and stood "Sorry, your legs are probably numb by now." "No it's okay really, no harm done. What class do we have next?" She looked at her watch "History of Magic." James groaned, "We better go get our stuff." "Yeah" but neither of them moved they just stared into each other's eyes. Suddenly the bell rang and they walked to their dormitories quickly without another word. Lily and Hermione sat in the History of Magic class. Hermione was writing notes and for once, Lily didn't. "Lily, what's wrong?" Hermione whispered. "Umm…nothing I'm just thinking," she said. "About whom?" Hermione smiled. "Who said it was about someone?" Lily said, blushing furiously. "You were blushing. So who is the lucky guy?" she asked already knows the answer.

"Nobody…just forget about it, it's stupid anyway." Hermione smirked at her and continued to take notes. . Harry noticed James scribbling something on the corner of his parchment. When he looked closer, he saw that like in Snape's Pensive, he wrote 'L.E' "James, why don't you ask her out to Hogsmede?" Harry asked. "I already did, she said no," he said dejected. Harry somehow wasn't surprised. "Why don't you try again? I mean, she has nobody else to go with, no that everybody knows that she is from the past," Harry said gently. James seemed to think about it and a little smile was on his lips. Harry sighed with relief "Maybe you're right." "Of course I'm right," Harry said winking to Hermione, who got the clue and turned to talk to Lily "Ask her after dinner." "Lily…maybe you should go with James to Hogsmede?" Hermione suggested. "I already said no, I can't say yes now. Anyway, I'm sure he already has a date," she said a little depressed.

"Why don't you ask him if he has? I'm not sure girls would like to date someone from the past," Hermione said wisely. "Maybe you're right, I'll ask him after dinner," Lily said while Hermione winked Harry who smiled brightly. Classes past and dinner was over, James and Lily grew nervous when they went back to the common room. The rest of the Gryffindor seventh years noticed the unusual silence. "Hermione what's going on?" asked Lavender. "James is about to ask Lily out and Lily is about to ask James out. They are nervous," said Hermione. "I knew it! I knew she liked him and it's so obvious he liked her, he is staring openly at her through all classes," she said. "Yes well, we know how this love story is going to end and it's not pretty," said Hermione quietly. Lavender seemed depressed "Yeah, pity. She is one of the nicest girls I've ever met. It's not fair. I guess Harry is happy. I've never seen him so happy before." "Yeah, he is. But I guess it'll be hard for him when they go back. He'll be depressed for weeks." Hermione thought aloud.

"Fairy Wings" someone said as the portrait opened. Lavender has already spread the rumour between the Gryffindors about what's going to happen so all of the seventh years and some younger were in the common room. All of them pretending to do something while they were waiting for someone to do the next move. James stood up and everybody in the common room seemed to hold their breath as moved towards Lily who also stood up. "Uh…Lily?" he said. "James I have something to ask you," she said. "Well, I want to ask you something too. Can I go first?" James said hesitatingly. "Uh…okay than," she mumbled. "Look, Lily, I know you don't like me very much but I need to ask you just one more time. Do you want to go to Hogsmede with me?" he said quickly. "Wh-What did you say?" she said in shock. "I asked if you want to go to Hogsmede with me," he said a little louder.

The common room forgot to breath but neither of them seemed to notice that the whole Gryffindor tower was watching them. "Okay" said Lily, stunned but pleased she didn't have to ask him. "What?" he asked, doesn't want to believe. "I said I will go out with you," she said, smiling a little at the shocked expression on James's face. "Y-You will?" he stuttered. "She said yes you idiot!" Seamus yelled and James and Lily turned shocked to see the whole Gryffindor tower watching them. They soon were very red with embarrassment. "Right. Enough with this," said Harry "Go back to what you were doing before," no one wanted to mess with The-BoyWho-Lived, especially after what he did in Defence class so they went to what they did before. "You have quite an influence on them," said Lily gently to Harry. "Yes well, I doubt anyone would've even talk to me if I wasn't The-Boy-Who-Lived," he said bitterly.

"Don't talk rubbish Harry, you know it's not true," said Ron dismissively. "Whatever you say," Harry answered just as dismissively. "Harry, do you mind if I talk to you for a second?" asked James. "No, let's go to the dormitories," he said. "Harry, how about we will lighten the general mood in the school?" said James as they reached the dormitories. "What do you mean, lightning the mood?" he asked suspiciously. "I mean, how about colouring our favourite potions master?" said James. Harry moved uneasy. "Look, James, I meant to ask you this; a few years ago I ran into Snape's Pensive and uh…saw what you did to him after the Defence O.W.L," he said James looked hurt "Was that the first time you saw me?" he asked and Harry nodded.

Great James. The first thing your son knows about you is how you mistreated Snape.
"Look Harry, I really don't know what to say except I'm sorry.

Evans quite hated me then and it was a few weeks after Snape found out Remus is a werewolf," he said without thinking but then he clasped his hand to his mouth. "It's alright, I already know. Everything" he said and James looked relieved. "That's good. Sirius was a real prat; Remus didn't talk to him for about a week after. I think that was the biggest punishment he ever got. He was so sorry one day he even cried. I've never seen him cry before you know." Harry was uncomfortable with that information for some reason. "Anyway, I'm really sorry you had to see it. It's just that Snape and I never really got along. Our families are complete opposites. My family is light; my parents are Aurors and his family is dark; they are Death Eaters. We grew on completely different views of life."' "Do you think we should check on them?" asked Hermione. "Yeah," said Lily "I'll go". She climbed the stairs for the seventh years' dormitory just to hear James's voice: "Look Harry, I really don't know what to say except I'm sorry. Evans quite hated me then and it was a few weeks after Snape found out Remus is a werewolf," James said and Lily heard him clasping his hand to his mouth.

"It's alright, I already know. Everything" Harry's voice said. "That's good. Sirius was a real prat; Remus didn't talk to him for about a week after. I think that was the biggest punishment he ever got. He was so sorry one day he even cried. I've never seen him cry before you know." Lily was shocked. Sirius Black crying? "Anyway, I'm really sorry you had to see it. It's just that Snape and I never really got along. Our families are complete opposites. My family is light; my parents are Aurors and his family is dark; they are Death Eaters. We grew on completely different views of life."' Lily couldn't believe this was coming from James. "And you see when we got to Hogwarts he always trashed on Sirius and was a real ass to Lily. I couldn't let him do this to my best friend and to…" James mumbled, not wanting to relieve his feelings. Lily knocked on the door "James? Harry? Are you coming or what?" she asked knocking the door. "We'll be there in ten minutes" she heard James yell. Lily went downstairs but Harry and James continued their conversation.

Through the doors burst Snape wearing pink nightgown a long blond wig and a match of white bunny slippers." said Harry in relief. come to my office after breakfast please."Thanks for telling me that James. which quite fitted his pink nightgown and white slippers. they suddenly heard a roar. Now. now Severus please calm down." Said James cheekily causing Snape to turn red. the hall burst out laughing and Colin Creevey's camera worked extra hours. "I am sorry professor but the curse is about to wear off in 24 hours. The hall silenced. "It's no problem Harry. "POTTER! I KNOW YOU DID IT! 50 POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR AND YOU HAVE TO SERVE DETENTION FOR A MONTH! NOW GET THE CURSE OFF!" Snape roared. . "Now. the seventh years Gryffindors were making their way into the great hall." Dumbledore said. Needless to say. All Potions lessons are cancelled for today and Mr Potter. eyes twinkling and his beard was suspiciously stretched upwards. When they sat. what do you say about dying Snape's hair…" In the morning. both of you. I really needed that.

The day passed and in the staff room. "Please continue your meal.Harry could've sworn he saw Dumbledore give James a wink." said . "Yes well." said Amy." said Amy wiping her eyes as sudden sadness came over her "I just can't believe that they are here! It's so difficult!" "I know Amy. their little family… Can you deny that young Mr Potter is the Prince of Defence Against the Dark Arts?" "No I can't. All of the Gryffindors and Amy were on the floor. the teachers were laughing about the morning prank… "I missed James's pranks on Snape so much! I can't believe how long it's been. Lily and Ron was whipping their eyes with their sleeves. had a smile on her face." said Dumbledore and sat down to talk to professor McGonagall who. A very small one but James thought that McGonagall was laughing it was worth it since she never did laugh." said McGonagall "How could we not miss the King of Transfiguration and Queen of Charms? Rulers of their little kingdom. James noticed. we all missed them. I know but you must control yourself. Laughing their head off.

"I know this might be a shock you a little but we can save Lily and James Potter from a horrible death and prevent Harry's difficult life. we cannot change the past. "I missed having Ms Evans in my classes. This is a surprise for you." "But Albus." There was silence." "True" said professor Sprout "Have you noticed Harry looks better?" A few murmurs sounded like "Yeah." "Well. The teachers immediately moved to give professor Dumbledore space to sit. I know. he has a very good reason to be.Minerva sadly." squeaked professor Flitwick in agreement "Even Ms Granger isn't as good as she is. . "Lemon Drop anyone?" asked professor Dumbledore as he took one from his pocket "It seems like we will not have to erase their memory when they come back. "I am aware of that but it seems like Mr Lupin and Ms Isadora do not remember an encounter like that in the past." said a voice from the door." said Minerva.

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*Chapter 9*: Chapte 9: Heartache Heartache Without anyone noticing." teased Parvati. James was standing near the girls' staircases. I am a coward he mentally scolded . The boys were already waiting for them. we better go down. "Look who's talking Hermione. She led the girls down the stairs. Ron will faint in the spot. Seamus and Dean who agreed to go with him to Hogsmede." said Ginny curtly. waiting for them to arrive." said Hermione with a slight grin. Hermione's face was scarlet from embarrassment. September 26 arrived and all of the girls were fussing in their dormitories for the upcoming trip to Hogsmede. "Lily honey you look gorgeous!" squeaked Lavender in a very girlish way that made Ginny. "James will have a fit. his face burning. well. Harry looked up as the girls came and looked back to the floor. who was putting on her jumper to roll her eyes. Ron was sitting on the sofa – fidgeting and Harry was chatting with Neville. "Yes.

She looked stunning with her blow-dried hairstyle." she said and . They were so engrossed with themselves they didn't even notice the others were behind them. Ron looked at Hermione in awe. James took Lily to Honeydukes where he bought her the newest and best chocolate. She wore a black knee-long tight skirt and a tight brown shirt." "Why thank you James. Shall we?" she said and he nodded and James offered her his arm. Just then. "Lily. I thought no chocolate is better then the one on the chocolate frogs. "You know. she was wearing a long and tight black shirt. and three quartered black pants.himself. Lily laughed "Chocolate frogs? It's so gross. Her hair was up in a ponytail and her makeup was in light green shade." James managed to wheeze "You look…amazing. Turns out I was wrong" said James. When they arrived to Hogsmede. the other boys noticed the girls were in the common room: James was open mouthed. He looked at Lily. She looked gorgeous and Harry bit his lip in disappointment. He did not know how he never noticed her body curves.

You have three more hours to suffer with me. "You got me there.laughed at the horrified expression on James's face "But this chocolate is simply stunning" she nodded in agreement.Lily rolled her eyes. They arrived to The Three Broomsticks five minutes late . James shot her a million-gallon smile which made her knees go weak. Nevertheless." she said with her head hung in defeat. They spent the day walking between shops laughing and teasing each other and Lily had to admit she never had a better date." she said with an amused expression "In what hour did we say we meet the others?" "Six. not all the girls fall for that. "Are you using lines with me Potter? You know. "Not as stunning as you." he said jokingly and Lily pinched his arm playfully." James said and mentally slapped himself for the lame pick-up line. Lily blushed. "If I thought it is going to be insufferable do you think I would have come?" she asked. Wanna go to Zonkos?" James changes the subject . "You cannot live without your pranks and I don't want you dead anytime soon so lead the way.

I forgot. laughing and joking with each other. they were all in a good mood. nine wands were directed to him. enjoying your parents as long as you can? I suppose these are the best day of your life aren't they?" Harry didn't need to turn to recognise the voice." said Harry. "Eleven Butterbeers please. we have nine D. "After all. if you don't want to turn out worse than a ferret you better move your ass away from here. "Nice of you to show up" bit Ron. her red hair framing her face. she was never late. Harry kept glancing at her but was jolted out of his sweet dream-land by a drawling voice behind him. "Sorry.and saw that everybody was waiting for them impatiently." said Lily blushing. . So tell me Potter. quickly counting. your godfather is -" Before Malfoy even had the chance to say anything else. "So…Potter. "What do you want to order dears?" asked Madam Rosemerta. "Malfoy.A members here. Oh wait. how is your precious godfather these days." said Ginny. After an hour or so. in any other day people would die around you.

Ron and I established in our fifth year.making her look wild and dangerous. No one admitted it. "Well. "It was a secret organisation Harry. Leaving an awkward silence after him. when the Dark Lord will hear your Mudblood mother and blood traitor father are here. "What's DA?" asked James. Malfoy looked taken aback and a bit frightened "You wait Potter. he will make sure you will never be born. Dumbledore wanted to make DA an official school group. Harry's the teacher. "What does DA stands for?" asked Lily in interest. Malfoy went rather quickly out of the Three Broomsticks." said Hermione and James whistled in surprise." he said. so now all of the students could join." Harry said. . but they were all very happy they weren't Harry's enemies. We learn practical defence. go tell your master I'm challenging him to come and get me. none from Slytherin did. now I'm shaking Malfoy. "What?" Harry asked as everybody looked at him. Many members joined and to the delight of everyone. not a trace of fear in his voice and his emerald green eyes radiating with power.

"Well. the ministry-" Harry snorted and Ron continued "and minister Fudge-" But Hermione was interrupted by James "Minister Fudge? Cornelius Fudge? That pompous Hufflepuff sixth year?" he asked and Harry nodded in confirmation." said Hermione. we better go back to school it's almost seven. "Why Dumbledore's Army?" asked James in confusion." said Ron. "Because at the time. . "Hey. "Minister Fudge did not believe that you-know-who is back and they thought that Dumbledore is forming an army against the ministry so we decided to form a secret organization for those who wish to know how to fight against you-know-who." said Ginny with pride. James why don't you and Lily join?" asked Harry. "That would be great. "Well. checking her wrist watch carefully. it was at first Defence Association but turned to be Dumbledore's Army. James followed Lily to the girls' staircases. When the group reached the common room. Harry had a sudden idea about the next lesson." said James and Lily at the same time and everybody laughed.

When Harry heard about what they should do the assignment he groaned quietly and Ron was giggling in a very unmanly like way. why should I regret it? I had a wonderful time" she said in confusion. "Goodnight James. A few weeks after Hogsmede." she whispered and went to the dormitories." Lily said and kissed him on the cheek "Thanks. Goodnight Lily" he said." . James looked in a large volume of "Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts. they still had a foot to write. "Never mind. After they wrote about whom you-know-who is. Leaving James slightly shocked but extremely happy. James and Lily were in the library. Amy decided that for after they revised the basic defence they should do a little research about who the Dark Lord is and about his first downfall. James smiled "You don't regret it than?" "No."I had a great time today James thank you" Lily said. blushing a little at the closeness. looking for information about you-know-who for a three-foot essay for Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Harry Potter was born on July 31st to Lily and James Potter. God I love her so much. "Prophesy?" asked Lily in confusion and shock. ripping him from his body. However. Voldemort knew only a small part of the prophecy."Lily. Voldemort realized that he must find and kill that child. Voldemort went to Godric's Hollow. a spy close to the Potters betrayed them and. Shortly afterwards. the most powerful Dark Wizard ever. who was the next intended victim. Voldemort found out about a prophecy that had been made about him and a boy who would kill him. "What do you think?" he asked looking in her eyes. turned the curse that had killed so many witches and wizard on young Harry Potter. it rebounded upon Voldemort. but the Potters were well hidden and he was unsuccessful. the residence of the Potters." he said in a croaked voice "Come look here" Lily began to read: In 1979. Lily died attempting to protect her son. . on October 31st. When Voldemort. He killed James and Lily Potter. 1981. and his powers gone. The Dark Lord searched frantically for the child to kill him after he found out that the boy answers the description of his destroyer.

in panic ran out of the library towards professor Dumbledore's office. "What did you say afterwards?" she snapped impatiently. How did she know what I was thinking? Lily's pupils widened Can I read his mind? her mind yelled. concerned. Lily. taken aback from her sudden iciness. THAT was not expected."What did you say Potter?" she said narrowing her eyes. "Uh…Sugar Quills" she tried the password breathlessly "No? uh…Sugar Plum? Chocolate Frogs? Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans? Exploding Bon-Bons? Droobles? Come on open up you stupid gargoyle! Pepper Imps? Fudge Flies?" She said and the gargoyle jumped aside "Is this some kind . She has got to get some answers right now. What is wrong with her? "Nothing is wrong with me!" she practically yelled. "I asked 'What do you think?'" he answered. "I didn't say anything. Are you okay Lily?" he asked.

" Dumbledore said pleasantly and Lily jumped. Lily blushed "I am aware of your ability to read other people's mind. "I never said you do.did not show it." he said calmly. ." she said looking into Dumbledore's eyes. "I do not love Potter!" she yelled in indignation and Dumbledore. although surprised . "Although I searched it for you a lot of times in the past. She sat on one of the comfortable armchairs and he offered her Lemon drop to which she refused politely. "Yeah. If she only knew how much she loved him back then. she did not notice she was already in his office. I'm afraid I do not have answers to that. Professor.of a pun?" she asked herself loudly. "Yes indeed Ms Evans. James and I were in the library doing something for Defence homework and suddenly I was able to read Potter's mind. You discovered it after you graduated." "Why?" she asked." he said. "Is there a reason you came to talk to me?" he asked politely.

"First. Sometimes." she said turning to the door. now he doesn't want to look at me anymore "Uh…okay. Not waiting for an answer he continued. It may cause trouble. "Wait a moment Ms Evans." She nodded in understanding. There are a few things we need to discuss." She said. ." he said. "When does it happen?" "All the time. Oh great." Dumbledore said quietly and turned his eyes to Fawkes who was standing on his perch quietly." "But professor. I'll just go. you will be able to be inside other students' dreams and sometimes you will have premonitions. now what? "You will have dreams every once in a while. "Secondly."Okay." Oh no. you must not tell anyone of your ability to read other peoples' mind. what if I see something really embarrassing?" she asked. horrified in the prospect of invading other people's dreams. there are a few things in addition to this new ability.

James was concerned. You will see only dreams fate wants you to see. How did Lily know what he was thinking? She can't read minds can she? But his thoughts were interrupted by a rather bewildered Lily. "Fate. Off you go. I believe you have things to do and people to meet." she started."Do not worry. "Nobody knows how to refer to fate so we just refer it as 'he'" he said. "James I'm sorry about before. ." he said with a little chuckle at his own joke." he said dismissively. This is very similar to the Muggle theory about everything happens for a reason. No pun intended. You and Mr Potter were transferred here because of fate and fate will let you see only what he sees fatal. not moving her eyes "I don't know what happened. "Now. Lily lifted her gaze to James and she was able to hear him." She sounded hopeless." "Fate? What do you mean fate?" she asked a little harsher than she meant. What the hell is wrong with her? But in the exact moment. "What do you mean by he?" she asked even not slightly amused by the pun.

NO. Now that's just creepy Gee thanks she thought to herself So much for the love and caring Potter… "I think I'll just go to sleep" she mumbled. IT'S NOT OKAY! His mind screamed and Lily took a step back from the sudden noise in her head. its okay. NO! I'M NOT SURE! "Yes I'm sure. "Are you sure? I didn't mean to startle you." he said and Lily found herself giggling at the inner debate in James's head." he said reassuringly. "But you'll miss dinner!" he said in concern. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Didn't know you care Potter" she said rather snappishly."Don't worry. Has she been listening to what I've been telling her for the ." She squeaked. Has she gone bonkers ! "No! I'm not gone bonkers!" she yelled before she could stop herself.

sleep tight" he said while going out the portrait. "Sirius! Sirius! We can still save him. A sudden yell from the boys dormitories startled her. not waiting for an answer "No this was a long day" she muttered and went to sleep. DREAM Everything was blur. whatever. "Fine. She heard a muffle talking and a sudden flash of red light followed by yells and a talking muffled voice END DREAM Lily woke up with a yelp. help me Remus what are you doing? SIRIUS!" Lily was panicked she now knew she had seen a dream. She realized she just saw either a premonition or a dream. "Shit! Can't Madam Pomfrey give his some Dreamless Sleep Potion or something? It's over a year now honestly!" Lily heard Parvati saying indignantly. .last couple of years or is she just playing hard to get? He asked while rolling his eyes not noticing Lily's eyes narrowing with his thoughts.

"Sorry guys.Hermione was whimpering quietly and the screams stopped. Only after Harry relaxed. "Ius. "Never you mind Lavender good night. James's brain understood the .Sirius! We can still save him." He said weakly. "Who is this Sirius anyway?" asked Lavender sleepily. it was clearly visible that the tower was used to Harry's screams because no one came to check on him. All of the seventh year's boys were now near Harry's bed and he watched them while he was regaining his senses. Someone was screaming near him. help me Remus what are you doing? SIRIUS!" James was bewildered. Harry suddenly bolted up sweaty and tearstained. which was odd because James was sure Harry's screams could wake up the dead. what the hell is wrong with Harry? "Harry! Harry! Wake up mate! Come on mate wake up" yelled Ron in Harry's ear." said Hermione harshly and before tucking back into bed shot a fearful look at the tearstained face of Lily. James woke up with a start.

Harry is reliving the moments all over again. Sirius. He quickly got back to bed. Last night's events left her eyes puffy and two black bags appeared under eyes." . "Lily what's wrong with you?" said Hermione in worry after the class was over "You are not yourself since this morning. Lily ignored him and walked to class where she found out she was late for class for the first time in her life. All through breakfast. She was too shocked and appalled from the loving thoughts he is having towards her that she didn't notice Malfoy running into her on her way to Defence class. even though she was able to do it the second attempt in the DA meetings. she was one of the last ones to do the Shielding Charm correctly. During class. Poor thing he said and without a thought. "Watch where you're going Mudblood" he snarled viciously. Lily was having a bad morning. He now faced three confused faces and two understanding ones. a muffled groan escaped his mouth. she heard James's thoughts no matter how hard she tried to stop it.information he got a few minuets earlier.

"Oh." she said in fear. What's wrong? "I'm sorry Hermione I don't know what's wrong with me. it's too loud in the common room. "Fine. "You don't mean that. Potter and I were working on the project for Defence yesterday and suddenly I heard…I heard…" "You heard what?" inquired Hermione." she said and Lily's eyes clouded a bit. and you know me?" snapped Lily without thinking. "Why should I care about Potter?" she said harshly. "I know. Let's go to our dorm. "That's okay." Once in the dormitory. I won't tell anyone. James is worried about you though. Very ashamed at herself. Lily began to twitch "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to" said Hermione. sensing she is uncomfortable. you see." said Hermione quietly and Lily sighed. If I tell you something. . do you promise not to tell anyone? I don't want people to be afraid of me or something. Look." said Lily quietly. "Well.

leaving Hermione bewildered. "L-Lily you have to go to Dumbledore!" yelped Hermione." muttered Lily and Hermione gasped. Hermione opened her mouth to ask Lily but Lily reacted before "That's what I thought too. "I already did and he said I am able to do that and to see other people's dreams. Hermione sat in silence and thought." Lily blurted it all in one sentence." said Lily "He said it was because fate wanted it to be like that. Lily however." she whispered." She said quietly. wonder how she'll react to Harry's. "Tell me about it. She was up a few moments before Harry began screaming. Hermione's eyes widened and she stuttered. Wait a minuet. . She saw his dream."I heard what he was thinking. This is freaky. was able to hear what she was thinking She is able to see other peoples' dreams.

Days have gone by and Lily was getting used to hearing people thoughts." she finally said. . It was nighttimes and she was in another dream." Lily nodded." "If I'm not mistaken. but it wasn't in her normal voice. Lily sat in silence. "What news have you got Lucius?" she heard herself ask."So…so…it's true. Can you tell me what exactly was in that dream?" she asked. She was afraid she would say it to her." said the figure called Lucius in a silky voice." "Of course it is. DREAM Two figures in black robed were standing in front of her. "I suppose the dreams will become more focused in time. "I only heard muffled voices and saw blurs. "What is it Malfoy?" she asked again in the cold voice. and she lowered her head. "Master. you saw Sirius die yesterday. my son brought an interesting news for me yesterday. it was in a cold high pitched voice. Hermione's eyes clouded.

I want to know everything possible about your little friends." said Lucius with what Lily recognised as a bow. ." "I see." she heard Peter's voice saying in fear. "Yes my lord. "If you will come without valuable information the Cruciatus will look like kitten next to what you'll suffer. They burst through the door and saw all of the seventh years boys gathered around Harry who was clutching his forehead."The parents of the Potter boy came from the past. "Is that so?" he asked "and how exactly did they come?" "He does not know master. "Go explore Hogwarts. END DREAM "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" someone screamed and Lily shot out of bed immediately and ran to the boys dormitories with Hermione." he said and laughed his horrible laughter. They are seventeen." "Y-Yes M-Master" Peter stuttered. Wormtail?" she said to the second figure.

"Voldemort – knows – Wormtail – explore" he said before passing out. But James's jaw was set. Lily immediately understood and James and Ron carried Harry to the hospital wing while Lily and Hermione went to fetch the headmaster. Harry shot Ron a dirty look and turned back to look at the headmaster "Voldemort was happy. would you like to share it with us?" the headmaster asked in a gentle voice. I suggest you all to be cautious and not talk about . "Well. Mr Weasley said you muttered something before you passed out. Hermione. Lily and Dumbledore were around Harry's bed in the hospital wing." he said shortly. James." he said in a hollow voice looking at James for some reaction. "I see. Ron. "Now Mr Potter. Only a few minutes later. anything else?" "Voldemort threatened Wormtail with a painful Cruciatus Curse if he wouldn't bring valuable information. Malfoy said that Draco told him that Lily and James are here as seventh years and Voldemort asked Wormtail to explore Hogwarts.

" Harry said gloomily. Lily was catching up. do you have the marauders map?" asked Harry. even classes and watch it carefully for any sign of the rat. "Fifteen for all we know." said Dumbledore and went. "James. surprising even himself at the cold tone of his voice." Hermione said and Ron nodded gloomily. How long do you think it's gonna take him to get here?" he asked. but Voldemort was able to trick him two years ago. "So he has visions of what you-know-who is doing and feeling?" she asked Hermione. what do you recon?" "Well." He spat as he said the last words. "Probably even tonight. "You're right. followed by Lily. looking at Hermione for confirmation. "Yeah. James caught what Harry is implying "Yeah I have it. he has it since we were I don't know fourteen? Fifteen?" said Ron. we just have to take it with us to wherever we go. . Hermione and Ron. In the mean time.crucial things in the halls. he made that false vision of Sirius.

he planted in Harry's mind a vision of Sirius been tortured in the Department of Mysteries to lead Harry there. "You know." Lily said. someone weak from the very inner circle of the enemy. Potter is a chaser and the Quidditch Capitan now Head Boy and his grades are one of the tops and Remus is smart and handsome. Sirius wasn't there until later. "Oh. Black is a beater and his grades are one of the best. Harry was bought it and we went to the Department of Mysteries and realized we were tricked. but Sirius wasn't. Peter? To the dark side? That's impossible. he is weak and doesn't have a backbone."Vision of Sirius?" asked Lily. . I still do not believe Peter did all this stuff. However. "You know. "We don't. We were lucky to come out alive. we don't want little rats running to our feet. "Yeah. we never understood why he was hanging with them." said Ron "But we have to be careful anyway. There was silence." Lily said. glassy eyed." said Hermione thoughtfully. utterly confused. "Which is probably why you-know-who was after him in the first place. How do you know if this one is not a trick?" asked Lily. He fell through a death veil there" she finished the story." He spat.

cheeks and neck turning deep crimson color. "Remus IS handsome. "What? No way! I'm not!" "Is too!" "Am not!" ." said Lily in triumph and watched Hermione's face turn red and Ron's ears. you are absolutely adore James! And you're in denial" said Hermione in last attempt to save her pride." said Hermione in a grossed voice. much more than Potter and Black even though I admit.Ron and Hermione made disgusted voiced "What?" she asked. Black does have nice muscles. "He was one of our professors!" exclaimed Ron in disgust "Why are you getting those ideas to our innocent little heads?" Lily smacked him on the head. "Look who's talking. you can't admit it because you are already smitten with someone else." she said watching their faces twisting in disgust with amusement. "Well. "Whatever you say.

And I'm not in denial!" said Lily to Hermione. why did you let him take you to Hogsmede?" Hermione said in triumph." yelled Ron above all the noise because they just entered the common room and all of the student were watching the Head Girl yelling on her best friend's mom. Everybody turned their head and continued their work.Because. "You don't even KNOW how muscular Sirius Black really is!" said Lily in triumph." said Hermione and strode to the girls dormitory followed by a very angry redhead girl.Because I had no one else to go with!" "I rest my case. . "I do not adore James Potter. "Because. "Don't you guys have something better to do?" asked Lily rather rudely. "Yes you are! Otherwise."Is too!" "Am not!" "Is too!" "Would you shut up! This discussion is over.

"Erg…that's just disgusting! I'll never marry that jerk!" she exclaimed. "But I won't in mine!" said Lily and clasped her hand to her mouth as she turned around to leave and saw one confused face. She didn't know what to do. James and Ron entered. Hermione noticed though Lily didn't. she saw James sitting on the floor. he was followed by Harry." Hermione pointed out. "You did in our time. Two seconds afterwards. looking everywhere to a sign of them. Ron immediately ran to her hugging her close. slightly embracing himself. There . It was now near dawn and Lily was now walking towards the Astronomy Tower. his arms in his lap. There. "I'm so sorry. "Well? What are you waiting for? Go after them!" said Ron and Lily literally ran out of the room." said Hermione and Lily gave a sound of disgust. She just stood there."And I don't want to know thank you very much Mrs Potter. one horror-struck face and one hurt face who turned around and shut the door behind him. She didn't know what to think. the door to the dormitory opened and Harry." said Hermione in horror "I'm so sorry Lily" she said and silent tears ran down her cheeks. Lily stood there in a state of shock.

"It is beautiful here at dawn. you and me in the future with a child. that was my dream since fourth year. Nothing he said or done in the past weeks made him deserve this kind of treatment." He said looking to the sky. I mean. "That's all right. He laughed bitterly. "James…" she started meekly. She took a deep breath and her heart ached a bit. though not looking at her. She turned to him. as he did not look at her. You are right. "No Lily. "I'm sorry" she said quietly. silently crying." he merely nodded but did not look at her. I really did. I knew it was all too good to be true.was no sign of tears on his cheeks and he was inhaling and exhaling slowly." he said and left leaving Lily on the floor of the Astronomy Tower. She watched with him until the sun was completely up. I didn't do anything he thought sadly. This isn't fair." he said to Lily. I tried. I AM a jerk. turning to look at her with fierce hazel eyes "I am sorry. but you deserve better." he said. Lily heard him and had to agree with him. . "It's the best view here at dawn.

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I mean. "That's all right. Lily heard him and had to agree with him. that was my dream since fourth year. "I'm sorry" she said quietly. I tried." he said and left leaving Lily on the floor of the Astronomy Tower. "No Lily. I didn't do anything he thought sadly. silently crying. but you deserve better. I AM a jerk." He said looking to the sky. He laughed bitterly. This isn't fair." he said. "James…" she started meekly. Nothing he said or done in the past weeks made him deserve this kind of treatment. turning to look at her with fierce hazel eyes "I am sorry.*Chapter 10*: Chapter 10: Confrontations Recap: She turned to him. Confrontations Lily was crying for a good couple of minutes before she . "It is beautiful here at dawn. I really did. I knew it was all too good to be true. You are right." he merely nodded but did not look at her. you and me in the future with a child.

"God! I didn't mean it!" she moaned in despair. Lily immediately threw her arms around Harry.realised she hurt Harry too. "Not quite. She will have to go apologise to Harry too. "You'll cause yourself concussion if you keep with it. hitting her head on the wall behind her. Lily immediately leaped to her feet. "Lily-" "And it just came out! And I turned and saw-" . as if trying to figure her out. "Lily-" "And then she said something about James-" she blabbered. "God! I'm so sorry Harry! I didn't mean what I said! It was just the heat of the moment." a quiet voice said near her. "James?" she asked the familiar shade of messy black hair. Harry was looking at the tearstained Lily with a frown on his face. Hermione was teasing me-" she sobbed into his shirt." the voice said and moved to the light.

I don't want to brag but I've been through a lot in my life and I know that arguments and fights will get me nowhere. Did you see James?" he asked in an attempt to change the subject. Lily's eyes suddenly welled with tears yet again. "Like I said. noticing her tears. tears forming in her eyes again." He said. He didn't want to hear my explanations at all!" Harry embraced her again "Shh…" he tried to calm her awkwardly "It'll be all right."Lily! It's all right!" said Harry in a tone slightly higher than his regular tones." "It won't be all right!" she exclaimed angrily "He hates me now and it will be a lot of goddamn time until he'll talk to me . I'll get over it. looking down. I can get over it. Yes. "I'm so sorry. "Look Lily." she repeated in misery. "It's not! I just insulted you and James! How can you forgive me that easily?" she asked. "Yeah." "And…" he said softly. what you said hurt me a lot but." she exclaimed loudly. "He said that I deserve better and that he is an idiot…I don't want this. "I don't want him to hate me.

" "Lily. "OK! . "Uh…it's a fan club. Harry gave her an approving nod. Lily looked at him in horror "Nothing" she said in a shrill voice. "Nothing!" she said again." She said with a blush and Harry knew it wasn't the end. And now Peter will be at the castle and no one knows how to stop him! How am I suppose to avoid those HJPFC girls now?" she sobbed. I'm warning you…" Harry said in what he thought was a menacing voice." she warned." he said in a menacing tone. "All right don't kill me. "And…" he pushed and Lily looked utterly displeased to continue. "Forget what I just said. "Go on. "Lily. in a slightly higher tone." she sniffed." "Ah…HJPFC is a secret organisation in the school." Harry gave her the look again. "But you're not going to like it. Harry opened his mouth to say that they can track Wormtail down but the words tumbled in his way to his mouth and he asked her "What's HJPFC? he frowned.again.

" She smiled mischievously and Harry groaned and banged his head on the wall behind him. Lily blushed. "Very funny. someone will consider me handsome? "Don't be so hard on yourself Harry.It's a fan club for you and James!" she exclaimed. Harry looked at her oddly. you have a lot of fans and admirers in the school. When James came. They think you guys are really handsome." Lily mocked Harry. you are a quite a charming young man. they added the 'J' to the name. "No!" she said in scandalised tone. or so they told me." he said testily. . WHY in the devil's name. What in the devil's name! "You see. they formed it last year. "Are you a member?" he blurted." she said without thinking and Harry looked at her doubtfully. "You'll cause yourself a concussion if you keep with it. just like Lily did a few minutes before.

"Well. because Lily's mouth opened in horror. "Uh…well. although not so fitting to the tough guy image you have in school. I want to sleep." he asked in what he thought was a bored tone. your hair is lovely and totally fits your face. the fact that I'm supposed to be your mother in the future doesn't mean I am not a woman. "You know. let's go to the dormitory. how embarrassing is this? "Don't be embarrassed. "But what about classes?" she asked as they went. you are quite muscular if you hadn't noticed and your eyes. . "Not to mention you are very nice to people. "Right. sometimes I just feel like you can read minds. It was a long night. and cannot see a downright handsome face in front of me." he said looking at the floor and luckily." she said before she could think. are quite nice in the complex of your face. standing and stretching." she said lamely but Harry seemed to have bought it. well." She said and Harry turned red in the spot. let's just say I can read people quite well. she didn't notice she was responding to his thoughts." She is supposed to be my future mother."Enlighten me." yawned Harry. though Lily could identify the curiosity behind it.

That was close…I need to keep my mouth shut more often he thought." she said. When they reached the common room. Lily asked. I know they are Animagus. Oh damn. It shows the castle and the movement in it. "How are we going to track Peter?" she said quietly. "Oh nothing" she said "Well."It is Saturday today. Harry reached his dormitory and saw James looking at the . James told me. The map can't lie so that little rat can't hide even in his Animagi form. mentally smacking herself. "What's so funny?" he asked." She said. quite amused at the relived expression on Harry's face. no need to look so horrified. I'm not supposed to tell you about it but I have a map of Hogwarts. "Don't worry about it. remember?" he said in amusement. goodnight Harry" she said and went up the stairs to her dormitory. she doesn't know they are Animagus! "It's okay Harry. Lily heard him of course and silently laughed. "Right." he said without thinking and suddenly looked at Lily with fear.

crossing his arms over his chest. "James. How am I supposed to tell him I gave up on Lily? "Yeah. Lily told me." He repeated. I swear. sitting on his bed and watching James. No wonder people ." said Harry. "Did you guys sort things out?" "Yes we did in a matter of a fact. "I talked to Lily." said Harry in a would-be casual voice. James turned to look at him. right?" he asked in sort of awe." said Harry with a small smile. I'm fine. "You know. that's exactly what I asked. "Good. "No. "You're kidding. Harry laughed. "Good. are you okay?" Harry asked in worry. "Is she a member?" James asked immediately. "Did you know we have a fan club?" James looked at him in surprise." said James.wall a very sad and determined look on his face." James said gloomily.

I'm going to bed. you like him. he was asleep. she didn't get any. Lily was a different story. the moment his head touched the pillow." said James and surprisingly. . after she reached the dormitory. and after reassuring it's okay. raising his eyebrows at their unusual behaviour after Lily's slap on their faces." said Ron rolling his eyes. "What's so funny if I may ask?" Ron said." James and Harry laughed as Ron entered the room. "You two are mental. she was tossing and turning in her bed trying to get some sleep.always telling me I'm like you." said Harry and James together and they were attacked by another fit of laughter. She kept rolling in her mind the events of the last hours. Lily went to sleep. "Nothing. However. Hermione apologised to her again. See? I told you. said the annoying voice in her voice. "Thanks Ron. She couldn't believe she was stupid enough to say this especially after she began to like James.

A few days later. an old archway was standing proud with a veil hung on it.Shut up. she fell asleep. . In the middle of the room. Harry found himself spending more time with Ginny. It drove Harry batty and they knew it. DREAM She was standing in a dim-lighted room. The room was full of commotion. Days passed. He was battling with a female Death Eater that looked suspiciously like Bellatrix Black. when did life became so difficult? And with that thought. She sighed. Lily and James weren't talking to each other. you can do better than that!" She looked towards the old archway and saw someone that looked like Sirius only he looked a lot thinner and not healthy. "Come on. One night. Sirius's cousin. Lily had a dream. which looked like an amphitheatre. after a particularly awkward evening in the common room. She was holding someone and suddenly heard a yell. just so he could avoid the uneasiness. Lily had a dream.

"SIRIUS!" she bellowed "SIRIUS!" She felt herself being grabbed around the chest and struggled against the person that was holding her. She felt her heart beating faster. "Get him. She had released the person she was holding and pulled her wand out. She felt her lips moving again. She heard Bellatrix's triumph scream and felt her lips moving. "We can still reach him-" she moved to get out of the strong grip. save him." "He hasn't gone!" she yelled and a feeling of emptiness and grief filled her "SIRIUS! SIRIUS!" . he's only just gone through!" "-It's too late. His voice was trembling and quiet. She saw Sirius's body fall into the veil and disappear.A jet of red light was shot from Bellatrix's wand and hit Sirius square on the chest. "There's nothing you can do Harry…nothing…he's gone. Harry" the person who grabbed her said.

"Lily?" she whispered. Sirius still had an amused look in his eyes and—" . And Hermione was the only one to understand what was happening to her."He can't come back Harry. because he's d—" "HE – IS – NOT – DEAD!" she screamed as loud as she could "SIRIUS!" END DREAM Lily was tossing. "It was horrible. The yells from the boy's dormitories stopped so everybody were going back to sleep. "Did you see it all?" tears formed in Lily's eyes and she nodded. Lily and Hermione weren't though. yelling and crying just like the boy who was just a few rooms away. He can't come back. Her roommates seemed surprised as the yells Harry would made sometimes were now coming from Lily. Lily opened her eyes weakly and shot a questioning look to Hermione. Lily was staying in the bed near Hermione so she could hear her breathing. turning." she said with a sob "I never saw anything so sad in my life.

. The boy looked up to her and she remembered something that Lavender told her "That was horrible." and indeed. Lily nodded and stood up. She didn't expect anyone to be there. "Thank you Hermione." she said with a hug. "Shh…" Hermione tried to calm her "Are you tired?" Lily shook her head "Why don't you go to the common room. He was feeling so depressed Hermione. Silent tears were leaking from his eyes. "Harry?" she said quietly. Lily was scared. the fire is burning and you can think there. "Are you okay?" she asked and he nodded. Hermione just gave her an encouraging look before crawling into her bed and hearing the door click as it shut." She said. I'd die if I had all these horrible feelings. She saw a messy black haired boy lying on the sofa. A boy that always had a smile on his face was falling apart. A boy that always was a source of power and bravery was lying on a sofa and crying.Hermione got up and hugged Lily who continued to mumble "and Harry kept repeating that he's not dead." She said and sobbed harder into Hermione's nightgown. Lily went to the common room.

" "No." Harry came up and embraced her. You weren't there. you didn't do anything."It's nothing." he whispered harshly. do you hear me? Don't you dare blame yourself because you didn't do a thing." "I'm sorry." She said tears now forming in her eyes in what seemed to be the thousand time this month. They stood embraced for a couple of minutes before Lily talked again." he said and wiped his tears. "Really. his soft demeanour dissolving. don't worry about it. "It was none of your fault. He didn't know what to say to her . "What for? You didn't do anything wrong. "The girls told me and I looked up in the library about Sirius. "James hates me doesn't he?" Harry stayed silent." she said quietly he shook his head. "And I'm sorry you had to lose Sirius and-" she said tearfully. Harry froze "How do you know all that stuff? How do you know about Sirius?" he asked stiffly. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to live with bloody Petunia and all of the things you went through.

He shrugged and climbed into bed before he heard that squeak again.because James avoided the issue of Lily at all costs and refused even to look at her. a label called "Peter Pettigrew" was not moving. he kissed Lily's forehead. inside something that looked like the corner of the room. "shut up Wormtail. Harry's breaths quickened and his blood was boiling rapidly. He climbed the stairs to his dormitory before he heard a little squeak. He looked at her and saw she was sleeping." he whispered and looked at the part of the map that was the boy's dormitories. Harry noticed Lily's breath was slower. After a few minutes of silence." Something clicked in Harry's mind and his eyes widened. No one was there. He lifted her to the sofa and summoned her blanket. He quickly shot out of bed and searched his trunk for the Marauder's Map. He lit his wand in a more powerful lightning charm and searched in the corner of the room for any signs of the . He knew that squeak. "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good. Harry stopped dead. And indeed. Before he came up the stairs. He lit his wand and looked around. James mumbled in his sleep something that sounded like.

The yell woke the other boys in the dormitory. "Gained some weight didn't you Wormtail? Your master feeding you good?" A voice murmured in the dark. squeaking from time to time." He said shortly. he yelled. James's eyes widened and he snatched his wand and glasses from the nightstand. as if electricity shot ran through him. He looked almost the same as he did in his time. He didn't know he woke James up. Harry's temper rose. He looked at Peter. "What have you done Wormtail?" he murmured and then. . He heard footsteps then a little squeak. at the very corner of the room. Harry frowned. His face was heating up and he had to fight very hard not to squash the little rat under his leg until he died. a filthy fat rat was lying. "Harry? What's going on?" James said sleepily. And there he was. "Stupefy!" A beam of hot red light shot out of his wand and stunned Wormtail. James stirred. "That little rat!" He stood and walked to the corner. "Wormtail is here.rat.

Mr Potter?" said a stern voice from the door. "Thank you for the information. I would now suggest that you go-" she said." asked Ron. "Is that?" He asked slowly as he saw what Harry and James were glaring at. "A rat? You mean…" she trailed off. "Yes. "What's wrong Harry. Neville walked sleepily out of the dorm. He is stunned though. still watching the rat. "There is no way in the world I'm going to sleep now ." Professor McGonagall strode into the room and summoned the rat from the floor." Said Harry slowly and venomously. Mr Potter. "A little rat paid us a little visit professor. James turned around but Harry didn't move an inch. "What is wrong." said James in contempt."What's going on?" "Who yelled?" "Someone get a professor please!" said Harry. That rat. "Wormtail? Yeah. Professor McGonagall took a step back from the poison in Harry's voice.

Professor McGonagall face was changing at the words. please lower your voice it is four o'clock in the morning!" she snapped "You may stay awake for all I care Mr Potter but the rest of you is going back to sleep. He is the reason my godfather is dead." he said. She was just stunned at first but soon her face turned white and her lips were pursed. "Are we going to follow her or what?" he asked. "Thanks. "W-What?" Harry stammered. and she huffed in indignation and left. James however remained still. . Harry stifled a chuckle.professor." Harry said. "I'm also Mr Potter professor. How do you expect me to go to sleep when he is right here?" Harry was yelling at this point. the professor's lips pursed even more." said James. James smirked. "Nice one." said Harry. Professor McGonagall glared at him and pointed to the bed. "Mr Potter." She said and watched until each and every one of her students were tucked in bed. "This piece of vermin is the reason both of my parent are dead. raising his voice.

"And I didn't know Peter is a filthy traitor. "Just like your father in his times…" Harry and James chuckled. "I'm solemnly swear I'm up to no good. "Is that you. the dot which was supposed to be labelled as "James Potter" was labeled as "Prongs" and on the top of the paper there was a message. "Up to no good again Prongs?" Harry let out an admiring breath "What?" asked James." he said. Harry?" asked the fat lady." said Harry." James said with a sly grin."Follow McGonagall…you have the cloak and the map right?" Harry nodded "Let's go then!" Harry summoned the map and the invisibility cloak and they walked out of the common room. "Moony figured how to trick this spell a bit. "Didn't know professor Lupin had that in him. But Harry noticed something." James whispered. "How did you get that to label 'Prongs'?" he asked. "What's the password to Dumbledore's office?" asked ." said James and there was an awakened silence. "Oh.

"I want the password to Dumbledore's office. I'm sure he'd like a few words. "Very well. 'Password?' it said. Curly green words blossomed at the top of the page. Harry whispered the password and the gargoyle stepped aside.Harry. as well. Harry and James stepped outside of Dumbledore's office and they heard Professor McGonagall's voice." said James quietly to the map." Dumbledore said. what do we say to the boys?" . "Dumbledore lost his marbles. only with password. and Ms Isadora. The title changed into the password 'Exploding Bon-Bons'." "It doesn't to Dumbledore's office though. "it usually shows passwords." James said. "So what should we do? Call the ministry or keep him here?" "I think maybe you should call Remus first." said James and Harry stifled a loud laugh. Ah.

"Be that as it may. "Two days. Harry and James were shocked. or do you not remember that?" McGonagall all but yelled. "How many days is it until full moon?" she asked suddenly. Albus. I'm not going to let them blow the steam on me again.There was a pause. After she left. She was murmuring words like "Madness"." she said. Peter is the cause of those deaths and we cannot know how Harry and James will react to him." said Dumbledore. "Are you out of your MIND. his godfather died. It stopped however. let alone being hesitant in yelling at her students. "Out of his mind". Last time we kept information from the boy. Amy and McGonagall's voices. They have never heard McGonagall crossing Dumbledore. "Maybe it's for the best if they won't know what's going on. They heard McGonagall's steps and they had to squash themselves to the wall so she won't bump into them." There was silence "I'll go fetch Remus and Amy. "I will not let them blow the steam on me again". Harry and James fell into silent laughter." He suggested. There was a moment of silent and they heard the professor hissing. a few minutes later when they heard Remus. Albus? Harry Potter just gave me lecture why he shouldn't go to bed and his father has one of the worst tempers I've ever seen in my life. .

" Harry whispered back but Remus did not know whether Harry or James said it. Prongs?" "Prongs?" said Amy." said Remus and got another kick." They walked up the stairs and James and Harry squashed themselves to the wall again. "Is James here?" she asked."But who found him?" asked Remus's voice. "Damn. "Let's go before McGonagall see what's holding us back. "Harry and James. "Go!" he said more fiercely and this time. "What did you do that for. When Remus walked by them. "No. "Yes." but to his surprise Amy laughed quietly. Harry. Amy turned to see what this whole whispering behind her was. he suddenly stopped and sniffed." . go to sleep please. we can handle it. Remus felt a kick in his shin." said McGonagall. "Ow!" he yelped quietly." he whispered angrily. He won't go. that hurt. I can tell you that. Harry saw James's eyes widened in fear and then he heard Remus's voice taking in just above a whisper: "Prongs. "I've never seen such fury on such a young face for a long time.

What if they'll kill him before we can clear Sirius's name?" "I agree with Remus. "You'll hear from me again. I have little faith in the ministry at the moment. you are dismissed. I am not sure what they can do to Peter. "Headmaster. "Damn.she said and winked to the general direction of James and Harry. I'll keep Mr Pettigrew in a . It IS two days before the full moon. may I suggest something?" asked Professor McGonagall "Maybe we should owl the ministry. tell them we have him. Remus surprisingly obeyed. "I don't know Dumbledore. I don't care what they are going to do to the rat but I know I want to clear Sirius's name." There was a murmur of agreement. "Very well." There was a pause. They closed the door to Dumbledore's office. Prongs." James said seriously. I forgot. his senses are sharpening. but then silenced again as voices began to talk loudly in Dumbledore's office. after Black's name will be cleared we'll let him go. to tell you the truth." said Remus in obvious annoyance. even send a few Aurors here.

. Not even bothering to toss their glasses aside. watching and making guesses about who is who. Only this time she watched a memory of Sirius and Remus explaining the story of the marauders in the Shrieking Shake. but after the memories flooded her. They climbed through the portrait hole and collapsed on the couches. Quite a few people were already standing there." said Harry breathily to the fat lady." Dumbledore said everybody tuned to the door and James and Harry ran to Gryffindor tower. Lily woke up extremely early. they fell asleep. She had another one of these dream. There. only half a minute later. "Holly Hippogriffs. she went down the stairs to find to her surprise two extremely alike faces of James and Harry Potter sleeping soundly on the sofa she just slept in. she sighed. In the morning. she said and giggled as James gave her a wave. belonged to Hermione. When Lily woke up she was very surprised to find herself sleeping on the sofa in the common room. not bothering to check the map.". "It is very late Mr Potter. A memory.very safe box I have. who she figured later. After a quick shower. don't do this again.

" Harry gave her a strange look before looking at his watch. the boy turned. Just as it began. Lily jumped away from the boy. "No. The figure's head was rolling on her chest before she jumped and talked to the boy casually.The people in the common room watched her as she came to one of the teenagers and brushed his hair away from his forehead. She has just seen a premonition." she croaked. "Everything's just fine. She raised her head and saw it was Harry. it stopped. a figure behind him talked. "Is there something wrong?". Suddenly. startled. I wonder what happened to . A redhead boy was walking in the corridors from the great hall. she was sure of that because the boy she touched wasn't the boy in her dream. "It's almost time for breakfast. the woman continued to speak and the boy went pale. asked the boy whom she was standing next to. She couldn't quite make the words.

I'm sure James will be glad to hear it. he whispered to Lily. All of the people in first year hear about them. "Anyway.". They are the pride of the house. "Did you just say Wormtail?" asked one of the boys that Harry recognised as a sixth year. "How do you know about them?" "Are you kidding?" said a third year. he looked up and saw all the people looking at him. "They are famous for their pranks." said Harry dryly. "Are you really Prongs?" asked a first year in undisguised awe." Many gasps were heard "Someone talking about me?" asked James. "So we're famous huh?" "Who are the others?" asked the sixth year." "I didn't get any information about them until my third year. "Yeah. and that was by accident. "As in Wormtail from the infamous marauders?" "Yep. he's Prongs. who obviously heard the entire conversation. . pretending to yawn and stretch. "Did I do something?".Wormtail." James said." he said.

enough of this. All of the fifth years up were gasping. I can tell you that Moony is Professor Lupin. he said smiling. Harry shrugged at him and James grinned. many of the students conjured parchment and quill and asked him to sign on them." he said. but at this moment. He looked up into the amused face of Harry and the delighted face of James. "Well. Then. He looked into the faces of his gasping students. the other two we will tell you in a few weeks. Maybe it's fate. "Are you really Moony?" "Who are the other Marauders?" "Why did you keep this from us?" By now. everybody started to talk. like a blast. "We will tell you one. "Harry.". "Right. the .Harry silenced James who was just about to answer. Remus was red with embarrassment and did not know where did this come from. after the truth will be out. Many confused faces met him. Remus entered the common room." Harry said. James.

"What happened to Pettigrew. he took both Harry and James to the headmaster's office. smiling. James and Harry went up the stairs and came back fifteen minutes later to see that the crowd grew and Lily was gone. Harry noticed she was talking to Hermione.headmaster wants to talk to the both of you." Remus smiled at the scowling face of James. sir?" asked Harry. "A very interesting question." and the gargoyle jumped open. "Sorry sir." said Dumbledore as they sat down a few minutes later. Mr Potter." Harry and James immediately got up. Mr Potter. just in time I see. . but I know that you already know the answer to that. "Should I say the password or do you already know it?" James gave him an innocent look while Harry said. "Please go take some shower Prongs. glancing at the stammering Remus and giggling. "Ah. Both Harry and James went scarlet. After Remus shook Harry from his sweet dreamland." murmured James. "Exploding Bon-Bons. you stink." said Dumbledore. Both of you.

is the same man who was responsible to the death of himself and Lily." This statement made James look down. after all. who helped him at need. I am sure that both of you has some things to say to Mr Pettigrew. Everybody laughed. His wand was taken and he is bounded so he cannot attack. Mr Potter. Harry slid for a few seconds on a long and very wide tunnel ." said Harry. the conversation continued and Harry now stepped into a secret room underneath Dumbledore's desk. curiosity did kill the cat. Apparently. He could not believe that one of his best friends. Lily He killed Lily My Lily "I'll go first. He is now in a special room inside my office." joked James. he was just passing by. now." said Dumbledore wisely."Curiosity is not a crime. Mr Potter. let's get down to business. but be aware of the things curiosity can lead to. who helped Remus with his transformations. "Nicely said. "But it wasn't the cat's fault that he ran into a gang of bullycats.

" he stuttered.until he reached a circular room. "Harry. "Wormtail. just as Sirius did four years ago "You should've died like the people who died because of you! Because of you." Harry said coldly his eyes shooting daggers at Pettigrew. "B-But H-Harry." he said in his squeaky voice." he squeaked. The Dark Lord would've killed me-" "Voldemort did not make you bring Bertha Jorkins to him. An innocent man ran away from prison because of you. You did it on your own free will. AN INNOCENT MAN WAS ON A RUN FROM THE MINISTRY BECAUSE OF YOU!" Harry yelled. And there. I had to do it. I HAVE NO ONE! NO ONE!" . Peter Pettigrew sat bounded to a chair by golden chains. "Sirius would've killed me." Harry said. s-she underst-tood who I am…she would've turned me down to the Ministry. BECAUSE OF YOU I AM AN ORPHAN! BECAUSE OF YOUR DAMN FAT ASS. I have no parents. in the middle of the room. very much like Harry saw in one of the trials in Dumbledore's Pensieve in his fourth year. "So you should've let her! An innocent man was sitting in Azkaban twelve years because of you. "So you should've died!" Harry roared. "Harry.

seething. Pettigrew? A lot of lives will be ruined because of you. my life!" he said.Harry bellowed. "Well. "Did he realise we heard all he said from here?" asked Remus . And you didn't even have a damn good reason to do it! Not one! Everybody trusted you! With Remus's transformation. "And you turned them all down. but I don't think other people who will show him how much suffer he caused will do any harm. Maybe emotional but he deserves it. and for what? For a pathetic excuse of a human being?" Pettigrew whimpered and Harry drew courage from it. "My whole life was ruined because of you. I think I made my point clear." He said and came out of the office. you made a mistake that will cost for a lot of goddamn lives!" "It's all your fault. You turned them all down. "Very well. "And you know what. running up the tunnel and came out of Dumbledore's office. with their life." he whispered. "How did it go?" asked Remus. you know what Pettigrew? YOU are a pathetic excuse for a human being!" Harry said and took off. with the order. You helped Voldemort back. with the Animagi.

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. Lily came into the office. James was silent. "Nobility. James looked at him. obviously looking for Harry and James. he continued. hearing every word and utterly speechless for the opportunity James was giving Peter. "How could you do this Peter?" barely audible. "James. all of the pain and the hurt of the last week came crushing down on him." he whispered. "You killed me. what do you have to say for yourself?" Dumbledore and Remus were up. he looked into one of his best friends eyes and whispered." said Dumbledore with a smile. Although he wanted to curse Pettigrew into oblivation.*Chapter 11*: Chapter 11: The Halloween Ball The Halloween Ball Peter looked up and his eyes widened. obviously waiting for James to stop him but he didn't. You killed me. you have to understand-" Peter said. She looked up as Dumbledore and Remus were looking into something looked like television screen on the wall. "James.

James swallowed the lump in his throat with difficulty. what the hell do you understand!" Peter said icily. You are only seventeen. You killed Lily." James said angrily. "You weren't there James. Or can't you remember that Death Eaters killed my dad in fifth year!" "Don't you remember Peter." Peter said in defeat. "You killed Lily. do you know how many innocent lives will be killed just because you are a Death Eater?" "I don't know what the hell made you become a Death Eater. Peter would've been dust now. Damn you Peter you killed Lily" James was choked up by now." said James "You killed me. There is nothing you can say or do to make up for it." he repeated. If looks could burn. you don't know what the hell happened to all of us. but I still know what pain is." Peter looked down. "I heard you helped Voldemort back into power. Your best friend. Well done Peter."James. "Damn right there isn't. "I am seventeen Peter. but obviously your friends weren't enough for you. that Death Eaters killed your father! Did you remember that when you took the mark? Did you remember your father?" . "There is nothing I can say for myself now.

" said Peter. He strode forward towards Peter and punched him with all his might. And I'm not ashamed of being a Death Eater. The Dark Lord offered me a shelter from you and I took it. Did my mother love me? No! She was too busy worshipping my dead father's ass." "Harry Potter is a stupid little brat who-" Peter started but got another fist in his face. James was fuming. you didn't even notice when I wasn't at Harry's first birthday. brave and nice than you and Harry is the bravest person anyone can imagine and I'm proud I'm his father in the future. You had our respect and trust and you betrayed us!" "Who loved me Potter?" Pettigrew started shouting. "Did girls love me? No! They were too busy worshipping your ass."My father was a fool. "Your father loved you. "Never insult them again." spat Peter with contempt. Did you guys love me? No! You were too busy teasing me!" James was shocked at Peter's outburst "Nobody loved me. do you hear me? You don't even worth the dirt on their shoelaces. When Harry was born you were too busy worshipping and showing off in your silly wife and stupid child. just like everybody else loved you Peter. Lily is a thousand times more smart. Blood was all over his nose and .

. "You are nothing but a cowered Pettigrew".clothes. ignoring Remus's calls and returned to the common room. she slapped Peter with all the strength she could master. James turned to Peter again. Remus sighed. Peter screamed with pain and James whispered. James backed off Peter and turned to Dumbledore "Can I do one more thing before I go?" he asked him. "I blew the steam on him yesterday. She didn't spare time for words. "Of course." said Dumbledore and watched how Lily slid down the tunnel. the bustard just kept answering us back."' Lily nodded. He quickly went out of the office. and went up the hole to meet the astounded faces of Lily and Remus. "How could you?" she said in a deadly whisper. Dumbledore nodded stiffly. "I think that is enough James." said Albus Dumbledore's calm voice from near the entrance hole. "Can I go down there professor?" she asked Dumbledore who arrived just as James shut the door. He roughly kneed him in his groin area. so did Amy.

She smiled but the smile quickly faded."James was nothing but nice to you and you betrayed us. "Don't you call me Lily. A stupid Mudblood with no talent whatsoever. "I'm not a Potter either. you have no right. She heard Remus's thought though: Is this some kind on effect he had on people? To make them so mad they can't say a word afterwards." "You don't know a thing Lily. Just like the two others before her. it doesn't change the fact that you are nothing but a bitch that was knocked up by my best friend. She whipped her wand out and shouted "Densaugeo". "Would you shut up? Whatever your name is. you were an idiot at sixteen and you are a downright prat at 37!" she said and stalked off. breakfast was over by now and Lily was late for Charms." she said." he said in the same icy voice he used with James." he said with venom. . "Fine Potter-" he said. Peter's teeth began to grow as Lily spat on his face "You were a jerk at eleven. she left Dumbledore's office in a hurry without another word." she spat.

" Hermione's shocked face was actually quite amusing. He is in professor Dumbledore's office. . Lily whispered 'Later' before the professor continued the class. causing a few students to look at their crazy Head Girl. where were you at breakfast?" asked Hermione as the lesson was over."Ms Evans. Professor Dumbledore stood. both blushing to the roots of their hairs. "What?" she repeated more quietly." squeaked professor Flitwick. "Yes. Hermione stopped walking. didn't Ron tell you? He and James caught him last night." she said. "Good evening students." he started "this year." she said and sat down near Hermione who shot her a questioning look. "I am sorry professor but I was at Dumbledore's office. "WHAT!" she yelled. you are late again. "Harry caught Wormtail last night. our wonderful Head Boy and Girl-" his eyes twinkled towards Ron and Hermione. "Now. The day passed rapidly and it was already dinner.

Hermione couldn't hold her anxiousness and anticipation. "You okay Herms?" asked Ron. Suddenly."-decided a Halloween Ball will be in order. "You will all dress like muggles do on special occasions – the shops in Hogsmede got a note and the refilled their collection and of course." she said. a thing that didn't go unnoticed by her new boyfriend. a pretty brunet came and tapped James on the shoulder. I'm going to talk to Dumbledore after the feast to get some news. "It just that blasted Pettigrew." the hall burst into cheers "The ball will be for forth year and up although you may invite a younger student if you like. . She meant to talk to professor Dumbledore about Pettigrew. "Don't call me that. Hermione scowled." said Ron. She barely touched the food. shooting Ron a dirty look." she snapped and then sighed. "Oh. the music at the ball will be muggle music." After the feast. The ball will have a theme-" Some of the people groaned although a big part of the female population seemed quite comfortable with that.

the hall began to talk again and many excited murmurs ran through the hall. Suddenly. "Well of course. "I was just wondering if you can escort me to the upcoming ball?" she asked batting their eyelashes again. Donna batted her eyelashes. They all wore the same disgusted expression on their faces. Meet me outside your common room in eight?" she nodded and walked swaying her hips. James shot a fleeting look at Lily." . "Hi. a seventh year Gryffindor." Replied James "I'm James Potter. "Hi. Harry was watching from the side disgusted by the mutual flirting. What did I do to have the honour of visiting me?" he asked charmingly." she said smiling brightly. James followed her with his eyes. The hall was quiet.James turned and smiled "Yes?" he asked the brunet. Lily scowled." "Wonder if she'd say yes. like a fire. my name is Donna O'Connell I'm a seventh year Ravenclaw. "What?" he asked innocently. "That means Evans is available. He turned to look at the entire Gryffindor table.

but it may take a while. and that include Ron and Hermione's snogging. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled merrily "Yes." he said and Harry nodded." he said without thinking and then. "I believe that you didn't take well the little display in the great hall?" said Dumbledore in amusement. "I am close to a solution. as if realising what he said and to whom. "That was the most disgusting thing I ever had the misfortune to see.Harry had the sudden urge to puck. he couldn't pretend he didn't see it coming. "Professor." said Harry. two months at least." he said. your father and mother were very desirable at their time at Hogwarts. when are they going back?" asked Harry suddenly. Someone who turned to be the smiling face of Albus Dumbledore. "You better change this expression or it may get stuck like that forever. He got up and walked out of the hall wearing a deep disgusted expression on his face. Dumbledore sighed." said someone behind him. he clasped his hand to his mouth. . "Hello professor.

hopeful. "The history had already changed when they came. He loved everything about her: her lovely red hair. meaning. but since when was Harry a normal boy? ." he smiled "Well. He admired her wisdom and state of mind. Harry seemed to spend a lot of time thinking about Ginny Weasley. it didn't happen. her beautiful chocolate eyes and her well-curved body. I'm sure you have someone to invite to the ball. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled." said Dumbledore. "How do you know?" Harry asked "Excellent question Harry." Harry blushed and muttered 'yes. Because of being a teenager. Harry's hormones were kicking in." he said and Harry's eyes widened. sir' before running his way to Gryffindor tower. off you go Harry. professor Isadora and Mr Lupin do not recall this kind of event in the past. perhaps a little late from the other boys. "No."Will you…erase their memory?" Harry asked carefully. "W-W-What? B-B-But that'll change history!" he said. From the middle of his sixth year.

Ginny is her own person he thought she doesn't need Ron to make her decisions. Harry knew. And with little apprehension. of course that his chances with Ginny were slim to none because he knew that if Ron knew about this.Harry noticed during the summer that his muscles seemed to grow. Then. Harry would be blasted into pieces on the spot. "Doyouwanttogototheballwithme?" Harry mumbled to his feet. . he walked towards her. "Ah… Ginny?" he said. She really did become a lovely young woman. Ginny was torn between amusement and excitement. Too bad Ron wouldn't have anyone date her. Harry looked around the common room and his gaze lingered on Ginny. She looked up from the book she was reading "Yeah?" she smiled. so he helped them by running around the neighbourhood and using Dudley's punching bag early in the morning. Harry became a little angry.

"Sorry?" she asked a little breathlessly. Harry blushed from embarrassment." said James Harry blushed even further and Ginny almost cracked with amusement. "Yes. "What's that?" asked a voice behind him "A Potter who doesn't know how to dance? Shame on you Harry!" said James with a smirk. I mean it. Ginny's heart was pounding very hard in her chest indeed." she said and smiled brightly. Harry Potter asking her to the ball? "Uh…of course Harry. . "I'll give you lessons Harry." he said. "Nonsense Harry! This is a family tradition!" he said. "You mean it? You will?" he asked hopeful. Harry took a deep breath "Do you…do you want to go to the ball with me?" he asked. "I don't know how to dance. "You really don't ha-" Harry started." he said. Harry sighed with relief. Harry looked up. Harry looked up. looking at his shoes." she said. "But…I must warn you before hand.

"You know nothing about your own family?" "Give him a rest will you?" snapped Ginny suddenly. clearly surprised. "And it's not his fault at all that he lived at his muggle relatives. "Do you have the key to the family vault then?" James asked. eyebrows furred. meet me in the Room of Requirement at 7 tonight okay?" James asked Harry. clearly embarrassed. "There is a family vault?" Harry asked. The whole common room was listening to their conversation by now."It is?" he asked. . James rolled his eyes. "Harry. "No" said Harry." Ginny said. "Of course it is! Don't you know anything about our family?" James asked suspiciously. "N-No" Harry mumbled. "B-But H-He…he knows nothing! About anything!" Harry had a strong reminder of Hagrid before his first year. James was even more surprised than Harry was "Do you know where Godric's Hollow is?" he asked.

"Harry. looking . ears turning red. She is sixteen!" Harry said." said Harry calmly." Harry said gratefully. Moment of truth. his cheeks flushed. temper rising. "She's my little sister…" he started. "And she's also a person to herself who doesn't need you to protect her from boys. But he knew his patient mood wouldn't last for long. "How dare you? She's just a little girl!" Ron yelled. "What's all that noise?" asked Ginny from the stairs." she said smiling. "She is NOT a little girl anymore Ron. The common room silenced again. still a bit angry with James for embarrassing Harry in front of the whole common room. She walked to her dormitory and Harry took a deep breath after seeing that Ron in approaching." said Harry "Is that a problem?" Ron glowered at him.Harry nodded and James walked away muttering something about 'all redheads girls are insane' "Thanks Gin. did you just ask my sister to the ball?" asked Ron angrily. "Yeah. "No problem.

"Hold it Potter. we are not finished!" said Ron angrily. "That's the end of it Ron. I'm going with Harry and nothing you can say or do will change that!" she yelled and stormed off. "I will go to the ball with whomever I want Ron. You are not my guardian angel Ronald! I'm not a little girl anymore!" she was practically screaming right now. clearly hurt. "Nothing Ginny. no matter what you think. Ron grabbed his arm. "Am I Potter now Ron? What happened to dear old Harry?" asked Harry. followed by Hermione who shot a glare at Ron. Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing.down at Harry and Ron." said Harry and walked towards the portrait of the Fat Lady." said Ron. And apparently neither did the other students as they were gasping in shock. neither was Ginny. "He jumped out of the window the moment you started looking at my sister. "B-But Ginny…" trailed Ron. "Excuse me?" asked Ginny in incredulity and glared at Ron. .

you'll have me to answer to. . He slowly and silently slid into one of the closest sofas and closed his eyes. and opened his mouth. not wanting to make his angry. he was unusually quiet although many students were there.Ron sighed." he said with a sigh. He saw everybody watching him. Everybody was watching him. but very silently. Lily entered the common room. There was silence in which Harry's eyes were still glued to where Ron was a moment ago. "Nothing." he said quietly and everybody returned to what they were doing. there isn't much to see right now. "Well. rubbing his face with his hands. He took several deep breaths and opened his eyes again. "Don't you lie to me Harry James Potter!" she said sharply in a tone that reminded Harry Mrs Weasley. what's wrong?" she asked worriedly. "If you'll hurt her Potter. his hands covering his face." he said and walked angrily out of the common room. He smiled a little about the resemblance. She spotted Harry sitting on a sofa. "Harry.

"Why are you being a prat to your Harry? He has EVERY . Ron jumped a little. Lily also turned red. being followed by half of the Gryffindor tower. "Weasley was being an idiot. "Ah. but also because the common room was watching again. I wonder if being a Potter it means that you are automatically attracted to redheads. "Can somebody explain?" she asked the crowded common room. I'm going upstairs. "No. After Harry asked Ginny to the ball. she located Ron in the great hall. But never mind."You really look like Ginny you know. So did a few other students that were in the hall. with Ron. Ron lost control over himself." Lily looked angry "Accio Marauders Map" she yelled and the map came zooming to her. Even McGonagall heard her from her office. "RONALD WEASLEY!" she screamed when she arrived." he said and walked out. She stormed off to the Great Hall." Harry blurted and turned red. After she activated her. is there a problem with Ginny?" she asked kindly." said Lavender "He called Harry 'Potter' and threatened him.

RIGHT to ask Ginny to the ball! You can't protect her from life Ronald! If Harry wants to go with your sister to the ball and she wants it too SO BE IT!" By now. a few teaches (Remus and Amy among them) and many students were watching. trying to hide behind Amy. "Sorry Lils. . "You are not her MOTHER you are not her FATHER and you are not her BLOODY BOYFRIEND so GIVE IT UP!" Ron flinched and had a painful reminder of his own mother. "I thought I would never hear her lashing her temper on a boy after she married James." said Remus quietly. And her Howlers. Lily heard and it seemed to be a satisfactory answer for her. because she walked briskly out of the hall. How can she always make me feel guilty? He thought. Her face nearly as red as her hair and you could almost see the steam coming off her ears. "IS THAT SO REMUS?" Remus flinched and muttered a small 'crap' so only Amy heard. because Lily turned her head to him. Obviously not quiet enough. Remus and Amy flinched with every word." he said in a small voice.

I mean. "Yeah?" said Harry disbelievingly. better him from Malfoy… Ron nodded to himself and walked to his dormitory in silence. face as red as his hair. I'm sorry mate." Harry said and scratched his nose. He took three calming breaths and relaxed. Maybe it's not such a bad think Harry is dating Ginny. "Look. At 7 o'clock. ."Well. "Harry?" he called as he closed the door behind him." said Amy quietly. actually quite amazed he was so forgiving. Harry saw a ballroom with James waiting for him and blushed to the roots of his hair. I shouldn't have acted like that. Ron nodded and smiled. I definitely didn't miss THAT. it's just that…she's my little sister and…" "That's okay mate. "Wanna play chess?" he asked. Ron sat there. Harry walked to the Room of Requirements wondering what James wanted. He saw a door was already there so he came in and closed the door. Harry nodded. I understand.

James smirked. "Uh…" "I am giving him dancing lessons." said James with a smirk." he said very embarrassed." James said with an amused smile. Harry turned scarlet. They scheduled to do this again the next day. Ron laughed. James taught Harry how to dance. you couldn't use some too. "Shut up Ron." he said jovially. Harry had a major progress but still needed to perfect his moves. For the next two hours. "Let's do this thing. ." said Harry and Ron immediately shut up. "I know I don't but since you didn't learn that in the age of seven you'll have to learn it in the age of seventeen. it's a tradition in the Potter family. Harry felt a lot more comfortable with James now and was glad for it."Uh…James you don't have to do this. where were you?" asked Ron when he and James entered the dormitory. Fathers teaching their sons and mothers teaching their daughters in the age of seven how to dance. Harry relaxed and nodded I can do this. "Hi Harry.

" Ron turned red but nodded. she had white dress that also hung above her knees and two white thin straps. they went to Hogsmede two days earlier and bought the necessary dresses." said James "Tomorrow at seven in the Room of Requirements. On the day of the ball. the girls were hectic. She wore a green shade of makeup. She was wearing a black dress that hung just above her knees. and Harry had a strong reminder of the picture of his parents' wedding. It had one wide sleeveless strap and her makeup was in light blue shade. Lily came down. Harry and Ron were waiting for the girls. By the end of the week. She wore a very similar dress to Lily's except her low . James walked a few minutes earlier to pick Donna. The pureblood girls had a little difficulty to adjust to simple dresses but they managed. they thanked James about twenty times. During the next week."You can come too if you want. Harry and Ron had dancing lessons and they were almost experts. Hermione came downstairs. Ginny came downstairs and Harry had to take a very deep breath to relax himself. He turned his head and butterflies stated fluttering in full force in his stomach.

" she said but than smiled. you look amazing. They entered the hall and saw James and Donna ." he croaked she giggled in embarrassment. James watched the exchange with a . "Thank you Harry. "You look good Herms." said Lily and glared at Harry warning him to say something else. Harry swallowed "Ginny. "Smith?" said Harry disbelievingly when Lily stood next to Zacharias Smith and accepted his arm. "Yeah.neckline was even lower. Harry rolled his eyes and Lily shot a look full of hate towards her. It was in a light green shade. Donna smirked at Lily. "Shall we?" he said and saw Ron doing the same thing." they left the common room to meet Lily's date.who wore a bubble pink dress." she said and he offered her his arm. you look quite handsome yourself." said Harry to Hermione and she glared at him. like her make up. "Thank you. "Don't call me that. Ron and Hermione shot a pitying look at Harry but continued to walk.

He met Zacharias in the DA meetings and like the rest of the Gryffindors. please welcome 'The Weird Sisters'!" the crowd burst in applause as the band started a waltz song and Lily and James had a confused looks on their faces. it made the environment much more welcoming. Hermione. They found themselves a table and sat. The students ate and talked.lifted eyebrow. Other couples stepped into the dance floor." James said. Lily. Ron. Zacharias. didn't like him almost instantly. Harry notices none of the Slytherins was there and his mood lifted. The headmaster stood on the stage. Huh? He shook himself. "Welcome students. . to the Halloween ball .the muggle style. Ginny smiled and nodded and they started to dance." said Dumbledore and a few laughs sounded from the students. "Have fun and tuck in!" he said with a smile. "Now that we are all fed and watered. The evening was a success and none of the students were bothered that none of the Slytherins were there. "Hi Harry. "Would you like to dance?" asked Harry. Ginny.

" "Uh…yeah. "James…I'm sorry. Zacharias stepped aside with a glare and James put his hands on Lily's waist as she put his hands on his broad shoulders." Harry said." said Lily "What I said was from the heat of the moment and I didn't mean it at all. the eyes he loved more than anything. Lily looked in the depths of James's chocolate eyes." "Hey Harry." James looked at Lily's eyes. face red Ginny laughed and Harry found his butterflies fluttering yet again. you are not so bad at dancing at all. Someone tapped on Zacharias's shoulder." he said with a charming smile towards Ginny. Lily tried not to winch as Zacharias stepped on her toes again. James has been giving me and Ron lessons for the past week. ." said Ginny and Harry looked left to look at them. say you do. I think they are making up. "Do you really mean that?" say yes.After a few minutes Ginny spoke: "You know. "Yes I do James. "May I cut in?" asked James's voice. "They are. Lily's heart began to pound as a slow song began to play. look at Lily and James.

"Why do I feel like everybody is watching us?" asked Lily. "I don't know."Remus. "They do look like us. He looked at Lily and James and then at Harry and Ginny and grinned. "I missed to see them like that." she . James laughed lightly. it's not just you." he admitted ant Amy nodded. do I see double?" asked Amy who was currently dancing with Remus." Lily breathed." said professor McGonagall and shed a tear." said Ron." said Dumbledore sadly. "I missed this. "Great Merlin. "Nope. Ginny smiled in triumph at her. "You dance better." said Hermione and Ron blushed. maybe because it's been a long time since they saw it?" said James "Or maybe because we look like a replica of Harry and Ginny?" Lily looked at Harry and Ginny and her jaw dropped. "Is it just me or James and Lily look exactly like Harry and Ginny?" asked Hermione and Ron laughed quietly. "Indeed.

The song ended but James and Lily. "After this wonderful performance. "We are alone on the dance floor.said and James laughed and once again dove into the depths of her eyes." said Dumbledore. they were erased that night. continued to dance as the next song started. unlike everybody else. "So…had fun?" asked Hermione and Lily blushed. Good night. stuffing his face with Mars Bars. Applause was heard from the crowd as the song ended and James and Lily turned to an even deeper shade of red. sweet reverie and looked around." she said and blushed furiously. If Harry ever had doubts about why his parents got married. "Uh…James?" said Lily. The crowed turned back to their common room. may I ask you all to turn back to your dormitories. "When do you think they'll realise they are alone on the dance floor?" asked Dean. James snapped out of his sweet. "Yeah?" said James dreamily. .

good night Herms. "Right." Lily said. Hermione climbed to her dormitory and left Harry and Ginny alone. Well. "I had a wonderful time too Ginny. embarrassed. They separated and Ron turned to the smirking face of his sister and Harry. They climbed through the portrait of the Fat Lady "Well. He leaned to kiss her and she leaned as well." said Hermione to Ron. I had a wonderful time Ron." Ginny said to Harry. "I would've said I had a wonderful time but Hermione already stole that line from me." Harry said smiling .They are so cute together Lily smacked her." he said and walked away quickly before Hermione had the chance to tell him off. "Hem hem. "Ouch! What was that for!" Hermione cried silently. you were cute! "Shut up. "Watch your thoughts!" Lily said just as quietly and Hermione smirked. Ron smiled but blushed." said someone behind them.

Harry nodded and looked down "Of course!" she said and Harry looked up and smiled. They saw that they were indeed blocking the way to the common room and a group of sixth and seventh years were watching them smirking. "Good night Gin. . Harry and Ginny separated and blushed." he said and walked away. Ginny felt as though firework exploded in her stomach "You mean that?" she asked eagerly. Ginny hesitated for a minute before she ran after him. He did not kiss anyone except Cho. just in time to receive a good night kiss.lightly. He turned from the sound her heels were making. Ginny kissed him on the cheek and turned. It was the first kiss Harry ever shared. "Ginny?" he said and she turned again "Would – Would you be my girlfriend?" he asked and blushed. "Would you mind pulling your tongue from her throat so we can get through?" asked James with a smirk. but it didn't count since she was the only participant. Although some of the girls were glaring at Ginny with envy.

" said Remus and took a sip "It was so long ago." said Harry "Good night. Amy smirked "Why. Remus. Back in the teachers lounge." Snape didn't blush but two weak pink spots appeared on his cheeks "She was a good friend. James and Lily turned to their dormitories with nothing but a wave." said Snape in a cold voice. do you remember the time when we walked into their house in Godric's Hollow just when they were dancing in the lounge?" asked Amy wistfully. also smirking."Right. "If I asked for gossip about Potter's love life I would've asked for it." and turned to his dormitory." said Snape "And how did you know about that?" . if I remember correctly you had a crush on Lily." "Yeah." "Is that why you asked her to the Yule Ball in sixth year?" said Remus. Snape. "Shut up Lupin. "I missed those dances. Amy and Snape were drinking a bit of vodka.

" she mumbled. "I don't know. Harry moved uneasy in his bed. "Yeah. what are you doing awake?" said Harry because James was too frozen by the sight of Lily in her pyjamas. "Can't sleep?" said James's voice. hugging her knees. Snape blushed. They went down the stairs and saw Lily sitting on one of the sofas."She told me that and James overheard." said James and looked at Lily. looking at the fire. He had a great time tonight. Something clicked in Harry's head. "Let's go to the common room. She jumped a bit when she heard them coming down "Hello. I don't know about you but I had a great Halloween. "Well." said Harry. I just can't sleep." suggested James. . "Hi Lily. but he couldn't get rid of the feeling he forgot something." she said and James and Harry sat near her. why do you think you had donkey ears for two days?" said Amy and Remus laughed.

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Seamus. Hermione. So one day Ron and Hermione came with a plan. "I don't want to. James and Lily were in the common room one evening. "I'm bored!" said Ron as he. Hermione winked Ron. "You can do homework." said Hermione. Ginny. that's not such a bad idea. Lavender. their plan was working wonderfully. Dean scowled while Lavender gave an excited squeal." Ron whined. "how about we all play something?" The group looked interested "You know. "Yeah let's play truth or dare!" she said happily. This tension between them was obvious to everyone." said Hermione bossily. Parvati. "How about we play truth or dare?" she suggested. Harry. putting her book aside. Dean. "What's that?" asked James. .*Chapter 12*: Chapter 12: Truth or Dare Chapter 12 – Truth or Dare James and Lily were on good terms but they avoided any kind of physical contact whatsoever.

"But what if we refuse to answer the question or do the dare?" "You have to take off a piece of clothing. squealing is stupid. shooting an annoyed look to Lavender. truth or dare?" asked Hermione. I'll kill Petunia and her oaf of a son. If you say truth you have to answer a question and if you say dare." said Lily and immediately regretted her question as she saw the reason in his mind. it's very popular. Harry never heard of this kind of game since he was never invited to a party as a little boy. She squealed. "Uh…well…" Harry started lamely. "Never mind!" said Lily quickly "Let's play! James conjure a bottle please" James looked at her oddly and conjured a bottle with a wave of his wand. . Lily spun the bottle and it pointed on Lavender. Shit." said Hermione."It's a muggle game where you spin a bottle and if the cork side of the bottle points on you people ask you 'truth or dare?'. (again) "Lavender. didn't you grow up with muggles? You are supposed to know this game. Harry. you have to do something the others give you. "Um…truth" Lavender said with a bright smile.

"Do you like Seamus?" Seamus turned red and Lavender nodded." Hermione said quickly. "Oh. "Well?" said Ron. It stopped in front of James. ." Ron turned red in anger but Hermione cocked an eyebrow and kissed Harry on the cheek. no trace of embarrassment in her voice. Lavender spun the bottle." said Hermione with a smile as Lavender scowled at her and Hermione span the bottle. followed by Lily. Lily blushed while James had an inner struggle. "Snog Lily in a closet for 5 minutes. truth or dare?" "Dare" she said without hesitation. and the closet won't reopen until you completed the task" James smiled embarrassedly and stepped into the closet. James and Lily sighed and went to the closest closet. "You never said where. Hermione and Ron exchanged satisfied smirks. "Kiss Harry. "Hermione. "James truth or dare?" "Dare" said James immediately.

"It's been over ten minutes. "Harry." both Ginny and Harry blushed." said Lavender hesitatingly. After a few seconds he deepened the kiss making Lily make a strange sound from her throat." The teens laughed and continued the game. "Dare." said Hermione with a glint in her eyes "Let them come out whenever they want. maybe someone should check on them. Slowly. sometimes Ginny could be really scary. better get this over with. "No way!" protested Ron "She's my little sister!" "RONALD WEASLEY!" yelled Ginny "I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE!" Ron cowered back into his place. "Well Harry?" said Parvati slyly. He leaned forward but stopped inches from her lips. truth or dare?" asked Parvati. "Kiss Ginny." Harry said. Harry and Ginny stood and ."Well. It should have happened a long time ago. "Oh no. James closed the gap between them with a soft kiss." he said and pinned Lily to the closets back. he slid his arms around her waist while she put her arms around his neck.

"Dean." said Hermione evilly." both Dean and Parvati turned red by now "Ron truth or-" "Dare. The grouped turned to see James who smiled evilly and Lily. "Truth. truth or dare?" Parvati clapped her hands excitedly. whose hair was messy and her cloths were a little wrinkled but her eyes glinted happily." said Ron. "Well…" said Harry "If you had the opportunity to snog someone here.Harry gave her a small peck on the mouth. "WHAT?" yelled Ron while the others were laughing and clutching their stomachs "NO BLOODY WAY IN THE WORLD!" . making Hermione roll her eyes." pouted Lavender. "Tomorrow at breakfast go and tell Snape in front of the whole great hall that he is the best teacher at the school. Harry turned the bottle "Parvati. who would that be?" Parvati blushed and mumbled something "Can't hear you dear." a collective groan was heard from the group. "You are no fun." said James.

but took his shirt off. "Harry truth or dare?" "I already did once!" "I don't care. you must take off a bit of clothing." said James. "Truth. Harry sighed and pulled his shirt off. I accept the dare. ." said Ginny devilishly. Ron blushed. The girls stopped laughing and took a good look at his muscular chest. "POTTER YOU PERVERT!" yelled Ron. Real good." Harry smirked. some of the girls took a deep intake. Quidditch did him good. "Shut up Ron. Truth or dare Harry?" Harry wrinkled his nose in annoyance." "Go with a miniskirt tomorrow. "What?" he asked. This time."Fine than. "Right." "Who do you like?" "No bloody way in the world I'll tell you!" "Take off your shirt than. truth or dare?" "Dare." said Lily and smiled." he said "Ginny.

"She said me and Sirius have to serve detention and Sirius is not even here! She is so used to give us detentions together that she forgot!" Everybody erupted in a loud laugh. "I asked you thousands of times not to call me that Mr Potter! Show some respect! You and Mr Black will have detention at my office tomorrow at seven. I am very disappointed. . Everybody was quiet except of James who was rolling on the floor laughing. and probably always would be. "What in the devil is going on in here? Mr Potter. Mr Weasley. "What is so bloody funny?" asked Ron. much to the girls' disappointment. "Thirty points from Gryffindor.Harry's smirk grew even larger. Harry and Ron blushed and pulled their shirts back on. Sirius was a touchy subject for him. though Harry's sounded rather fake." "But Minnie!" yelped James "It's a lot!" professor McGonagall's lips looked like a very thin line indeed and her face was flushed in anger and embarrassment." she yelled and stomped out of the common room. why are you shirtless in the middle of the common room?" Professor McGonagall entered to the common room.

deciding that they need to discuss the success of their plan. Ron and Ginny (who wore a miniskirt. James winked to Lily who blushed before going up to her dormitory. "You were brilliant Ron. Hermione was sitting on Ron's lap. Hermione was sitting with Lily. The next morning. Ron and Hermione were sitting in one of the armchairs near the fire. stoking his arm. Ron seemed the . you were putting a nice act too. "Stop calling me Herms!" she continued sternly and walked to her dormitory quickly before breaking down laughing. aware she was driving Ron mad. Ron blushed. do you want to play Truth or Dare on our own?" she asked slyly. much to Harry's enjoyment) in the great hall. James. "Dare. Ron and James seemed to have an eating competition." he said in a hoarse whisper." she said." "Hey." said Lily and the group nodded in agreement."We better go to sleep! It's midnight already. "I dare you to…" she said in near whisper in his ear. Ron. Hermione giggled. "Well. "Truth or dare?" she asked seductively Ron's body began to heat. Harry. "Why not?" he shrugged.

The reaction it caused in the Gryffindor table was amazing. Lily! Are you mad! You know what Harry's response to this subject is! Don't you dare bring that up! Hermione thought. smiling. Outrageous calls were called all over the table. she glowed. Hermione got the Daily Prophet and opened it. but decided to ignore it. Lily. just like every morning. She sprayed the pumpkin juice she was drinking all over Ron –who was in the middle of his tenth pie. Instead of the exaggerated response. Ron choked on his eleventh pie and spit it on the table. looking at his drenched cloths.winner since James was no match for his pig-like eating habits. ignoring . Lily did. "Nothing!" she said in a high-pitched voice and took a glance at Harry. who sat next to she read it." she said loudly. wishing that Lily would hear her. the owls flew in. read the headline. "What's wrong Hermione?" asked James worriedly. "Yuck!" Ron said. Suddenly. "Sirius Black's name was cleared.

He admitted he was James and Lily Potter's secret keeper and sold the information on their location to He-Who-Must-Not-BeNamed. the temporary minister of magic. "Pettigrew was found alive and was questioned under Veritaserum. He snatched the paper from Hermione's hand. SIRIUS BLACK IS INNOCENT In a surprising press conference yesterday." The announcement overwhelmed the Wizarding world. He also admitted killing the muggles and helping you-know-who return to his body after hiding in his Animagus form for twelve years. Harry. Peter Pettigrew. "It seems that he is an illegal Animagus in the form of a rat. Sirius Black was accused of cooperating with dark forces (You-Know-Who) and was accused of being a Death Eater after murdering 12 muggles and his good friend and schoolmate. his face was blank and the fork with mashed potatoes he was going to eat froze in midair. while Lily hugged Hermione." said Bones yesterday. announced that Sirius Black is an innocent man. It is .Hermione's glare. dropping his fork in the way. wasn't any of that. however. James and Ginny were grinning at each other. Madam Bones.

" Harry's eyes flickered green again. He needed to relax.' These Rumours have not yet been confirmed. Potter. Harry laughed cruelly "I have an offer first. They glinted red. Harry's eyes weren't emerald green as usual. "Get out of my head!" he screamed. The hall was quiet. The hall was watching in silent shock. Harry's eyes flickered red again. "You captured Wormtail and cleared your dead godfather's name. but couldn't stop the waves of heat that radiated from his body. "He was useless anyway. "Harry?" asked Hermione while touching his arm softly. keep your emotions in check. He thought desperately. Special Correspondent Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes. known more commonly as 'the boy who lived. "So…" a bone-chilling voice was sound from Harry's throat. Harry opened his eyes and Hermione gasped silently." James paled Lily began to shake. Don't rise. by Rita Skeeter. well done." he . thanks to Mr Harry Potter. Many gasps were now heard from the crowd and the teachers. Potter.rumoured that Pettigrew arrived to the ministry batted and in a bad shape.

your precious redhead will live and so will her family and your Mudblood. "Mobilicarpus!" she muttered and Harry floated in front of her to the infirmary." he roared." Pomfrey looked lost and scared. The eyes flickered again. she bustled to her office only to . "Well than. "Harry!" she said." said professor McGonagall. And prepare your little friends too. A few seconds later." Harry's eyes were green again "NEVER. Hermione. "Voldemort possessed him in and out for five minutes. Harry's eyes flickered green again and he fainted. "Minerva!" said Pomfrey "What happened?" she asked while levitating Harry into a spare bed. James. sobbing. she didn't know what to do." she screamed. Lily and Ginny hot on her heels. with Ron. laughing with malice. Potter. in a stern voice. "Join me and live." he said. "Harry wake up! WAKE UP. "Enough of that Ms Weasley.paused dramatically. You'd better make the best of them now. because you will not have them in the future… in my future. Ginny dove to where Harry was lying and began crying. prepare to die. with a deathly white face.

She let him swallow the potion and put a sleeping charm on him. A few minutes later. "He'll have a rough night." said James as the others didn't answer." she said sadly. She opened the bottle and conjured a small goblet. "How is he?" said fearfully a second year.return a couple of minutes later carrying a medium sized bottle with a sickly yellowish color. "He is asleep at the moment. leaving the teenagers around Harry's bed. "Dreamless sleep potion with a Mind Relaxing potion." she said and went out of the infirmary followed closely by McGonagall. staring at him in a mixture of fear and awe. "What did you give him Poppy?" McGonagall asked. They knew that . Madam Pomfrey returned and kicked them out of the infirmary with excuse of "he-won't-wakeanyway". glancing at her patient. "How did this happen?" James and Lily shrugged but Ron and Hermione shared a concerned glance. The chatter stopped as they entered the common room. She measured carefully the amount of potion she put in and opened Harry's mouth.

Harry and Voldemort shared a connection but it never reached this kind of things. Oh. I want you all to know that Voldemort is very strong. Hermione sighed "He'll tell people about it when he's ready. the students were looking quite grim." she said although she was sure he never would. when Dumbledore stood up at dinner to make an announcement." a shudder went through the crowd again. Needless to say. Each one of you is better than Voldemort. Look at the person to . "This morning we witnessed Voldemort's true colours. Each and every one of them (except maybe a few Slytherins) visited Harry at least once and were worried about his coma He will tear apart families and turn your allies into enemies. yes. "But today you all saw that he does not show mercy. He has only one weakness. The day passed very quickly for the students in Hogwarts. He will threaten the people you love the most. The other students looked at them expectedly. makes him a better human than Voldemort." he said to the quiet crowd "Most of you did not witness or suffer from the hands of Voldemort. very strong indeed. The love Mr Potter showed today to the ones he loves and cherish.

Ron sighed and got up. Some of the students looked shocked. I think I'll go and visit Harry. The bond and friendship you have with them makes you human… "Voldemort does not have friends he has allies. it hit Lily. alright? I don't feel like eating anymore." he said and met with disbelieving look from his surroundings. but look at the path he took.your right. understanding. . and just then. over the path of hate. He grew up in a muggle orphanage without someone to trust. When dinner was over.something about his appearance looked oddly familiar. McGonagall rose from her chair and began clapping. I do hope that you all will take the way of happiness. That lack of caring." Silence rang in the hall. other staff members joined her. the way of love and friendship. Soon.he doesn't know what love is. Followed closely by the Gryffindor. some looked awed. The Slytherin's table looked surprisingly pensive. Even the Slytherins joined to the applause. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff table. He became a brave young man full of life and love. Ron faked a cough. Lily looked at him. and love made him what he is today. guys. look at the person to your left. someone to love. "Look. Mr Potter also grew up hated.

if he can be defeated. How did she know about that? . "What are you talking about?" Ron asked. My entire family work against him and…I don't know we don't even know. Most of my family works against V-Voldemort and suddenly he just popped out of nowhere in the great hall. "I'm just scared I think. "So. He sighed. "Yeah I did but Harry didn't say anything. after your fifth year." he said with a shocked expression. She hurried after him. "Ron." Lily said. "You were moody all through dinner." "You do know he just used Harry's body. right?" "Of course. what's on your mind?" she asked even though she could read his mind quite well." Lily looked thoughtful. did you ever wonder about the prophecy Voldemort wanted so badly?" she asked.Ron was wearing the same cloths he wore in her premonition. "Ron wait! I'm coming with you!" she said Ron turned and he gave her a slight smile. but I just don't see the point of fighting against him.

UNITY AND THE MAYA WILL DESTROY THE DARK LORD. THE POWER OF LOVE." "Hey!" he said "I resent that!" Suddenly. a harsh. "N-No…" mumbled Lily. It was rather funny seeing his shocked expression. WHEN FLOWER. deep voice spoke behind them: "WHEN THE FLOWER." she muttered "always so dense. "What was that?" she demanded of Ron. . STAG AND A BABY WILL BE UNITED…" Ron and Lily turned. Lily and Ron hurried to an empty classroom."Did you ever think why he wanted it so badly? Why could only Harry hold it?" she asked. they were pale and Lily looked like she's going to collapse. THE STAG AND THE PROPHECY BABY WILL BE UNITED. "Anything wrong dears?" asked professor Trelawney in her usual misty voice." he stammered. She saw the premonition but was never prepared for something like that. "Wha-? No. "Boys.

"Trelawney made another prophesy." "Again?" "She did one before Harry was born and one the night Pettigrew ran away from us. Hermione and Ginny were standing there. "What's going on?" a voice said from the door."Trelawney. James. "Again?" "What do you mean again? Why would you believe that fraud?" James asked. "It's me you idiot!" Lily yelled. watching the exchange in raised eyebrows." he said." said Ron. James is clearly the stag but who's the flower? He wondered." he explained. . The prophecy baby is Harry. "She made another true prophesy. still dumbfound. the panic in his voice evident. "Never you mind!" she yelled back. "A lily is a flower!" "How did you know what I was thinking about?" he demanded. Hermione paled.

. a flower and a prophecy baby… defeating the dark lord. "We all know you are an Animagus James."What did she say?" asked Hermione. "Harry…" started Hermione. hugging him fiercely and kissing his cheek "Are you all right?" she asked. But you don't. "Guys." mumbled Ron. "Er…" he mumbled. "Are you sure those were her exact words?" he said raising his eyebrow. Stag. "Oh! What does it say?" he said with hesitation. James looked flabbergasted. Prophesy baby to defeat the dark lord. completely ignoring James who looked quite annoyed." he replied in a shaky voice. "Flower. "Yeah. What happened?" he said." Harry's eyes widened." said Ginny. what's going on?" "Harry!" Ginny yelled and ran to Harry. I'm fine. noticing their white faces. "She said something about a stag. "Trelawney made another prophesy.

'the power of love. "Yeah. They could almost hear the wheels turning in his head. do you still have Remus's Pensive?" Ron nodded." he said. his face was ashen. "Right." he said. Hermione. "I know it's a very powerful power. it melts metal. "Were you there too?" he asked and Lily nodded "Maybe… Ron. "Yeah. lifting his gaze to meet James's. I think it is kind of like being a Fire Elemental." he repeated. When he came out. You know." looking at their . "We need to find what the Maya is. any idea?" Hermione shook her head. "Maya?" said Ron. "Right." he said. Ron returned with the Pensive and pulled a silvery substance from the tip of his wand. unity and the Maya'. Harry took a deep breath and tucked his hand into the pensive. "Do you mind?" "Not at all mate. that you can conjure fire in your hands that is so hot. "So…I guess you two are in this with me now?" Harry said. you know." he said and went to get the Pensive."Well of course not Harry!" said Lily.

the six teenagers worked tirelessly on searching what the 'Maya' was and what the prophecy meant. found it terribly sexy. we'd better be going than. "We can't let you do that alone you know!" he said. so what do we know so far?" asked Ginny after a week and a half." Ron punched him lightly in the shoulder. Hermione and Lily were responsible on researching the Maya and Harry.awestruck faces she continued "I don't really know about it much because it only was a side remark about Freezing Spells. She shivered. "Okay. "Hermione's right." said Harry. "Well. Ginny however." she said. Will you help me?" Ron snorted. "We need to do research. it was a rhetorical question. "Obviously the Flower is Lily. Harry faked a cough "Well. surprising them all with the authority in his voice. Harry grinned." .so we need to do research." In the following week." started James. Ron. we have three hours till curfew. "I know. James and Ginny were trying to crack the prophecy. the stag is me and the prophecy baby is Harry.

why didn't anyone use it?" said James. smiling. We are working on it for a week and a half!" Harry cried. "The power of the Maya is a strong bonding spell between a group of people who love each other. The potion ingredients are pretty rare and the potion takes ." silence took over the group as they all pondered on the news and what it could mean." said Lily smiling at James. "Well?" demanded Ginny. grinning at him "But it's not only that. "Yeah." said Ginny. "WE FOUND IT!" Hermione's voice was heard and she rushed toward them. "To tell you the truth. "Well. The power allows the group to create a red burning fire that can destroy all evil. a lot of people love each other. Harry and Ginny shrugged." "Wow! That's older than Hogwarts!" exclaimed Harry. "What do you think the power of love and unity means?" said James. this book was written about 4000 years ago. "Why didn't anyone do this before? I mean. Madam Finch shot her a dirty look. "We found what the power of the Maya is!" said Lily."I can't believe that's all we came up with.

"Where are we going to brew it?" Hermione asked. ." Harry said in a cold voice. Lily snooped in his mind and to see who he was going to ask. "How are you going to get the ingredients?" she inquired hastily. "Calm down. the Ashwinder eggs. a dragon horn. Erumpent tail. Hermione quirked an eyebrow. let's just say that I have my sources. will you? I told the twins to bribe the apothecary's vendor. Two days later. "Even if I'll have to cut my wand arm to get rid of Voldemort forever. Graphorn horn and dried nettles laid in a sack held by Harry. I'll do it. "Where did you get those Harry? They're terribly expensive and rare!" Hermione shrieked when she saw the contents of the black sack in Harry's hands." said Harry immediately. "Well." he said." "Let's do it than. There was silence as they thought about it.about two weeks to brew. bicorn horn powder." "Harry that's illegal!" yelped Lily.

"How did you know?" James asked her. astonished. I'm sure we can brew a potion there. sensing Lily's discomfort "James." said Lily. no one will find us. . She met with James's shocked face and the other four puzzled faces. "Of course not James. can you conjure a large cauldron?" "Certainly." James replied haughtily." "What if someone will find us?" "Oh. "You need to trace your finger all through Kingstein Street." said Lily without thinking. "So how do you get into the room?" asked Ginny. He wasn't the best transfiguration student in his year for nothing." Harry said. "How do you know what I was thinking Lily?" James asked suspiciously. She had read it in his thoughts but she's never going to admit it. "Er…Well…" "Never mind that now." said James with a glint in his eyes "If Remus thought that was safe enough for snogging." everybody laughed."Maybe we can use the empty room behind the map of Argyllshire on the second floor.

James easily conjured the cauldron." said Lily." "Okay. Cheers erupted from all of the tables and Harry's face went an interesting shade of pink with embarrassment. we better focus." said Harry. "Right. "I didn't say anything!" he said. what do we add first?" "Before we start the feast." said Dumbledore in breakfast. I want to welcome Mr Potter back. The statement shocked everyone but Hermione. "Well. once again surprising them all by the authority in his voice. Welcome back. looking at her feet. "That happens too. as curious and shocking that is. Holy crap "Language." she said. this year we will have another ball that will take place in two days before Christmas.Lily looked hesitating but decided to tell them "Er…well… you see. James conjure the cauldron please." she added. the next day. "You can…read minds?" said James slowly. I-I can read minds." Harry ordered. "Let's go then. Students who . perplexed. Lily blushed. "Second of all. Harry. James.

"Of course Harry. would you go to the ball with me?" asked Ron. He did not see the wink between Ginny and Hermione. I really want to…will she ." she said frowning." excited murmurs ran between the girls while the boys exchanged looks or semi-horror at the prospect of asking a girl to the ball. Ron's heart sank to his knees and he looked devastated. "Don't be a git! Of course I'll go with you!" said Hermione and everyone laughed at the sight of Ron. Ron knew better than to start complaining and decided to put up his own action. "That was mean. the students cheered. who did not appreciate the joke. and a trip to Hogsmede is scheduled in two days at two o'clock in the noon. "Dress robes are necessary." once again. "Ginny would you go to the ball with me?" asked Harry with a smile.want to go home will still be able to. "Hermione." she replied. Hermione raised a careful eyebrow." he whined. grinning. "I don't know Ron…. Should I ask Lily? James thought.

The gang however. this conversation would be utterly confusing. all of the gang rolled their eyes. it's going on well. ignoring Ron. ." To an outsider." said Lily. James. James smirked. You know what I mean. The girls rolled their eyes at him "Think of what Lily told us yesterday. Ron looked thoughtful for a few seconds until"OH!" he exclaimed. Now." he said." said Lily without thinking. "Are you sure you're all right? He didn't say a word Lily. "Oh. "Shut it." said Ron thickly. understood it perfectly. Harry and Hermione's faces.say yes? "Of course I will James. "You are a chicken for not asking aloud." "How about DVD?" said Ginny." said Hermione in a careful tone. "Talking to yourself Lily? That's the first sign of madness you know. The others looked utterly confused as James smirked." Understanding crossed Ginny. "What? It takes me time." said Hermione "I looked there at the morning. so his plan did work.

" said Hermione. It was now Hermione's turn to look surprised as she raised an eyebrow. but he just did. He knew it was selfish. right?" he said anxiously "Yeah. Hermione nodded to her to open it. We can keep it in the meantime. He's afraid to die. Harry didn't want to attack Voldemort until it is absolutely necessary. (A/N: Lily will be marked in italics and Hermione underlined) Can you tell me why Harry wants to wait? -Hr Lily looked up in surprise as the note landed on her notes. Harry gulped. Hermione's curiosity overruled her urge to listen to professor Binns and she wrote a note to Lily. DVD is the abbreviation for 'Die Voldemort. . In History of Magic class."When are you going to use it?" inquired Ron. He wasn't scared of him he was scared to die. She opened it and scribbled an answer. Die'. "When he turns up. He was afraid that Lily or James would die and by that erase him from the world.

Are you sure? Harry was never afraid of dying. Last year's one (my year) is too small. Well. Of course I'll come! They both grinned and the bell rang." she said. "Hermione. He was scared for James and me too. "Hermione! I am shocked! You passed notes in class!" said Ron with a smirk. Can you blame him? Anyway. did you cook the flobberworms in the break? We need to put it in after class. He is afraid of what would happen if one of us dies. "Shut it Ronald." she . would you come with me? Do you have a dress robe? I don't. can I talk to you for a second?" asked Harry anxiously. he wasn't only scared for himself. He always runs into trouble without thinking of the consequences. What are you going to wear to the ball? I really don't know. Ron scowled in the mention of his full name. I did. "Make it really fast Harry because DVD is waiting. I need to buy new dress robes.

Of course I will. She emerged from there a few moments later. "It's too expensive." said Lily "I think we found her the right one. "Hermione." she said sadly looking at the price tag. She was holding a sleeveless silk white robe with small red Lilies sewn in the bottom. the combination of her soft curly red hair and white robe made her look like an angel.said as Harry pulled her aside." she added after Ginny entered the dressing cell. look. I know that Ginny doesn't have enough money to buy a new dress robes so…" he took a deep breath and Hermione smiled "Can I give you money and you'll buy her the dress she wants? Without telling her it was from me? I mean…as a gift from you?" "Harry. what do you think of this one?" asked Ginny two days later in a robes shop. "Thank you so much!" he said. "Try it on Ginny. and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before running to get the books for Charms "Hey Hermione. you're blabbing. . "OH MY GOD!" Hermione's yell sounded all over the shop "You look amazing!" And indeed." a relived look crossed Harry's face. just above the ankle.

Ginny smacked his head. When Ginny came down the stairs two days before Christmas. putting up a nice act. "Don't you look at the dress. smiling at her excited friend. "How's your dress Ginny?" said Harry and leaned to look at the bag. "But…" "No buts Ginny! You'll take the dress!" Ginny huffed but immediately grinned and ran to hug Hermione. Harry's brain turned to mush . Harry! You'll see it soon enough" she said as Harry rubbed his head muttering about mad redheads. "It's about time you show up!" said Ron. "It is no problem at all. .Hermione waved her hand. "Nonsense! I will pay for it! You are not leaving without it!" she said. They were all sitting in The Three Broomsticks and James went to order Butterbeers.She looked beautiful and he temporarily lost the ability to speak. She came closer to him." Hermione said. "Thank you so much!" she said.

. He didn't want to mess it up. "Shall we?" James paced restless. "You look like an angel." "Are you kidding? I need to watch my back so nobody will steal your heart away. you look great." he said dramatically." he said in awe. every curl. This is his first ball with Lily." Lily's voice sounded behind him. "You look fantastic Lil. "Thank you. taking in admiration every detail. She giggled." she said with a bow." whispered Harry in her ears and sending shivers down her spine. lovely lady?" "Defiantly." she said with a smile." Ginny smiled and kissed him for a moment. but I better watch my back or someone may kidnap you away from me. "Thank you. every curve. many heads were turned. He turned and looked at her." he smiled and offered her his arm "Shall we. You look quite dashing yourself. good sir."You look amazing. "You won't mess it up. When Ginny entered the hall. "I told you.

welcome to the Christmas ball. "I love you too. Tuck in!" Excited murmurs went through the crowd but were . He put his hand on her cheek "I love you. but his insides were warm and fuzzy. Harry and Ginny blushed from embarrassment. He loved her. Ginny's eyes brimmed with tears as she said. "Students and teachers. and he knew it now. "My heart belongs to one too." he said smoothly." Harry smiled and kissed her square on the mouth. we will have a singing contest. and warmed their insides." Harry and Ginny parted and looked at the smirking face of James and Lily. "Hem." he said sincerely. sent pleasant shivers all over their bodies." announced Dumbledore and applause broke out. before the dance starts. Any student who would like to sing."I don't think that's going to be a problem." she said and their eyes locked. "Shall we?" said James in a teasing voice. Hem. My heart belongs to one. It was warm and gentle. It wasn't like any other kisses. please turn to your head of house after the meal. "I have a little surprise for you all.

Harry reseated himself at the table and took a swing from his pumpkin juice as he exchanged a few words with Ron and James. but a gentle tone that melted many girls' . though nobody but Harry saw her.immediately hushed as the food appeared." She sang. Draco Malfoy. after her came up Orla Quirke – a third year Ravenclaw. please welcome Ron Weasley. Lily was rather magnificent. "Well. "Let us begin with the competition." and turned out to be a very talented singer." said Dumbledore and vanished the table with a swish of his wand. He narrowed his eyes at her and she looked innocently back at him. who turned to have a deep yet pleasant voice. and to everybody's surprise. Suddenly. He did not have a deep or high-pitched voice. our last contesters. It seems like the house elves worked themselves out with the feast. "Now. "Girls just wanna have fun. I think it is time for us to begin. Harry and James Potter!" cheers erupted as Harry took his stand in the middle of the stage. a seventh year Hufflepuff. the food began to disappear and Harry excused himself to the loo. Soon. The students gathered in the dance floor and Dumbledore coughed a bit. Our first singer will be Ms Susan Bones. She finished the song.

he saw Lily peck James on the lips. It was so loud Harry thought he saw birds in the Dark Forest fly away in fear. "You miss them don't you?" asked Amy gently. As they ended the song. yet ecstatic expression.hearts on the spot. "I never knew James knew how to sing. He smiled and bowed to the crowed. . It was James's turn to sing and he seemed to have a higher tone. "Thank you. Anyone who wishes to vote." And indeed. Cheers were all over the crowd. The ceiling will recognize your magical signature and count the votes. He had a deep and calm voice." Boomed Dumbledore. He was used to it. To his astonishment. the hall exploded. I bet their girlfriends are happy. He looked at Ginny and smiled at her shocked. but it made him miss the 'old days' all the more. Ron started to sing. "Least of all Harry and Ron." Remus told Amy. The results will be published at the conclusion of the dance. Remus looked and saw Ginny kiss Harry passionately and saw Hermione doing the same for Ron. slightly touching. point your finger to the ceiling and think of the singer you wish to vote for.

I was so angry and bitter I just flew away. the day they died was like a breaking point for me. Never leaving each other's arms "Ladies and Gentleman. Ms Marietta Edgecombe. I guess I just didn't realize how much before. "You know." "I just broke." he said shaking his head. "In third place." the Slytherins cheered loudly. I came back to the UK and lived there until Dumbledore told me about a mission he wanted me to do. with 102 votes. I went to the US for a few years." said Dumbledore in his booming voice. Mr Draco Malfoy with 317 votes. . the ball has come to an end and I have the results of the singing competition. "In second place. making the others' cheering almost inaudible. Everybody was celebrating while my best friend just died." cheers were sounded all over the hall." Her words hang in the air and them both silently watched Harry and Ginny dance together."Yeah. but one day I went into muggle London and saw Petunia hugging this huge blond boy while near her there was this skinny miniJames with Lily's green eyes." "I came back to England and planned to stay.

They never expected to win. MarauderKid. Ron and James looked astonished. my computer is blocked 90 of the days because my parents aren't happy about my grades so it's difficult to update. IMPORTANT NOTE: The next chapter was originally an author note chapter but since forbade it. Taeniaea. Stella9876. "Now. IamSiriusgrl. ." the hall exploded in cheers. It was merely a gesture to their girlfriends (and in James's case. amrawo."And in the first place. I didn't have the energ to proofread. almost girlfriend). Messer's Harry and James Potter and Mr Ron Weasley. all of my old readers note: chapter 19 is going to be chapter 18 (one chapter less) ok? Reviews: Nightwing 509. . and . if not more! Good night all!" A/N: I am really sorry for not updating for so long. Beloved Rose. rosiegirl. They grinned. Harry. with 581 votes. I'm sure your beds are now made and as comfy as ever. Lily-900121. Sorry about any typos and grammar.

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Harry rolled his eyes. "Why not?" Harry asked. A second year boy answered. Harry could be found sitting in his favorite armchair by the fire and struggling through a particularly difficult essay from Professor Flitwick." he said and took the burden away from the black owl. . The owl was pitch black with two green spots on his right wing and it was carrying a green box addressed to Harry. No one heard nor saw professor McGonagall entering the common room for announcing that there are no midnight celebrations today. when an owl soared through the window and perched arrogantly in front of him." he said. "Are you crazy? Black owls are bad luck. The Gryffindor house silenced so suddenly it was as though someone turned off a radio abruptly. "My luck can't get worse.*Chapter 13*: Chapter 14: I Don't Want To Lose You I Don't Want To Lose You On the evening of December 31. don't touch that!" said Ron loudly as Harry moved to take the box. "Harry.

Harry opened the box cautiously and a loud "BOOM" was heard all over the room." said Voldemort's voice. making McGonagall grab her chest. "Stand aside. Voldemort's voice sounded again. now…" "Not Harry. Some of the students screamed. take Harry and go. "Lily. stand aside. you silly girl. it's him. She had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. A sound of a door bursting open jumped the students and professor McGonagall. I'll hold him off. kill me instead-" . it was a beautiful handiwork. Harry looked at the silver engravings on the box. "Not Harry! Not Harry! Please not Harry!" she screamed. Potter. "Nothing is going to save your precious Mudblood.Lily watched Harry looking at the box. take me. please no. A male voice yelled. A high-pitched laughter was heard. "Goddamn you Voldemort!" screamed James's voice all over the common room "Don't you dare touch Lily!" Voldemort laughed again and roared: "AVADA KEDAVARA!" a 'thud' was heard and shortly afterwards a sound of someone climbing stairs. A woman's' voice screamed." Harry turned white.

He hugged his knees to his chest and rocked back and forth. Harry?" Voldemort said in mocking voice and laughed. Professor McGonagall stood speechless in front of her students and tried hard not to burst into tears. "Happy new year Potter. "Avada Kedavara!" a 'thud' was heard again and after a few seconds of silence. Lily fainted and James's face was white and blank." Voldemort laughed maliciously again. Harry looked and saw the dead body of his father. his glasses askew and his eyes empty. please…have mercy…have mercy. "Not Harry. "Everybody . Did you enjoy my memory. The green box in Harry's shaken hands transfigured itself into two pictures. Harry gave a sound like a scared dog and dropped the photos.Lily and James were both white as well by now and watched in horror at Harry. who was growing paler by the minute. The other picture was his mother's body lying lifeless on the ground near toddler Harry who was looking between his mothers' body to the picture. Voldemort's voice was sounded even louder.

there Lily. "Minerva?" a calm voice said from the common room portrait. After a few seconds. she let out a whimper. This seemed to snap James out of his reverie and he took her from McGonagall's arms." she added after Ron and Hermione didn't move. calm down…it's over now. Granger. ignore the personal references. "I'm so scared. As she made the move to go. "Ennervate" she muttered and pointed her wand at Lily's body. James took Lily in his arms and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her temple. Lily stirred and opened her eyes. Lily clutched her robe like a life rope. McGonagall turned to see the headmaster motioning for her to come." soothed professor McGonagall she held Lily in her arms. Ms.back to their dormitories immediately" she said briskly "You too Mr. Weasley." she whispered. barely audible. Professor McGonagall pulled out her wand and sent a silver mist through the Fat Lady portrait. James rocked her gently. Lily whimpered. . "Shh…there. They couldn't however.

and small red boils appeared on his hand." he said. With each rock. noticed it after a few minutes when the slight shake became a strong shake that seemed to have knocked several screaming portraits off the walls. wondering how and why their tower is shaking. Many students got down the stairs. The red aura turned a little pink and got more transparent with each step Ginny took towards Harry. "Where is Harry?" asked Dumbledore." said Dumbledore forcefully. almost as audible. sounding a bit afraid. James and Lily soothed each other. "Harry. She felt . He jerked his hand away though. snap out of it. "Harry?" said Dumbledore and touched Harry's arm. He scanned the common room and saw him rocking back and forth. "Harry? Harry what's wrong!" said Ginny's panicked voice. but neither of them felt the slight shook of the Gryffindor tower. and McGonagall talked to Dumbledore. They did however. a bright red aura seemed to have materialised around him."I know. "Harry?" said Ginny and touched Harry's arm.

"I was thinking about opening your own wing in here Mr." said Madam Pomfrey while thrusting a goblet to his lips. Potter. Even if Ginny wanted to let go. . "Ginny don't let go. He had a hard time pulling the words out of his throat. it all stopped. Ginny was panting heavily as if she just came back from a running contest with Voldemort.electric yet gentle shots run up her arm and around her body from where she touched Harry. whatever you do. Suddenly. They seemed to be too heavy so he shut them down again." said Dumbledore. ignoring the noise the students around him were making. It's not that I don't like to see you but you are here way too often and way too long. Her hand felt like it was glued to Harry's arm and she seemed to be getting power and energy from him. "I love you too Madam Pomfrey. The potion tasted like owls' poo." said Harry dryly. "Here." Madam Pomfrey's voice jumped Harry from his semi-sleep state. swallow this. Harry stopped rocking and fell limply to the common rooms' carpet. she couldn't. Harry opened his eyes.

He twisted his face in disgust and someone giggled. "Professor." said the headmaster's cool voice. He did not know that somebody else was there. . When Harry nodded." started Harry "why am I here?" Ginny raised an eyebrow "you don't remember?" she asked. "You think this is funny Gin? Someone forcing a potion through your throat. puzzled. Even Hedwig's poo is tastier." "Is that all?" Dumbledore asked politely with an almost undetectable frown. Ginny held his hand tightly." Ginny laughed even harder and Harry had to chuckle himself. He reached out and put his glasses back on the bridge of his nose. Potter. "It is nice of you to come back to us Mr. Madam Pomfrey was fussing after a second year and Dumbledore and Ginny was sitting next to him. Harry turned red with embarrassment. Dumbledore gave him a recapture of the events that happened in the common room and Harry was speechless. Harry wracked his brain "I remember I got this green box by a black owl.

it appears that Lily Potter's love left her mark in more than one way…" he said and walked dreamily away from the room." Dumbledore said."I…the Gryffindor tower was shaking because of me?" "Never underestimate your powers Harry. "Well. why was Ginny the only one who managed to touch me?" Harry asked "And what happened to her?" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled "Ahh…you see. "Of course! Don't you see it?" cried Hermione two hours later when Harry returned to the common room. "But sir. it seems like your powers are growing Harry and as such you must learn to control them and keep your emotions in check like I taught you last year. leaving two bewildered teenagers. "What's the point of trying if you'll find the answer eventually?" grumbled Ron and chewed his Chocolate Frog's head. mentioning the Occlumency lessons he taught Harry in his sixth year. . his immediate react in the mention of the worst year of his life. you do remember what I told you in the end of your fifth year do you?" "How can I forget?" Harry answered dryly.

." said Ginny with a smile." "What have we got so far?" asked Ron. "I checked on it two hours ago. he's gone. it is doing beautifully. Lily Potter's love was meant for the ones Harry feel pure love towards. Than." said Hermione with the spark that was in her eyes whenever she had a project in hand. what where you saying Hermione?" she asked Hermione who was busy watching her boyfriend's victory dance. This however. Like a love between a mother and her son and like a love between lovers. "It'll be finished in two days. snapped her out of her trance." said James quietly. Harry and James need to drink a potion in order to get this Maya power. "What spell?" inquired Lily.Hermione shot her boyfriend a dirty look "OI! I got Agrippa!" he shouted with an ecstatic expression. Ginny rolled her eyes "Your life has reached to their goal. "Ginny managed to touch Harry because she is the only one who loves Harry and Harry loves her in more than a friendly way. "Lily." The group sat in silence "How's the potion going? My shift is just in two days. Anyway. you three need to shout an incantation on Voldemort and 'puff'.

"Sorry…" muttered Harry. "It's not nice to snoop into other people' thoughts. "No."Can't you just read it in their minds?" Ron asked sarcastically. Hermione and Lily glared at him. Ginny huffed and walked out of the common room angrily. "What did I do?" Harry yelped. . "Have you ever thought of what SHE might do if she loses you?" said Hermione venomously." she said snappishly. have you practiced it yet?" asked Hermione. "That's a tricky one. Harry groaned "Yes Harry. trying to stop the near fight between his best friend and his future mother. Harry blushed. making him jump in surprise. Lily glared at him. "The spell is 'Harogroa Lanessah'" said Harry. Almost. I thought if we would wait…" "You can't WAIT Harry! What if he comes soon? What if he would attack Hogwarts? What then?" yelled Ginny suddenly. when was the last time you thought of her?" "I think about her all the time!" Hermione almost giggled.

" said James. Ron snorted. it's your job to be the thick one!" said Lily with a giggle and patted Harry on his head like a dog before following Hermione. "That's beside the point. letting Hermione's words sink." James snarled. Ron seemed thoughtful "I guess we didn't really pay much attention to them did we?" the three teenagers shook their heads. "I guess neither of us really did that to our girlfriends. I'm sure Rosemerta will let us. "How can you be so…romantic?" asked Ron with a mixed ."Not like THAT you idiot." said Hermione and followed Ginny outside the common room. you're a man." James glared at him. "Maybe we should organise a dinner in 'the three broomsticks' you know…a romantic candlelight dinner. "Lily is not even your girlfriend. "Don't worry Harry. when have you thought about how SHE feels about the ordeal? When have you ever thought about HER fears? HER ideas?" Harry sat in silence." said James quietly. "I thought as much.

" "I'd love to. why?" Hermione asked. all right…" Harry and Ginny were sitting in a well-hidden loveseat on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Seeing the pleading face of Ron convinced her. "Yeah.look of jealousy and disgust. what will we do?" Hermione.but…school rules…" she said." "Mmm?" .. suddenly whining. I suppose not. trying to find an herb for Herbology. I thought maybe we can have dinner in 'the three broomsticks'" Hermione's face lit "Really? You'd like that?" she asked excitedly. are you free next Friday?" asked Ron while walking with Hermione around the lake. "Gin. "No. James shrugged. "Well. "Oh. "Well.. Ron looked nervous. Ginny's head was in Harry's lap and he was playing with her hair absently.

deepening the kiss."Would you like us to go to 'the three broomsticks' on Friday?" Ginny sat up and looked into Harry's eyes "Of course…" she said softly.go…to…the… three…. . Lil. giving her a kiss on her mouth. "Yes?" James leaned. sitting in one of the armchairs near James and doing her Potions homework. Harry smiled "Well." he said and kissed her. it settled than. "Hey. Lily dropped her quill and put her arms around James's neck. "Lil" said James. It was soon a full snogging session." said James suddenly. Lily was in the common room.broomsticks…for…dinner…on…Friday?" James asked between kisses. gasping for breath. Lily lifted her head. "Mmm?" "Would…you…like…us…to….

I give up!" exclaimed Harry.. "I can't do this. forgetting all about her Potions homework. "No James! You need to move your wand like that." Lily said to James. She had accomplished the spell in third attempt but Harry and James were making very little process. sitting with a 'thump' on the floor. practicing the spell. showing him a particularly complicated hand movement. "Of course I do.Lily was so shocked she lifted her hands off James's neck "Do you mean that?" James rolled his eyed. James and Lily spent almost every evening in the Room of Requirements. . why else would I ask?" Lily shrugged and kissed him again. Harry. "No-You-Are-Not-Giving-Up" said Lily through clenched teeth while sending Harry a Stinging Charm to his buttocks." thought James. Lily smirked between kisses and got back to attack James in full force. "I'll take that as a yes. "AHHH! Ok I'm up just get this stupid spell off me!" Harry yelped while grabbing his buttocks.

Harry. . you're saying it wrong. "I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" asked Harry in panic. Suddenly Hermione burst into the room. but with glittering eyes "Guys.Lily looked at him sternly "Are you going to practice the spell?" "Awww! Yes!" he yelled "Just get it off!" James sniggered ad Lily shot him a glare. back into his 'leader' mood "Can we drink it now or should we wait?" he asked. "Right. "Of course he's ok. Lily was gasping breath from laughing so hard about how she can control the two saviors of the world with a faked glare." said James "Do I look evil to you Harry?" James did his best puppy face and Lily was on verge of a particularly long 'owww'" "No." "That's good. the spell only destroys evil. Inside. gasping for breath. the potion's ready. silencing him. She took the charm off "Now." Lily said reasonably. It's 'lanessah' not 'lannsa'" Harry tried and an orange light shot off his wand hitting James square in the chest." Harry blushed with embarrassment." said Harry.

James managed to complete the spell half an hour after ." "It suppose to. Hermione cleared her throat "Well…I-In that case. The most powerful one is the one that will do the most damage so his light is orange and not yellow. It shoots an orange light instead of yellow. we'll just have to make sure it'll work. Harry and James were utterly exhausted. suddenly anxious. In midnight. "What happens if it won't work. "I'm the most powerful?" asked Harry in wonder. "Did you forget the first prophesy?" asked Hermione "You'll have the power that the dark lord knows not."Wait for what? You need to drink it if you know the incantation and not use the spell until you fire it towards who you want it to vanquish. B-But it won't happen right?" said Hermione fearfully. you…you would die." said Hermione absently." he asked." he said forcefully. because you are the most powerful." Hermione said knowingly "Did you all complete the incantation?" "Harry just did but he needs to practice." Harry groaned. Harry looked white but composed "Well than.

I think I'll do that.Hermione left and Harry tried the spell several more times. tears forming in her eyes "I just can't." she said." he said briskly "I'm just tired. managing to increase the orange light each time." she said. After he left she sighed What if it goes wrong? I can't lose him." Ginny nodded and stroked his head "Why don't you go to sleep? You have Snape tomorrow. kissing the top of her head "Thanks. Ginny managed a watery smile "You think so? You think he'll propose when it's over?" ." he said and got up. "I'm fine." Harry managed a smile "Thanks Gin. you don't want to slop in his class." "You won't lose him Ginny." Lily said to her quietly. "It won't go wrong Ginny. we have been practicing for a short period of time but Harry is the best in that. "Are you ok Harry?" Ginny asked Harry quietly." "No problem Harry. "I can't lose him Lily. we'll kill Voldemort and you'll get married and have lots of babies…" Lily said with an undetectable smirk.

Not that he wasn't…" Ginny laughed. "I'm scared too you know. "Whatever."I'm sure he will." "It also helps that you already know he'll propose…" "Ginny! I don't want him to do it just because he has to. I don't know what I'll do without James." Lily said sadly." said Lily and mind she commented to herself." said Lily. "You love him don't you?" "What? NO!" Ginny giggled even harder "Ginny! Stop laughing!" "Y-You do…Y-You can-can't deny it!" she said between giggles. Lily huffed. Ginny giggled "and to think you hated him four month ago…" Lily groaned." said Lily "What if James or me will get killed? Harry will have no future whatsoever…and besides that. it's written all over his face. "Please don't mention it…I was a complete idiot. giggling mentally of the memory of the day she detected that thought in his mind. .

4. but it's so funny to tease him…he goes all red and there's Hermione who looks like she want to laugh but can't since he's her boyfriend…" "May I interrupt?" a voice said behind them. "Are professors allowed here?" asked Lily with a smile. "No they are not. "What about your brother?" said Lily. 3. 2. Ginny snorted "Which one? Idiot number 1. However. "I know. "You have six brothers?" Lily asked disbelievingly. I grew up with the marauders and was engaged to one of them. "Sure professor." Ginny said "But you meant Ron right?" Lily nodded "That's idiot number 6. and he's too thick to even realise what a ring is!" Lily laughed. 5 or 6?" she said. Amy looked mischievous." Ginny softened. I must have caught something…" Lily and Ginny looked at . "Not by choice I tell you."Don't be thick Lily! He's smitten! There's no way he'll let you go!" Lily tried not to look too pleased." said Ginny with a smile to Professor Isadora. "He's not that bad you know.

yes…" "Lily. it wasn't Remus. "Well. and he was showing me something yesterday…" "So who was it? Was it Peter?" said Lily with a disgusted look. you are lame. are being ridicules! I was engaged to Sirius." . "GOD NO!" Amy yelled "Lily! That was disgusting!" Lily laughed but sobered quickly "Was it James than? Did James have two women?" "Lily.her with wonder." "What? No way! You like hated him with passion!" Amy sniffed "You hated James too." "Well…it was different…" "How? By the fact that Sirius didn't actually make any moves?" asked Amy smoothly. "You were married to one of the marauders? Who? Was it Remus? You two seemed very cosy on the teacher's table yesterday…" Amy smiled "No.

Ginny went . Only boxers. Said the naughty one.Ginny slipped into the boy's dormitories undetected and closed the door quietly. He sleeps in boxers. She snuggled into his warm body and sighed. "Stop it!" she whispered. Stop those thoughts! Said the reasonable voice in her mind. James gave a loud snore and rolled on his back. This feels nice she thought as Harry put his arms around her instinctively. What would happen if she will really lose him? How could she live without him? And with these thoughts. she noticed he was the only one not snoring. spreading his legs. Goody… said the annoying one. I didn't even know I had three different voices in my mind. One of the things that comes when you are Harry Potter's girlfriend. That's a relief in case I'll ever marry him. Getting closer to Harry's bed. Ginny crawled into the bed where Harry slept and intertwined her soft legs with his warm ones. Five loud snoring voices welcomed her and she had to try very had not to scream with disgust.

I wanted to make sure you won't go dying on me Harry. a little troubled but pleased. He had a nice dream about Ginny. "Ginny?" he said in a whisper and blushing "What are you doing here? Ron will kill us. Harry opened his eyes in astonishment. Harry groaned and pulled her mouth away from his "Ron will wake up soon." Harry murmured between kisses. "I don't want to know what he'll do when…" . In fact Harry was quite certain he was still dreaming because he could feel Ginny's breathing on his chest." She said in a teasing voice "I could get used to that…" "Please do. Harry sleep. "What a nice way to wake up in the morning." he said and kissed her lightly on her mouth. I promise." "I wanted to sleep here. I won't" she whispered back." "I promise." he said in a strained voice." Harry chuckled "I won't Gin. He held her tighter and murmured "Don't you ever go away from me Gin. Ginny's heart leaped.

"Ron…" Harry started taking a step forward." she said and pulled his head back to her mouth "He has his own girlfriend to snog. but I still don't go to her room and sleep with her. . Harry leaped away from Ginny and looked fearfully at Ron. "Petrificus Totalus!" she cried Ron fell backwards with a 'thud' "You shouldn't have done this. Ginny took the chance that Ron's back was turned. and took her wand out. he was glaring forcefully at Ginny." Ron said. Ron however. "You can't tell me what to do." said Ron's voice. He took two steps back however when Ron turned his glaring eyes to Harry. "I'll deal with you later." he said."Screw Ron." she said boldly. "Get out of here this instant and I don't want to see you here ever again. cold as ice. wasn't looking at Harry. wasn't fazed." said Seamus who was awake by now." "Maybe. do you hear me?" he said in his coldest voice. Ginny however. "You will go out of here right now.

we are taking the potion today. rubbing his head. It became quite a habit since his fifth year. but make sure it doesn't happen again" Ron said with a slight smile."There was no other way he would have shut up." "The woman can be worse than mom! And that's saying something!" Harry and Ron sniggered. Harry released the curse from Ron. After explaining to the petrified Ron what happened." she muttered and pecked Harry on the lips." Lily said to Harry and James at breakfast. "Today? Two days before our dates?" James said. yeah. "That girl can curse. "Harry. Harry laughed." Harry said sarcastically "I can actually feel it when she's coming. Harry gulped." he said and rolled his eyes. "She sure does. "No. even if he didn't realise it. Ron stood up. Be reasonable Ron. "No hard feelings right?" said Harry and rumpled his hair." he muttered. . "Oh." he said "But you got to admit she can be scary sometimes Ron.

just be ready mentally." said Harry." She said and drank the contents of the goblet Harry and James drank it too and Harry was surprised by its sweet taste. "Yeah" they said quietly. "Oh." He said casually." Two days passed without a hitch and the gang was hanging in their secret room. but in a different table. "Lets do it than. He felt the potion running through his veins and saw James and Lily glow in a yellow light. "Are you guys ready?" asked Lily fearfully. "No. Lily and James were holding each one a goblet full of the potion. but Harry and Ron are dating too the same day."Our dates James?" asked Lily with a lifted eyebrow "Are you planning to bring someone else?" "No." said Hermione "You are not supposed to activate . He himself was glowing with the familiar orange light. the same place." said Lily "Never mind. Soon the light evaporated. "Do you feel any change?" asked Ginny from the corner. Harry. "Good.

wondering what could take the girls so long. "Women…" muttered James again "But wait Harry. "Now what?" asked Ron. there's two hours before dinner. "They are women…" said James "there is nothing they cannot do. how are we going to get to the three broomsticks?" Harry looked embarrassed "Through the doors?" he asked weakly.the spell now since the potion works only twice before it vanishes." Said Harry and checking his watch. Hermione?" the girls looked giddy and giggled their way out of the room. "Astonishing how they can just go like nothing happened. "Two hours?" yelped Ron." said Ginny jovially "You coming Lily." said Ron dryly." Silence took over the group. James rolled his eyes "What about the mirror on the fourth floor?" ." "Let's play some exploding snap. "Now we are going to get ready for our dinners.

way! Lets go unblock it than! That's the only way to go to Hogsmede without breaking your back."Blocked" said Harry immediately." said Harry. Ginny wore a simple sleeveless green dress and Harry's eyes sparkled." An hour and a half later. . Harry smiled. what do you think of all that?" asked Harry after they ordered. the boys were washed and ready when Ginny. James nodded. the couples split and have being placed away from each other. "How are we going to get there?" she asked anxiously." he said and kissed her cheek. "So. Gin. "We better move. "What? No. impressed. you girls are drawing attention. Ron and James were complementing their dates when Hermione spoke. "You look amazing." said James proudly. When they reached 'the three broomsticks'. "We fixed the path on behind the mirror on the fourth floor. "Did you?" asked Ginny. Hermione and Lily came down.

Ginny looked uneasy "Well. Harry smiled." he said "I want you to be certain of our love." she said. Harry laughed." she replied. "I meant the whole prophesy thing."It's lovely. I promise. I don't want to lose you. For a moment. like I told you." he said. looking down." he said quietly. "Do you ever think of coming back home?" asked Lily quietly. Ginny's smile was a little teary "Of course I will. "I want to promise you one more thing." She said. "I love you so much" he said quietly "I don't want to let you go." "I love you too Harry." She said just as quietly. "Will you marry me?" he asked hesitatingly." he opened the box. . "You won't. It was an engagement ring. Ginny was speechless and stared in shock at the ring. put the ring on her finger and clasped his hand with hers. he looked hesitated and pulled something out of his pocket.

" said James softly "Ron reminds me of Sirius sometimes and even though Remus is here." Lily whistled "probably all of the attacks and developments. we barely talk." she said." She said thoughtfully while chewing her salmon fish. 'a strong one' he said. it's just not the same…" "I know what you mean. and I mean HUGE. I mean."Of course. Something like 30 parchments." James said. Hermione and Ginny are great but I miss home…" "Dumbledore talked to me the other day you know. "Well. that's just great. he said that we both need to feel the same emotion. "I know that! We're here for about four months!" "No." Lily snorted. Amy is here but she's our teacher." said James "He told me that going back is not that simple. "It could take months!" James shook his head while eating "I know." he said "He told me that when we become invisible it's the sign that it's going to happen in a few hours. He told me to give his past self this huge letter. BOOM! .

"Where is Voldemort?" The man flinched at the name "At Honeydukes. stood as if he was waiting for them to arrive." said Ginny tearfully kissing him on his mouth. Lily. looking into her eyes and fled away followed by James and Lily. looking terrifies but determined. Ron and Hermione hurried to the man. Harry. you stay here and duel the Death Eaters." he said. keep this place safe and try to recruit people to help you. Ginny. "Find Potter!" Harry heard one of the Death Eaters yell. James. "Ron. Harry turned to Honeydukes and there. People apparated away and some were in line in the fireplace. and so is he-who-must-not-be-named!" he yelled. "I will Gin." "Come back to me Harry. James. Ginny. screams of terror were heard from the streets." Harry turned to his friends. Havoc broke. we have a Dark Lord to vanquish. you come with me. Hermione. .A man burst through the door "Death Eaters. I love you. try to contact Dumbledore and the Order. Lily. all over Hogsmede. stood Lord Voldemort.

Ms. Evans. "Cut the crap Tom."Decided to duel with me Potter?" he asked mockingly "And you too Mr. I know you guys didn't expect it (except for my old crowd) but I'M SORRY! I did some changes if you haden't noticed: 1." He sneered. He put down one. not brown. long time no see. I decided to skip chapter 13. He raised two fingers behind his back. Potter. James and Lily together. I did it so not to confuse. I have a fiancée waiting for me." said Harry coldly and raised his wand. Harry's light should've been gold. 2. Ichanged the name of chapter 9 from 'From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart' to 'Heartache'. Lily knew something was wrong. Even when Harry was shooting the spell. He put down two. In my other account (and before put up a rule). "HARRY!" A/N: Ok. I know it doesn't matter to you but anyway :) . "HAROGROA LANESSAH!" roared Harry. chapter 13 was an Author Note.

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"I love you so much" he said quietly "I don't want to let you go. Ginny's smile was a little teary "Of course I will. "Will you marry me?" he asked hesitatingly." she replied. "I want to promise you one more thing." he said. Gin. "You won't. I promise. put the ring on her finger and clasped his hand with hers. "It's lovely. what do you think of all that?" asked Harry after they ordered." he said quietly. For a moment. Harry laughed." She said." .*Chapter 14*: Chapter 15: Grief Recap: "So. he looked hesitated and pulled something out of his pocket." she said. It was an engagement ring. Harry smiled. like I told you." he said "I want you to be certain of our love. looking down." he opened the box. I don't want to lose you. Ginny looked uneasy "Well. Ginny was speechless and stared in shock at the ring. "I meant the whole prophesy thing.

"HAROGROA LANESSAH!" roared Harry. Voldemort didn't seem disturbed at all . James and Lily together. long time no see. BOOM! "Decided to duel with me Potter?" he asked mockingly "And you too Mr Potter. "Cut the crap Tom. Even when Harry was shooting the spell. He put down two." She said just as quietly. Lily knew something was wrong. "HARRY!" Grief "Reducto! Expelliarmus! Reducto!" shouted Dumbledore's voice from behind Voldemort. Ms Evans."I love you too Harry. Harry's light should've been gold. Voldemort was blasted out of his feet by the force of Dumbledore's spell. He put down one. He raised two fingers behind his back. I have a fiancée waiting for me." He sneered. not brown." said Harry coldly and raised his wand.

Dumbledore looked grave and sad. she was sobbing and shaking Harry's limp body. Lily was sobbing quietly and James was staring in shock. wake up! Please wake up! You can't be dead.because of Dumbledore's spell – he looked exceptionally happy. however. ." she yelled desperately through her tears. but nobody dared to say it out loud. Harry never stirred. causing Harry's pale body rise into the air. The truth hung in the air. his eyes were gray and glistened with tears. "Harry. Small tears trickled from his eyes as he tried to revive Harry. occasionally planting a fierce kiss on his lips. "You can't get rid of me!" Voldemort said in his highpitched voice. Ginny. Dumbledore sighed and silently muttered "Mobilicarpus". before laughing again and disapparating with a soft 'pop'. Hermione's sobs shook her body violently and Ron looked very pale. didn't even look at Voldemort. Hermione and Ron were also staring in shock. shaking at the sight of Harry's lifeless corpse.

No one could bear to answer the question that hung in the air like thick poison smog. Ginny shook her head violently. "There is nothing we can do. yet again. tears leaking from her eyes like endless rivers." Dumbledore announced in a grave voice during dinner. "What did we do wrong?" James asked." Dumbledore said softly." she yelled at the headmaster through her tears. Voldemort and his followers attacked Hogsmede. Yesterday night. "-In a battle against Voldemort. "NO! Don't take him away! Do something. I cannot bring the dead back to life." screamed Ginny. soaking her shirt. taken the life of a student." ." she screamed in agony. Harry Potter was killed-" loud screams and cries of misery suddenly erupted. "I am sorry Ms Weasley. Ginny wailing and running behind him the entire way. no matter how much I can do. The hall was silent – they knew that already. "Voldemort had. A student we all knew and loved. "You're Dumbledore! You can do anything. soothingly." He gently floated Harry's body to the castle. choking the life out of them."NO. "Yesterday evening. weakly and quietly.

" said Dumbledore. His entire family was taken away. .Many of the girls were crying hysterically. crying. For Harry. for Sirius. according to a true prophesy. to make sure evil will vanish. no one saw even a trace of a sneer on his face. this statement was not a cause of cheers and happy faces. Some of Harry's fan club ran away from the hall. that could have defeated Voldemort and now that Harry is lost. Snape seemed shocked and. Amy looked about to faint and Remus put his head on his hands and cried. sweeping over the Gryffindor table were none of the Weasleys were. for James." "How can we have hope if Harry was the only one…" started a teary fourth year Hufflepuff." And for once. All classes until Monday are cancelled. "We are in the beginning of a very dark era. we must fight against Voldemort and his followers ourselves. For Lily. McGonagall seemed shocked. His dark eyes stood up against the pale skin and glittered. Neither of the gang was there when Dumbledore announced Harry's death to the school. "There is always hope. who was having trouble taking now. for once. Harry was the only one. "but we must also grieve.

Her eyes were puffy and red and she was curled like a cat on one of the sofas." she cried to no one. but he was sulking. snuggling and crying into Harry's pillow. wishing that Harry would come back. but it helped them heal. They mostly talked and remembered together the last seven years. her eyes would burn painfully. "You promised me you'll come back. not even coming down for the Great Hall to grab a bit of food. not a tear came out of his eyes. Willing. When Ron came back from the Room of Requirements and . Ron and Hermione were in the Room of Requirements. but she didn't care . breathing Harry's scent. They all stayed in these positions for 14 hours after Harry's death. Each time she started crying. "you promised me Harry!" Lily was sitting and sobbing quietly in the room behind the map of Argyllshire on the second floor.Ginny was in the boys' dormitories. James was in the Astronomy Tower.It distracted her a bit from the real pain. sometimes Hermione would burst into tears and even Ron had a few tears escaping. hitting the walls and smashing things all over the tower.

" said Ron with a roll of his eyes for the fifth time this week. "You promised. he noticed that Harry gave Ginny the engagement ring he'd been talking about for weeks. She looked at the ring on her finger and more tears found their way out of her eyes. "Of course she will Harry." she whispered in a hoarse voice for the 50th time." Alyssa said sadly. Alyssa. noticed the ring on Ginny's finger and just like the rest .saw his sister on Harry's bed. Ginny snuggled into Harry's bed. She. END FLASHBACK They won't get a chance to get married. Ron thought sadly. as long as you give it to her. FLASHBACK "Do you think Ginny will like it?" asked Harry anxiously. "Ginny you have to eat something. looking at the ring on the table with a look of anxiety. she wouldn't care if it was made of parchment. "Ginny?" Ginny lifted her head and saw her best friend. too. smelling Harry's scent and remembering good days.

" "I don't care. One was the Order's secret owl and the second was carrying the Daily Prophet." said Ginny in anguish. "No" whispered Ginny in the same. Charlie. her friend had no choice but leave. Bill. please leave me alone. "Ginny. "NO!" she cried. Leave me alone.She knew that if it was something urgent. choked with tears. Mrs Weasley didn't open the Order's letter . HARRY POTTER – DEAD Yesterday night Death Eaters attacked the village Hogsmede near Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and . Mrs Weasley was making the chatting Arthur. "Ginny-" "Go away. was shocked and sad to hear about Harry's death. Fred and George breakfast when two owls soared through the window. you'll starve. hoarse voice.of the world. Dumbledore would have informed them himself. She opened the Daily Prophet and let out a yell of agony." Ginny ordered in such a pathetic and hurt voice.

Rita Skeeter. The Weasley's kitchen was in uproar as Mrs Weasley sobbed on Arthur's shoulder. who was crying himself. and business will be limited for quite some time. a claim that would have to be checked thoroughly by the Ministry of Magic. occasionally running to catch up with Dumbledore. Ten people were killed and three Death Eaters were captured. James Potter and Lily Evans were also involved in the battle (for more information about their sudden appearance see page 9) and duelled with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. On the cover was a picture of Dumbledore levitating Harry away towards Hogwarts' direction and a sobbing Ginny trailing after him. Special correspondent. The common belief said that He-Who-Must-Not-BeNamed did not shoot the killing curse. Many shops have closed in grief at the sudden death of their hero. who killed Harry Potter.Wizardry. . Fred and George apparated to their shop to grieve on their own. Eyewitnesses said that Harry Potter. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named also showed up in his first public appearance in 16 years and caused a great deal of panic to the villagers.

not even to eat. "We'll be fine mom. . "He told us not to come. Ron and Ginny need us." she wailed and ran to the fireplace to toss some Floo powder in the warm flames. She kissed Ron and Hermione's hair hard." said Bill with a lump in his throat. go see Ginny. She immediately wrapped her arms around both teens and started crying again." Mrs Weasley only sobbed harder as she noticed the usual sparkle in his eyes was absent. crying. tossing some Floo powder in the fire before she disappeared with a 'puff. she needs you more. Ron patted her back and said soothingly.' Ron and Hermione were sitting in one of the armchairs when Mrs Weasley came. and no one can get her to leave." moaned Mrs Weasley. "Oh no. And when Mrs Weasley finally tore herself away from them. "Poor Ginny. She in Harry's bed. I can't imagine what she must be going through." Mrs Weasley shouted. He read it quickly and announced." "The hell with Albus Dumbledore! My son and daughter need me now."We have to go to Hogwarts." said Mr Weasley quietly and opened the letter. "We should read the Order's letter first Molly. even though his eyes looked very red.

." Ginny yelled suddenly." "I want him now. Her hair was tangled and dirty. Ginny turned to the sound of her mother's voice and Mrs Weasley almost cried again." Mrs Weasley swallowed her tears. her face sunken and pale. "I want him to keep his promise! HE PROMISED!" She started hitting the pillow. "He'll always be with you Ginny. He promised. tears pouring freely from her eyes and Mrs Weasley could not hold her own tears any longer. sobbing. She needed to be strong for her baby girl. "He promised me mom. her other hand wiping the tears out of her own eyes. She walked softly towards Harry's bed. She pulled the hangings apart and saw Ginny curled under the blanket. missing all of their happy light. hugging Harry's pillow. and Mrs Weasley put her hand on Ginny's waist. "Ginny?" said Mrs Weasley with a choked voice. "he told me he'd come back.and entered the boys' dormitories. Her daughter was in bad shape. Her eyes were puffy and bloodshot. sniffing a bit." she said in a raspy voice. Ginny collapsed on the bed.

" Professor McGonagall remarked hollowly. He was drinking his 16th glass of Firewhiskey now. and was quite drunk to say at least." silent tears were streaming down some of the Professor's eyes and Professor Sprout blew her nose in a red handkerchief." "You're right. "I loved him like my nephew." said Amy sadly. minus Dumbledore and Snape." he suddenly yelled." said Amy. yet stronger than you'll ever expect a thirteen year old boy to be. ignored what was said. But he was wrong. like I loved James as a brother. "He was delicate. "And then Sirius showed up and told him how much he's like James. . "I wish I could've known him better. wiping a tear from her cheek. It was so obvious he was the son of James and Lily.Remus was sitting in the staff room with the entire staff. you're drunk. "I loved him you know. Remus." "Remus. "Lily was written all over 90 of his personality." he slurred to the staff. "He was so much like Lily when I first met him it was amazing." he hiccupped "And now he's gone. yet again.

Ok. "Harry. Losing his best friend hit him too close to home. Always the noble one. did you? Dumbledore wouldn't have let any of us drown!" "The song said -" "It was only to make sure you got back inside the time limit!" said Ron. never to leave a damsel in distress. He was sitting on the edge of the lake. where Harry sat in the end of the second task on their forth year. FLASHBACK "What did you bring her for?" "Fleur didn't turn up. you prat. "you didn't take that song thing seriously. It was a shock and he didn't think he'd ever recover from. I couldn't leave her. maybe he did leave Cho crying.Ron was devastated but he didn't show it." Harry panted. but what could he have done? . "I hope you didn't waste time down there acting the hero!" END FLASHBACK Ron chuckled dryly." said Ron.

I . the one with Sirius in it. and the one without. it stretched across two universes.' She's probably cheerful enough with someone .going on with you and her. Nothing. Wanting to impress Cho seemed to belong to a past that was no longer quite connected with him. anyway?' Ron asked quietly. but you want someone a bit more cheerful.' said Harry truthfully. . You're well out of it.' said Hermione tentatively.FLASHBACK What's . she's quite good-looking and all that. Harry was surprised to find that this information did not hurt at all. shrugging. so much of what he had wanted before Sinus'.heard she's going out with someone else now. mate. I mean. much .' said Ron forcefully. death felt that these days… The week that had elapsed since he had last seen Sirius seemed to have lasted much.' said Harry.

Ron remembered thousands of times when he was jealous of Harry.Who's she with now. craning around in his seat to stare at her. .' said Ginny resolutely. Ron looked highly delighted. but it was Ginny who answered. Just choose someone . But was Harry really that lucky? His parents died when he was one year old. But you were going out with him!' Not any more. I always thought he was a bit of an idiot. He thought he had it all: Money. fame and girls. Michael Corner.' END FLASHBACK Oh. he saw death after death. Good for you. Well. Michael . turned The Quibbler upside down and began marking her answers.' she said. another death every year. anyway?' Ron asked Hermione. He didn't like Gryffindor beating Ravenclaw at Quidditch. and got really sulky.' She scratched her nose absently with the end of her quill. prodding his queen forwards towards Harry's quivering time. he grew up unloved and like a slave.but said Ron. so I ditched him and he ran off to comfort Cho instead.' he said.better .

THE POWER OF LOVE. so she could let all of her emotions out.Quirrell. She loved Harry like a brother. life was never fair to Harry Potter. she wanted her parents near her. she couldn't help but wonder why it happened. UNITY AND THE MAYA WILL DESTROY THE . She furrowed her brows. No. Voldemort. THE STAG AND THE PROPHECY BABY WILL BE UNITED. Riddle. That's the only love you're capable of. Yet. and it was the first death she had ever experienced. It had all started from your sick mind. "WHEN THE FLOWER. Voldemort…it was all because of you. Pettigrew. Repeating the prophesy lines in her head. Hermione was devastated. Got rid of your biggest enemy without so much of a wave of your wand. and not for the first time. But you love that don't you? Ron thought.

She should've checked the prophesy over and over again until she was sure she was fulfilling it fully. Will be united? Power of love? She had no doubt Harry loved his parents. James and Harry. but the spell didn't work right because the prophesy said otherwise! It must be the power of love and unity. Lily. no doubt. she saw that there was already a ." these were. James and Lily all accomplished the spell. "Will be united. the stag and the prophesy baby.DARK LORD. WHEN FLOWER. the power of love. When she reached the seventh floor. The most powerful one did die. STAG AND A BABY WILL BE UNITED…" "When the Flower. Lily walked to the Room of Requirements thousands of thoughts swirling and twirling in her mind. How could they skip over that? How could they let such a thing happen? She was stupid. They didn't have it. unity and the Maya…" Something clicked inside Hermione's brain painfully. It was all her fault. Hermione groaned and started crying again. Harry. But James and Lily weren't his parents were they? She was quite sure James didn't love Harry as much as he would have if he was his son.

Curious. and her horrible mood. Harry's eyes were just the same." Lily said. "I'm sorry. "Harry?" The boy turned and Lily saw to her disappointment that it was James. her fiery redhead temper flaring over the simple question. "What are you doing here?" he asked. telling you they can see into your soul. "Does it?" she asked more forcefully. the lack of sleep. James still didn't answer. she choked. . the both turned to look at the fire. she opened it but when she saw a black mop of hair sitting on the sofa and facing the fire. She immediately lowered her eyes. James also lowered his eyes." he said quietly. Couldn't bear to see Lily's green eyes boring into him. Still not meeting each other's eyes. "I have just the same right to be here as you do.door there. Fierce green emerald eyes. "Does it hurt?" asked Lily. Frightened of the sight of James – looking so much like Harry it hurt. Lily looked up and saw him staring at the fire. James didn't say anything.

A world had vanished. For those of you who want some clues about what happened here can go right back to chapter 3. It was a short chapter but it was so originally so I decided not to make it too much longer. "It does. "It is about time…" he muttered quietly." The Room of Requirement spun. A tear ran down James's cheek for the first time in ten years. I have decided not to update until I get 20 reviews (at least) because if I get less it is just disappointing. I have also decided the plot to chapter 19. to all of my old . Yes. A/N: OK you guys. "Does it hurt to you James? Are you human enough to hurt? Why are you so silent? Is that such a common thing for you to watch people die that you JUST STAY IN YOUR PLACE AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING? IS IT?" Lily screamed and suddenly fell to the floor."Answer me!" she yelled with sudden anger. I killed Harry." he whispered. Dumbledore was sitting in his office when the room began to spin. I can see your stones already. "It does. sobbing.

the new rating). but it's not R yet (M .readers who are interested. thanks! Does your dad always sit with you when you read fanfics? kero-chicken? . Draculas Knight. I don't think I'm going to be able to finish it till June 6th. I'm really sorry. Hannanora-Potter.First of all thanks. Thanks for adding my story to your c2 but that's good criticism so I don't mind. It came the last time so I'm saying it now. to be quite honest. to erase any confusion."You made some speeling mistakes" lol.Well. THIS STORY IS NOT COMPLETE! Reviews: princessdza. it has a slightly (but really slightly) higher in the past they are not aware that James and Lily are gone because time just stopped there.That's one way to put it. don't get angry with me please -angelic face-.Well. You review made me laugh . amrawo. For your questions . I didn't start a . I don't mind at all :) Tigoamy.Nice to have you back.

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hastily wiping the tears off his cheeks.*Chapter 15*: Chapter 16: Back Home Recap: "Answer me!" she yelled. "Does it hurt to you James? Are you human enough to hurt? Why are you so silent? Is that such a common thing for you to watch people die that you JUST STAY IN YOUR PLACE AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING? IS IT?" Lily screamed and suddenly fell to the floor. that she was in the Heads compartment in the Hogwarts Express. The world span around Lily and James and they banged into each other until it all stopped abruptly. sobbing." he whispered. "We're back…" Lily whispered and checked her watch and . also realising where they were. "It does. The room stopped spinning for Lily and James and Lily opened her eyes to find." The Room of Requirement spun. "It does. to her astonishment. "What?" said James. A world had vanished. A tear ran down James's cheek for the first time in ten years.

eyeing the parchment with the instructions from Dumbledore. completely forgetting about her ability to hear people's thoughts. and now wasn't a good time for her to explain how to behave to a bunch of teenagers. and focused on improving her look and concealing her red eyes with a nice placed concealing charm. Lily didn't indicate that she heard him at all. They were silent while the other was speaking and acted very cool whenever they talked or corrected each other. already knew the instructions. "Five minutes" James said and started reading the Heads' instructions. "How long do we have?" asked Lily in a tense voice. Can't let her see she got to me… James kept thinking. James and Lily pulled it off marvellously. she never did this before." he said dryly.saw that the time had changed as well. as if he had been caught in the act. Lily. being the studious know-it-all. Can't let her see she got to me. All . After a few tense moments where James and Lily looked everywhere but each other. back to eleven thirty in the morning of September first. James spoke "We have to hold the prefects meeting. James peeked on her over the parchment but immediately lowered his eyes. When the time came and Lily and James started the prefect meeting.

the one he pulled pranks with and was proud to call him his best friend. "Got over Lily that fast Prongs?" sounded Sirius's amused voice. Sirius. "What the hell is wrong with you Prongs?" asked Remus while dragging James out of the prefects' carriage. James broke from the embrace. How on earth did you manage to calm her down in ten minutes?" James looked at Remus with an elated expression that caused Remus's frown to deepen. whose eyes were as wide as saucers as James hugged him and clapped him on his back manly. it was seventeen years old Remus Lupin. "I missed you" said James suddenly and embraced Remus. frowning. whom never saw James Potter and Lily Evans act civilly to each other. It wasn't the old wary professor Lupin that was constantly worried.they could do is pass the prefect meeting to the astonished students. took one look at Sirius and muttered "You're alive!" James only heard about Sirius when he was in the future. and was very happy to see him again. lifted his eyebrows in silent question. . with deep frown lines and grey hairs. "You and Lily acted civilly to each other. who thought Lily had finally hexed James to oblivation.

" "Talked?" asked Peter with a snort "She was yelling to the whole train about hating you and suddenly you just talked?" James looked at Peter. Dumbledore was right. sincerely concerned about James's welfare and state of mind. her heart . Lily walked slowly towards hers and Amy's compartment. afraid for James's sanity. While the boys were playing a game of chess. desperately trying to change the subject. He winced. mate."James. remembering Lily's words to him from a couple of months before "Yes well…never mind. James snapped out of the reverie he was in. "Uh?" asked James thickly and looked at Sirius. We just talked. "Nothing. and looked at Peter. remembering that Dumbledore told him that he can save Peter from becoming a Death Eater. "Er…hello Peter. fancy a game of chess?" said James. are you okay?" asked Peter." he said hugging Peter half-heartedly. Peter that he saw in the future is not the Peter he is talking to right now. "What did Lily do to you?" asked Sirius haughtily.

arguing with him once a week. "Ok. "Did you see Black around here?" Amy asked. Amy patted her back. looking over Lily's shoulder in suspicion. "Black? Sirius Black?" asked Lily. writing letters to-" Amy stopped at that point because Lily started laughing. who else. She slowly opened the door and let a small smile grace her lips." She said with a frown "Awfully weird if you ask me. and here he is. how was the meeting?" asked Amy cheerfully. ok. . eyes wide. Amy rolled her eyes. Bellatrix?" Lily smiled weakly. "Hi. What does he want with me? I'm just plain old Amy. "No I didn't. Amy frowned but let it drop. Lily ran and hugged Amy. "Of course Sirius Black. I take it that you and Potter got along?" it took Lily several seconds to understand what Amy wanted. Why?" she asked. remembering that Sirius and Amy were engaged before— "He sent me letters this summer.beating madly against her ribs. "Oh…yeah…it was ok" she mumbled.

You made her think you like Black. James. that was still sunk in thoughts about the future blurted "Made me fall in love with her. "So…" he . Do not! James was staring outside of the window. thinking about Harry. Stupid Amy." Lily said in amusement. chuckling at Amy's red cheeks. You do I do not! Do too! Lily laughed even harder when she heard Amy's thoughts." Remus and Sirius spat the pumpkin juice they were drinking all over each other and stared at James in amazement and Peter froze in the middle of chewing a chocolate frog. James turned into a very interesting shade of crimson before deciding to break the awkward silence. Ron and Hermione wistfully when Peter broke the silence: "So what did Lily do to you?" he asked."You're rambling.

James. Sirius. "Don't you think I know that?" snapped James but then sighed and rubbed his eyes in exhaustion "Look…I'm sorry for snapping but I didn't mean to say that…it was just a blurt. and mostly teasing. The problem was that someone was already standing there. "Sirius…what about Amy?" The others kept staring at him silently. a lot of chocolate. The rest of the train ride was passed with chess playing. When the train stopped and the students went to search for carriages. a smile slowly spreading over his face.half-squealed. Sirius grinned and James looked at his shoes that . looking like goldfish and knowing it. their last. "Uh…" "I knew you fancied her mate. Remus blushed. Remus and Peter walked towards one of the carriages. They also spent a good hour thinking about pranks for the next year. but love? That's a big thing…" said Sirius seriously." "Sure it was" said Remus. the grin never leaving his young face. "You…love Lily?" said Remus slowly.

chatting with each other. "We need to know if you're here. Amy fought the smile that threatened to break on her face. 'Blackmail' was the name James invented to Sirius's mail. "I will if you will." said Remus pleasantly. "Are you taking that carriage Black?" said Amy in a bored voice. that's all. "Let's find another carriage. "We're not Jenny." She said to the girls and the girls got into the carriage. Lily and an unfamiliar brunette faced the group. Remus turned red again. Let's go." said the brunette. Amy. "So. So did James and Lily. Moony?" teased Sirius.suddenly became extremely interesting." said Sirius smoothly. "Do you fancy Jenny." Peter said as rain drops started to fall. . his dark hair falling elegantly on his eyes. did Amy answer any of your 'Blackmails'?" asked Remus with a smirk once they entered the carriage. "Thanks Remus. Jenny grinned brightly to Remus. Sirius didn't blush but two faint pink spots appeared on his cheeks.

" said James. and Peter actually drooled. James's mouth filled with saliva. Professor Summer. starting to remember the summer holiday. and for our older students. "Sure she does. "She likes me. don't write to me ever again you idiot. I want to sadly announce that our old dear professor Gibert has retired after 50 years of teaching and I am delighted to introduce you to your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. "For those of you who are new." said James sarcastically "Black." the boys said as one. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. if I remember correctly. "Now that we are all fed and watered. welcome back." . welcome. But don't let an old man's blabbing stand between you and the food!" Soon the tables was groaning under the weight of almost every food imaginable." Dumbledore boomed. "Burned half of my new parchments to dust" "She did write me a normal letter once!" "Oh yeah. Amy" Sirius definitely blushed now. Dumbledore stood up again."A Howler once." he said defiantly. After the feast.

James threw his head back a bit to Lily's direction and rolled his eyes.A tall ginger-haired plumped witch stood up. Dumbledore smile at him and the clapping stopped. You are now welcomed to go to your dormitories except the Head Boy and Girl." Peter gave James pitying look. Mr Potter notified me about something you wish to discuss with me?" Lily looked very . the forbidden forest is exactly this – forbidden. "Actually Ms Evans." Sirius's eyes widened and he noted to himself to buy one later – it would be good for detentions. I didn't. "For the usual start-of-term notices. "You wanted to talk to us professor?" said Lily as they went to stand in front of the headmaster. James looked at Dumbledore who was glancing at him and mouthed to him." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled and he gave James a slight nod. no magic is allowed between corridors. determinedly not looking at James. Mr Filch has asked me to remind you that the list of forbidden items was has expended and now include two-way mirrors. "And last. Lily got one from Amy. "We need to talk. There were a few clapping.

"Who gave you that seal Mr Potter? It is my personal one. "I did." said James and summoned with his wand the letter Dumbledore wrote to his past self. Dumbledore broke the seal and the scroll unrolled itself magically. It was about a mile length. James and Lily looked open mouthed at the scroll. even though he was slightly alarmed.angry at her shoes all of a sudden and glared at them. "So you were in the future?" he asked. "Very well." said Dumbledore still looking stern behind his half-moon glasses "Shall we go to my office then?" Once they were seated comfortably at the office. . And rolled." James said patiently. frowning. Dumbledore's eyes hardened a little. Dumbledore looked amused "Why would someone need me so desperately?" he muttered. And rolled. Dumbledore did a very good concealing charm on that scroll. I think you need to read it before letting us explain. Dumbledore read the first meter of the scroll. And rolled. "You did." He said with an edge to his voice.

"May I go sir?" James asked testily.James and Lily nodded. So it finally has happened. James and Lily heard and blushed furiously. The silent communication annoyed him. just one more question: do you think a Christmas ball is in order?" James mumbled a yes and walked out of the room. "I heard there was a lovely Christmas ball…" he muttered quietly but even though. you and Miss Evans helped the light side a great deal. side-byside. an awkward silence following them up to the common room. . Lily turned and walked to the girls' dormitories. looking down in embarrassment. the twinkle in his eyes very noticeable. Dumbledore gave her an innocent look. They walked slowly and quietly. But before you go. hearing Dumbledore's thoughts the poor guy waited long enough. don't you think? Lily sent a glare at the headmaster clearly saying stay-out-of-it. followed by Lily. didn't it Miss. smiling mischievously "Of course Mr Potter. stopping when James' voice reached her ears. Dumbledore looked at him. Evans? Lily gasped silently. James watched the exchange and knew what was happening.

"Morning James. shutting the door quietly behind her. James nudged Lily with his foot and pointed in his head at Dumbledore. Peter and Sirius were staring at them in shock. "Talk now. "What?" she snapped at Amy who was still watching her with her mouth hanging open. Lily. "Good morning Lily." she called back and came up the stairs. Amy." Lily said and smiled shyly. "J?" James muttered to no one. Both Lily and James turned pink. Remus." he called quietly. "Night J."Night Lil. She looked at Dumbledore and narrowed her eyes." . Jenny. He was looking at them with a smile Lily could swear was really a smirk. All movement besides them stopped." said James with a smile. Lily turned and smiled a very small smile. Amy and Jenny were eating breakfast when the marauders came into the hall and sat across them.

"I'm eating!" Lily protested. which made the professor's eyebrows rise." "Yes. but before Amy could investigate her any longer. and Professor McGonagall taught how to transfigure a table into an animal. "Sid you just say 'morning James'?" inquired Amy. "What?" raged Lily." squealed Amy and hugged Lily thinking I knew she liked him! "I do not!" yelped Lily before she could help herself. "Yes. . James and Lily did it the first time. but Amy had already grabbed her arm and dragged her from the Great Hall. leaving a very confused Amy behind." "You called him James." "Yeah. The last lesson of the day was Transfiguration." "Congratulations. Lily walked away from the room." "You spoke to Potter. "What? I didn't say anything!" said Amy in confusion.

" Sirius and Remus did it on third try and Peter managed it by the end of the lesson. Well. "Mr Potter. I don't want to find you doing something…else…while you're . professor Dumbledore announced me about your little…uh… adventure to the future. how extraordinary… Lily rolled her eyes. Please send me a note later. "Yes Professor?" Lily asked politely. don't look at me like that. 20 points to Gryffindor. Ms Evans. well. telling where you stopped in each subject and the teachers will give you material to do during class. This was becoming ridiculous. you will hang in Slytherin."Very good Mr Potter. "And professor Dumbledore and I thought it would be a good idea if you would continue from where you stopped there. Ms Evans. "There is a prefect meeting in two days in the prefects' room. Potter and Evans became Potter and Potter. a word if you may" said Professor McGonagall in the end of the lesson. Please hang notes in ALL of the common rooMs Yes Potter." She took a deep breath "For another matter. You two will be at the prefects' room and do the work the teachers assign you there." She said and Lily could have sworn she detected a tiny smile.

supposed to study." When James and Lily returned to the great hall for supper snack. "I wanted to write to you. never heard him saying that he liked Amy. "-and I never asked you to write to me. unaware of Peter. And even James. his best friend. "Why?" "Because I like you dammit!" he said angrily and left the Great Hall with a slam of the doors. James and Peter stood there sporting identical looks of shock. but they couldn't help the blush spreading all over their faces. He knew he had a thing for her but he didn't know it deepened over the summer. . Remus. Never before have had they heard their friend confess to someone like that. Remus." snapped Amy. Jenny and now James and Lily watching in amusement." exclaimed Sirius who looked quite agitated." McGonagall said it so sternly that James and Lily didn't dare to argue with her. "You may go. they saw that Amy and Sirius were in the middle of their traditional argument.

"Neither did I.James shook his head in amazement – it wasn't supposed to be such a shock to him after all." said both James and Remus. playing the guitar they all bought together. "I'm sure he does. Amy stood stunned in the Great Hall. "She just won't let me…" he said quietly." pointed Jenny. He wrote you letters over the summer didn't he?" asked Lily. they saw Sirius sitting on his bed. Sirius nodded. Amy nodded and entered the . unable to talk. Jenny and Lily giggled at her expression and it seemed to snap her out of her reverie. "He yelled it to the Great Hall. too amazed to shout jinx." James muttered to Remus and Peter. "I never thought…" Peter trailed off. as they entered the common room. They both nodded and walked out of the Great Hall. "Do you really like her Padfoot?" said James quietly. "We better go after him. "Do you really think he like me?" she asked them while they were walking towards the Gryffindor tower. When they entered the dormitory.

common room. it reminded Lily of Hermione. as if it was obvious." said Jenny." yelped Amy. Lily ran away yelping from the room. "Stop laughing Lily! What am I going to do?" said Amy in a pained voice. "You have to talk to him of course. remembering how it was Harry's favorite." said Lily with a smirk while they entered the dormitory and sat on their beds. "How am going to talk to him?" "Well. "What? No way. It soon became a full pillow war. He was with the . Speaking of which… James was sitting on one of the armchairs close to the fire. her hair nearly as messy as James'. "But make sure you brush your teeth before. you have a horrible smell…" Jenny and Lily laughed loudly and Amy managed a smile "Oh shut up you!" she said and threw a pillow at Lily. opening your mouth is a good start. covered with feathers and in her pajamas. "But I thought he is doing it to annoy me…" she said with a slightly whiny edge to her voice." said Lily. "Apparently not.

James stopped playing and looked back with surprise and saw Lily smiling at him.guitar and singing an unknown melody about lost love and how the singer didn't mean to lose it. And as much as I love Harry and adore H/G. A/N: Awwwwwww! That was sweet! I loved my ending and very sorry it happened." He said and kissed her cheek. "I missed you too Lil. I wanted them to stay apart for a little longer but I just can't do that! Every time I plan something to happen over several chapters it comes in one chapter!Annoying! For another thing: I know you wanted Harry back but as you probably know. just finally realising how much they missed each other. I ." murmured Lily. "I missed you J. They hugged each other close. putting her head on his chest. It was beautiful. happy and relaxed when she heard James singing that she ran to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Lily was so content. There were no explanations needed. letting Lily jump into his lap and embrace. this story is about Lily and James. He kissed her forehead and put his guitar on his side.

Thanks for the reviews! The next chapter is going to be uploaded once I get 20 reviews.You know. Silver Warrior.See the end of the author note for your question. evil-pillow. I love you guys and sorry again. CrystalKisses. Draculas Knight. I am truely sorry. it's b-e-autiful and it's so much more comfortable than the last version. nudge nudge) Annmarie Aspasia. Please don't be mad at me. James had to cry somehow. and I'm sorry if you got mad at me. go to my other story (wink wink. BeachHn332. this is a J/L fic. Steelo.Look. but as I said before. So I did that as soon as I could. pandas rule the world. lost goddess of the . yogithedog9. if you want some HG married.YOU! FadingHearts14 . How's that? headgirl13. and . I promised you guys. Lily-900121. which is now. I'll update. rosiegirl. I am really pleased about the changes did. that if I'll get 20 reviews or more. Coco-Pop.just couldn't keep him alive. And not because he hurt his knee. or something equally pointless.

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putting her head on his chest. . You two will be at the prefects' room and do the work the teachers assign you there.*Chapter 16*: Chapter 17: A Slip and A Slap Recap: "Professor Dumbledore announced me about your little…uh…adventure to the future. "And professor Dumbledore and I thought it would be a good idea if you would continue from where you stopped there. just finally realising how much they missed each other. They hugged each other close. letting Lily jump into his lap and embrace." He said and kissed her cheek." McGonagall said and Lily could have sworn she detected a tiny smile. "I missed you too Lil. He kissed her forehead and put his guitar on his side. telling where you stopped in each subject and the teachers will give you material to do during class. I don't want to find you doing something…else…while you're supposed to study. There were no explanations needed." murmured Lily." James stopped playing and looked back with surprise and saw Lily smiling at him. "I missed you J. Please send me a note later.

watching Lily's face. James interrupted her "What does it has to do with House Keeping charms?" he asked thickly with a confused look on his face." Lily started. "Because after you will finish Hogwarts you are an adult. "Because we are seventh years and going to finish Hogwarts soon. "Now please conjure a bowl with hot water so we can practice the Laundry Charms. boys could be so dense sometimes. Realisation dawned on James's face and Lily rolled her eyes." "Yes 'oh'.Chapter 17 "House keeping charms!" cried James in alarm." Lily said in exasperation. You need to know how to do your own laundry and make food. She's beautiful. They were sitting of the floor of the Heads common room and looking at the roll of parchment professor Flitwick gave them with the assignments. Lily's face burned as she heard his ." James did so with a wave of his wand. "Oh. "Why do we need to learn that?" Lily sighed.'" said Lily amusedly. in her best know-it-all voice.

She waved her wand and in one swift movement." replied James cheekily. "You are blushing even below your face. So. "We need cloths. . It only lasted a second before it was replaced by a dangerous glint in her eyes. It was Lily's turn to blush. "James…" "All right. that was yet to recover from the last embarrassment. "I didn't realise you wanted to see me shirtless so bad." "James. "Why didn't you levitate it?" asked James in confusion after performing a cooling charm on her hands. her face. James yelped in surprise and Lily laughed. all right…" he said with a hint of sadness in his voice. James turned into an interesting shade of scarlet that spread over his chest. his shirt was off. Evans. She pushed his shirt into the hot water and hissed when her hands hit the water. was burning even brighter red.thoughts." said Lily indignantly. now that's something to see…" teased Lily. take off your shirt.

. now let's see what's written about these charms. And with a quick glance at the wand movement the shirt and . "The Washing Charm should wash the cloths in soap and vanish the stains. The shirt. that was shabby and dirty. I need to know how to do it as well…" "Oh!" Lily said." they both turned to look at the wand movements and tried the spell.." she read aloud. the Aroma CharMs" She skimmed through the page and started reading. The incantation is immunis. "The Aroma Charm is meant to give the cloths a smell according to the spell caster's favourite flower. "There are three charms in the Laundry Charms section. it should look new. Now. "Uh…I'm here too. Red sparks shot out of the ends of their wands." She started reading it and James looked at her expectantly for a while before saying. with two people cleaning it. looked new. the Aroma Charm and the Ironing Charm. that is a very old shirt" said James in amazement. the Washing Charm. "Wow." declared James. Lily giggled "Well." "I know what my favourite flower is. blushing again."I'm used to doing that the muggle way" Lily said. examining her hands "Never mind.

She looked and saw that her shirt was ironed. Lily felt her shirt became a little stiff and warm. To his satisfaction. Very ticklish. gasping for breath every now and then. Miss Evans?" he asked mockingly." They both muttered the incantation. He rose on his elbows and started to tickle her.everything around it began to smell oddly like Lilies. She faked a cough to hide her embarrassment. Lily was beet red for the millionth time that day and James smiled at her cheekily. James laughed out loud and Lily. She laughed and laughed. "Trying to tickle me. She looked up to meet James's smirk "James!" she yelped. Suddenly. "Ironing Charm is meant to iron the cloths and dry them. Tears were streaming down her face from laughing so hard . To her disappointment he was not ticklish. she was ticklish." she said. as a revenge. First levitate the shirt from the hot water and say facere ferrum. "Ironing Charm next. started to tickle him.

James stroked Lily's cheek when he saw the unshed tears. "I don't know. as if afraid she might realise what they did wrong. She didn't like where his thoughts were heading. He was lying on his stomach. Lily managed to breathe a couple of steady breaths before she realised that James was partly on her. "What did we do wrong?" he asked quietly. I know we did. her eyes looked suspiciously moistened. barely touching the floor and his face was close to hers.God…." she said reluctantly. . It had to work." she whispered. "James. We did the spell right."S-Stop…Oh…. one hand across her stomach. but before she could say something he spoke." he said and kissed her forehead with an uncharacteristic gentleness. "J" Lily said softly "Will you just hold me?" she whispered. she knew they had to talk about it sometime. Lily sighed. "What do you mean?" asked James." she continued laughing until James fingers tired and he stopped. now was just not a good time to do it. The prophesy probably ruined what we were trying to do there is no other explanation. I-I Don't want to talk about it. "Ok.

He closed his eyes and leaned on the sofa. "Yeah…" she said just as quietly. Their faces were extremely close and they yet to free the each other. "Oh. "Huh?" said Lily and got her hold on his loosened to look at his face. "Why do you call me J?" he asked softly. hands encircling his neck. putting her in his lap. "Are you?" he murmured." she said with a quivering smile. "Why J?" asked James after a few minutes. and drew back. as if afraid to break her. I guess I'm just lazy to call you by your full name. Looking in her eyes. looking at her outrageously close lips. He kissed her softly. feeling Lily's warm breath on his face. her head on the crook of his neck. he tried to figure out if she wanted it just as much as he did. . smelling her hair and enjoying the feeling of her slim body against his. James held her around her waist.James lifted an eyebrow on the name but lifted her with his hands and sat on the sofa." she said quietly "I don't know.

not yes forgetting how awful he was to both himself and Harry. "You know." said James venomously. Not yet. "My dear fellow marauders!" said Sirius loudly that evening in the dormitory. They threw curious looks but . Not yet He understood her will and although disappointed. "Who?" asked Peter shortly. "It has been a week since school started and we didn't prank even once!" he cried in mock disbelief. so what do we do?" asked Peter. he knew that she was his. her chin resting on his head she stroked his hair. you're right. Lily sighed and held him close. "I say…" The next morning some of the Gryffindors noticed how giddy the marauders looked. "Ok. It is his vengeance.He saw longing and sadness and read the silent message she was trying to give him. He nodded in understanding and lowered his head." said James. "Snivellus. They all heard the venom in his voice but only Remus gave it a second thought.

Snape jumped off the table to stand in front of the teachers table and faced the students. she snorted very unladylike into her cereal. praying into James's mind. looking like the hairy. Snape started to sing: "I feel pretty. catching James's eye. oh. attracting all of the students' attention. she immediately noticed how tense and excited the boys looked. I feel pretty and witty and brrriiight!" The students that didn't recover from the sight of Snape. what their prank would be. Suddenly. she knew he knew she knew.the marauders eyes told them all you wait and see. Even . His black robes transfigured itself into a ping tight dress with white lace. started gasping for air as they laughed even harder. When she found out. greasy version of a twisted Barbie doll. Snape rose from his seat and stood on the table. something that didn't go unnoticed by neither of the marauders or the Gryffindor table. She sat and started eating her cereal. He opened his mouth and to the horror of the students. so pretty. When Lily entered the hall. The hall erupted into hysterics. but the prank didn't stop there. He gave her a tiny smile and she smiled back.

so charming…" at this point Snape started dancing what most people would call a sexy dance. Lily turned a little pink but smiled a little nevertheless. oh. She watched as James. Lily wasn't sure if it was from trying to suppress her laugher or from anger. Snape was so red in his face. "I feel charming. "Black! Lupin! Potter! Pettigrew! Into my office immediately!" she yelled while professor Flitwick tried unsuccessfully to transfigure the dress into school robes. "It's alarming how charming I feel! And so pretty that I hardly can believe I'm real!" Clapping could be heard as well as the hysteric laughter from all over the Great Hall when Snape bowed to the students and then the teachers. .some of the Slytherins were laughing. Lily thought he might explode. but when Snape danced. it looked like a very bad and amateurish drag queen. Sirius. After a few seconds professor McGonagall's red face could be spotted. Remus and Peter were leaded proudly outside of the Great Hall by professor McGonagall. James winked at her and blew her a kiss before shutting the Great Hall's doors.

" said James in the most serious tone he could master. "I am not sorry." "Children pay for their fathers' sins" he said. but answered her nevertheless." "It has been a week since the school started." he said determinedly. "He deserved it. McGonagall's nostrils flared – never a good sign. why did you prank Mr Snape?" "Well. ." said Sirius cheekily. but James has managed to get McGonagall to understand his motives." James lowered his head. or else our reputations would have been ruined. "I believe it was a prank. "May I ask. which is outrageously shocking. This sentence sounded rather odd to the rest of the marauders. and he did nothing wrong to you during this week. it's been a week since we got to school and we didn't do a single prank yet. We had to do something."What was that?" growled professor McGonagall when the boys sat in front of her in her office. "May I remind you Potter that you are Head Boy? You should set an example for the younger students.

" said a quiet voice behind them. He sat on the chair next to her and tried to focus on the headmaster even though he kept sneaking glances at her. can you please accompany me to my office?" he said in his deep voice. "It was a very nice display of magic there. "Mr Potter. Dismissed. . small butterflies fluttered in his stomach."You have a week of detention. "Never mind" said James. At James's horrified face he smiled "You are not in trouble". When James entered Dumbledore's office. The boys' bodies stiffened when they recognised the headmaster's voice. James relaxed and followed him. "What did you mean back there 'children pay for their fathers' sine?" asked Sirius in awe. He wasn't ready and he didn't want to ruin the fragile relationship he and Lily have. leaving three confused marauders behind." McGonagall declared to Sirius'. separately. she never drew this kind of reaction from him. James was surprised. not wanting to discuss his adventure to the future with them yet. They turned to him and relaxed when they saw his blue eyes twinkling merrily. amazed. Remus' and Peter's astonishment.

"Mr Potter?" asked Dumbledore. "I would like you to come with us" he said and got up to bring the Pensive. "No thank you professor" she echoed James's ." said James. Lily understood James's motives not to enter the Pensive and in fact. I want to ask you something." "Join me Ms Evans?" Dumbledore asked politely. she wasn't ready herself to see how she broke down. "I see…Maybe a Pensive would do the trick?" he asked gently. James shook his head. He wasn't ready to see himself crying in front of two Lilys and Dumbledore. But before I let you ask the questions. shuffling them on the floor. James thought about it and nodded. "I-I'd rather not talk about it sir. "No thank you professor. as if reading his thoughts. He was not one to admit his weaknesses in front of people. "What was the last thing you did or said before you were transported back?" James lowered his gaze to his feet." He peered over his half-moon glasses at them."I called you here to let you ask questions you probably have about your little…adventure to the future.

He saw Dumbledore's phoenix. that's right. He looked and saw that Lily's hand was dangerously close to his. Now. she was intertwining the tips her fingers with his. Phineas Nigellus snoozing in his frame. Now. he smiled a bit. have fun than". An electric jolt shot up his arm from the spot Lily's fingers touched his. with nothing to distract them. I daresay you already know how to use a Pensive. James let out an inaudible sigh of happiness. Mr Potter. gazing at them with interest. James was more than aware to his surroundings. Fawkes. He put his hand into the Pensive and disappeared with a flash of light. He felt something warm near his palm. he felt Lily's fingers moving a little as well. "Well.words silently. are you sure you don't want to come along?" As he saw the two teenagers shaking their heads. "Perfectly understandable. Suddenly. He didn't see the portrait of Dilys Derwent smiling so widely her face could have been split into two. Please extract your memory and into the Pensive. he saw Sirius's greatgreat grandfather. A silent pop jerked James and Lily's hands away from each . He took a deep breath and raised his fingers a little so they were slightly touching Lily's.

.other's. "Well. Now. "Excellent question dear boy. he was back to his cheerful twinkling annoying self." said Dumbledore vaguely. Dumbledore was back and he seemed very pensive. one you may call the present and one you may call future. combining the things my future self told me and what I saw right now. the answer is fate. After a few milliseconds though. "Uh…How did we come back?" asked James. well. it would seem that a strong emotion like anger caused a gap between two dimensions." "What did your future self wrote to you in that letter?" blurted Lily before she could stop herself. that certainly cleared things up. "A lot of things. simply fate." "But why?" said James before Dumbledore had a chance to finish his explanation. As for your question. It was a very personal question. still feeling a bit breathless after the 'encounter' with Lily a few seconds ago. "And it would seem that a strong emotion like sorrow mended that gap. shoot the questions!" he said cheerfully.

" "Yeah. Both teenagers were quiet. "And that we will be able to save them. Lily paled again and tears filled her eyes. You should be proud of yourself. you might be happy to hear that I know the dates of your parents' deaths" both Lily and James paled. "While we are on the matter." mumbled the teenagers. off you go". . muggles and wizards from a horrible fate." Dumbledore said gently. "Very well. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled in amusement. "No sir. "A Pensive again maybe?" they both shook their heads." said James harshly before he could think. The wound was still to deep and raw. knowing that this time they would have to go into the Pensive." said James with a snort. any other questions?" Dumbledore said gently. my future self was very interested what caused this. real proud. along with thousands of other people. we made Harry die."That was obvious. "Well. "Very well. James's father was killed by Death Eaters when James was 12 and it still hurt him a lot to think about it.

"Sirius Black." he said and entered the Heads room.Lily and James walked through the corridors in Hogwarts. The game continued for about an hour and the seventh ." the girl said without faze. they are all wondering what are we doing walking together without yelling at each other. "Say. Someone summoned a bottle and turned it. James laughed silently. since when James Potter and Lily Evans are friendly with each other? "Look at them." whispered Lily to James after they passed a group of whispering seventh years. "Who do you think is the sexiest boy in Hogwarts?" asked a brunette. It pointed on a blond sixth year named Mandy. It was about 10pm and the seventh and sixth years Gryffindor girls were wide awake in the empty common room. "Let them wonder. attracting many curious glances from the students." called one of the sixth years "What do you say we play truth or dare?" The girls cheered. They were feeling very giggly to say at least.

"I don't know how true it is." pointed out Jenny under Amy's glare. "So…Amy." "He said he likes you. also noticing the bottle's strange behaviour. Amy blushed even harder. but if he'll ask me out I don't know what I'll do. what is it about you and Sirius Black always fighting?" Amy shook her head "I don't know what's going on. He thinks he's so sexy and it's so annoying!" "He is sexy. I won't deny it. I don't know." pointed one of the girls." agreed the seventh years. "This is ridicules!" said Jenny at last "It's been an hour and the bottle did not stop on us even once!" "Maybe we'll just ask you questions and you can answer?" suggested Mandy." she said truthfully.years could not believe the bottle did not point at them even once. Amy blushed. he always says something that flares my temper. "Look. "All right. he is very good looking but. "I just can't stand it when he is so cocky. he is such a .

" said Mandy a bit bitterly. "like James Potter. "He didn't date anyone for the last three years." "I do not hate him!" exclaimed Lily." "What?" said Lily in disbelief. "But you did." said Amy with a frown. I don't know what happened to you on the Hogwarts Express. "You don't now." She didn't really know what made her say that. "You were too focused on hating him to notice. "What did I say?" "James Potter? Player? Are you blind Evans? He has his eyes only on you." said the sixth year prefect named Liana. One minute you hated him and after the prefect meeting you didn't. The sixth year girls looked at her in shock and then burst out laughing. she was getting along very good with James." said the brunette. "What?" Lily said in confusion. . "No way!" "Way." "That he is.player. I noticed something was wrong on the prefect meeting." agreed Lily." "Yeah. shaking her head.

eager for some gossip. "Because you can ruin everything we achieved by doing this!" he snapped back. Although he was in pyjamas. On the bottom of the stairs. please don't tell them anymore. "Lily. James Potter yelled at Lily Evans! "Then the Head compartment started to spin and-" "Lily stop!" a yell was heard from the stairs to the boys' dormitories." Some of the girls giggled "And then he yelled at me back. James stood with his arms crossed and his eyes glazing. if I tell you something do you promise not to tell anyone?" said Lily.look."I. "Well. apparently still aware to the other . "Why not?" snapped Lily suddenly annoyed with him for interrupting her spilling her heart out." James said almost pleadingly." the girls' expressions turned to shock. "Do you remember on the Hogwarts Express when I yelled at him?" the girls nodded. no one dared to move or giggle. The girls nodded and got closer to Lily. Lily took a pillow in her hands. when I got into the Heads compartment I…uh…yelled at him a bit more.

James looked in her eyes trying to pass her a message. "Shut up. She opened her mouth to say something to them but"Do it for Harry. She turned to the girls who were looking on the argument with open mouthed. "What do you mean?" she asked suspiciously. "I'm so sorry-" . Lily's eyes glazed with anger and she stood up. "You weren't the only one who lost him.girls' presence." he said softly. "No-! Lily I won't let you do that!" SMACK Lily slapped James with anger but immediately her hand flew to her mouth. And she started to apologise. "Shut up Potter. and don't you dare mention him" James cringed when she called him Potter and the hurt was very obvious in his eyes. but she didn't want to see what he meant." he said coldly." she said and faced him.

His eyes were full of hurt and a red mark of a hand was on his cheek." he said and entered the dormitory as fast as he could." he said in a strained voice. "James-" said Lily weakly." "But you did. Lily sat in front of his door a few more minutes. Lily saw that he was sincere and sighed." said James's voice." he turned and climbed the spiral staircases to the boys' dormitories. "I understand that you didn't want to share your feeling with me but you can't tell them where we went. "Forget it Lily. thinking for . "I never meant to get out of control. "I'm sorry" she said tearfully. shutting the door after him. "I'm used to it. "Look I'm sorry I slapped y-" "Forget it. He was near his dormitory door when she put her hand on his shoulder and turned him."Never mind." he said. But Lily wasn't about to let him go again. She climbed the stairs after him." Here he lowered his voice "One of them can be a Death Eater and you'll never know." he whispered urgently. not noticing the gasps from the girls. I just can't believe I'm the fool again.

she was sitting in Harry's favourite armchair near the fire and tears leaked from her eyes. But she already slapped you and left your heart in pieces every time said the nasty voice in his mind. put on his slippers and went downstairs. The other voice didn't answer. She apologised. YOU apologised said the voice. for the second time so recently. But she kissed me and hugged me plenty of times. James sighed with irritation and got up. Lily hurt him bad. She is closing the doors to me. He was too good for her. She sat in front of the fire and let a few tears slid down her smooth cheeks. James was in his bed rubbing his eyes and sighing. .the first time that she did not deserve a person like James. He didn't know she knew how to slap so hard. he thought. Then he saw her. and saw to her surprise that no one was there. But the slap meant more. walked down the stairs. I have to get her. She sighed sadly. and he felt his heart constricting with pain every time her angry face surfaced in his mind.

He hugged her back just as fiercely and she started sobbing. What did we do wrong?" she sobbed. He swore in his heart never to make her cry again. When Lily heard his voice she turned and jumped from the chair "James!" she called in a tearful voice. His shirt was soaked but he didn't care – she's finally letting it out. "I don't know what I was thinking. A burden carried for over a month had been released. "Lily?" he whispered loud enough for her to hear. this su-subject is so painful.His heart started beating fast and painfully and in that moment he regretted the way he treated her earlier. He . I can't believe we let him down. they could have been living together and have children and-" Lily gave such a large wail it broke James's heart. She ran to him and hugged him so fiercely she thought she could hear his heart beating rapidly. "He and Ginny were so happy. He sat on the sofa and held her close. "I don't know" he said quietly. He proposed to her. Ever.

but even I wouldn't want to deal with angry Orlando Blum (spelling?) fans. James looked at the girl in his arms and saw that she is sleeping. He lied down as gently as he could. not even my old readers) so stay tuned! Jinxeh. Lily still in his arms and she snuggled into his chest. burying her face in his pyjamas..-admires- . her breaths came in slow rhythm. pleading in his mind to hold her like this forever. He hugged her close. he fell asleep. grinning from ear to ear.felt as Lily's sobs subdued and after a few minutes.. He kissed her head and after a few minutes. I really wanted to update so here it is.You killed Jack Sparrow? I'm not a big fan of this movie. ONE MORE CHAPTER until my grand opening of chapter 19 (which no one saw. I was at my grandmother's house from Friday and just got home. Not noticing Amy and Jenny who were looking from the bottom of the staircases. But something kept bugging the girls' minds: Who was Ginny and who was she supposed to marry? A/N: Hi guys! Thanks for the reviews! Sorry it took me time to update.

let HBP come out.Daniele . about a sequal. Tirionelf. it means that you'll see in the next chapter :) Anyway. the time gap was just too big and Remus wasn't around too much. And about James and Lily being aurors.Chapter 13 was not forgotten by any means. So that's that. JoyaSagrada. we don't know that yet. Hannanora-Potter. I decided to skip it :D. petrynronlover. James was a chaser. or something different? J.Usually I don't answer to reviews who weren't from the last chapter. First of all. Look here: Question: What position did James play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team? Was it seeker like Harry. serious-writer. it is just that in my last account chapter 13 was an author note. did you check out The Next World's Yahoo!Group? Link in my bio.K. we'll see pairings and stuff and I'll see then.Well. Rowling responds: James was Chaser. btw. and since it is forbidden.Kill Remus? But he and James didn't really talk while James was there. . Coco-Pop. but I must answer this one to correct you. pandas rule the world.

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"We did it without magic. "How did you manage to get it anyway? Why aren't you and Potter in our classes anymore?" inquired Jenny." said Lily shortly. "How?" pressed Jenny. attracting a nasty look from Madam Pince. "I hate this!" Lily exclaimed loudly. Amy and Jenny were sitting in the library and each doing their Charms assignment. Any and Jenny looked up from their homework and gazed at her in amusement and wonder. Amy and Jenny were working on colouring charms and Lily was trying to make the Protein Charm work.*Chapter 17*: Chapter 18: The Offer The Offer Lily. starting to feel annoyed. She was getting upset that Hermione was able to do it in her fifth year and she. frowning. a seventh year." said Lily impatiently. . "But we're not allowed to use magic during the holiday" said Amy with a confused look. couldn't. due for another two days. "We worked hard over the summer.

barely keeping up with her. "Yes! Potter and me alright!" yelled Lily in frustration. completely ignoring them. she said tightly. Amy and Jenny followed her to the common room and sat on the armchairs next to her when she spread her books on the table. oblivious to the curious looks from the other students. a slow flush was starting to cover her cheeks. "We? As in you I Potter together?" said Amy disbelievingly. Her mind was racing. "MS EVANS!" said the furious voice of Madam Pince "Out!" Lily shut her books angrily and walked out of the library. so the other houses didn't know a thing about it. they kept quiet. In the past few weeks. Surprisingly. Lily froze and after a few tense seconds she answered "I don't know". When they reached her."We just did ok?" snapped Lily. she was giving the Fat Lady the password ("Codswallop"). how . Amy and Jenny followed Lily hurriedly. many of Gryffindors noticed the "growing" friendship between Lily Evans and James Potter. "Who's Ginny?" blurted Amy suddenly.

" snapped Jenny. Lily sighed with relief and gratefulness when James stopped the inquiry. starting to get a little annoyed herself. "I don't know who Ginny is" said Lily. Her brown hair was starting to fall from the neat ponytail she arranged to herself every morning." "You know. "What do you know about it?" asked Remus. "Lily! Stop lying!" said Amy angrily. "Something happened on the train and she's not telling us.could the possibly know about Ginny? "Don't lie Lily. not meeting their eyes and feeling guilty. He. "It has something to do with him" said Amy suspiciously. when I think about it." started Jenny "Do you remember the day we and the sixth year girls were playing truth or dare?" . "Well. she practically ran out of the room. James did start to behave oddly after the prefect meeting" said Sirius's voice. Sirius and Peter sat on the sofa and were looking at the girls in interest. dragging him with her. you don't know how to. we're almost late" said James's voice loudly behind the girls. narrowing her eyes at the closed portrait. "Lily we have to do out patrolling now.

Remus's mouth hung open and Peter's eyes were bugging out. They fought and then James said something about 'do it for Harry' and she slapped him. cutting the story for the most important details." said Jenny."No" chorused the boys. Amy rolled her eyes "Never mind. Lily was about to tell us what happened when James appeared from nowhere and yelled on her to stop. The boys burst out laughing "So that's why he had a red mark!" said Sirius "Evans slapped him!" the boys looked gleeful. "Then we heard a door shutting and after a few minutes Lily came down and just cried" said Jenny sadly. "That's not funny Black! She really regretted it!" snapped Amy. "Anyway. "No way!" said Sirius with shock evident on his face." Amy said in a rush. "We were just about to come out from out hiding spot and ask her what happened when James came and just looked . sensing another Black-Isadora fight is about to start "He went upstairs very hurt and she – she went up after him" she said and shook her head disbelievingly.

" "I believe the right words were 'He and Ginny were so happy. "We found them on the sofa that morning" said Sirius with an evil smirk. you know?" "Saw it plenty of times" said Remus. He proposed to her. "I ran it in my head a couple of times. ." Amy bit down a nasty remark. amazed "But all of a sudden they were hugging and Lily was sobbing like her with this pained look on his face." she Amy "Anyway. she stopped crying after a while and they just fell asleep on the sofa together" she finished with a sigh. "How do you remember that?" asked Sirius admiringly "I can't even remember the twelve uses for dragon's blood. "I don't know how she heard him coming" continued Jenny. Realisation dawned on the boys' faces and the exchanged smirks. "Every time she rejected him" added Sirius. She said something about letting someone down and some Ginny and her fiancé. with a look of nothing-cansurprise-me-anymore. they could have being married and have children'" said Amy in a bored voice. "What?" asked Jenny.

"I dunno" said Remus. to hide their surprised gasps. When they saw what it was. Sirius had a very interesting look on his face – he looked like a shocked frozen doll. After the three boys were showered. his expression became very. they came down to the empty common room." said Peter sleepily. they tried. They saw red hair spread on the sofa and took a closer look. He was smirking and . James's face was buried in Lily's flaming hair and Lily's head was buried in James's chest. "Where's Prongs?" asked Sirius groggily.FLASHBACK Sirius woke up from a very good night sleep to the voice of the alarm clock. very evil. Hugged. brushing his teeth "he wasn't here when I woke. James Potter and Lily Evans were lying asleep." "Maybe he's in breakfast. They were the first to wake – always a plus when they're doing a morning prank. unsuccessfully. After a few seconds. ("Get up you old mutt") when he noticed that James's bed was empty. shaved and dressed.

FLASH FLASH FLASH Lily and James jumped a little from the noise and the sudden light and woke up very startled to find themselves in each other's arMs They let go quickly and turned to look at the smirking face of Sirius Black. barely moving Lily before getting to the dormitory. "Right away good sir. Sirius and Remus sniggered and Peter entered with the magical camera. Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. END FLASHBACK "NO WAY!" "You've got pictures?" . still trying to recover from the shock.if that was possible. "Get the camera Wormtail" hissed Remus to Peter. James groaned out loud and got up from the sofa.Remus knew that Sirius will never let James live it down. Suddenly Lily sighed and snuggled closer to James ." said Peter in a quiet imitation of sir Cadogan. Wormtail and Padfoot. followed by the smirks of Moony.

Peter and Remus rolled their eyes." said Sirius sounding desperate. the boys were having a silent conversation "Should I ask her to Hogsmede?" whispered Sirius. "Here it is" said Remus as he got back. Meanwhile. "Padfoot. While Remus got the pictures from the dormitory. "But she'll say no! I'm sure she will. "Are you su-" but Sirius didn't finish the sentence because . "Just do it Padfoot!" whispered Remus. they did this conversation at lease six times in the past two days. this is getting ridiculous! Are you a Gryffindor or not?" asked Peter in a surprising show of intelligence. Amy squirmed a little under Sirius's intense gaze. Jenny snatched the pictures away from Remus's hands and went to sit next to Amy to look at them. Sirius sighed "I am" "So go sweep her off her feet!" said Remus in quietly but enthusiastically."Bring it here!" Both Amy and Jenny were smirking too by now and were practically jumping from excitement.

feeling faint all of a sudden. .. They walked along the third floor quietly when Sirius stopped and faced her. What is he so nervous about? She was very puzzled.walk?" "Uh…sure" said Amy in confusion. I…I do like you" he said without taking a breath "You do?" said Amy meekly.Peter and Remus combined forces and pushed Sirius with all their might to the girls' direction. Amy. she and Sirius weren't getting along so well and if it weren't for the fact that she liked him. "Listen. Amy exchanged curious looks with Jenny but nodded "Okay" "Can we. she probably would have refused. "And I…I wondered. I know we never got along too well but I just… I…what I said that day in the Great Hall. "Amy. a bright blush appearing on his face. it's…it's true.. if you would go to Hogsmede with me?" he asked hopefully. can you…would you talk to me for a second?" he stammered in an uncharacteristic show if nervousness. Sirius coughed nervously and the girls turned to look at him. "Yeah" said Sirius.

she likes him just as much as he likes her" said Remus. "Go ask her. silly. Ten minutes earlier. "You won't regret it!" he said eagerly and kissed her on her cheek before running to the Gryffindor tower like a lunatic. Amy burst out laughing and slapped his hands away from her waist. "Yes. Remus looked at Peter startled. his hair was a little dishevelled and he was wringing his hands nervously." "Whoo!" he howled and picked her up.Amy looked at Sirius. looking at her. looking at Jenny who was sitting and snuggling in front of the fire. waiting for an answer. the Gryffindor common room "Think she'll say yes?" asked Peter when Sirius was out with Amy. Amy giggled at his expression: like a child in a candy store and a free bank account. . "Ok" she said quietly." said Peter suddenly. "Of course she'll say yes. Sirius's eyes lit. holding her waist and spinning her in the air. "Really?" he said.

" said Peter although he knew"James would ask Lily" said Remus "And you know that she'll agree. "Not at all. was stopped by the sofa. She seems like she'll agree to be his mistress if he'll ask her to. they chatted and laughed for a while about school. "Hi. pointing at Jenny."What?" "Go ask her to Hogsmede. James and Lily and Amy and Sirius before Remus was brave enough to ask her out." "Yeah. "What about you?" "I'll go with Prongs. He sat down next to her. fortunately. Do you mind if I sit down?" he asked politely. Remus almost fell flat on his face but." she said." said Peter and with a split-of-a-second decision he pushed Remus so hard." said Peter. Remus glared at Peter but his anger turned to nervousness when Jenny turned to look at him in wonder. "Hi" she said. heart beating rapidly. "Jenny would you like to go to Hogsmede with me?" he .

" someone hissed from behind him. now sit down" she said and Remus sat down obediently while Jenny snuggled into his chest and looked at the fire. He saw Snape hiding in the shadows. James and Sirius were always there to protect him in situations . his wand drown . "What do you want Snape?" he asked in cold politeness not lowering his wand. "Of course I'll go with you.a little trick James and Sirius taught him." "Are you sure?" he said hesitatingly . Before he could even move a step. Peter smiled from the corner of the room and walked quietly out of the room to wander in the castle. Jenny jumped from the sofa and grabbed his arm. Peter turned fast. "Would you stop being a prat?" she hissed.blurted. I'm sorry I bothered you" he said hurriedly and got up. "Pettigrew. I thought someone must have asked you by now. I am sure. humming to himself.he never dated a girl before "Yes. although he was shaking. Jenny looked at him with disbelieving eyes "What?" "That's ok.

He didn't know what to . "You don't really think Potter and Black are your friends do you?" he asked with malice. Peter was shaking and sweating. "Of course they are my friends." stammered Peter. ten days" said Snape and turned with a swirl of his black robes. wondering what this is all about. fulfilling your wildest fantasies" said Snape silkily. You are not given the respect you should get. "Yes you fool. have tones of girls swooning at your feet." hissed Snape. "They are not. his black eyes glittering in the darkness "Are you in?" "I-I don't know" mumbled Peter. hiding well the fact that he was struggling not to roll his eyes." hissed Snape with a glint in his eyes. "I have an offer. "I'll give you in ten days Pettigrew. "Your master? As in you-know-who?" squeaked Peter . a much better offer. "What are you getting at?" said Peter angrily. My master can offer you power and respect beyond your wildest dreams You'll be that.

"Urg. was it Snivellus?" asked James with narrowed eyes. not wanting to share what Snape told him just yet. "Uh…" said Peter and looked at the floor. They were much more handsome than he was and often had girls keel over to their feet. I just got a little cold" said Peter. He came back to the Gryffindor common room still shaking. "We'll get back at him." said Peter in disgust and took James's arm away from him "Did you put deodorant in the morning? You stink!" he said. He felt jealous of them and occasionally felt powerless and useless when they were planning pranks. "Peter!" he saw James walking towards him "What's the matter?" "N-Nothing. Sirius's or even Remus's abilities and felt a bit stupid and left out." said James and swung his arm over Peter's shoulders. "Are you sure? You look a little scared. you'll . He often felt like he wasn't a match to James's.

This is my chance thought James I could make him stay on our side. "Rubbish!" said James "Be here in ten and we'll make every girl want you. Peter whooped with happiness for his friend. Peter blushed and started to protest but James cut him "I'm not taking no for an answer" he said." he said. He just needs a girl. "What about you Wormy?" asked James "Got a girl?" Peter shook his head "No one would want to" he said bitterly.James laughed and got up the stairs to take a shower "Hey Prongs!" Peter called. Peter froze in mid-action. His friends knew him too well. . "She said yes. My friends. James turned "Did you ask Lily?" James's expression became eager and happy." he said with a huge smile. He started to enter the dormitory before stopping again and calling "And don't you dare run away Peter or I'll make you come into the shower with me so you won't escape" said James jokingly.

"I'm not kidding you guys. thinking it is all a big joke "What do we do to find Wormy a girl?" "First. we get him into shape." he said seriously. waiting for Peter to come back from his shower."Why we are here Prongs?" said Sirius that evening. will you brew the Anti-Pimples potion for him?" asked James cheerfully . "Ok…" said Remus "I guess I'll be helping with the charms?" he said. we make his pimples disappear and third. all laughter gone from his face. replaced by confusion. he's not going to let go." said James. already knowing that once James is on to something." said Remus. "Good idea!" said James enthusiastically. Remus and Sirius laughed. we have to solve the sweating problem he has" said Sirius jokingly. Padfoot. "Thanks Moony. "Ok. "Yes! Of course!" said James as if it was obvious. completely oblivious to his friends' laughing face "Who will get him to run around the castle?" "Are you serious Prongs? Are we actually gonna do that?" said Sirius. "We need to find Wormtail a girl. second.

was when Remus told him to take off his shirt so he could get rid of his sweating problem. However."Guess so. "Good! I'll get him into shape than!" said James enthusiastically. He wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide there for the rest of his life. I don't have a sweating problem. He saw their expressions of disgust with the smell and laughed. naked to the waist and his hands were above his head so that the marauders could perform the charm." whined Peter but when his friends lifted their eyebrows he sighed. He was a little suspicious when Sirius handed him the potion but happy when it worked. the most embarrassing part of it. but it definitely gave him energies for the rest of the day. He no longer had the awful red inflamed spots all over his face and he was grateful. He was lying in his bed. "All right" he said reluctantly. "Oh come on guys." said Sirius in defeat. And so it begun. It was the most humiliating thing he ever experienced in his whole life. Peter didn't find the everyday running around the castle enjoyable. .

"Now." huffed Sirius and Remus and Peter now laughed. smiling." he said."You don't smell better after Quidditch Padfoot. After Remus indeed assured him it was over Remus took the silencing charms off James and Sirius who glared at him. feet and palms "There!" Remus muttered in triumph. "What are you laughing at Moony? You stink after…after… damn. you never stink" said James in defeat." he said "This will tingle a bit Wormtail so don't be panicked" unfortunately. "What are you laughing at Prongs? The same applies to you. Peter did panic and Remus had to put him under a sleeping charm before performing the charm on his armpit. He took the sleeping charm off Peter who looked at him groggily and asked if it was over. James and Sirius looked angry about being silenced. The all laughed for a couple of minutes but then Remus did a silencing charm on James and Sirius so he was the only one to be able to talk. "Hi Lily! Hi Amy!" said Remus suddenly. Sirius and James turned quickly but they immediately turned again glaring and growling at Remus "That was not . Remus and James laughed.

James punched Sirius in his arm and turned a little pink. trying not to laugh. "You will pay. Remus's eyes widened and he ran for his life to the common room." Remus ditched his hiding point behind Lily to stand in front of James "I did not look at her bum!" he said indignantly. James gave her a sugary smile "Lily. Lily smiled and laughed as James turned redder and redder. you know James fancies Lily and now you go and do him something like that…" Sirius said. running her around the common room while she . James and Sirius hot on his heels. Remus hid behind Lily who was watching with amusement as James and Sirius came near her. shaking his head. "I didn't know you were interested Remus" said Lily casually. I think that my one of my best friend is currently hiding behind your back and looking at your bum. "What are you laughing at?" growled James and picked Lily up." said James in the same growling voice. dear. "I-" "This is not nice Moony.funny" Sirius growled.

a stag. "Padfoot. James carried her to a cosy looking room. We plan all of out pranks here and when we were younger we used to sleep here as well. It was a large 'M' surrounded with four animals: a dog.punched his arm and yelling to him to let her down." he said. using their code. Lily long since stopped fighting and was now letting James carry her around looking on the corridor from her spot above James's head. Sirius opened the portrait's hole and James carried the laughing but shrieking Lily out of the common room. leaning on the . James was running her around in the corridors and through hidden doors. "You slept together?" Lily asked. a rat and a wolf (Lily looked closely and saw it was actually a werewolf). James wasn't listening though. "Yep" he said. and saw on the wall above the beds a crest. cushions and two queen size beds. with four sofas. "We found this room in second year and made it the Marauders Headquarters. Lily looked around the room. call the Fat Lady" called James. "Is that your symbol?" she asked James in awe. sitting on one of the sofa and looking at the beds. James sat near her.

The sound so beautiful to James's ears he just closed his eyes and tried to mesmerise the sound. "We can go to this shop 'Glitter'.sofa. not exactly oblivious to James's nervousness. "What do you want to do in Hogsmede?" James gulped "I don't know. James panicked "Do you have another date? I promise I . watching in amusement as James paled a little." said Lily. Lily noticed James was looking at her and blushed." he said. "Uh…Sirius and I slept on the same bed as did Remus and Peter but after a while we saw that it was not at all comfortable. "Okay" said James. they have wonderful coffee. suddenly afraid she'll back off because they won't have anything to do. "So…" she said trying to start a conversation. I still got pains from where Sirius kicked me during the night" he winced "Remus said Peter was drooling all over him and refused to sleep there after the first night" Lily laughed. "But we'll have to be apart for a while" she said. He opened his eyes and stared at her.

he could not believe he was stupid enough to believe Lily will have another date. Lily laughed merrily.won't be boring-" Lily giggled at his panic "Don't be silly James. You are the marauders after all…" James got the mischievous glint in his eyes again. I guess I could show you some hidden broom closets" he said. "Don't beat yourself over it" she said in a giggly voice and waved her hand dismissively after reading his thoughts. we have a ball in a few weeks. "Well. "So…What other things you have here? I bet there is more than just a couple of sofas and beds. I don't have another date." he . "Did you snog here too?" Lily asked innocently. James pulled a disgusted face "URGG! Lily! That's just sick!" Lily laughed again "What do you have broom closets here anyway?" "So we can store some pranks supplies there. James's cheeks burned. Have you forgotten?" she said.

FLASH FLASH FLASH Lily jumped startled. FLASHBACK Lily was comfortable.answered seriously. Lily groaned and buried her face deeper into his shoulder. She closed her eyes again. She opened one of her eyes blearily and saw the Hogwarts crest. thought his eyes betrayed his amusement. keeping the bright blush on her cheeks from showing. "Just don't fall asleep Lil. and so did her pillow. She looked up to her pillow and saw it wasn't a pillow. She snuggled deeper into her very warm pillow and sighed. Very comfortable. you remember what happened last time. it was actually . "Like what?" "Wouldn't you like to know?" he said laughingly and put his arm around her shoulders and she leaned on his shoulder." he said jokingly. And warm. She felt and arm tightening around her and quiet sniggers.

most of her grief was already out thanks to James. barely touching her and exiting the room. She was much better now. She wanted to be with him so badly it gave her butterflies in her stomach just to think of him as her boyfriend. she thought about James. knowing the rest of the Gryffindors will be puzzled to see their Head Girl sleeping on the sofa. From their future. But she can't be his girlfriend yet. She got up. Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. . But she still got this heavy feeling in her chest whenever she thought of his last moments. That was just the way she lived. or future or whatever. his arms holding her. looking at her in confusion before both of them turned to look at the source of the noise and saw the smirking Sirius Black. wanting James's warmth to be near her again. She knew that until she solved what happened to Harry. She heard James groan and getting up. followed by his teasing friends. thinking about Harry. Lily groaned silently. She knew now what made her marry James in the past.James. He was sweet to wait for her to recover from this. she could not get into full intimacy with James. While she was showering.

She did not know what came into her but she tried to get as . And Lily looked up to his face. Lily snuggled closer to him. Sighing. He didn't want this moment to end so he kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes. there was something weird in her eyes James couldn't identify it. resting her hand on his chest and hugging him." James laughed and Lily felt his chest rising and the deep gonging laugh echoing in his chest. hugging him "I'm fine" she mumbled against his chest "Just thinking of that day. she did the most unexpected thing. Right? END FLASHBACK "Are you okay Lil?" asked James. James's breath hitched in his throat. rubbing her shoulders. not fall in love. How did he manage to make her fall in love with him? No. She kissed his chest.How did the tables turn? She thought.

Kissing James seemed like a lost dream and she could not express in words how much she missed the feeling of his mouth over hers. came back now in full force. James wasn't thinking.close as she could to him. responding. She put her hand on his cheek and he got closer to her face. James kissed her softly and she sighed against his mouth. It was their first real kiss since Harry. he stopped inches from her mouth and she pulled him closer to her. Lily thought her heart would explode with happiness. Her hair smelt like melon and he felt her chest rising and falling. The butterflies he had in Dumbledore's office and thought were gone. He was so engrossed with the kiss he could not get a reasonable thought into his mind. James stroked Lily's soft cheek and she looked him in the eyes. Making their mouths crush together. He put his hand around her waist and pulled her to his lap so he'd have a better access to her mouth. James's mind was in swirl of colours and he felt almost dizzy as Lily got even closer to him. To her heart. Asking for permission. .

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being the stubborn redhead she is. But Lily. and she was not obligated to tell them her secrets. They had no interest in probing into her personal life.*Chapter 18*: Chapter 19: Figuring It Out A/N: THIS CHAPTER IS RATED R FOR DISCUSSING THINGS THAT ARE NOT ALLOWED IN PG-13. DON'T READ YOU CAN'T DEAL WITH IT. IT IS ONLY SEXUAL TALK. . She thought it was none of their business who she knew or why she and James are suddenly 'friendly' with each other. Lily answered him with an enthusiastic 'yes' before sharing a particularly long snog that left no doubt in the Hogwarts' population – James Potter and Lily Evans were an item. When they had the Hogsmede trip. Lily also saw the hurt they were feeling – their best friend was keeping secrets from them. She knew they were angry with her. she could see it clearly in their minds. James asked Lily to be his girlfriend. NOT SEXUAL ACTIONS! Figuring It Out (Or – The Sex Issue) Christmas was drawing near and Lily wasn't speaking to Amy and Jenny. was not going to give in.

whom was sitting alone in the corner of the common room. "You know Prongs. you are already her boyfriend. scribbling her homework on a long piece of parchment. I'm going to sleep ok?" James said quietly and without waiting for a reply. snapping his fingers in front of James's face. she's yours mate." said James to his fellow marauders one evening as he looked wistfully at Lily. "I think he'll be staring at her when he's old and grey and have twenty children with messy black hair and green eyes. listening to them. ." said Sirius teasingly. "Did I say something wrong?" said Remus in complete confusion. her hand covering her mouth and tears brimming in her eyes. Lily stood in the corner. Peter and Sirius laughed." said Remus. he got up and went as fast as he can up the stairs to his dormitory. "Yo! Prongsy! Snap out of it mate!" said Sirius. you can stop gawking at her."Amazing how girls can fight for weeks after such small things. unaware of Lily. James only smiled and looked at his feet. James's smile vanished and he looked stonily at the floor. James attention was immediately returned to the boys. "Listen.

" said Sirius with a puzzled expression. "All you said was that they'll have children with messy black hair and green eyes…" But in this moment."No. Sirius smacked his head. Lily's sob was heard and they turned to look at her horrified expression and the tears in her eyes. She opened the door. Lily didn't wait for an invitation when she entered the boys' dormitories. moments before she ran to the boys' dormitories." he said quietly "Do you want to do it now?" Lily nodded against his chest and he rubbed her back with . "I'm so sick of it James. "Her dormitory is in the other side. and closed the door behind her. Instinctively." said Peter with confusion. hitting his chest in her fist "I want to know why!" James wiped her tears with his thumb "I do too. She slid down to the floor and started crying. she wrapped her arms around James's neck. It hasn't been two minuets and she felt familiar arms sneaking under her arms and knees." she said in anguish after a few minutes. burying her head in his neck. entered. lifting her.

right?" the past Lily said "Of course." he said with a . He saw Lily summon a quill and a piece of parchment before hesitating just a bit and nodding. My entire family work against him and…I don't know we don't even know. Remus's Pensive zoomed towards them and James caught it with his excellent Chaser skills. "Ready?" he said. but I just don't see the point of fighting against him. "You do know he just used Harry's body.a sigh "Accio Pensive" he said." said Ron. He put his wand to her temple and took a deep breath before extracting a silvery strand from his wand and putting it in the Pensive. He saw the silvery liquid swirl and took a deep breath.if he can be defeated. did you ever wonder about the prophecy Voldemort wanted so badly?" she asked. "Yeah I did but Harry didn't say anything. after your fifth year. They saw the past Lily and Ron. "Ron. James took her hand with his and put them in the Pensive. Their world shook for a minute and they found themselves on one of the corridors in Hogwarts. Lily looked thoughtful.

shocked expression. "Boys. . "Anything wrong dears?" asked professor Trelawney in her usual misty voice "N-No…" mumbled Lily. WHEN FLOWER. "Wha-? No." "Hey!" he said. THE POWER OF LOVE. THE STAG AND THE PROPHECY BABY WILL BE UNITED. How did she know about that? "Did you ever think why he wanted it so badly? Why could only Harry hold it?" she asked. "I resent that!" Suddenly. they were pale and Lily looked like she's going to collapse. She saw the premonition but was never prepared for something like that. STAG AND A BABY WILL BE UNITED…" Ron and Lily turned. It was rather funny seeing his shocked expression." she muttered "always so dense." he stammered. Lily and Ron hurried to an empty classroom. UNITY AND THE MAYA WILL DESTROY THE DARK LORD. deep voice spoke behind them: "WHEN THE FLOWER. a harsh.

" he said. "Trelawney. the panic in his voice evident. "She made another true prophesy. We are murderers James." she admitted. We killed him. rubbing her arm. from knowing. The memory ended here and James and Lily found themselves on the boys' dormitories again. "Lily! We are not murderers! We tried to defeat Voldemort and there are . "From figuring out the truth. Lily nodded but otherwise stayed silent."What was that?" she demanded of Ron. "Of what?" he asked." "Again?" "She did one before Harry was born and one the night Pettigrew ran away from us." he explained." James nudged her "Is everything all right?" Lily looked up to his face "I'm afraid. still dumbfound." The words hit James like a slap in the place. "Hey. that we didn't do something good enough. "Do you have it written down?" asked James.

Looking around her. and neither are we.casualties in a war!" "We did something wrong. "Is Ginny a murderer too than?" he asked quietly. She was startled from her semi-conscious state by a particularly loud snort from James. Peter and Remus were all in beds. "Ginny is not a murderer. She looked next to her. she was shocked to see that it was almost midnight." Lily sniffed "You're right. as if challenging her to agree with him. where James was snoring peacefully." James smiled in triumph. We came back so we can fix this mess Lily. She probed a little into his mind and what she ." she said. "We have to think about it. Lily hit his arm and James winced. we led him to his death!" cried Lily. Lily was so absorbed in the piece of parchment in her hand she didn't even notice James was sleeping next to her and that Sirius. finally. Lily was silent. Lily giggled quietly and pushed a bit of black hair that fell on his forehead. She jumped and rubbed her eyes sleepily. forgetting about her abilities.

Lily grimaced in disgust. It all made sense. Of course. love." she hissed. . She couldn't believe James thought about doing that with her. "What?" he asked thickly. growing crimson again.saw him dreaming made her let out a little gasp and push away from his mind as quickly as possible. "James!" she hissed "James!" James mumbled something about knickers and Lily. wiping a bit of drool from his cheek. slapped him quietly. Harry didn't love James and her like he would have if they were his parents. And suddenly it was as though someone put on a light bulb in her brain. "Wha?" said James blearily "Lil?" "Yes that's me James you idiot. She was beat red and growing even redder in each passing moment. She shook James awake. Things like that are meant only for people who loved each other. And they didn't love him the same way they would have if they were his parents.

unfortunately not awake enough to notice one of his friends awake." she said between clenched teeth "That you were mumbling something in your sleep. Lily. "Can't hear you. ." "I said." James's eyes widened and he gaped at her like a goldfish. "I…mumbled?" he stuttered "I…I…Lily…" he said. James smiled at her and scratched his head." he said simply "Say it again. as if waiting for an explosion. whom expected a little bit more enthusiastic response. yawning. "How did you figure it out?" he asked. "You were mumbling something in your sleep. "What is it? Why?" he said. looking at her in fear. turned red. so quietly he didn't hear her. his cheeks burning in an amazing shade of scarlet. and he didn't love us! The prophesy mentions love."I found it!" she said "The reason why Harry died!" James was immediately awake. with the power of love!" said Lily eagerly. "What?" asked James in amusement." she muttered. "We didn't love him.

"Lily. "I see. shutting the door after her. in a dangerous voice that made James wince again. "Uh…" he started thickly. he knew it was the wrong thing to say. as if waiting for an explanation.Lily turned even redder if that was possible. She was very embarrassed. just the thought of James's face when she told him he . not knowing how to feel. "Shit!" said James loudly and punched his pillow in anger. "Yes?" said Lily. She crossed her arms. As soon as the words left his mouth. James looked very embarrassed. lying on the bed. that's not what I-" Lily chose this moment to get up from his bed and walk briskly out of the room. "And…" said Lily in the same calm.uh…I am a normal seventeen years old boy!" he said quickly. "And…and I have my needs!" he continued in confidence. Lily was in her dormitory.." she said in an icy voice. it was the best explanation he could come up with. "Lily…uh…you see…I. Very wrong.. yet she was amused. her eyes flashing. dangerous voice.

mumbled almost cased her to giggle." Lily scowled again. that's me. "I am not afraid!" she muttered loudly. She was nervous. that seventeen years old boy (and girls she reminded herself with pink cheeks) do tend to feel sexually frustrated. She knew that voice. The voice laughed hysterically "yes you are you are afraid of losing your virginity at 17. What you really feel is fear said a voice in her head. which appeared out of nowhere when she was there. it was the nasty voice in her head. Almost. nervousness. Why must it be so difficult? She loves James and he loves her. but she . "Yep. A single tear left her eye and fell on her knee." Lily was surprisingly quiet after that. Lily jumped from the sudden noise and then scowled. She knew of course. But if James will demand it now… She hugged her knees and buried her head in between them. that was the feeling. She didn't want to lose James because she wanted to be a virgin until her marriage. She always thought of losing her virginity after marriage. And you are afraid. Yes.

She looked at her watch and smacked her forehead. she is going to do it proudly. James must be snoring again and she would have to wait with it until the morning. It was two o'clock in the morning. how much it hurt. the determination slipping off her quickly and exhaustion taking over. and no man should decide it for her. if James couldn't deal with the fact that she wanted to stay a virgin. she was going to lose all of her determination and replace it with hot bubbling anger that will wash out of her in rivers .and poor James when it . Lily rubbed her eyes when they started prickling again and walked down to the common room in determination. Not to mention it would hurt. But then a new thought popped into her mind. If she is going to end it. she knew.didn't want to ruin it because of this. If he wanted someone he could shag whenever he wants. when. Lily stood up determinedly. But Lily was a bit puzzled when no one was in the common room. It wasn't his choice. she probably wasn't the right match for him. Oh. Lily wiped her tears angrily. it would be stupid to continue their relationship. why can't James accept her for what she is? It is the girl's decision whether or not to lose what is hers since birth.

ha. The effect of the warmness from the dead fire and the darkness did it effect on Lily. When he did remember. Covering his eyes with his fists he let out a stream of courses that would've made his mother have a heart-attack. filling the room in almost suffocating darkness. "Someone woke up in a peachy mood this morning. "Ha. "What did you do this time?" asked Remus knowingly. . he punched his pillow again.happens. though the corner of his lip was tugging upwards. it took him several minutes to remember why he is feeling so angry and miserable. and she fell asleep." grumbled James as he got up." teased Remus. She watched the fire as it demised. Lily sat on one of the sofas and sighed heavily. "You can say that again. When James woke up the next morning. only to hear Remus's laughter ringing around the room "Problems in paradise?" Remus asked knowingly. "Problems in paradise?" said Remus." said James sarcastically." said James rudely. who just got out of the shower. "Shut up Moony.

" she said determinedly. "I want to end this relationship. He groaned out loud. He was an idiot last night and he knew it." "But Lily-" . it's over. scratching his head. James was shocked. She didn't look so good. she can't do that to him. he didn't even notice he went past her. Lily must have gotten the wrong impression and won't be talking to him for weeks. James was very disgruntled by the time he reached the common room. her hair was messy and her eyes were red-rimmed and bloodshot and all of her makeup was smeared on her face."Urggg…nothing." Lily's voice said behind him. I'm not going to lose my virginity at seventeen. pushing her hair out of her eyes. I'm going to talk to her ok?" James said. she thought he wanted her to lose her virginity to him? "Lily-" "No James. "No James. I'm serious. "Lily-" stated James in desperation. James turned. Listen.

"Lily." she said coldly "I have nothing to say to you. he was not going to lose her because she thought he wanted to take her virginity away. we have nothing to say to each other. "Lily." said James weakly "Can we please talk about it?" he begged. which wasn't much since she was hurting so bad. please listen to me!" "No James. not rape her. "Lily!" Lily whirled around and looked at him with flashing eyes. "Lily!" he called after her. Lily was his. chasing after Lily and saw her red hair flying as she went down the stairs.Lily didn't want to hear his apologies or his pleading." Lily said with as must strength she could master. why must she be so stubborn? He just wanted to talk to her. so she left the common room as fast as she could. "No. . But James was not about to give up that easily without a fight." "But I have things I want to say to you!" said James in indignation. He ran out of the common room.

James however came and stood in front of her. I know what I said last night was wrong. you can talk. "Don't touch me. "Before I woke you up I…I looked at what you dreamt…" she muttered." "Here?" said James with a look around."Fine. James frowned. When he ." said Lily. Of course I have my needs but…well…in the mean time I…. James was hurt and he cleared his throat before speaking." she muttered. I can…take care of it… alone…" James blushed furiously at the thought and saw Lily was also bright red. He hardly thought that Lily's virginity should be public knowledge. "No wait! Fine! I'll say it here!" James yelled as he saw her going away. "Lily. I don't want to push you to doing that until you want. trying to remember his dream. Lily turned angrily and continued her flight down the stairs. but I don't want you to get the wrong impression. He made to grab her shoulders but she pushed them away. Lily stopped again and didn't turn. reading his thoughts "Fine.

"Don't you trust me?" he asked weakly. "I have no intention of doing what you don't want me to do!" he growled. Lily knew that of course. "Lily. yet…"But you thought about it nonetheless James Potter!" she said angrily and poked his chest. She knew James cared for her and would never do something to hurt her.did his eyes widened and Lily's reaction seemed perfectly natural to him. James grabbed her poking hand and pulled her closer to him. Lily sighed and buried her face in James's robes. James let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and put his arms around her in relief. . suddenly very tired "Don't you know me enough to realise I would never do something like that to you?" Lily stopped struggling and felt very guilty. so why did she act that way? It's only natural for you to panic drawled the voice in her head. "How do I know you're not lying?" she said to him. I can't control my dreams!" he exclaimed. Lily tried to struggle against his strong arms but couldn't.

James stated kissing her. he turned to Lily. James and Lily came down the stairs. "We have class in less than three minutes and you weren't . hand in hand. still breathing heavy. annoyed from being interrupted. Closing the door behind him. The turned. hem" someone cleared their throat behind them and Lily and James broke away from each other. James and Lily broke apart and Lily glared at Sirius. Without a warning. "What?" said Lily when she saw James was looking at her. Suddenly James pulled Lily into an empty classroom. The kiss was so intense Lily's air supplies were running out quickly. and saw Amy and Jenny smirking."Hey! Move it lovebirds! Some people need to eat in order to function during the day!" yelled Sirius's voice. "Yes?" asked Lily testily. "Hem. James held her close and poured all of his frustration and relief into her. James looked around and saw that they did make a tiny traffic jam and that the students were looking at them in wonder.

" she said softly "You're forgiven." said Jenny. They started kissing again and Amy cleared her throat again. . "Snog away." said Amy and dragged Jenny out of the classroom. "May I return to kissing my boyfriend?" she asked them." Amy and Jenny came over and hugged Lily breakfast. "Amy! Can't – breath!" wheezed Lily." James shook his head in amazement. Amy and Jenny immediately let her go and Lily sighed with relief." snapped Lily and turned back to James." Lily's annoyance disappeared. "Fine. "Thanks for letting me know. "Let her go will you? She can't breath." said James in amusement. "Amazing how long it takes girls to make up. "What?" snapped Lily loudly 'Now what?" Jenny and Amy looked amused but serious "We also wanted to say…that we're sorry…it's none of our business.

"Shut up and kiss me. Sirius hit the floor with a 'thud' and Amy had a funny expression on her face. James. completely forgetting about the homework that were waiting for them in the Heads common room. very close to Amy. she will force Amy to tell her later. "Glad you could join us lovebirds. "Is there something you want to tell us?" said Lily in a voice that suggested that if they won't tell them. To their amazement they saw Amy and Sirius snogging their hearts out on the sofa." teased James. looking disgusted cleared his throat loudly. James. Much later that day James and Lily came back to the common room with their lips swollen and goofy grins on their faces. walked to where Amy and Sirius were snogging and pushed Sirius from on top of Amy. frustrated from the lack of response." said Lily haughtily and James allowed himself a smirk before attacking her. Sirius and Amy didn't stop though and Lily giggled. Sirius shoved James and sat on the sofa. .

pity to waste it. Amy rolled her eyes "Cut the mushy stuff Lily. "So what are you doing for Christmas?" asked Jenny happily after settling herself on the sofa." "So am I. James and Lily sat on one of the sofas. followed by Remus and Peter. James grinned." James goggled at them and Lily launched herself onto Amy. may I present you my dear girlfriend." she said and looked at James." said Remus. "They stopped? Finally!" said Jenny from the portrait hole and went in. I'm staying here too. or more like." said James. Lily sat on James's lap on one of the sofas. "Prongs and future Mrs Prongs. "Prongs! Come on! That means I'll have to stay here too! Don't do that to me!" said Sirius. "Congratulations!" she squealed and after releasing Amy gave Sirius a peck on his cheek. it's our last." said Lily "I'll stay here too. "I agree. putting a hand on his heart.Amy looked at Sirius. "I think I'm staying here this Christmas. looking at Lily. . Amy Isadora.

What she saw there made her gasp silently. "Mr Potter. James didn't answer and took Lily in his arms before coming out of the portrait hole. it is very late…" But James and Lily didn't hear the rest of the Fat Lady reprimanding. "Oh. Everybody looked at Peter that squirmed under the stares of the rest of the guys. James and Lily shared a long look. the walked silently towards the marauders room. "I'm…I'm going home." said Peter. James. Loud protest came out from the rest of the gang "I have to visit my mother! She's sick!" he defended himself. suddenly said "We are going to patrol." said Jenny." said Remus in understanding "Tell her we wish her the best. and especially under James and Lily's intense gazes." Peter nodded and smiled a little."As I. that heard her gasp. . Lily couldn't resist and snooped into Peter's mind." "At eleven?" said Remus with a raised eyebrow.

we have a ball tomorrow and Christmas is in two days. but Lily…just…just let it go for a week. Groups of giggling girls were everywhere and the male population of Hogwarts seemed . he rubbed his eyes. the female population of Hogwarts was very jittery and excited. Things that may seem not important to you. "No!" said James immediately "Don't tell anyone. he can pass any kind of information." "James." said Lily with tears in her eyes." "Ok. we'll just have to see what kind of information he wants to pass. "Now what? Are we supposed to tell professor Dumbledore?" asked Lily." The next morning. Lily sighed "Fine. can be very important to him and Voldemort."He did it. "Yes." said Lily. Sighing. "Are you sure?" asked James. please just let it go for now…" pleaded James. rubbing her arms. please. but after Christmas we're going to Dumbledore. Lily looked up to him in anguish and James nodded in understanding.

she wore a white dress that looked very much like the dress Ginny wore at the Christmas ball. Amy and Jenny all came down at once. looked gorgeous in their dresses. When evening came.frustrated and nervous." whispered James in her ear. "Shall we?" said James and offered Lily his arm. "Lucky you don't look too much like Ginny. They walked along corridors." James said dramatically though his eyes were sparkling. soothing their nerves and taking big calming breaths. The only boys that looked as boisterous as ever were the marauders. . making many heads turn. a sweet Hufflepuff fifth year. making her smile lazily. Lily. I like my Lily best. Lily looked especially good. The girls were primping up for hours now and the boys stayed in their dormitories. Lily smiled brightly and giggled "Lead the way good sir." "Anything for my lady. Peter went to collect his date. laughed loudly and pulled pranks on boys that looked too nervous. making the boys whoop and cat call after him. the corridors were empty.

where Sirius. Peter. "It's beautiful" she breathed. moving. and his date Rachel were sitting and talking."Move it you two. according to the house colours and in the end of each table there was an iced statue that didn't melt. Remus." James said. staring at Lily. "Stop being so damn clichéd James. The statue on the Gryffindor side was a large lion. Amy. "Moving." she hissed but James could detect a hint of embarrassment and flattery in her voice. It took her a moment to notice. The tables were covered with maps. "It is. . a badger and an eagle. Lily rolled her eyes and let him lead the way to the table. The gang's breath was taken away when they entered the Great Hall. at which point she blushed and hit his arm playfully. that didn't look like the Great Hall at all. Lily saw that the other statues were a snake. "Just telling the truth. Jenny." James shrugged and led her to the table." said Jenny and poked James on his shoulder." said Lily and came out.

grinning. that this is time to open the dance floor. James stood and offered Lily his hand "Want to dance?" he asked with the most innocent smile he could master. "I think. "May I have your attention?" called Dumbledore from his seat. The noise dimmed after a few seconds and now all the heads were turned to Dumbledore. making a small talk about pranks and new Zonko's products." said Remus and offered Jenny his hand. The members of the band often wore black suits that during the show transfigured themselves into torn cloths. who smiled merrily." said Lily and sat next to her." "He always was. . Please welcome 'Butterbeer'!" the students stood up and cheered. The girls started chatting absently and the boys mainly ate. Sirius shook his head in amazement "He is totally whipped. to the 1977 Yule Ball!" Dumbledore boomed and the students cheered. Lily laughed and took his hand."Hi guys!" called Amy. "Welcome students and teachers. 'Butterbeer' was a very popular band. "Hi. letting him lead her to the dance floor.

you'll help ." Peter sighed as he watched her walking away huffily. "No need. "Listen. I'm going." he said with a slight quiver to his voice. Amy huffed and got up." added Jenny with a laugh as she accepted Remus's invitation. who thought she was joking and now saw that she wasn't. I'll be back in a few minutes ok?" said Peter to his date. He stood up and slipped away unnoticed from the Great Hall. "What have you got to report?" asked Snape behind him. The girl looked at Peter in disgust and got up. Sirius." said Sirius cockily. "Would you like to dance?" he asked. "Are you going to invite me to dance or I'm going to have to do it myself?" drawled Amy as she chewed a strawberry. "Good."And he always will. Peter flinched and kept walking "They are not coming back home for Christmas. though Peter didn't see it. making Amy roll her eyes and take his hand to the dance floor. stood up and coughed nervously. Snape smiled. "Do it yourself.

sighing in content as James wrapped his arms around her. She tugged the blanket away from James and slipped inside the bed. "I came to notify…well…since you're both here…Mr Evans.. but Snape wasn't there anymore.. "Mr Potter? Ms Potter?" someone called and James heard them gasp. "Ms Evans? What are you doing here?" Lily lifted her head groggily and saw professor McGonagall's shocked face.. he didn't think they will notice his absence anyway." "Help you do what?" Peter turned." A/N: Rather hasty in the end right? Sorry. Mr Potter…both of your parents died this evening in Death Eater's attack. Peter drew a ragged breath and walked back to the dormitory. I just wrote an email to about 70 people and pressed send so I had to send this chapter quickly.not making a lot of sense am I? Nevermind. Lily crept silently into the boys' dormitories and smiled as she saw James snoring peacefully. snuggled inside his blanket.My Yahoo!Group is open to .us than.

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"Let's go the Room of Requirements. He he had been in there for 15 minutes already. She was torn – should she grieve on her parents or should she be a support for James. They walked to the Room of Requirements hand in hand. They both breathed shallowly and Lily had a hard time controlling her tears.*Chapter 19*: Chapter 20: Surprise Wedding Surprise Marriage The two hours that followed professor McGonagall's announcement were hard on James and Lily. Lily was waiting for James outside of professor Dumbledore's office. When he saw Lily his expression softened somewhat and he held his hand out so she could grab it. James suddenly opened the door and strode out of there angrily. hold him when he cried." he said gruffly. Lily took his hand and he pulled her close. we can have more privacy there. . They were both asked to go and talk with professor Dumbledore so he could explain to them the circumstances of their parents' death.

" Lily said softly. ever since I was a little girl and did accidental magic. "I love you. finding comfort and love in each other's embrace. They reached the Room of Requirements and lay down on the comfortable sofa in front of the fire. putting his chin on her head. and that I'm not a freak like my sister told me I was. "They were always supporting me. James had his arm around Lily's waist and they were snuggling into each other. "I miss them so much." said James and pressed her even closer. her eyes glittering with unshed tears. she gave me advice on boys…" Lily smiled warily "Told me that if I will give you a chance that I will see who you really are…" James squeezed Lily and wiped the tears off her cheeks. they told me it was ok. . My mom was always so supportive in me. When I got my letter to Hogwarts-" Lily hiccupped "When I got my letter to Hogwarts my parents were so happy for me and said that this is the proof that I'm not a freak and that this is the explanation to all of the weird things that happened to me." whispered Lily and a few tears rolled down her tears.Lily was pressed to James's side and there was a comfortable silence of grieving. "I love you too.

swallowing his tears. My dad wasn't home as it is but my sister and I were left with a nanny-" "I didn't know you have a sister. cooking us meals and playing with us. James's eyes blazed with pain "I had a sister. "Anyway. After that…we barely saw her." James swallowed "It was a long time ago.she was kidnapped and killed the same day. "My parents and I.we had a good relationship before I went to Hogwarts. When I was 13 my father took her to work one day and there was an attack on the Auror headquarters. my family wasn't the same after she died. My mom was always home. looking at James." breathed Lily and hugged him "I am so sorry." he said." "Oh James."Tell me about your parents. My parents drowned themselves in work and fired the nanny." Lily asked." said Lily. But when we went to Hogwarts she returned to her old job – an Auror. She…. James took a deep breath and knew that Lily won't let him get away without an answer." James tightened his grip around Lily "I don't know what I'd .

tears streaming down her cheeks. please Lily." he whispered." Lily sat there is silence. "I don't have a ring yet-" he started but Lily silenced him with a kiss." she said quietly and James smiled his first real smile for hours. think about it…it doesn't have to be now. They were all I had after my sister died. She saw in James's mind that he is very serious and that he needs her. Peter and Remus. but Lily. looking down "I can't lose you too…" "You will never lose me James. She wanted it very much." Lily stroked James's hair and James caught her palm and kissed it "You're my life. we are only seventeen!" "I know." James said suddenly and looked into Lily's shocked eyes "Marry me Lily. "I will marry you James. "Let's talk about it after the funeral. I love you." "W-What? James. without Sirius." said Lily. "Marry me. please…I can't live my life without you and we are already of age. please…" she said after .

they broke the kiss. James's eyes dimmed a little and he nodded "Dumbledore gave us the entire week off right? We go to our houses?" "Yes," said Lily, thinking about her room in Privet Drive. James kissed her cheek "We better go and pack some bags," he said, with his lips on Lily's cheek. Lily smiled a little and turned her head so she was kissing her properly. The marauders were a little surprised by James's reaction to his parents' death. He was a lot quieter than before, and that was understandable, but he didn't look especially sad or depressed. Sirius, who was very fond of Mr and Mrs Potter, who had become somewhat like surrogate parents to him in the last couple of years, looked extremely sad and upset. Dumbledore didn't allow him to go to the funeral and he was livid about it. Sirius looked up as the portrait hole opened and saw professor McGonagall. "Where are Potter and Evans Mr Black?" she asked. "Packing," said Sirius, staring at the fire. "Tell them to go to professor Dumbledore's office when

their finished, they can go home from there." "Yes, Professor," said Sirius, still staring at the fames. McGonagall shot him a pitying look and left the common room with a deep sigh. Lily was the first to come down, her eyes were red-rimmed but she looked presentable and tidy. She was holding two big bags and came to sit next to Sirius. "Is James down yet?" she asked him. Sirius shook his head and Lily probed into his mind. Tears pooled her eyes at the sadness and the horrible aching in his heart. He wanted to be there. Lily hugged the surprised Sirius and he hugged her with equal fierceness as a few tears left his eyes. "They were like parents to me," he said "But Dumbledore won't let me go there." "I am so sorry Sirius," Lily whispered and saw James coming down the stairs. She broke the embrace and Sirius looked up to see James standing there. Without another word Sirius stood up and hugged James like a brother.

Lily saw that James was struggling to cry and lifted her bags. She couldn't be here anymore. As James saw her getting up, he broke the embrace and picked his bags from the floor. "I'm sorry you can't be there mate," he said and smiled a weak smile. "I'm sorry I can't be there for you," said Sirius gruffly. "Coming, Lily?" James asked. Lily nodded and they went silently to Dumbledore's office. "We should meet sometime during the week," James said, looking at Lily from the corner of his eye. "I'll come to your parents' funeral and you'll come to mine right?" said Lily. "Of course, but I'll come earlier, I don't have anything to do in that house, I'm alone," he said without a trace of sadness. "Dumbledore won't let you," said Lily. "We can't do it without Dumbledore knowing," James said and smiled a little "You forgot you are talking to a marauder." Lily rolled her eyes "Well, what's your plan your highness?"

James grinned "Well, you'll Floo home first and I'll just remember the address and after I get to my parents' house, I'll Floo to your house." "You do that," said Lily. She was secretly pleased that she wouldn't be alone with Petunia for the entire week. "Sugar quill," said James. Lily was startled out of her thoughts by James's voice. They entered Dumbledore's office and knocked on the door. "Come in," said Dumbledore's voice from the office. Lily and James entered the office and stood silently. "You can go first Ms Evans," said Dumbledore and handed her a bad with Floo powder. Lily took some powder into her hand and threw it into the fire. The fire immediately turned green and Lily stepped into her. She looked into James's eyes and said clearly "Number 4, Privet Drive Surrey." James watched her disappear before taking some powder and saying clearly "Potter Estate, Cheshire." James landed on the floor and hastily got up. Looking around he saw that the house was clean, but horribly empty.

James heard a little 'pop' behind him and turned. He saw the family house-elf Dilly standing with a towel in her hands, her eyes looking red. "Master James," she said weakly "You are home." "Yes I am Dilly. Can you do me a favour?" he asked the elf. "Of course Master James. What is it that you need of Dilly?" squeaked Dilly. "I need you to clean the house in Godric's Hollow. I'll be moving there soon with my fiancée." "Master James has a fiancée?" said Dilly and her face seemed to brighten. "Yes, Dilly. And we will be moving there by the end of the year, maybe even earlier. So I need you to clean it and prepare it for us, all right?" "Of course Master James. What about this house?" James's face darkened "This is my parents' house. And since my parents are dead, I don't want to live here anymore. I'll be living in Godric's Hollow." "Whatever Master James says," said Dilly and bowed. "Can you move all my things there too? To the Master

bedroom?" "Yes, Master James." "Ok, I'll be going now, ok Dilly?" "Ok Master James," said Dilly and disappeared with a small 'pop'. James sighed and looked around before tossing some Floo powder into the fire and yelling "Number 4, Privet Drive Surrey!" James landed in the heap on the floor and heard Lily giggle. "Gracious aren't you?" she said and helped him to his feet "What took you so long?" "I was telling my house-elf to prepare the house in Godric's Hollow, so I can move there after school is finished." "Umm…" said Lily "Would you like to meet my sister?" James wrinkled his nose in distaste and Lily laughed, "I know what you mean. I wanted to rip her head off for what she did to Harry." James didn't even think about it, but he would never tell Lily that.

"Lead the way." "Petunia!" Lily called "Petunia, we've got a guest!" "Coming!" James heard a distant yell. Petunia walked down the stairs with a plastered smile. When she saw James, her fake smile slipped off her face and was replaced with a sneer. "You are one of those freaks aren't you? What are you doing here?" she said rudely. "Actually, he is here on my invitation. Petunia, I want to introduce you to my fiancé, James Potter." Petunia's sneer faltered for a second but was immediately back "People like you are allowed to reproduce?" Lily turned beet red, but not because she was angry. She really didn't want to think about reproducing. "That's not very nice of you," said James coolly. "We are just like everyone else, we are just magical." Petunia flinched as if beaten "Don't mention that freakiness in here again do you hear me?" she hissed, looking around, as if afraid that someone may hear him. "Forget about it James," said Lily and took James's arm

"We're going to my room." Petunia didn't answer and James was dragged into Lily's room. His first thought when he entered the room was: 'this is Lily'. The room was a perfect reflection of Lily's personality. Her walls were painted in soft yellow colour and her furniture was all made of wood. A long mirror was on the wall between her bed and her closet and on the nightstand there was a picture of Lily with whom James assumed were her parents. Lily entered the room and sat on the bed. She took the photo off the nightstand just as James sat next to her on her bed. "My parents," she said softly, stroking their faces "It was taken a year ago in Christmas." After a few seconds of silence James noticed that Lily's shoulders are shaking. "Lily-" he said and turned her to him. Her head was bent and tears ran down her cheeks. James pulled her on his lap and Lily put her head on his chest as she sobbed. She clutched the picture close to her heart. "They won't see us getting married," she sobbed, "I don't want to do it without them."

"Lily, they will always be with you," said James softly, stroking her head. "That's so cliché James," muttered Lily, but a small grin graced her face. James kissed Lily's cheek. "Don't you have things to organise to the funeral?" he asked softly in her ear. Lily shook her head sadly "Petunia had it all organised already. She doesn't want me to interfere with the funeral; she thinks it's my entire fault that they died." "That's not true!" yelped James with a shocked expression. "She's right you know, if wasn't a witch, the Death Eaters wouldn't have killed them." "Lily, if it wasn't for you, I would be a very lonely womanizer right now," said James in order to make her feel a little better. Lily giggled. "If it wasn't for me, you would still be an arrogant, egoistical prat," she said in affection and patted his cheek. "I'm wounded," said James and grabbed his chest "Me? Arrogant? What gave you that idea? I am just a talented, smart, good looking guy."

Lily laughed, "You are my talented, smart, good looking guy." "Indeed," mumbled James inches from her lips. "Break it off, freaks," said Petunia's sharp tones from the door. Lily sighed and turned to look at her older sister "What do you want?" "Go and make some dinner, I am not your slave," Petunia snapped. Lily sighed again and got up, followed by James, who immediately grabbed her hand. James glared at Petunia as they got out and Petunia huffed angrily before retiring to her room. "What do you want to eat?" Lily asked James as they entered the kitchen. "I don't know, whatever you want will be good," said James and sat on one of the chairs, watching her as she took out a pan and eggs. "So…why does Petunia treat you like that?" he asked, trying to sound nonchalant. "It's like that ever since I got my Hogwarts letter. We were

" snorted Lily. obviously confused why would someone want to make drills all of his life." sighed Lily "But what can I do? She's jealous and now that my parents are…are dead-" Lily swallowed "-she's going to hate me even more. "It's a muggle device which makes holes in the wall." "Well. And I bet that's why she treated Harry like that. but after I got the letter she kind of locked herself in her room for about 8 hours and after that she treated me like trash. "I know it isn't. she's got to be stupid if she lets such a thing like jealousy tear you two apart. she is engaged to a man who makes friends before. "Yep." Lily explained shortly. "What's drills?" asked James in interest. "And he makes that?" asked James in wonder." James said as Lily put the omelettes on the table and turned to cut some tomatoes." ." "It's not fair. "She is stupid." said Lily as she took a bite from her omelette "You'll probably see him here a lot." said James.

Lily smiled "You should get used to it." he breathed out silently. "Mom. who was standing in the door with an expression . She turned over quietly." he growled and pulled her for another kiss. Lily's eyes prickled. They told her how much they loved her and she sobbed in her mother's arms until she woke up. She managed it – James's frown disappeared. it took her a few of minutes to remember why is she sleeping on the bed in her house and why someone was sleeping next to her. James was frowning in his sleep and his hands tightened around Lily. so his frown would disappear." said James dryly. A throat clearing broke their heated kiss and Lily looked at Petunia. When Lily woke up the next morning. When he saw her James immediately smiled and leaned for a kiss "I can get used getting up like that. She. but James woke up. throwing his arm around her. I'm your fiancée. dreamt about her parents tonight." he said."Can't wait. he was dreaming about his parents. hoping not to wake James. herself." James's smile grew "Indeed you are. Lily took her finger and ran it over James's forehead.

Lily grabbed his hair gently and pulled him to her so his head was lying on her bosom. "Better go and make breakfast!" she said and watched as James tried to look normal. "Minx. James took a deep breath and sent a desperate message to Lily through his head. Lily grinned mischievously and waited until she felt something hit her stomach softly. She pushed James over and stood up. "Make breakfast and make sure it's enough for Vernon and I too. James kissed her mouth quickly "Let's go make breakfast. hearing James groan." he whispered in her ear. Lily sighed deeply and closed her eyes. "Yes. you do that…I'll go home and will be back in about half hour ok? I need to take a shower and I don't have any cloths here." The Evans's funeral took place in an old church near Lily's . James swore." she said and walked out of the door.of sheer disgust on her face." "Cold shower James?" said Lily innocently before shutting the door after her.

so at least stay here. But she was still crying when they lowered her parents into the ground. telling her how wonderful her parents had been. but Lily wasn't ready or willing to make one. Lily looked exhausted "I'm going to rest for a bit. Petunia" said Lily. you insufferable freak!" . because of James's support and care." Lily said weakly. "Where do you think you're going?" snapped Petunia's voice from behind her. Lily had to use every ounce of self-control she still so she would not burst out crying. please. you would be better there. who looked exhausted. James held her while people talked about her parents. "No you are not! You are the reason they're dead! If it weren't for your freakiness they would still be alive! You were always the most insufferable child. "Do you want to get out of here for a while?" James asked Lily. "Yes. away from us with your unnatural freakiness. I cannot begin to understand why mom and dad didn't send you to an orphanage. Lily looked better than she had for the last couple of days. Petunia gave a speech. She cried quite a bit and when people came and shook her hand.

Petunia-"James said in distaste . Lily noticed she was lying on an unfamiliar bed. she opened her eyes to the concerned gaze of James. How did we get here?" she asked." said James with a slight smile. It's your house too now. "You passed out. Slowly. The feel of something wet on her forehead woke Lily up. He sat on the bed and turned his body so he was looking at her. the weight of the last couple of days came crushing down at her all at once. "Are you all right?" he asked." said James and put the wet towel aside. "I have a horrible headache. pressing her hand to her head. "After you passed out I packed your stuff and flooed here. She just noticed James was holding his wand when everything turned black. "In my house at Godric's Hollow. which was throbbing painfully. "Where are we?" she whispered.Lily burst out crying at the middle of Petunia's speech. "What happened?" she asked weakly. in a warm surrounding that she didn't know.

who was drinking a cup of water. Lily. She is a horrible person with horrible opinions and you have nothing to be ashamed of." "That's ok James." said Lily." she said simply. This is not your fault. "W-What?" he spluttered. "Let's elope. James. When he saw she was serious he sighed. wiping her tears. A couple of minutes passed in silence and suddenly Lily looked up with a determined glint in her eyes "Let's elope. We are already engaged and I don't want to wait any longer. "It's not ok. I'm sorry Lily." James looked at her with surprise etched on his face." ."Ordered me to take you out of the house and never come back again. I want to elope now. sprayed the water all over the floor." "But Lily. "Ok. This is Voldemort's fault!" Tears were pouring out of Lily's eyes by now "Thank you. shook his head and nodded.didn't you say that you want to wait?" spluttered James. tears prickling behind her eyes." James. "I don't want to wait anymore James.

He didn't attend his . What made her change her opinion so quickly? And why today? "Dilly?" he called. "Yes Master James?" squeaked Dilly." she said." said James and after a little thought "And a nearby place for a honeymoon." "Today Master James?" Dilly's eyes widened. can you?" asked James. A second later Dilly appeared with a small 'pop'. "Dilly will try Master. still shocked and stood up." he sighed and kissed her forehead. James's eyes widened "But Lily…" "Today James. "I need you to find me a place in United States where Lily and I could get married today. James sighed again. her eyes glittering. As he walked out of the room he let his confusion show on his face. "Yes Dilly. James sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Let me go arrange it." Dilly bowed and disappeared.Lily smiled happily and kissed him deeply." she landed another bomb. "Let's elope today.

Lily was more important and even though his parents meant a lot to him. James handed her the plate and put his on the table.parents' funeral yesterday. chewing with his mouth . "We should go out today. Minutes later Lily came downstairs and smiled as she smelled the food. "Lily!" he called "Breakfast!" "Coming!" he heard Lily yell and smiled. They didn't have an engagement period where Lily could show off a ring to her friends. He couldn't believe he was going to get married today to Lily. and he could always visit his parents' grave. "We need to buy rings. "What for?" she asked. A ring." muttered James and rubbed his eyes. "Crap. But he was afraid that Lily would regret it later." she said and took a seat. James went to the kitchen and started to make pancakes." he said with a mouthful of pancakes. cutting her pancake into squares. He was by all means ready. Lily was his future." he said. He could get used to that. "Smells good.

She discovered that a few minutes from the house there was a small river. 'Madam July' Jewellery Shop was the most prestigious jewellery shop in Cheshire and because it was located outside of the wizarding village. Lily was absolutely smitten with the even muggles came there to shop for jewellery. James took Lily to Cheshire and they walked and shopped around the wizarding village for five hours before they found a jewellery shop. James took Lily to a tour in the neighbourhood." but then she beamed "You're the best!" James smiled sheepishly and took a gulp of his pumpkin juice." When they both finished their breakfast. After the tour around the place. "Pretty neat isn't it?" asked James with a small laugh as he saw Lily's reaction. A little bell rang when James opened the door and Lily's eyes widened in shock when she saw the thousands of glittering diamonds all around her. covered with plants all around it. "Just taking care of things. "James close your mouth when you eat. .

choose whatever you want. She really didn't think James could afford any of these rings. The woman's eyebrows raised a little and then she smiled."Hello dears." said Lily. At Lily's questioning gaze he explained: "It's the formal Potter stone." Lily had a hard time believing it. "Yes please. "I promise Lily. still in awe of the shop." said James quickly. James smiled "Of course we do. The Potter family is one of the oldest. "James-" started Lily "Are you sure we have enough money for any of these?" she whispered." Lily murmured in understanding and looked at the options with a slightly open mouth. Any stone in particular?" "Onyx please. need some help?" James and Lily turned to see a plump middle-aged woman with reddish hair with several grey stripes." . we are searching for a wedding band for both of us. we have enough money to buy hundreds of those. She looked very nice and warm. We've used this stone for generations. "No problem at all.

" said James and passed her a small note. broad golden band. Lily asked for James's opinion but he refused to interfere and wanted Lily to choose whatever she wanted the most. She smiled happily before kissing him. James let Lily look at the ring again when they walked home "All my love. Both James and Lily gasped. The woman smiled and looked around before taking out her wand and tapping the ring twice. Lily cut the choice to two beautiful rings: One was gold. James kissed her in response."Are you sure?" Lily asked hesitatingly. "You're a witch?" Lily asked. After almost two hours of looking at rings. James" Lily said as she looked at the inscription. The witch just smiled and handed James the ring. The second one was gold. "Finally. with a rectangular black onyx. "Do you want any inscription on the ring?" she asked." he muttered. a simple. "Yes please." she pointed on the first ring and heard both the woman and James sigh with relief. "I think that we'll take this one. set between two smaller stripes of diamonds. He already chose his ring. rope-style band with twirls holding a black onyx heart in the centre. "I love .

" he teased her." said Dilly. They both entered the house and immediately heard a Lily blushed. but we need to pack some bags first." James said and took the ring. "Hello Dilly. Dilly found the perfect place for your wedding." said Lily softly. Lily Evans. Dilly. May I introduce you to my fiancée. "Thank you. "Wait till the wedding dear. Lily's lips twitched before she laughed." "Thank you Dilly." Dilly shook her head "Dilly already did that Master James." she said. "Hey!" said Lily. "I love you too." said Dilly with a bow." squeaked Dilly with . "Dilly is only doing her job Miss Lily. "Do you want me to take you there?" James smiled "Thank you Dilly." "Dilly is very glad to see Master James's fiancée." "Master James. She is just as pretty as he always said. "Master James!" James and Lily turned to see Dilly standing on the stairs.

"Hawaii." breathed Lily. Dilly took James and Lily's hands in hers and apparated them to a large hotel. James couldn't answer as he just located the receptionist and was walking towards her. . "Room 160. The receptionist didn't wait for him to continue the sentence. "Where are we?" asked Lily." she said and apparated out with a small 'pop'. your stuff is already there. my name is James Potter-" James started. She took out a piece of parchment and gave it to James. "It's so beautiful here." squeaked Dilly and turned to James "The receptionist will tell you all the details you need. Miss Lily.another bow. both James and Lily fell on the floor." she drawled in a heavy American accent. James and Lily opened the door to their room and Lily didn't wait one more second before going to the shower. thanks. Unprepared for the sudden change of location. Lily and James both took their surroundings in awe. looking around as she got up. "Hi. "Right." said James and took the key. with a small key.

Mr James Potter. When you eloped.(he looked at his watch) . Paradise Hotel manager. Gabriel Haili James drew a ragged breath. "Crap." he muttered. January 2nd at Wailua Falls.James opened the note as soon as she was out of sight. That was the idea behind eloping. A priest will be waiting for you and your chosen one and a witness on top of the falls. Your honeymoon period will start as soon as you get to the hotel and end at January 7th at 3pm.3 hours. But then James noticed that he forgot something – a witness. They are really going to do this. Your house-elf and I reached to an agreement that you will marry today. no one was supposed to witness the marriage. He was going to marry Lily Evans in. Enjoy your stay. Hawaii in 8pm. Now what where they going to do? .

"Lily. Her eyes widened when she realised she forgot her cloth. I'll be right out!" said Lily. "Yes. "Lily?" she heard James outside of the door "Are you . There was silence in the other side of the door and Lily blushed hard when she realised she will have to come out with towel only in order to take her cloths. Only when she heard the door close. She dressed quickly and went to pick up the note James left on the bed. are you done yet?" he called. thank God…" she muttered and opened the door. "Yeah?" "I forgot my clothes…" she said meekly. "Oh. she allowed herself to breath. she suddenly realised they didn't have a witness. "Er…James…" she said weakly. "I'll…I'll just go out for a while…" said James and he sounded a bit chocked. "Ok…" said Lily in embarrassment. Her breath hitched when she got to the word 'honeymoon' and just like James.

for the rest of your life. Lily started laughing and James soon joined her. When they finally stopped laughing there was a comfortable silence in the room. She refused to get cold feet now. Having the receptionist as a witness was so ridiculous they just couldn't resist. "The receptionist was more than happy to help us…" he muttered. then." said James suddenly and Lily looked at him with a smile. Lily allowed herself to smile on the thought and ran her hands through James's hair.decent?" "Yes. next to her. "I love you. "I should get ready. "Go ahead." said James." And as if suddenly realising it herself Lily let herself relax on the bed. She would marry James in a couple of hours and one day…one day they'll have their own little Harry." said Lily and James entered the room. "You should. "I found us a witness. ." she said. you are going to see me everyday now." he said as he lied on the bed.

"And do you. "You may." said James. They were standing on top of the falls. Lily Rose." said the priest with a smile. "May I go now?" said the receptionist. honour her." ." she whispered as they broke the kiss." said Lily and slid the ring on James's finger. honour him. and keep her in sickness and in health until death do you part?" "I do. James leaned forward and kissed Lily happily. who looked quite bored. James Harold. will you take Lily Rose to be your wife? Will you love her. comfort her. "I love you. and keep him in sickness and in health until death do you part?" "I do. smiling at Lily. "You may kiss the bride." said James and turned to Lily again "I love you too. take James Harold to be your husband? Will you love him. She was doing the right thing. Lily was wearing a white dress and was smiling happily as Lily slid the ring through his finger.Lily smiled and got up. comfort him.

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Love Lily .


Lily Potter. "Of course I'm right I-" But Lily didn't get to finish her sentence since James kissed her. The only thing he is to me is be the headmaster. "I will not put the ring in my pocket. James!" she ranted as they went to the tower. I don't care what anyone thinks." he said and Lily smiled in triumph.*Chapter 20*: Chapter 21: All Out All Out James and Lily's return to Hogwarts forced them to think of other things besides themselves. which came as a slap in the face from James when he told Lily to put the ring in her pocket." James sighed and rubbed his forehead "You know what? You're right. what if anyone sees? What if Dumbledore sees? He'll know we got married!" Lily stopped and turned to face her husband "James." he breathed. and I defiantly don't care about what Dumbledore thinks! He doesn't rule my life. he can't control what I do. He took the ring out of his pocket and put it on his finger. "I love you. . "But Lily.

" said Lily." he said as Sirius gave him a sceptical look. raising her eyebrows. He walked towards James and engulfed him in a tight brotherly hug. James patted his back. Both Lily and James sat on the sofa and Lily immediately snuggled to James and put her left hand on his. . Amy looked on their intertwined fingers and met Lily's gaze in shock." he said gruffly." he said with a slight smile "Really. She is James's wife and nothing is going to change that.Lily smiled and her heart beat faster. "A ring. I am. Sirius was the first to get up. The entered the common room and saw the guys waiting for them on the sofa. got up and followed her out of the common room. "I'm sorry. amused by Amy's reaction. No way! "Lily…" said Amy with shock "Can I talk to you for a minute?" Lily. she really is Lily Potter. "What do you have on your finger?" asked Amy sharply. "It's okay. James.

"You eloped? Lily! Aren't you too young?" she whispered frantically. "I guess I don't have to be now. Amy shook her head in amazement but then looked at Lily with sad eyes "I wanted to be your maid of honour…" she confessed. Lily nodded happily "Yes. watching in satisfaction as Amy's eyes almost popped out of her head in shock. but we felt it was the right thing to do. do I?" she laughed bitterly." "Do you promise?" whispered Amy." "But…Your parents' funeral…" muttered Amy Lily's eyes flashed. you're going to be ." Lily said sharply. "We are going to have another wedding. "We did it after the funeral Amy. "Maybe we are. And this time." said Lily simply. and I don't regret marrying James."Yes! I noticed it's a ring!" snapped Amy "Why do you have a ring on your finger?" "Because James and I eloped. We just felt that it's the right thing to do.

. "I'm so happy for you!" she squealed and Lily beamed. He hadn't forgotten "I am sorry Padfoot…I promise we'll do another wedding for you guys." said James proudly. "I am. back to his usual self. getting straight to the point. "I thought we agreed on fourth year that I'll be your best man when you got married. He also knew that it wouldn't take long for the others to discover their secret. "Is it true? Are you married to Lily?" he asked in a low voice." "Or because you wanted to get in the sack with Lily?" joked maid of honour and Sirius is going to be Best man and everything…I promise. And he was right." James sighed." said Sirius in a hurt voice. We eloped because it felt right and not because we wanted to be married alone." Amy hugged Lily. "James. Barely two days after they got back. Sirius cornered him after Charms. Both of them entered the common room beaming and James instantly knew that Amy knew they had eloped.

"Look. . They were very glad for them and secretly hoped that the year will be finished already so they could have a proper wedding." said Remus. as if fearing the Lily would lurk in one of the corners. what happened?" said Amy. Amy and Sirius crossed their hands over their chest at the same time. Please believe us when we ask you not to tell him. "Why not James? He is one of our friends. Jenny and Remus did not look offended when they discovered James and Lily were married. frowning as he regarded James carefully. looking around. Ever since the Hogwarts Express you are acting very oddly. James ignored him though his cheeks reddened. Lily. James and Lily's request not to tell Peter puzzled the girls and made the boys frown. you hated James last year. finally touching a subject that bothered her for months. causing Lily to giggle.James punched his shoulder "It has nothing to do with it." pleaded Lily. we want some answers too." he hissed. James and Lily exchanged uneasy glances "Look…we have our reasons. "But it is a benefit right?" Sirius said with a smirk.

" said Lily once again. I won't tell you!" she said. "James and I had a fight – " "Typical. "James and I had a fight. "It all started at the Hogwarts Express. the room span and we found ourselves in the Heads Compartment with a boy and a girl we didn't know. glaring at Sirius "And suddenly the room span around us and we found ourselves in the Heads compartment – " "You were already there!" exclaimed Sirius. Sirius. grabbing James's hand." he said before getting a smack on his head from Amy." snorted Sirius and was smacked again by Amy." said Lily again. Sirius snorted "We know that already. Lily glared at Sirius "If you won't let me talk." started Lily. they are going to get some answers. Sirius nodded and inwardly swore. Amy. "It all started at the Hogwarts Express. Jenny and Remus sighed with relief – finally." . who heard his thought clearly and frowned before nodding. "Let them talk!" she snarled impatiently.We'll have to tell them James thought and directed his thought towards Lily. "Anyway.

we were woken from the floor by a very old McGonagall. James nodded "But. that's not all…Apparently…in the future…James and I were married and had a son…" said Lily with a beginning of a blush. fine…" muttered Sirius and shut up again. "I know we didn't Sirius! But please! Let me finish!" yelled Lily in frustration. deciding to help Lily. and he was an orphan. After a few minutes the girl came back and the next thing we know." ." Stunned silence followed that statement "You travelled to the future?" whispered Remus." said James."They boy looked at us and said something that we couldn't catch and he and the girl ran away from the compartment. "Fine. "We were talking to Dumbledore in his office – " "You didn't do anything wrong!" said Sirius when he couldn't help himself. "We had a son called Harry. "And Dumbledore told us that…that we were in 1997. "Way to go Prongs!" yelled Sirius and James threw him a dirty look that did not cover his amusement.

" said Sirius with a confident smile. the Secret Keeper and the information is impossible to be found unless the Secret Person chooses to divulge it. . Petunia. He lived with my sister. "That's just it Sirius…he didn't." continued Lily through the disbelieving gasps "And we were sent into hiding apparently. Lily nodded "And apparently Harry – our son – defeated Voldemort the night we died." A collective gasp made the Lily and James smiled wearily. "Harry was prophesied to kill Voldemort. "A charm which conceals a secret inside a living person. Lily smiled sadly again. "So who was your Secret Keeper?" asked Amy. "But he probably lived with me though. James and Lily exchanged sad look and squeezed each other's hand.hoarse face!" said Amy." "What's the Fidelius Charm?" asked Jenny. We were under the Fidelius charm.Amy choked "You died? You were dead in the future?" she said disbelievingly." Amy and Jenny gasped and spluttered "What! Why would he live with that… that….

Lily looked into his mind and smiled a little. "And he was working for Voldemort. after Sirius heard that Peter betrayed us." she said and James coloured. What am I thinking?" said Sirius daringly. And he did it again."It was Peter." "Wait a minute James. Peter is a Death Eater. "I have the ability of looking into people's mind." said James with a scowl. "You think it'll be cool if James and I have a baby. When Peter saw Sirius he blasted the whole street apart and changed forms and . he went after Peter." A thick silence took over the group. Lily sighed." "Prove it then." Both Amy and Sirius snorted and Lily sighed. he was there the night my parents were murdered. looking at James shrewdly." Remus barged "Peter might have done this in the future. "I really do. I think you're taking this too far. "It can't be…" whispered Sirius disbelievingly "Peter would never betray us…" James nodded "But he did. Sirius stared at her in disbelief and Lily took the chance to continue the story "Anyway. but how do you know he's a Death Eater now?" he said.

"I died?" he asked in a rasped voice. .Sirius was framed for killing Peter. Ginny. Harry found himself a girlfriend. pleading Lily and James not to tell her. "It doesn't matter. anyway. and he proposed to her. you…you died…two years later…" Sirius stared at them in disbelief and rubbed his eyes. Harry died that night. Voldemort killed him…" she said. Sirius was framed and was tossed to Azkaban without a trial. James nodded "You did. and a few tears escaped her eyes. "It didn't matter." Amy and Jenny squealed in delight and cooed as Lily smiled nervously. "It was really hard on Harry…" she whispered. There was an awkward silence for a few minutes until James cleared his throat "Anyway. And made sure that Harry knew you were innocent. Lily nodded. He broke out of Azkaban when Harry was in third year…" "I broke out of Azkaban?" asked Sirius in a hushed whisper." "Wait…changed forms?" asked Jenny. Remus paled suddenly and shook his head. But it didn't matter anyway.

Amy and Jenny immediately sobered and James drew Lily close to him." It took some convincing from Jenny and Remus. Sirius. . all of the information we came across in the future will be for nothing if we turn our back now. Jenny and Remus what happened. "After Voldemort killed him. we were transported back here and that's…that's all. all of them treated Peter like they would have had they not known. The preparations for the Graduation Ball were driving Lily and James off the wall and in addition to the ball. Life was normal again and even though they found it hard at the beginning. hugging her. but eventually. "We have to guys. The awkward silence was once again broken by James hoarse voice "Guys…we should treat Peter the same way…at least until we finish school.. Months passed after James and Lily's told Amy." said James hoarsely." Loud protests came from Amy and Sirius but Lily beat them to it. Sirius and Amy grudgingly agreed to treat Peter the same way as they did before. Lily and James also had to make sure they had enough time for preparing for the NEWTs.

She. Lily's worried about a dress and – "Remus cast a furtive look at Peter. was quite stressed about the NEWTs.With their hectic schedule. It's not easy. and it's not going to be pretty. they are going to explode soon. they are working really hard. and no one is helping them. the NEWTs. "there's always Voldemort to worry about." Amy shivered at the mental image of parts of James and Lily's bodies lying scattered on the walls and floors of the . They have the Graduation Ball. who got to talk with Lily every once in a while." explained Sirius one morning when Lily and James didn't come for breakfast because they had worked on the Graduation Ball the night before. James and Lily hardly found some time alone." said Remus. which made them both snappish and edgy. "It is sexual frustration. if we don't help them. it's not going to be such a tremendous addition to your workload." "Why don't we help them than?" suggested Jenny. Padfoot. and if we all help them. herself. gulping from her pumpkin juice. "Look. Amy. "I hardly think that that's what's bothering them. "I can't help them! I have a workload myself!" snorted Amy. Please. "They have a workload." said Amy. "It's not sexual frustration.

let us help you. James and Lily's head snapped up "What?" they snapped at the same time. walking closer to Lily. clearly annoyed by the lack of response. you don't have to do it all by yourself…" said Jenny.Great Hall. "Guys!" called Sirius loudly." said Lily and got back to her parchment. Nothing. James and Lily did not respond. "Fine! Fine! We'll help them then…" she said and Remus beamed. Jenny. Remus cleared his throat again. Remus. Sirius and Peter went to the common room. "Please. After breakfast. "Can we help you?" asked Jenny. . Amy. "Ah? James? Lily?" he said a little louder. "No. where James and Lily were both writing furiously on pieces of parchment. Lily. "James? Lily?" Remus cleared his throat.

" said James. Nothing." she said and the others immediately sat on the floor while James and Lily gave some of their chores to them. with a diagonally cut skirt and thin straps that crossed in the back." she said and smoothed his robes. They worked on this Ball for weeks and nothing could go wrong. she turned to James." said Lily with an odd catch to her voice. When seeing they were all very serious. . "You look…amazing. She wore a red silk dress. his mouth dry. When Lily came downstairs. "Lils…Please let us help you…is there anything we can do about the ball?" Lily sighed and looked up again. who begged her with his eyes for some help. "Fine. She sighed heavily."James and I are doing just fine thank you. The night of the Graduation Ball was very stressing for both Lily and James. you look pretty handsome yourself. she took James's breath away. Her hair was up in a French bun and she had long sparkling diamond earrings that caused every boy in the common room to turn his head in awe. Lily's smile curved into a smile "Thank you.

As the food disappeared an hour later. the food appeared. knocking gently on one of the glasses. every eye was turned to Lily as she entered the Great Hall." Lily said and gladly accepted James's arm. Just like in the common room. He took her to the dance floor and the tone of a slow beat caused James to put his hands around . I want to wish you all a great life. who stood up. Chatter started again as the graduating students ate their onebefore-last feast at Hogwarts." Applause broke as Dumbledore finished his little speech and after a few seconds. full of love and hope. Dumbledore stood again "I want to welcome to the dance floor our Head Boy and Girl. It took some time."Let's go. During these years. and the students – your family. chattering with their friends. but eventually all of the excited seventhyears were in the Great Hall. put a stop to the chatter and all eyes were on the headmaster. The sound of McGonagall. Hogwarts became your home. to open the dance. There was no escaping – Lily looked incredible. "Tomorrow will be the day you leave Hogwarts after a journey of seven years." James stood up and offered his hand to Lily as applause was sounded again.

he is not my friend any more…" Lily sighed deeply and looked into James's eyes "I think we need to turn him in to the Ministry." she said. but she hesitated.Lily's waist and Lily's hands to wrap themselves around James's neck." noted James. even Peter helped. She felt James stiffen under her arms "Look James. Lily nodded "We do need to give some credit to the guys though. "What is it Lily? Tell me. Lily had a pretty good idea what they should do with Peter. we can't let him cause any more damage. we don't have to…" "No." he said resolutely. As they danced and looked into each other's eyes. "We did a great job on this Ball. "We can't let ." James's features darkened at the mention of Peter "What are we going to do about Peter now? Are we supposed to ignore him?" he said. not looking at James. not even noticing the dance floor was filling up with swaying students." James said roughly "You're right.

showing him exactly how happy she felt at the moment. grinning." "You're planning on having children than?" asked Lily lightly." Lily's breath was taken away from her at James's words and she kissed him earnestly. James smiled "Of course I am I can't wait to start a family with you. Lils…" he stated with a charming smile. "What did we have this year?" he said and pretending to . "Mind if I share a dance with your wife?" Sirius asked. "So." grinned Sirius and watched as James took his place in Amy's arms. "So. lovebirds. Sirius…" Lily joked back." James and Lily broke the kiss and saw that none other than Sirius Black had ruined their romantic moment.him ruin our life. Harry's life. "Never." said James and broke away from Lily. "Just don't run off with her. "Hey.

" "I still can't believe you eloped. too. in the Hogwarts Express you hated James." Sirius said seriously." confessed Lily "But I'm not sorry…it made my life…complete. I trust you. . "I promise you'll be the second to know if I am." she said. and got married before the year was over. "I can't either." Sirius clutched a hand to his heart "Don't do that to me!" he said and Lily giggled as he twirled her. came back in love with James." said Sirius in amazement. this year isn't over yet… Don't forget that you have a wedding to attend in two months. Lily smiled softly at him "I will. went to an exciting adventure at the future." Sirius's eyes widened and he stopped dancing "Are you?" he asked in an excited whisper.think "Well. Lily laughed "Well Mr Black. not very soon." she said. Lils. "Such fine words from such fine lady. Lily shook her head in amusement "Not yet. I'm impressed. I said soon. Miss Evans." Sirius said with a rough smile. I promise you'll have some godchildren soon." said Sirius and Lily laughed again "Treat him right.

Evans!" he hissed. "Amy! I look… I look horrible. "It takes two to make a baby you know! Should I explain?" Lily. You look marvellous." said Lily. rolling her eyes. saw Sirius Black blush. James would still think you were beautiful. Lily giggled "It's Potter. and you look perfect. Even if you looked like a hag. sending her friend a pleading look. "No. "James." "But Amyyyyyyy…" "Lily! Stop it! It's your wedding day. right… Lily Potter…" Sirius muttered and twirled her. "Right. of course." . Sirius looked embarrassed for forgetting James and Lily laughed again.not the slightest bit embarrassed about discussing it with Sirius. "Lily. Now hold still so the… er… lady… can finish your hair." Lily wailed. for the first in her life." she said in delight. shut up. Sirius raised his eyebrows "Who'll be the first?" he asked arrogantly.

" Amy said Lily couldn't help being nervous. this is the real wedding. "That bad. slapping her lightly on the side of the face so no mark would show up. "Oh. "snap out of it!" Lily blushed deeply and apologized." she finally managed to say. Lily had always been pretty. and Amy suddenly went speechless. she was wearing a dress and had a maid of honour. in a low." Even though it was the second time she was marrying James. And there would be a long second honeymoon. I got a bit… carried away. "Sorry. After all. Amy. you look gorgeous! Oh. James won't know whether he's in heaven or at a wedding when he sees you!" . breathy voice. "Ye."But-" "Lily. without the pressure of Albus Dumbledore. "Your hair's done. huh?" she asked with a slight twitch of her mouth." the Hairdresser said politely. Lily. but now. ma'am. Lily stood she was beautiful.

"Let's go. until recently. Her dress was simple and elegant." Lily said. You have no idea what this means to James and I. while the rest of her hair fell down her back in perfect ringlets. Delicate pearl embroidery in the form of flowers adorned the neckline and followed to opposite side." Lily whispered to the man escorting her down the aisle. Lily's smile. Remus was somewhat sad that . became brighter. Her hair was up in an elegant half-bun. Remus. beaming and looking all the more beautiful. it's time. poking her head in." "Thanks again for doing this. with a long." Lily said. if possible. flowing white silk skirt and a sleeves bodice with a swooping neckline that sharpened to a point in the middle. "C'mon Amy!" "Who'd have ever thought you'd marry James?" Amy laughed. While he had expected it. "Certainly not me."Good. "Miss." a woman said. a slightly reminiscent smile on her face.

She didn't hear what was being said. He wore a black tux. She should have known it wouldn't behave. "And do you." she said. James… Lily fought to keep her jaw from dropping. when they came to the dilemma of who would escort her down the aisle. So. he had been a good friend to James and her for years. and neither did James. After all. "No problem. and Lily had known this. even on his wedding day. And suddenly she was at the end of the isle. James Harold Potter." eh said. and looked even more stunningly handsome than usual. face threatening to light up the entire room with pure happiness. take Lily Rose Evans to . take James Harold Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband until death do you part?" finally broke through Lily's reverie. she asked that it be Remus.he was not best man. "I do. Lily Rose Evans. They were too absorbed in each other's eyes "Do you. Lil. inches away from his face as Remus gave her to him. His hair still flopped messily over his warm hazel eyes. to have and too keep forever. before turning his eyes back to where James and Sirius stood.

and Sirius held his hand out for her." he said softly. the kind that would last through anything. "Sirius." the priest said." Lily muttered. "I love you. The drunken man slunk off to goodness knows was true love." "Lilsy. a bride-best man thing. "Only Sirius. shaking her head in amusement as she saw Sirius's glowing face. "You may kiss the bride. " your lawfully wedded wife until death do you part?" "I do." Sirius said coolly from behind her. I was just about to claim her for a dance myself. "RECEPTION TIME! NOW WE CAN ALL GET DRUNK!" a familiar voice boomed jovially from behind them. droning tone not changing in the slightest. He leaned forward in a kiss that was far more than fireworks and lust. ." he mouthed against her lips. "Love you too. smiling with an intensity that was almost unbelievable. wouch you liksh to dansh wi' meee?" a very tipsy man whom she had never seen before asked. You know." she whispered as they finally broke apart.

before returning to normal. James… James wouldn't live without you. . once again returning to seriousness. I never thought it'd be you I'd give this talk too. Sirius dropped his hands and walked away. make sure I won't hesitate to hunt for you across the world until I make sure you pay. Everyone seems to think I'm entirely unreliable." he laughed. "Moony told me to come over here." He brightened instantly. And if you hurt him… well. Lily. I guess he saw that guy moving towards you or something. He couldn't. He hurts so much already. "Sirius. You know everyone loves you. sporting a false wounded look. "I must say. "But." Lily breathed in relief." With a bow. don't hurt him." "Yes. actually…" he began somewhat uncomfortable. I know."Sirius. for once I must say. though you've gone a long way to healing that." he said. "Well. She laughed as he spun her around the white and mauve dance floors. you're timing is perfect. leaving a thoroughly confused and somewhat alarmed Lily in his wake. shut up. "Somehow I'm less surprised with that than thinking you have good timing.

"May I have this dance?" an even more familiar voice asked from behind her. turning to look at James." she teased. well. but James continued to dance with her. "But. "I love you too. In his arms she could forget that she was going to be the mother of the wizard who defeated Voldemort. "Love you. I think my husband might want to dance with me. "James. "The music's over. She smiled softly as they continued to sway to the imaginary beat. and that she might very well die if things didn't work out right." "So?" was his unconcerned reply." . James. Round and around they twirled and Lily realized she had never felt safer in her entire life. James walked around to her other side and simply said." she whispered gently. so softly she was almost unable to hear it. "I do." She laughed and they began to dance. The music ended." he said.

' . Large words flashed above. The 'slide show' went on for about 20 minutes of various pranks by a rapidly aging James." Sirius called. just about to board the Hogwarts Express." He waved his want at a Pensieve that had been set up without her notice." Out of the Pensieve hovered images of a very small –and very adorable. he looked remarkably mischievous for even a two-yearold. Lily alarmed and James bemused. break up the mushy stuff. and several pictured of various 11-year-old Marauders flashed before them. "Behold… a true masterpiece."Ok. ok. and in the distance yelping could he heard. probably while she and James were dancing.' Even Lily had not heard of many of these.they were horrible! Then 'James and Lily interact. Next flashed a James who seemed to be about two years old. The Marauders Meet. "It's time for… the slide show!" "What slide show?" both James. until it showed an image of him. "The slide show…of our dear Jamsie's life. Next came 'pranks.

Somehow. Then came 7th year. Appropriate 'awws' were heard every few seconds as new images flashed above the Pensieve. Their limited time with Harry. and James was stunned all over again. and the knowledge of how short their lives were. "What I'm glad to say is that the limousine is here." The slideshow was now showing images from their wedding." James said softly. I regret to say that our masterpiece is complete. Harry… she felt like crying again. Lil." she whispered back. now standing on a table.flashed above them Lily was screaming at James. and James and Lily need to . "I know. and his friends. though. sensing her change in mood. Lily was amazed at how gorgeous she looked.of their life missing. the two of them kissing by the Lake. Lily sleeping in James's arms on the Gryffindor couch. both Lily and James felt something was missing. "Shh… it's ok. There was a whole part –a very important part. "I know. Several images of this popped up. Lily and James fighting on the train. Lily and James dating. while crowds gathered to watch. "Well. Oh. it was one of the most popular 'sports' at school." Sirius said. Aside from Quidditch.

" Lily said." Sirius said. but offering Lily his arm anyways. While on the honeymoon." James moaned. Lily received a letter from the Charms Department in the Ministry for Magic. eyes sparkling as the driver pulled away. if you are going to play with other women." Lily said." "The world is against me." he exclaimed. but at the moment.if only there'd been a sunset to drive off into. It had been a month from James and Lily's wedding and they long since returned from their second honeymoon. appalled." Lily laughed. be nice and don't play with other girls. "And I don't blame it.leave for their honeymoon. "James. as they climbed into the limo amidst a shower of rather hard and oddly coloured rice. "Not many wives are as amazing as you. make sure I don't see or suspect it unless you're fond of the idea of castration. winking. my brother. offering her a . "You know. it didn't really matter. She took it and teased. "SIRIUS. James. not many wives get a second honeymoon so soon. Prongs.

Her boss. Her first task was to file some new charms and send them to the Minister. was very nice and polite. It was horribly boring and by noon. filing them and giving them to the Minister for Magic for approval before it was introduced to the Wizarding society. my workload is being reduced. she was exhausted and her hands hurt. Lily discovered. He showed her around the department and introduced her to her coworker. Mr Hansel was a stern looking man that.job in the innovation division. My job is to file the charms but every time a new person comes here. "It's not always like this. what kind of charms you will be working on." "So why do I have to do this?" moaned Lily. Lily immediately accepted the job and the first thing she did when she returned home was apparate to the Ministry and check out the department. The division was trying new charms. "Because they want you to see what it's like." commented Eleanor at lunch break "In a few months you're going to start working with the inventors. Eleanor Reed. ." Eleanor grinned and even Lily cracked a smile. flexing her sore fingers.

"So how long will I be doing it?" Lily asked." said Eleanor and Lily gasped in horror. when Lily came back to Godric's Hollow. Lily collapsed on the sofa and immediately put her head on James's shoulder. "James! What are you doing?" "Going to put you to sleep. I just want to sleep. "Exhausting." mumbled Lily. believe me. Apparently I need to file charms for two months before I actually start working on creating charms." Needless to say. she was completely knackered. "Well. "About two months. Lily was too tired . Lily wanted to glare at him but she was too tired. "Ok than. James chuckled. "Do you want dinner?" he asked. James grinned. "How was work?" asked James from his seat on the sofa. "Very bad." she mumbled into his chest. "No." he explained." he said and picked her up. how bad can it be?" he asked with a smile." James stroke her hair. "It's bad only in the first two weeks. Lily yelped.

Lily sighed and poked his chest. "Mmmm?" Lily poked him again. "Morning. She heard James groan above her and looked up to see that his eyes were half open and that he was hugging her close to his chest. The sound of the alarm clock woke Lily up. James. "Mmmm?" "James!" said Lily argue and she let him carry her to their bed. Lily felt a fleeting kiss on her forehead before she fell asleep. James only groaned and pulled her even tighter to him. time to wake up…" she said. "I have nothing to do. I'm up…" he muttered and opened his eyes slowly. Lily giggled. "Come on." said Lily sleepily and yawned. "I'm up. anyway…why must I wake up?" he .

but yet. softened "Why don't you talk to Sirius and Remus? They can help you. James's face fell and he closed his eyes "I know it's hard.moaned and buried his face in Lily's hair. Lily looked at the magical clock and gasped "I have to go!" she said and got up. James immediately sobered "What's wrong?" he said and looked down to her." he said and without warning. he flung himself down on the bed again with an 'oof' of exhaustion. He already caused to our parents' death…" Lily said quietly. it was so hard to turn in to the Ministry a person who was a friend of his for seven years. he can cause so much damage while he's free. knowing his internal debate. James knew she was right. Lily. . "James…I think you need to turn Peter in…" she said and watched his reaction. of course. but please James. Lily bit her lip." James smiled a little and looked down at his wife "I think I will. Lily stayed silent for a couple of seconds "James…" she started with a hesitant voice.

he longed to get rid of Voldemort. in the memory of Harry and because of Harry. with Harry in Lily's arms. Within seconds he was asleep again. He was doing this for Harry. should he introduce them to Harry as soon as he was born? Or should he let fate play its part? Thoughts of Harry vanished from his mind as he appeared at the Ministry.James sighed at the sudden lack of warmth and snuggled into his pillow. He longed for a child of his own. He longed to start a family with Lily. He knew that at the moment he and Lily would face Voldemort. James sighed into his pillow and thought about what he was going to do today. The prophecy said so. he thought about Ginny and the Weasleys. The thought of Peter caused James to think about Harry. He also hoped that it wouldn't take long for Lily to be pregnant. And most of all. As he dressed. He went to the department of Magical Law . He is going to turn Peter in. When he woke up three hours later. And it didn't matter that the prophecy was made in another world. Lily was already gone and the house was empty. Voldemort would be defeated. He would make sure to give Harry the life he never had in the other world.

She looked him up and down and immediately adopted a sweet sugary voice. obviously happy to see someone who will help him. The witch frowned. do you remember Peter? The guy that was always with us? Chubby. "I don't think so…" she said. "Gideon!" said James. He cleared his throat and the witch snapped her head up. "Hello.Enforcement and saw a secretary sitting in front of a messy desk." she said with a bright smile. who was five years before them in Hogwarts and gave them a few pranking tips when they were in second year. looking apologist. no. "James? James Potter?" a voice said behind him. "What are you doing here?" "I'm an Auror. I was wondering if I could talk to one of the Aurors here?" James asked in the nicest tone he could master. and James turned around to see Gideon Prewett. blond hair…" . chewing gum and reading a magazine. "Did you schedule an appointment?" "Actually. obviously." he said with a smile. "What do you need?" James took Gideon aside "Look.

" "I see. you were crazy about a girl back than." said Gideon "Tell me. who was it?" "Lily Evans. "Right. I'm crazy about her alright." said James with a smile. "He's a Death Eater. "She's Lily Potter after all…" James walked out of the department." shrugged James and smiled. leaving a dumbstruck man behind. "Oh yes. why?" "Look…" said James and took a deep breath. "Are you sure? That's quite an accusation…" James nodded and swallowed a lump in his throat "Yes. "Still crazy about her I see." said James immediately. ."Yes! Yes. I'll look it up and I'll let you know ok? Where do you live?" "Godric's Hollow. of course." said Gideon." said Gideon with a sly smile. I'm positive…" Gideon frowned and put his hand on James's shoulder "Look.

depends on how I see the next one is getting along. Sara A. -Lily . I am thinking of doing one or two more chapters. UK All The Way. although I speak Hebrew. JeNnIfEr88. TrappedInAMatchbox. Sweet Sarcasm. taking a lot of pressure off my shoulders. OTHCharmedHPFreakSteelo. . pandas rule the world. god… that was sooooo ewww hermy32146. I KNEW IT! I just wanted them to elope before they are having an actual wedding. Hazelocean. Thank you: James'sSnitchBoxersLover– You had me lmao. Malfoy.A/N: Not done yet guys. IamSiriusgrl. blondesRhot. A BIG THANK YOU for Zayne who wrote the whole wedding and reception scene and by that. MeTaMoRpHoSiS gUrL. amrawo. One more thing most of you commented about is Sirius being best man. princessdzadrgn prncss. Juli Black Potter Love.No I don't.


moving pots and pans in an alarming speed. James found a job in the Department of Mysteries. Lily swore. Peter was arrested and convicted two weeks after James's visit at the Aurors Department. Three months has passed since she started her new job and the two months of hard work finally paid off and she was working with the inventors. she hadn't finished making dinner. they all accepted the invitation. and he wasn't allowed to tell her much. which frustrated her to no end. A staff meeting every weekend caused Lily to think about what charms were needed over the weekend. she put her heart in it. and not surprisingly.*Chapter 21*: Chapter 22: Epilogue Epilogue Lily fussed around the kitchen. They were all invited to the Order of the Phoenix. "Lily! I'm home!" James's voice carried from the door. making all the marauders and their partners to finally feel free to talk and even breathe normally – without the threat of a spy. She would spend hours at work trying to find how to make charms work and when she was on to something. .

she came to the living room to greet her husband. she would have asked how work was. he wasn't allowed to discuss his job. . she'd been feeling under weather for days and James suggested she'd go to a healer. "Lily. "How was your day?" James asked. James went upstairs to change and Lily sighed. but since he was an Unspeakable. They ate it silence and Lily sighed. but Lily refused. sipping his soup. "Smells great. "Just fine thank you. "Hello." said Lily with a slight smile. are you sure you're feeling all right?" he said." she said with a slightly croaking voice." she said with a smile and wrapper her arms around his neck." she said and dashed to the kitchen.she was certain it was a passing thing. James frowned. "Thanks.Nevertheless." James said as he came back downstairs. usually. Lily nodded. James kissed her in response but Lily broke away after a few minutes "I didn't finish making supper.

complaining loudly about not knowing what the sex of the baby is. ." said Lily. She hated the thought of living like this and a baby would give some meaning to her life." said Lily with a smile. not to mention a pregnant woman. we are working on a charm to determine the sex of a baby when he or she is still in the womb. "Umm…that's nice. who came up with the idea?" asked James. to tell you the truth that was all. and coming back without the option to tell her what he did today? Living on the stories of her work and otherwise sitting in silence? Lily." James nodded and they continued to eat in silence. not to mention something she and James could talk about. "One of the researchers is pregnant and she was annoyed that she couldn't know the sex of the baby so she turned to us and we're working on it. for the first time in her life wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. James smiled "So what else did you do today?" he asked. from now on? James going to work."It was nice. "Well. it's not simple to create charms that affect the human body. remembering the six-months-pregnant Melissa Carps. So is that how their life was going to look.

unable to resist it. James made a face. breathless was lying underneath him. Lily sighed again." Lily lifted her eyebrow. "What do you need that you don't have?" she asked. "We hardly have any groceries in here." commented James as they returned the plates in the sink. Lily's laugh was infectious and he was delighted to break the ice between them. burst out laughing too." said James and Lily burst out laughing. "What? I want ice-cream!" Lily giggled. James stop tickling Lily and Lily. James stole a kiss from her and Lily sighed into his mouth. "Ice cream. kissing her neck. "What is it?" he murmured. making Lily giggle even harder. "You sound like a little boy."We should go to Diagon Alley. "Think it's funny do you?" he asked and started tickling her. "I don't know…I've just not been feeling well lately. Lily started screaming in laughter and James." James frowned "You really should go see a healer about it ." she said and pinched his cheek.

I don't want you sick. One time. "With a little luck it's just a cold and you'll be fine in a few days. a cramp hit her so hard she couldn't walk or talk for half hour. but just the thought of going to a healer was embarrassing. . I've never been to a healer before." "But James-" "No Lily. what if it's something bad?" Lily pursed her lips and looked aside. you're feeling under weather for days. "No Lily. she was feeling under weather for days and lately she had cramps in her stomach." she said noncommittally. it was true." said James sternly and Lily turned to look at him in surprise. "You have to go see a healer. "Lily?" "James. "Maybe I will." Lily sighed.Lily. sometimes bad enough she could barely stand them." he said and kissed her again. now. Mungo's scared her. while she was working. She had never gone to the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts and the thought of going to St. he was making sense of course." she whispered.

indicating that they were not the first to react that way. James lifted his eyebrows and Lily sighed "Fine. It was ridiculous. I am sure Mrs Potter." said James when they stopped laughing." she mumbled. James burst out laughing. "Stop laughing at me! It's not funny!" James only laughed harder. The healer had a small smile on her face. open-mouthed at the healer's office. . fine. Eventually Lily cracked and started giggling herself.James had a hard time concealing his laugher "You've never been to a healer before? Lily smacked his arm and covered her eyes with her arm "No. Lily was suddenly anxious "Now? B-But James…isn't it too late?" she squeaked." "What!" James and Lily sat. "100 sure?" said James weakly. Lily was the first to recover from the shock "Are you sure?" "Yes. why should she be afraid of healers? "Let's go now. I'll go and get dressed." the healer said in amusement.

He looked at Lily and saw that she had a small smile gracing her lips. Lily felt as if her heart would burst from joy any moment and hugged James. "If you have morning sickness. They were going to have a baby. Slowly."Mr Potter." he whispered in her ear. obviously pleased there are no more questions. a smile started to spread on James's face. live baby. He hugged her tightly and a small sound of joy emerged from her throat." James and Lily returned to Godric's Hollow in a sort of daze. . are you questioning my abilities as a healer?" said the healer with an arched eyebrow. he just stared at her in amazement. it'll help. "Mummy. wrote a subscription for Lily. No more than once a day though. The healer. James didn't answer. Lily turned her head and kissed him fully on the lips. take this potion. A real. Almost at the same time. He was going to be a Daddy. they sat on the sofa in shock.

He opened his eyes and looked around the room. it had a small bulge that caused James's heart to flutter. Lily's stomach was no longer flat. James let his eyes travel to her stomach before they widened in amazement. Lily is four months pregnant James woke up groggily and immediately felt that Lily wasn't in bed with him. His breath was caught in his throat. Lily wasn't there. He let his hand travel to her stomach and put it on the swell. "You look amazing. staring at her stomach. He swallowed a lump in his throat." Lily said. He put on his glasses and got up from bed."Daddy. He looked up to her face and saw her watching him with the same amazement he felt." she said happily and kissed him again." he said and engulfed her in a tight hug. . it was an amazing feeling. He opened the bathroom's door silently and gasped. he could see that even without his glasses. Lily was standing in front of a full-length mirror with only her bra and knickers on. "I think we need to start building a nursery.

" the woman said and took the hand of the boy. searching for shops that sell furniture and baby stuff. "I will. James laughed." he said. James nodded eagerly. "I am so sorry. and we'll go to Diagon Alley and buy some baby stuff. An hour later. A plump pregnant redhead woman stumbled her way through the crowd to get to James and Lily.looking into James's eyes. . A little redhead boy ran past them and grabbed James's leg as he his from his mother. "Can you do that? Please do!" she begged." "Oh!" said Lily happily. An eight years old boy was walking next to his mother and clinging to the ham of her shirt. James and Lily walked hand in hand through Diagon Alley. "I can take the day off. quite excited himself. "Do you want to buy some stuff today?" he asked. "Charlie! Come back here this instant!" a shrill voice yelled behind them. She was holding the hand of a little be-spectacled boy who looked no older than four and a carrier with two identical redhead boys.

" . Molly nodded "Yes."It's alright. "Sure." explained Lily." she said. Who are you?" "I'm Lily Potter. my husband. yes." Molly smiled." Lily did a quick math in her head and understood that the person Molly Weasley was carrying in her stomach was none other than Ron. we have some shopping to do." said Lily." said Molly and continued walking with her children in toe. and this is James. we'll keep in touch ok?" "Sure. I remember now. I'm sure our friends would love to see them. "That was so weird. no problem. staring at the retreating back of Molly Weasley. Lily smiled in response. I am. "You can bring the kids too. Mrs Weasley smiled "Ah. "She was pregnant with Ron. looking at her obviously pregnant stomach "You're Molly Weasley. we saw you on the Order meeting. "Well. right?" she asked. you can pop in to the Borrow too if you want." said James. "Would you like to come for some tea sometime?" Lily offered.

" Lily paled. she and Lily had become good friends over the past months and especially after Ron was born. James was shaking from suppressed laughter. I didn't want anyone else to do it for me. painted in baby blue. Mrs Weasley was interested in Lily's pregnancy. ." she said to Lily "The first birth is always the hardest. "I'm afraid so. one of her fears was the actual birth: it is supposed to be extremely painful. Lily is seven months pregnant Lily and James were sitting on their kitchen table with Molly Weasley and baby Ron sucking happily from a bottle. Shorter too. I always delivered the babies myself. "You know. It was so odd to see Ron sucking out of a bottle. "Is it very painful?" she asked in a small voice." James rubbed Lily's arm and Lily calmed somehow. But it's worth in the end. The nursery was ready and equipped with toys.Lily smiled and led him to Greengrass's shop for Magical Furniture. But it gets better in time. Molly smiled in sympathy.

they are getting along great. shaking her head vigorously "Neither is willing to get married. she was working very hard at trying it on women." said James fondly. And." said Molly "He always manages to exhaust them enough so when they come home they go straight to bed. "Well. I can tell you." said Lily." "They are not planning on getting married first?" asked Molly with raised eyebrows. he enjoys it just as much as they do." Molly frowned in disapproval. by the way. That's what they want. Lily is nine months pregnant . she had a boy. No children.Since Lily finished her project about determining a baby's sex. "Yes. Amy just moved in with him. "Oh no. "So what about him and Amy? Getting along ok?" Molly asked sipping her tea. no marriage. I think they'll always live like that. as expected. Lily nodded. Squeals and screams of joy were heard from the living room "Thanks for bringing Sirius here. She was the first woman to try it." James and Lily laughed.

He ran to the bathroom and took some clean towels. grabbing her abdomen in pain. . James nodded and pulled his face out of the fireplace. put some clean towels under her buttocks ok?" she said."James!" Lily called her husband from their bedroom. He entered their bedroom where Lily was resting her head against the headboard. "Molly! Molly!" he said hurriedly and went to the fireplace. "Lily's in labour!" he gasped. "Call Molly!" she said. "I'll be right there. gritting her teeth. James groaned. "My water broke!" Lily called in panic as pain rippled down her stomach. Lily?" he yelled. what is it?" Molly's kind voice said. James's eyes widened and he stood up in an alarming speed. "The Borrow!" he called in panic. Lily could be a pain in the ass when she wanted something. He ran his way up the stairs to where Lily was sitting on the bed. "What. Molly scrambled on her feet and called Arthur. "James dear.

Hearing Lily making small noises of pain shook him out of his reverie and he returned moments later with a cup of ice water. James. you're almost there. "Can you open your legs for me?" Molly asked. Lily immediately raised her hips a little and James put the towels there. which was tangled and wet from sweat. "Well. a pop sounded and Molly bustled into the bedroom. turned his head. . When he closed the door behind him." said Molly with a kind smile that Lily didn't see. however. can you be a sweetheart and bring her a cup of ice water?" James nodded and scrambled out of the room." Just then. Lily was hurting so bad that she didn't even think to be embarrassed."You need you to lift your hips. He opened the door to see Molly stroking Lily's hair." she said. "It hurts like hell. dear. "How are you feeling. He handed Lily the cup and she sipped gratefully. he really didn't want to see a baby poking out of his wife. He stroked her hair "Molly will be here in a second." he told Lily. "James. Lily gritted her teeth. he leaned against the wall and breathed deeply. he was going to be a dad. dear?" she asked Lily.

"Go and sit behind her. she's starting to push. James was not assured." she said and James felt his fingers numbing.Molly took James's hands and took out her wand. "Why did you numb them?" he asked Molly in confusion. hold her hands. "No." said Molly." Lily shook her head. but as another contraction hit. She squeezed James's hands and James now understood why Molly put a numbing charm on them." she mouthed to him. "JAMES!" Lily screamed as she pushed again. pushed. "Obtorpesco. out of sheer panic. "It'll be over before you know it. James shot panicked look to Molly and she smiled. Molly only smiled. "This is the last time you touch me. James Potter!" she growled. he did his best in assisting Lily. Lily!" Molly yelled to her. I won't push!" she said. . The contraction was over and Lily was panting. "They all say that. "You need to push Lily dear." "I won't!" yelled Lily as another contraction hit her. And Lily. "Push.

" said Molly in encouragement. with the excitement interfered "You can do it Lily! Just one more push!" he said. pushed again as the contraction hit and in after a few seconds. "I can't!" But James. one more push and you're done. Harry was born. It doesn't matter if you didn't review. so don't forget to check it out. I LOVE YOU ZAYNE! Second. I hope we are all going to enjoy HBP and once again. Lily and Harry . James's breath hitched and Lily cried. for the amazing job she's doing as my beta. "I can't!" panted Lily."You're doing great Lily. In the past and now. I want to thank everyone who read the story. with the rest of her energy. a little cry was heard. Lily. THANK YOU! A one-shot sequel is online now. If you won't read the sequel. James. I just want to thank you for reading it. A/N: THIS STORY IS FINISHED! I want to thank Zayne first.

but only because of you guys I managed to write chapter after chapter. Sweet Sarcasm. Love you. HarryPassionFan. oblivionknight7. and very happily so.survived and efficiently killed Voldemort with the Harogroa Lanessah curse. OTHCharmedHPFreak. my girl. blondesRhot. UK All The Way. Remus and Jenny got married three years after James and Lily did and they have one son: Jack. you're the best!). JeNnIfEr88. It was my first fic and when it was deleted at first I was devestated. James and Lily had three more children: Aaron (3 years younger than Harry). it has been an amazing journey for me. So thank you all! All of those who came back to the story and all of those who were new and all of those who reviewed and all of those who didn't. pandas rule the world. drgn prncss. IamSiriusgrl. I really want to thank you all. MeTaMoRpHoSiS gUrL. . Annmarie Aspasia (Zayne. Thank you all again. bring back padfoot. Amy and Sirius never got married. DancerForLife3320. though they still live together. Eleanor (5 years younger than Harry) and Anna (7 years younger than Harry).

Lily .

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