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Which contains water cooling tubes.Say bolt viscometer. receiving flask 60cc electrical heater with energy regulator. one universal & one furol can be screwed to the cup by a handle. Material:. 2 SAYBOLT VISCOMETER .  A strainer is provided for filtering the oil  A special receiving flask of glass with 60 cc mark is also provided with viscometer. thermometer rocket & an electric heater   A thermometer can also be inserted into the cup cover Two jets.Chemical Engineering Department SAYBOLT VISCOMETER Aim:. stop watch. between 700 & 2100F.  The apparatus consists of brass chromium plated cup which is centrally placed in a water bath. thermometer.  The bath has a lid. water.To measure the viscosity of given sample of oil using saybolt viscometer: At room temperature  At higher temperature Apparatus:.Given oil sample. two ebonite handless with two stirrer blade. Construction & Working:-  This apparatus is useful for empirical measurement of viscosity of petroleum products at specified temp.

Snap the cork from the viscometer using the attached cord. graduation mark. At the same instance start the timer.temperature upto 1000F will not introduce errors in excess of 1.Chemical Engineering Department  Universal orifice jet is used with lubricants & distillate materials having efflux time greater than 32 sec. PROCEDURE: Fill up the given sample in the viscometer cup above the overflow rim of the cup.   Stop the timer the instant the bottom of the meniscus just reaches the  Record the efflux time in seconds.atmosphere. 3 SAYBOLT VISCOMETER .  Locate them so that the sample will not be contaminated by dust or vapour during the test.  Measure the room temperature   The stopcock with cord must be fit tightly enough to prevent any leakage Place the receiving flask where the stream of oil from the bottom of the viscometer will just strike the neck of the flask. below the dewpoint of room. & room.  Viscosity determination shall not be made at temp. the room temperature shall be kept between 680 & 850F.  Liquids with efflux times over 1000 sec are not conveniently tested with this orifice  Furol orifice is used with liquids having efflux time over 25 seconds. Then empty the cup of viscometer. time  The furol orifice time is approximately one tenth the universal efflux  Viscometer & bath should be set at the place which is free from drafts & rapid changes in room temperature.0 percent  For standardization & reference tests.

4 SAYBOLT VISCOMETER .Viscosity of oil decreases as temperature increases. GRAPH:-Absolute viscosity µ vs tempeture t0C.The viscosity for given sample at different temperature were calculated & were recorded as in table. fill up the water bath & heat up the water. RESULT:.Chemical Engineering Department  For finding viscosity at higher temperature than room-temp.  Now follow the same procedure as for room-temperature measurement & calculate viscosity using saybolt’s empirical formula. CONCLUSION:. So that oil sample reaches required temperature.

Empirical formula for saybolt viscometer is:Kinematic viscosity (v) = µ/ ρ 5 SAYBOLT VISCOMETER .Chemical Engineering Department OBSREVATIOPN TABLE:- Sr Temp t0C Efflux Time sec Specific gravity gm/cc Kinematic Viscosity cs (centistoke) Absolute Viscosity µ CALCULATION:.

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