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Thursday, 7 October 2010
Quality Management in Construction Projects: A Case Study of Quality Management in Construction Projects of an Oil and Gas Company
Currently, although businesses involved in construction activities apply quality management systems, but in practice there are a lot of poor works that worry people and society. Consequences of poor quality will damage property and waste money of business and community, and it also cause danger to people. To ensure the effective application of quality management for construction projects, it requires the strong commitment of business leaders and implementation of multiple solutions. Applying this effective quality management will bring many potential benefits for businesses. Mr. Le Van Thong made a research which main objectives were: (1) determination of quality management activities in the construction in the Oil and Gas Company; and (2) to discuss and review the effectiveness of quality management in construction of the Oil and Gas Company Conclusions Quality management system has been applied by PTSC companies in their projects. It brings success to the company for many years now, and became a famous company in the international market in oil and gas technical services industry in Vietnam. They are the useful tools to avoid and mitigate problems and to improve quality performances of the following projects. They are the principles that management use to achieve effective cost control, quality control, schedule control etc. Many civil and industry construction Corporations, companies in developed countries have been applied the successful Quality Management and got more profits and reduced lost time and cost for reworks. They recognize the importance of the Quality Management and have responsibilities to identify, assess, prevent and manage all breakdowns and risks to projects, damage to property and working environment. The quality improvement programs establish actions for achieving the objectives and targets, in line with the policy commitment of continuous improvement. When establishing targets, the following will be taken into consideration: - Who do? How? Who supervise the provision of information; as executive / coordination / control is assigned in advance and all agents involved must comply. - The system clearly and closely flexibility have created a positive consequence of works

Quality Assurance is to obtain completed construction that meets all contract requirements. The Design QC Manager is under the supervision of the QC Manager. The design QC plan must be managed by a Design QC Manager who has verifiable engineering or architectural design experience or is a registered engineer or architect. Examine the quality control methods being used to determine if the contractor is properly controlling construction activities. Quality Control is the successful execution of a realistic plan to ensure that the required standards of quality construction will be met.completed on schedule. The performance of Quality Management must be carried out permanently in the company to prevent all budget overrun. as a minimum. 3. must assure that all documents are reviewed by a technically competent independent reviewer specifically named in the plan. as well as the contractor's accepted proposal. progress slow. ensure quality and safety. Make certain that the necessary changes are made in the contractor's QC system. 2. Assist the contractor in understanding and implementing the contract requirements. 6. This plan. 4. the contractor defines procedures to manage and control his own. Assurance is defined as a degree of certainty. 5. there are some achieved results as below: 1. this includes providing and maintaining a Design Quality Control plan as a part of the overall contract QC plan. all subcontractor and all supplier activities so that the completed project complies with contract requirements. For designbuild contracts. consultant. . Examine the quality control methods being used to determine if the contractor is properly controlling design activities in design-build contracts. In QC. Recommendations 1. reworks maybe happening from the existing projects and future projects. Examine ongoing and completed work. The performance of Quality Management must be concerned from the top management to everybody in the company. 8. 2. Quality assurance personnel continually assure that the contractor's works comply with contract requirements. if excessive construction deficiencies occur. Produce the quality specified in the plans and specifications and for design-build contracts in the Request for Proposal. 7. Effectiveness of the implementation quality management: After implementation of the quality management. designer of record. architect-engineer. This review cannot be performed by the same designers that produced the product.

Vietnam (33) . re-work and increase cost. Ensure the quality of the project is very important for each organization. Second. But how apply the successful model of quality management for a construction project that is still a big question. motivation and size change. Organizations in Vietnam as some other countries.Indonesia (5) Global Education . the quality management has been applied widely in their construction projects. Prepare acceptable documentation of QC activities. Perform all control activities and tests. 10. Working conditions cannot be somewhat control. 11. how to manage the quality of the construction project effectively? This thesis will research about quality management in construction project through theory and real case that is applied in PTSC Production Services Company. Abstract In an organization or business will have a lot of construction projects. The employee is variable. His thesis abstract is copied and posted.Thailand (21) Global Education . Posted by CEIM Reporter at 10:42 Labels: Research 0 comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Labels y y y y y y Alumni List (7) Alumni News (20) CEIM Community News (18) Global Education . its composition. Aware of that. Cooperation between contractor and subcontractors is problematic.9. the signers disclaim the possibility of anticipating and detailing everything in the construction documents. it is unstable for the construction environment. The complexity and size of project vary. in fact. Develop and maintain an effective QC system. So. Those will affect the quality management of construction projects and it makes the project to delay. any project also is importance.

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