Being that Change

Everyone wants to change the world in one way or another, but to actually get up and act on it is much more difficult than it sounds. While most of us would rather sit back and watch the world spin, there are the occasional bright human beings that would rather spend their time on others. ³Be the change you want to see in the world,´ spoken by Gandhi, is what persuades me to do some of the things I do. Without the few people out there that also live by that motto, our world would be a much more desperate place. In fact, I¶ve always loved Gandhi¶s philosophies because of their endless meaning. If you have an opinion on the way things should be done, act upon them, or don¶t expect them to change at all. In ³Blue-Collar Benefactor´, Matel Dawson has the same outlook on life as I do. Dawson, 78, is still working long after retirement for all the right reasons; to give everyone a chance at education. So far, he has given $431,500 to Wayne State University, and $230,000 to the Unites Negro College Fund. Dawson says his mother is his biggest inspiration, which I can relate to. ³Always give something back, no matter how little´ (Christian 144) Dawson quotes from his mother. He watched as she put food on the table for others, while striving to put food on their own. Dawson admired his mother for this. She gave him the courage to work not for his own selfish interests, but for others educations. The ³Blue-Collar Benefactor´ Matel Dawson obviously saw the change needed to be done in the world, and pushed himself until he did what he thought was best for everyone else, instead of himself. Much like Dawson, Mr.R.S.M. Boyce saw the world needed some changing. Simon Haley was born in 1892 into a family of sharecroppers. In savannah Tennessee, where Haley was born and raised, a boy was considered ³wasted´ if he remained in school after he was capable to do farm work. His mother disagreed with this tradition, and decided to send him on to high school. Haley graduated high school and moved onto A & T college in Greensboro, N.C. Haley had a tough time buying books for school because his father only gave him $50 for all of his college necessities. As a result, he ended up failing one of his classes; one that required a textbook he didn¶t have the money to buy. Just as Haley started to lose hope, he got a letter in the mail, requesting he be one of the 24 African Americans to be a summertime sleeping-car porter. Haley was thrilled; he could finally afford to go a whole semester at A & T College with no work, just studies. While working on the train he served warm milk to a man and his wife who were unable to sleep. The man, Mr.R.S.M. Boyce, ended up giving Haley a tremendous tip. Haley soon returned to A & T College and was immediately encountered with the president of the school. He had wonderful news; Mr. Boyce had donated $500 to Haley for his board, tuition, and books for the entire school year. Haley couldn¶t have been more surprised. He continued to get married and move to Ithaca for his master¶s degree. ³What some may see as a chance encounter, I see as the working of a mysterious power for good´ (Haley 139), Simon Haley¶s son stated. Mr.R.S.M. Boyce saw a man whose life he knew he could change forever, and acted upon it. People like Mr. Boyce are who we need more of to make a change in the world. Although he merely new Haley, he saw he needed help. Without people like Mr. Boyce on our earth, there would never be a change for the better. As for today, more and more people are using their money on themselves. You rarely see someone giving out their money to another in need of it. Sadly, in this day in age, people are too focused on themselves to do the little things. For example, opening a door or saying ³Bless you´

Dawson out there are who really make the difference. Being the change you¶d like to see in the world might be tough. Some may wonder how it came about for him to say. His advice inspires many to do things they would never imagine out of themselves. thousands of people would have to change their outlook on life. but we¶ve got to start somewhere. ³Be the change you want to see in the world´. In order for our world today to change. . Boyce and Mr. people still look back on Gandhi¶s philosophies in amazement. The few people like Mr. To this day. I just live by it.when someone sneezes. but as for me.

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