E. As well as the considerable challenge of controlling projects at a distance. and many other issues to contend with. the benefits of getting it right are too great to ignore”. which to date is classed as the world’s 4 th largest economy yet 10 years ago India was only known for being a third world country. there are difference in culture. (Carmel.INTORDUCTION (DESCRIPTION) Over the Past 5-8 years the UK IT jobs sector has seen a vast trend of the out sourcing and offshoring primarily all linked to its 1st and 2nd support based roles. leading to a shortage of skills within the UK market. In Practice. Nevertheless as many firms has discovered. business method. offshoring is fraught with difficulties. “The decision to source IT to an overseas firm (offshoring) is frequently looked at in simple economic terms – it is cheaper. (First and second support roles are usually linked and associated with first University graduates that are looking to start their careers with Information Technology Support or Information Systems Support) however more recently large multinational organizations have all been outsourcing there IT needs to foreign countries such as India. A vast number of job roles that have been relocated abroad are all affiliated and related with Teleworking and can be classed and first and second line support roles. politics. Tija P2005) This report will be a detailed discussion regarding how UK jobs have been relocated to Middle Eastern shores to countries such as India. . however. The jobs themselves have not left UK shores but foreign national qualified to do the jobs have been brought in to do the work and fill in any roles available leaving UK workers without jobs and insufficient training. language.

Within many sectors. This change in structure has been underway for some time. of which the most common being the reduction of business costs. Outsourced has been defined as organizations selling or purchasing aspects of their business operations to third party organizations for variety of different reasons. TELEWORKING Teleworkers and Telework are terms commonly associated with outsourcing and offshoring amongst the collating term Globalization due to the sectors of work they fall into. OFFSHORING Olsen. 2001) OUT SOURCING Juntiwasarakij. states “Contracting out business activities to foreign providers. the terms of competition have indeed shifted from being primarily local or regional to global. and institutional developments favoring trade liberalization”. Any sales representative serving a remote corner of any region or country. S. the term is thrown into context depending in who is using the term and how it relates to the subject area as the description and findings by one individual may differ to the description and finding another. is – most definitions – a teleworker”. During 2005 Juntiwasarakij.B (2006). (2008) had reported that the leading 100 IT organizations had spent a total nearing $70billion (£39billion) pursing Outsourced work of their business Operations. The phenomenon. K. sustain their position in the compertitive markets” In context the IT industry has vastly and promptly taken advantage of the exceedingly common tendency to outsource business Operations. As such. Offshoring is directly related to Outsourcing as in many occasions it involves purchasing of selling services to organizations based on external shores (foreign shores). however. has been under taken for decades. selling his or her wares and calling in the orders to a distant production facility.GLOBALIZATION The Term “Globalization” has no definitive description associated with it. Johnson. and is generally attributed to the interplay between three factors: technology advances. or what has come to be called “offshoring”. M (1997) “Teleworking is not new. S(2008) “ The trend of firms pursing out sourcing practice will be growing as long as they can still obtain substantial profit. appears to have entered into a new stage with offshoring of services becoming increasingly important. To understand the term “Offshoring” efficiently the term outsource has to be analyzed. “Globalization” is a daily reality for many companies in specified sectors of the economy. thus. economic and competitive pressures to reduce costs and improve productivity.” (A Turner. . offshoring is not as recent a phenomenon as the impression one may draw from its current attention in the public media.

Teleworkers usually have a variety of different roles associated to them however in a majority of cases most are IT associated. .Teleworking Association (2009) defines Teleworking as work that is being carried out at a significant distance away from the traditional office desk. The distance itself can be from home or even abroad.

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