INTRODUCTION: Easy Jet is an airline nowadays that needs little introduction, because when people think about cheap

flights Easy Jet certainly comes into their minds, since airline industry has undergone so many changes over the past decades through liberalisation and deregulation, due to which new airlines have entered into the market, some have been success and some have failed, Airline industry really needed a low cost no frill airline which came into existence by the formation of Easy Jet. This Report focuses on, where Easy Jet is now, where Easy Jet is going and How it can get its objectives achieved. This Report includes recommendations for the future of company's success. Tools and models such as PESTEL, Porter's five forces analysis, SWOT Analysis, Porter's diamond model, A comprehensive performance measurement system, performance indicators of the company and all the important aspects which may help the reader to understand the actual position of Easy Jet operating in such environment in comparison of its competitors.


•Give evidence to support each of your assessment in relation to the above items.

.•Reward employees based on their work achievements. his interests are closely linked with the positive results of the company so the shareholder always works with motivation. •Contribution of all employees in producing good value products. continually developing policies of Easy Jet make them distinct from competitors. since all employees work in one direction the target of achieving higher results become much easier. The results of the survey showed that only 35% of their people currently feel satisfied in their jobs and environment. so reward might be one of factor of this dissatisfaction. during the year they ran 465 pilots courses and there are several reward based schemes at a time in company which ensure greater results when everybody works for the betterment of company. Easy Jet employees contribute in producing good value products. Competitive Pay: "Reviewed annually in line with local market rates and local legislation to ensure continued alignment" Employee Share Schemes: "easyJet is keen to enable employees to become shareholders in the business" and as we know clearly once an employee become shareholder of the company. Several Training courses are in place to ensure consistent efforts from all direction. Staff Travel: "Unlimited staff travel on the entire easyJet network is available for easyJet employees" The reason why i am not fully agreed is due to the survey that Easy Jet conducted over the satisfaction level of its employees. •responsibility of all in customer services As mentioned on a website official statement. Easy jet reward employees based on their work performance which is very clearly mentioned in a policy statement made on Easy Jet official website "We recognise that our employees are vital to the success of easy jet and we reward their hard work with some excellent benefits" such as.

the company was able to enhance the overall customer experience and leverage its IT resources to become one of the world's leading low-cost airlines". 2011 www. the ash cloud". but said it was receiving "substantial price concessions" on the 1. Taken from Daily Finance website: "Low-cost airline easyJet has announced an order for another 15 aircraft in the latest multi-million pound drive to bolster its fleet. The attitude and passion of our staff was ably demonstrated by their support for customers and flexibility through the periods of bad weather and. easyJet was able to ensure the safety. most of the companies outsource these functions to avoid emphasis on less important areas.aspx "By outsourcing its IT infrastructure to Savvis. Although Easy Jet has shown greater concern for people in every aspect but . might be negotiating more for buying the services and products cheaper. stability and security of its systems. news of 4th jan. It also secured new options over a further 33 A320s. fuel producers play key role in making the service cost chaper or expensive for Easy Jet."There are proven links between an engaged workforce and excellence in customer service. but since the company emphasis on low •respect and value of seems Easy Jet value and respect its suppliers.1 billion US dollar (£704 million) list price". The carrier confirmed it was buying 15 more Airbus A320 planes and switching a deal for the delivery of 20 A319 aircraft to larger A320s to increase passenger capacity. so they are always valuable for every airline company. There are some small suppliers like catering and cleaning or uniform suppliers. In the process. and if this philosophy is applied respect in terms of extra payments for better services might not be seen. Suppliers within the airline industry includes plane and fuel producers. and fuel producers are far away from them. •believe in striking the right balance between work and home. most notably.savvis. One of the most important IT area has been outsourced as mentioned on www. EasyJet declined to reveal how much the latest 15 firm orders were worth. Easy Jet has been purchasing more planes from their suppliers showing value and respect to

•Analyse your organisation current strategic aims and Kotler.the reason why i have marked in the way is the survey of Easy Jet that was recently done on the satisfaction level of its employees. Imbalance between work and home might be one of reason of imbalance. You might like to go on to discuss them with appropriate stakeholders to get a balanced view. they have enabled their people to give them their honest and open feedback on their organisation. Due to the differing nature of the staff survey this .demonstrate how they logically flow from the vision/mission. i. Complete PESTEL analysis to explore the external influences on your organisation. •consider your own organisation and the industry you are involved in. •make a comprehensive SWOT analysis of your organisation. •Make some key recommendations for your organisation going forward.evaluate if how they meet each of the SMART criteria? •Identify your own stakeholders and make a list of both internal and external stakeholders •identify their key expectations and the likely or actual areas of conflict between them. ii. Marketing Management 13th edition Management and Organizational behaviour by Laurie J Mullins www. •A performance measurement system and apply performance measurement tools BIBLOGRAPHY www.easyjet. thats why i am not agreed fully with this statement. The results of the survey showed that only 35% of their people currently feel satisfied in their jobs and environment.

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