How to Use Magical Baths Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean Magical Baths are one of the

simplest and most effective ways of purifying the self, preparing yourself for magical work, or for inviting in desired magical effects. In fact, Magical Bathing was one of the first spiritual exercises I was taught in my magical training - probably because it is simple, effective and the results are immediately noticeable. The tradition of using herbs in cleansing and magical bathing is an old practice rooted in JudeoChristian tradition and African religious traditions. Psalm 51:7 even reads: "Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." and the tradition of using hyssop in cleansing baths persists to this day. In fact it is one of the required ingredients in any uncrossing bath. How to Bathe Hoodoo's magical baths are not luxuriating tubs full of flower petals and perfumes that you sit and soak in. They are basins of herbal and mineral infusions that are dumped over the head quickly. There is something to be said for the shock of dumping water over your head versus slipping into a warm comfortable bath. It shocks your system and instantly changes your energetic vibrations. Baths are typically done in the following manner: Set up two white candles burning on either side of your tub such that you'll have to pass through them as you step out of the tub. Heat up some water and allow your herbs to steep until they have transfered their essence and aroma to the water (as strong tea-like infusion is perfect) - strain the herbs out of the liquid Fill a big basin with bath-temperature water and add your herbal infusion to it (diluting it) Disrobe and take your basin into the bathroom Stand in the bath between the two lit candles and dump the bath over your body* making sure to capture some of your used bathwater either by plugging the tub, or by having a bowl at your feet that will catch some as it runs off of you Pray a psalm that is appropriate for your condition* "Squeegee" the excess liquid off of your body, step out of the bath between the two lit candles* Air dry Dress in clean clothes Take some of the captured bathwater outdoors and toss it over your left shoulder toward the east (toward the rising sun)* and walk away without looking back *Conditions, adjustments and considerations Above is the "general" outline for how baths are performed but there are some conditions and considerations depending on what you seek to get out of your bath. Direction of pouring: Traditionally, if you are inviting in something (like drawing in love, or drawing in money or protection) you would pour the bath over your body starting at your feet then moving upward toward your head. If you are elminiating something (like taking a curse off of you, performing an uncrossing or reversing something back at an enemy) you would pour the bath over your body starting at the head and working your way downward. This same rule is used when "squeegeeing" the excess liquid off of your body. Squeegee downward to get things off of you, squeegee upward to invite energies into your life. Time of bathing: Traditionally magical baths are performed before the sun rises. Invariably someone will complain about how early this is. To them I say, "tradition says, before the sun rises" but the idea is to do it as the first thing before you even speak to anyone.

. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. you can perform your bath at sunset and toss the water toward the west that the "sun may set" on that relationship...... 9-day or 13-day course of bathing will be prescribed depending on how bad the situation is. The name comes from the idea of laying down equal-armed crosses of powders or other objects where the target will walk through them... Psalm 23: The LORD is my shepherd..... for You are with me...... it's usually a good idea to do an Uncrossing Candle Spell to deal with recurring curses timed to hit the target over and over.. but there are others you can use according to your needs.. work powerfully and are good spells . …..... He makes me lie down in green pastures... I shall not want. Something as simple as a Protection Mojo Bag or dressing your body with Fiery Protection Oil are effective ways to keep the jinxes at bay. a 3-day.. toward the rising sun... After any uncrossing spell it's also a good idea to immediately apply some kind of protection to keep yourself clean.. If you are performing a magical bath prior to a spell (like a Money Draw Bath before preparing a Money Draw candle) you only need to perform one bath the morning of your magical working immediately before you do your spell work. And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. uncrossing spells center around the use of Uncrossing Baths usually prescribed to someone in 3..... A Powerful Uncrossing Spell to Remove Spirits The term "uncrossing" comes from the magical concept of cursing called "crossing...." To cross someone up means to obstruct their life with misfortune. month after month.. you need something a bit unexpected as a way of Uncrossing yourself. My cup overflows... This is a standard and effective way to cleanse the physical body if powdered were used against someone or if the curse is afflicting the person's health with symptoms like itching........... the water can be tossed toward the east into a crossroads to disperse your former negative energy toward the four corners of the earth.. He leads me beside quiet waters.. Psalm: Typically Psalm 23 is prayed while performing any type of bath. 9 or 13 baths depending on how severe the curse is. A simpler Love Uncrossing bath might require just 3 days worth of bathing.. In addition to Uncrossing Baths......... therefore. You have anointed my head with oil. lack of energy. Your rod and Your staff...Silence: Do not speak or utter a word until you are praying in your bath.. Thus the first words you utter all day are your magical intent in the form of your psalm.. Tossing out the Bath Water: Typically captured bath water that contains your former energetic condition is disposed of by tossing it toward the east. This standard course of magical treatment is so common that I've made up an Uncrossing Spell Kit for people who need to uncross themselves and keep themselves protected afterward. He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.. they comfort me. He restores my soul. sickness. 7.. Typically...... Typically. is the process of breaking through a curse. On rare occasion. Bathing for Consecutive Days It is traditional to perform magical baths for several days in a row when performing an uncrossing or other magical cleansing. Major Uncrossing Baths will require a 13 day bath run. For spells to wash someone out of your life... For cleansing baths like Uncrossing Baths or Spiritual Purification Baths. The Uncrossing Spells I present below are my own unique spells. 7-day. etc. Uncrossing... cleaning it off of a person and restoring them to balance and spiritual health..Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life. welts.... I fear no evil.. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies..

to do if something like an Uncrossing Spell Kit isn't enough to break through the curse. fern. Once you have dislodged the spirit from the client the gunpowder acts to fire up the spirit of the soldier to grab that negative spirit and take him away from the client and into the bottle where it will be trapped. You'll need: Graveyard Dirt of a Soldier (purchased in the proper manner) A jumbo double-action candle A pointy tool to carve the candle 1 bottle of Uncrossing Oil Seven 13-Herb baths Seven Protection Herb Baths 1 glass bottle with a twist top black cloth (sufficient to cover the glass bottle) Blackberry leaves and branches Whiskey 9 pins 9 needles 9 coffin nails Frankincense and Myrrh incense a cigar gunpowder A prepared Protection Mojo Bag with its bottle of Fiery Protection Oil A bundle of fresh herbs including pine. lay down a line of gunpowder. or a complete eradication of the spirit tying it down into the bowels of hell so that it will not continue to torture the person any longer. . Set the bottle on the ground (preferably a paved surface) and stand the client facing away from the bottle about 5 feet away. On the white side of the candle carve "Blessed and protected by God". Rub Uncrossing Oil on the candle stroking away from you on the black part. Add the pins. Cut the tip off of the candle and carve a new one out of the foot of the candle (dig out the wick). On the black part of the candle carve "wicked spirit be gone!" in mirrored writing. These "spirits" will draw the ghost into the bottle as alcohol feeds the spirit. needles and coffin nails to the bottle. Lay down a spiral of the purchased graveyard dirt around the client and extend the end of the spiral so it heads toward the bottle and encircles it. spiritual phenomena happening around them with no logical explanation. so part of the uncrossing has to be either a higher payment. lemon verbena and mint tied together Preparation First. The afflicted target is haunted day and night with tortured nightmares. Set this in a candle holder and set it aside. and a perpetual feeling of being followed. On top of this line of graveyard dirt. You'll essentially be burning it upside-down. prepare the bottle by putting the blackberry leaves and branches inside of it in a tangled mess. The next part should be done outside. A Powerful Uncrossing Spell to Remove Spirits Some craftier conjurers will use spirits of the dead to haunt their targets. sage. Next prepare the candle. Finally add some whiskey to the bottle to fill it 1/3 full. These will trap the evil spirit when it enters the bottle. The spirit is paid for the work they do on behalf of the conjurer. and toward you on the white part.

Now that everything is set up. Then. and blot out all mine iniquities.) Once you have reached the feet. and take not thy holy spirit from me. and sinners shall be converted unto thee. Create in me a clean heart. carry it. O God. and work your way down toward the feet. and I shall be whiter than snow. O God. Make me to hear joy and gladness. O God. Against thee. Deliver me from bloodguiltiness. take the cigar and light the gunpowder closest to the client so that the burn will spiral out and away from him toward the bottle.over in yonder bottle. Finally. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. and uphold me with thy free spirit. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart. Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousness. heart. one where it can enjoy good drink and a good smoke . and in sin did my mother conceive me. you're ready to start. and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest. slowly turn the client and lightly whack their body with the bundle of herbs. I was shapen in iniquity. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion: build thou the walls of Jerusalem. your forehead. Flip the cigar around and put the lit end into your mouth and blow out through the cigar to propel smoke out of it toward your client. open thou my lips. thou wilt not despise. Additionally. Purge me with hyssop. Start at their head. grab the bundle of herbs blow some cigar smoke onto it and pray either Psalm 51 (below) or The Lord's Prayer: Psalm 51 Have mercy upon me. else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering. make sure you are wearing white or similarly light colored clothes to make sure you are well protected. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways. and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise. Begin by lighting the cigar and making sure you have a nice burning ember at the end. Hide thy face from my sins. and be clear when thou judgest. O God. navel. start by protecting yourself.Dislodging the Spirit from the Client Before you begin to mess with the client. For thou desirest not sacrifice. If you have a Protection Mojo Bag. Cast me not away from thy presence. O Lord. (Make sure you do not disrupt the spiral of graveyard dirt and gunpowder. move over to the bottle and blow some cigar smoke into the bottle and around it to coax the spirit to move toward the bottle. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity. have I sinned. You should have both feet. Capturing the Spirit Now. Now. thee only. Behold. thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. Amen. propelling the . praying the Lord's Prayer over and over again. Behold. with burnt offering and whole burnt offering: then shall they offer bullocks upon thine altar. As you do so. state that you have created a new home for it. and I shall be clean: wash me. according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. both hands. Use the smoke to coax the spirit that is attacking them to come forward. Now addressing the spirit directly. command the spirit to leave that person's body and to leave them alone in the name of Jesus Christ. I recommend you summon all of your own protective entities and spirits to help you out. and the back of your neck anointed with Fiery Protection Oil. and cleanse me from my sin. and renew a right spirit within me. thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteousness. that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice.

... You'll then take seven 13-Herb Baths over the course of the next week........ Warning: This is NOT to be performed by the casual rootworker. saltpeter. smoke the client with Frankincense and Myrrh. unexpected expenses striking over and over. When you take your baths make sure to toss out the used bathwater toward the east over your left shoulder (preferably into the street) and walk away without looking back...... Wear your Protection Mojo Bag the entire week and dress your body with Fiery Protection Oil every day. Only an experienced rootworker with solid spiritual relationships with his spirits should engage in such work..... this gentleman was offered a pastry by a coworker.. visit either the ocean or a river that flows out of town.... Dab a bit of Fiery Protection Oil on their wrists.. Hand the client the candle and tell them to go home and light it and let it burn all the way down... white mustard seeds......... Contact me for pricing and more information....spirit to leave the body and enter into the bottle.. Also send them home with 7 Protection Herb Baths .for them to use over the course of the next week.. to lighten their energetic field and build up their natural defenses against any other spirits... Keep a candle lit on that altar throughout the week... lemongrass and many other uncrossing plants.... Each day you should visit your ancestor altar and pray to your spirits and ancestors for them to be strong and protect you.. bottom of the feet and back of the neck...... money problems... listlessness... Clean Up Finally. and then the problems began.... and then physical effects like lethargy. Shoo it along with the bundle of herbs as the sparking flame moves along.Uncrossing Baths A client contacted me for a Spiritual Cleansing service regarding something that had been plaguing him for quite a long while..... Return home by a different route than the normal one you take... After bathing. He started having recurring cases of awful luck. There was a paranormal element to this man's troubles. This is serious. you need to clean yourself up. I can perform this work as part of a Spiritual Cleansing of your Body but prices vary greatly according to the risk level involved.... Protecting the Client Now...... Throw the bottle into the ocean off the end of a pier or into the river saying "I banish you to the abyss! Return to the hell from whence you came! In Jesus' name AMEN!" Walk away and don't look back.... forehead.......... You can mop down the area where the ritual took place with Chinese Floor Wash or Florida Water to remove the graveyard dirt and gunpowder...... rue.. When the gunpowder finishes burning around the bottle quickly cap the bottle and state aloud "Spirit I have trapped you in the tangled mess in this bottle...... My reading concluded that he had indeed be given a sneaky trick in the food he ingested that could have included but not been limited to the use of graveyard dirt.. 6 years ago... Never more will you be able to escape this bottle and never again will you trouble another soul! In Jesus' name AMEN!" Wrap the bottle in black cloth and tie the opposite corners tightly over the top of the bottle so that it will never see the light of day again.... disturbed dreams and paranormal experiences. angelica root.. Shattering a Curse ...... I spoke with him on the phone and conducted a reading to get at the root of the situation... heart. Hand them a Protection Mojo Bag to carry.. he was to use a portion ...... …... Send them home.. Getting Rid of the Spirit Next. intense work and it puts you in great physical and psychic risk to mess with taking spirits off of people. Through the reading I recommended a series of 13 magical cleansing baths using an uncrossing herbal blend that included 13 different ingredients like hyssop........

...... This hoodoo spell pulls together the power of doll baby magic with candles. create a small fabric dolly out of black flannel. I had a second client that I was working with at the time who was experiencing obstacles with getting his career off and running. A Mirror Box Spell to Reflect Curses Back at Your Enemy The first thing you need to do is construct the mirror box.. Powders can be laced over the doll baby to afflict your target (Goofer Dust was used in this case... magical sachet powders. Interestingly.... E. He thoroughly enjoys his magical baths..... Do a Reading Prior to the Spell First things first: get a psychic reading to determine the source of the curses. I recommended a series of 13 uncrossing baths alone... and I hold your fate and well-being in my hands!" Now... feels the energetic shift that has happened in his life and reports that more work opportunities are manifesting in his life and he is making more money than before. his home and his loved ones to prevent future magical attacks..... Once you determine who the enemy is.. Additionally. performs this ritual in very special circumstances as part of a Private Rootworking Session..... The last part involved him using Fiery Protection Oil to dress himself. baptize the doll baby and name it after your enemy.the more personal the link object is... This is made by purchasing a mirror that has never captured your reflection. and verify this with a secondary reading using a different method. herb magic and graveyard spell work all in one.... gunpowder to explosively reflect their evil deeds back at them.that's the most challenging part.. to verify who the enemy is and make sure that the work is justified in the eyes of God to proceed. Next.. the better... or the doll baby can be tied up to prevent it from being able to act. Stuff it with spanish moss to cross your enemy with misfortune. …. and he reports excellent results....) . This spell often referred to as a Mirror Box Reversing spell ... Dr.. and mop the floors of his house to cleanse any negativity out of the house that might have been coming off of him as a residual effect of the initial cursing. punish the doll baby in a manner that is retribution for their evil deeds. Hoodoo Mirror Box Spell to Reverse a Curse Back At Your Enemy Sometimes you need to pull out the big guns to deal with a powerful enemy that is throwing evil curses using the harshest of protect your identity from being discovered.... Make sure it will fit inside the mirror box... glue all of the pieces inside of the chipboard box without ever capturing your reflection in any of the pieces ... Blindfold the doll baby so that your enemy cannot see you .... I like to say something akin to "you are no longer cloth and herbs... and crab shell powder to reverse any magic back at the target. Crack the mirror with a hammer into small pieces and as you do so. It is of the utmost importance with work of this gravity.. Pins can be placed in various parts of the body. attempt to obtain some of their personal concerns . and additionally was experiencing paranormal visitations in his sleep..... along with blackberry leaf to trip up the enemy..... state that the bad luck from the mirror breaking is directed at your enemy .the source of the curses.... With a bit of whisky... you are now flesh and blood... when an innocent person has been attacked with curses and suffered greatly because of it. Place the personal concern of your enemy inside the doll baby..reverses all evil jinxes and curses back at the originator and then ups the ante by burying them in the graveyard for the spirits of the dead to take them out of this world for their wrong doing..... he is sleeping restfully and has no repetitions of the previous visitations in his sleep.of his bathwater along with an ordinary floor cleaning product like Pine-Sol or Ammonia... ill health and misery..... as well as a chipboard box large enough to hold the doll baby that represents your enemy. Making a Doll Baby To Target Your Spell Next.

.. Your hair may have been gotten this way.. I take a bottle of whiskey. "We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of (so-and-so) from this world and into the next...... Another way to fix a person is to get something personal of theirs and stop it up in a bottle with roots and nails..... and dress in white for the rest of the day... place it in a holder and set it above the Mirror Box.. I turn your body and soul over to the spirit of this grave to take you out of this world for your wicked ways. or get revenge on you by destroying your happiness in love and money matters... I placed the entire thing on a mirror for good measure and then dressed it with more crab shell powder. once and for all. announce myself by name and ask "Which of you is willing to work for me? Who is willing to take this wretched.. and set it up in a mock funeral ceremony.. if you have been having bad luck for a long time or are suffering from an unnatural illness but you have no known enemy and no one has ever openly declared themselves against you.. or Goofer Dust across their trackway or doorstep. or someone has put roots on you... I then carve the target's name in mirror writing on one side of the candle and "All your Evil Returns to you 10x" on the other side of the candle... turning it upside-down and carving a new tip in the butt of the candle. I then dig a hole in the ground and place the mirror box coffin inside along with the bits of candle wax that were left from that spell.. dominate you. the curses are neutralized and the enemy is buried in the ground for the spirits of the dead to take care of.. the Son and the Holy Ghost.. a garden trowel. I verify that the spirit is willing to do the work for me using divination.. I take the box... I have even heard of women who will dress their own privates so that a man will drag himself in it and lose his nature or jinx up his love life. How To Break A Jinx Or Get Uncrossed If you have been crossed or jinxed. The work is done......... saying "In the name of the Father..... a black candle. Selling Your Enemy to the Souls of the Dead Finally. Hot Foot Powder... or a piece of your clothing. AMEN!" I then stand over the grave and perform a mock burial. They were taken by the righteous hand of God out of this world for the evil sins they committed.. or needles.... ….......... When I arrive. cover it with earth and replace the sod. First.. The serpents are a touch I add in for style and effect.. a silver dime.. or dress their socks or shoes.. This trick may have been done to you by an enemy to control you............. or your personal concerns...... I start in the middle of the cemetery.. Cleaning Up The finishing touch is a black candle lit and placed on the headstone of the grave to offer that spirit light for its assistance in the working.. you may not know who did it. I dress it with Reversing Oil. and finish by pouring a bottle of whiskey over the grave in payment to the spirit that contracted with me to do the work........ Once the Reversing Candle has burned all the way out.. I prepare a Reversing Candle (red on the inside and black on the outside) by cutting the tip off of the candle.Funeral Ritual For Your Enemy Next. but you may suspect and even be able to remember how it was done. They suffered death as a result of their own curses toward an innocent person and their soul rots in hell forever!" I then put the silver dime in the hole..... pins... evil person out of this world for the sins they have committed? Who is willing to do this work in exchange for whiskey and a silver dime?" I then silence my mind and listen to the spirits and let them guide me to the live grave that is calling....... Head home and take an uncrossing bath to cleanse yourself.. One allmon way to cross someone is to sprinkle Crossing Powder. Once I arrive there.. I then walk away and don't look back.. cleanse your altar with Uncrossing Herb Bath or Chinese floor wash... a lighter and the mirror box and candle remnants with me to the graveyard.... close the lid of the box (I decorate the box to look like a coffin). the candle drippings and any powder remnants to the graveyard to bury the enemy. .

just voice your request in your own words that the jinx be lifted and the one who put it on you be struck down. If you find something. you pour the water and recite the 51st Psalm 13 times for each morning's bath.for 13 days and this will bring you relief from crossed conditions. lighting the white candles. and this is important.check around your home and see if you can find something that anyone could have secretly put there to jinx you. After taking this bath. meet your fate!" Throw the remaining black candle stub and wax into a crossroads -. you may have been fixed with some mess sprinkled on your food or on your shoes. Now recite the 37th Psalm. which contains hyssop and 12 other uncrossing herbs.or into the yard of the person who had put the roots on you or jinxed you. Then you recite the 51st Psalm (or an uncrossing spell of your choice) as you pour the bath water over your head. Burn the black candle on the toilet tank. If you do will only be doing it for one day. Burn it while the moon is growing smaller -and on the dark of the moon. To prepare the bath. The hyssop herb bath is something you can make up yourself from hyssop leaves or you can buy ready-made Uncrossing Bath Crystals with Hyssop. [name of enemy]. carry whatever remains out of the house and pour it on the ground outside (not down the drain). Many folks use 13 packets of 13 Herb Spiritual Bath and take a bath every morning for a total of 13 days to clear away a really bad jinx. or hairs in it. carve the words "My Enemy" on the candle. pinching it out between burnings. roots. Hyssop is what is r allmended in the Bible for purification.. the darkest night of the month. If you use a black candle in the figure of the Devil and carve their name on it. . If you don't know the name of the person who did this trick to you. (Look up the 51st Psalm.bathing. Do not dry yourself with a towel -." This is the one that begins "Fret not thyself with evil-doers. like a bottle with personal effects." Pinch out the candles (don't blow them out) if you intend to work this spell for the full 13 days. If you can't find such a thing. some people then use the remaining bath water to wash down their floors and especially the doorstep of the house. the one folks call "The Uncrossing psalm. Wash from the back of the premises to the front. you either brew up the herbs into a tea and strain it or dissolve the mineral crystals in warm can use the 13 Herb Spiritual Bath. You need to get 2 white offertory candles for uncrossing and some Uncrossing oil to dress them. dig it up and burn it or throw it away in running water. a little bit each night. then instead of the 37th Psalm. praying. If you know who has put this crossed condition on you and you want to reverse the spell onto them. this is the one that tells you how to use the hyssop bath.. Do this every morning upon awakening -. When you have finished the bath. like burying something in your front yard. no matter how long that takes. before lighting the candles. just let the candles burn until they go out. Stand between the candles. and washing down the house -. Mix the bath water into a bucket with some Chinese Wash or Van Van Oil to make it stronger. Once you are done with the wash water. Also. I want you to take a bath in some purifying herbs or Uncrossing type bath preparation. turn the burning black candle upside down and extinguish it in the toilet bowl. or -. burn a black candle on their name (putting their name on a paper beneath an overturned saucer under the candle) or carve their name on the candle. Sweep out the front doorway area while the floor is still wet. saying "Thus will you.let the bath water dry on you in the air as the candles burn. step out of the tub and light the 2 white candles that have been dressed with Uncrossing Oil.for a really strong job -. If you are taking the 13 Herb Bath. If you are not a Christian. dress it with Cast Off Evil Oil and things will go harder with them.

Make the Fiery Wall of Protection incense powders into cones on an incense burner. However. With a nail.FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION SPELL Basically. this removal can be performed with differing degrees of severity. if his or her name is unknown to you. Next. Child Protective Services. 7 people such as family members or co-workers. a small square of tin foil. Depending on how wicked the "Perpetrator" is. write his or her full name 9 times on a small piece of clean paper." Dress the Candle with Fiery Wall of Protection Dressing Oil. DOING THE JOB: Now you are ready to begin. this spell is an enactment of the results one desires. Dress the 7 Purple Guardian Candles with Fiery Wall of Protection . lay out a circle of Fiery Wall of Protection Sachet Powder. Often the major reason to perform this spell is to remove a bad person from a social situation such as the family or a work site. with candles standing in for the participants." WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 7 Purple Offertory Candles 1 Black Offertory Candle 1 White Cross Candle 1 bottle Fiery Wall of Protection Dressing Oil 1 packet Fiery Wall of Protection Sachet Powders 1 packet Fiery Wall of Protection Incense Powders 1 packet Fiery Wall of Protection Mineral Crystals 1 Saint Michael Archangel Holy Card 1 packet Graveyard Dirt 1 Whole Angelica Root PREPARATION: In addition to the items here. you'll need a clean white handkerchief. or 7 officials such as the Police. if no photo is available. Dress the Angelica Root with the same Dressing Oil and place it at the base of the Candle. As a rite. prepare the White Cross Candle for the Protectee. Around the central Candle and Angelica Root. it can be adapted for use in other religious -. write "The Evil One" 9 times on the paper. Place the Graveyard Dirt in a china-ware saucer. Variations such as these arise because different folks have different reasons to work such a spell and because the conditions they are working under may differ. after the basic form of the spell. if circumstances warrant mercy. -. and a photo of the perpetrator. etc.or completely non-religious -. carve the words "Saint Michael Archangel Protect Me [or the name of whomever you are working for]. you can get by with only the candles and Dressing Oils. the Fiery Wall of Protection spell uses a full panoply of spiritual supplies. and with a lessened degree of severity. from very mild to very extreme. The form in which i learned this spell is Catholic Christian hoodoo and it calls for the total and unconditional removal of the unwanted person from life. and you may substitute other ingredients as you see fit. under the headings of "Variations. but in a pinch. Substitutions are explained below.or a combination of names from any of these three groups of entities. Fire Department.contexts. Now prepare the 7 Purple Guardian Candles by carving upon them the names of 7 protectors. somewhat after the nature of doll-babies. These may be 7 Saints.

. too. on top of his photo or namepaper. CLEANING UP: Take the left-over materials (melted find somewhere else to go.Dressing Oil. some Sachet Powder. Instead of Graveyard Dirt . Don't say a word. while you recite the 37th Psalm ("Fret Not Thyself With Evil-doers. who guards Heaven with a sharp.") 37 times. outside the circle of Candles. turn the perpetrator's Candle upside down and extinguish it in the Graveyard Dirt and say. Carve the Perpetrator's name on the black Candle. Place them in a circle right on the circle of Sachet Powder that goes around the cross Candle. they want him or her to "move on" or leave the situation -. creek. but instead of leaving the Candle undressed. To protect yourself. Pick up the black Candle and speak aloud your . making a small packet. Finally. Do not dress this Candle. say out loud your prayer or wish for protection and call upon Heaven for aid. Place the saucer of Graveyard Dirt next to his Candle. cutting sword. dissolve the Fiery Wall of Protection Crystals in water as a floor wash and wash down your home. Let the Candles and incense burn until the black Candle is half-burned. to protect your home. if you think this will be necessary). prepare the Black Perpetrator's Candle. Light the incense. You may also use them in your bath FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION SPELL VARIATION #1: MOVING OUT THE PERPETRATOR People who work in a kind-hearted tradition may not want to use Graveyard Dirt to put out the light of the Perpetrator. If this is your desire. Dress it occasionally with one or more conjure oils to keep it working for you. and enjoin him to protect the one who needs protection with Seven Guardians. Sprinkle them with a little of the powder. Set this up on your altar where the Graveyard Dirt would have been. carve his or her full name (or the "The Evil One") on it on one side and the words "Keep Away" or "Get Away" on the other side. Dress it lightly with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. then you may change the spell to reflect this wish. or stream. When you get home and everything is all put away and cleaned up. and the Saint Michael Archangel holy card and wrap them tightly in the tin foil. drop the burning paper into the saucer of water. being sure to break the saucer as you throw this mess.. to protect someone you love. dress it with Hot Foot Oil. then the Black Perpetrator's Candle far outside the circle. then the White Protectee within the circle. Light the Candles in this order: The Purple Guardians first. as described above. which is intended to get someone to move away. Ask for the intercession of Saint Michael Archangel. Place the Saint Michael Archangel Holy Card among them. Then pick that Candle up and hold it in your hand. When you come to the part of the work where you burn the Perpetrator's picture or name-paper. Gather up the Angelica Root . running river. place it by your front door. whether they be Guardian Angels or Human Guardians (including the Police. just turn and walk away home and don't look back. and so forth) and the saucer of Graveyard Dirt containing the perpetrator's ashes and his extinguished Candle and carry them to a graveyard and throw them against a grave stone. "Let your evil works be your ending!" Allow the rest of the Candles to burn until they go out. Take the perpetrator's photo or name-paper and lay it on the saucer of Graveyard Dirt . While it burns. nail. Set it on fire with the perpetrator's own black Candle and say. give it to them to carry. "Let your evil self be your own undoing!" When the paper has burned. Place it off to one side. carry the packet on you. Rather. get a saucer of water from a live. With a nail. Tie the packet up in the white handkerchief with four knots.

when ritual oils are used. wearing a Come to Me oil or Seduction Oil is intended to attract love or a certain lover. Candle. "Just as this water came from a running stream and will run without ceasing. Renew Oil is to calm and heal. E-Mail to a Friend -------------------------------------------------------------------------------An Easy How-To Perform Magical Rituals Primer by Mambo Michele & The Root Queen! This is the section for all of our customers to learn more about using magical ritual items. Toss the water. candles. Please read this section carefully if you are planning on purchasing any of our Voodoo dolls.command. these handcrafted items go quite a long way due to the quality of the ingredients. carry the extinguished black Candle. oils. like our Flames of Passion Ritual Oil They can be used to "dress" a candle. nail. Wearing a Commanding Oil is intended to help the wearer command the person or situation s/he intends. due to the potency. elixirs and magical items. so will you be forced to run and run until you leave this place. Abundance Oil is to draw wealth and prosperity. Here are but a few examples: They can be worn as a scent for spiritual purpose. Further. Voodoo. How To Use Spiritual Oils & Magical Ritual Items in Vodou. Road Opening oil is intended to clear up the problems in your path. ritual candles. HOW TO USE SPIRITUAL OILS & ELIXIRS Spiritual and Ritual oils or elixirs are used in many works particularly in Vodou. nail. telling the Perpetrator that you want him or her to "move away" or "get out of town" or however you wish to phrase it. like our Voodoo Ritual Oils They can be used for Spiritual Cleansing Products like our Vodou Bath Liquids or Voudou Ritual Bath Kits They can be used in cleansing. adding that. and more. These tend to be a little more expensive than manufactured oils. . especially Erzulie's who are renowned for handcrafting all spiritual oils. oils. In the United States. like our Goddess Bath Salts products They can be used in a work lamp. Manufactured oils seem to have a satisfactory level of effectiveness even though one can never be sure of the actual contents of the bottle. and all into the stream over your left shoulder and walk away without looking back. saucer. Voudou and Hoodoo as practiced in the United States. if you can't do it while they are burning). Vodou work as practiced in Haiti or the Dominican Republic may use oils but often fresh herbs are used due to the abundance of vegetation with medicinal and/or spiritual properties. Spiritual oils can be used in many ways. like our Magical Perfume Elixirs They can be wiped onto the person whom one wishes to influence. spiritual ritual oils & elixirs. however. ritual powders. and so on. The finest spiritual oils are made with pure essential oils and sacred herbs. and more. love drawing or protection bath salts. We are happy to provide some basic understanding of how to effectively use spiritual items to assist you in your spiritual work. and the ashy water right back to the stream where you got it. the bend or influence another They can be used in conjunction with other magical items to create a focal point for the work Spiritual oils that are worn as perfume are for very specific purposed. the most powerful and effective are hand-made oils as opposed to manufactured ones. most spiritual oils are manufactured although there still are a few companies that make oils by hand. candles. Voodoo and Voudou by Mambo Michele This is the section for all of our customers to learn more about using magical ritual items. magical fetishes. As the other Candles burn down naturally (or as soon as possible." Then turn the Candle upside down and extinguish it in the water that already contains the ashes of the name paper. For example.

. When working with ritual candles (figure. sample of your hair. fiber paper. to connect the spirit to you. does not ensure the success of one's endeavor. they combine many elements such as spiritual oils. focusing on the changes you are seeking and meditative time to help facilitate these changes.k.) Pour the Ritual Oil on your hands and rub together. We can customize Spiritual Work Lamps for any need. talking to spirit. one can surreptitiously wipe the oil(s) onto the person one wishes to influence such as with our Flames of Passion or Come to Me Oils. most of the spiritual work is completed for you. The candle (now a focal point) must be "worked. subtly dab a bit on the person you are trying to influence. HERE'S A SIMPLE CANDLE WORK TO DRAW LOVE: Get a red or pink candle and carve the name of the person you desire all over the candle. focus and consistency of working with any magical item makes the difference. take a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap and spread it out big enough to roll the candle on the paper. is not a complicated matter. you want to personalize your fetish with your favorite charms.If the spiritual oil and elixirs are already hand-crafted for specific spiritual purpose. carve the name of the person whom one wishes to influence into the wax. photo. ritualized and consecrated. Spiritual oils are used as an ingredient in the lamps to help influence the situation. 7 day Candle). After the candle is well covered with oil. Place your magical item somewhere special in your home to have access to the spirit anytime you need additional divine intervention. you want to use it each day until your petition is granted with prayers. rub your hands together and pat this mixture on the actual candle each day you go to perform ritual work. etc. Voodoo Dolls serve as a focus or nexus with the sprits you are working with to affect the desired changes in your life. Oil lamps are used a good deal in Haitian Vodou. Pray over the candle each day to ask spirit to help you get the one you love. It is always important to anoint your magical fetish as soon as you bring it home. crushed red rose petals. If using a jar candle (a. Gris-Gris Bags. Please remember. or Love Drawing Oil. Consistency in using the magical fetish. powders and sacred herbs. etc. prayers and including the fetish in your daily routine. Roll the candle in the powder and herbs until it is well covered. ritual oils and ritual powder you must first carve the purpose or name of the person you are trying to influence into the correct ritual candle or place your petition underneath the candle on some natural paper (parchment. Rub the candle with Come to Me. pour the oil(s) on top while making the petition for one's desire. cat. you can use the spiritual oils and powders that are included in some of our ritual kits or with your favorite oils or scents. however. HOW TO USE MAGICAL FETISHES & VOODOO DOLLS Magical fetishes. your intent.). HOW TO DRESS AND WORK WITH RITUAL CANDLES Dressing a candle or a "light. catnip. Since everything at Erzulie's is already hand-crafted. Also." as they care called in New Orleans. To do this. Ezili Freda Love Oil. simple contact us at webmistress@erzulies. etc. will. please just apply like you would any perfume or fragrance and FOCUS on why you are wearing that spiritual oil to help bring about your desires. then sprinkle the ritual powder on top of the oil on your hands. Similarly. etc. They are an excellent tool for focusing the Lwa's and one's own energy on one skull. and bergamot. wicks. Your role in affecting changes in your life with the use of our magical items centers around your focus. Simply dressing a candle." that is to say that each day one must talk with one's spirit about the with your details. Make your prayers and light the candle. favorite colors. Sprinkle the wax paper with love powder. gris-gris or Voodoo doll is very important as well. This allows for the most powerful and effective results.

SPIRITUAL BATHS FOR UNCROSSING. 13 days in a row. Light the Uncrossing Incense next. just write down your request in your own words that the jinx be lifted and the one who put it on you be struck down. and either brew up the herbs into a tea and strain the liquid or dissolve the Uncrossing mineral crystals in warm water. Burning a packet of Uncrossing Incense while you work is said to increase the efficacy of the job as well. Wash from the back of the premises to the front. Recite your Psalm one more time. which contains hyssop. you can still use these herbs. you pour the water and recite your Psalm 13 times for each morning's bath. and 11 other Uncrossing herbs. or -. When you have finished the spiritual bath..let the bath water dry on you in the air as the candles burn and smoke yourself in the incense. Once you are done with the wash water. JINX-BREAKING. walk away after you recite your Psalm and just let the candles burn until they go can use the 13 Herb Spiritual Bath. many people make use of a spiritual bath combined with a simple candle-spell. If you believe that enemies have crossed. pinch out the candles (don't blow them out) after a few minutes so you can relight them the next day. Then you recite the 37th Psalm for jinx-breaking or the 51st Psalm for purification (or any Uncrossing spell of your choice) as you pour the bath water over your head. Uncrossing and the removal of sin in any case. look up the 51st Psalm as well. some people then use the remaining bath water to wash down their floors and especially the doorstep of the house. step out of the tub and light the 2 white candles that have been dressed with Uncrossing Oil. If you will be doing the spell only for one day. If you are taking the 13 Herb Bath. Do not dry yourself with a towel -. you will need a spiritual bath preparation made with purifying herbs or an Uncrossing type bath preparation. If you are not a Christian or a Jew. This is the one that begins "Fret not thyself with evil-doers. where hyssop herb is recommended for purification from sin. The hyssop and rue herb baths are things you can make up yourself from hyssop or rue leaves or you can buy ready-made Uncrossing Bath Crystals with hyssop and rue. . or hexed you. look up the 37th Psalm. jinxed. carry whatever remains out of the house and pour it on the ground outside (not down the drain). Mix the spiritual bath water into a bucket with some Uncrossing Crystals and Chinese Wash to make it even stronger. CLEANSING YOUR HOME OF CROSSED CONDITIONS After taking this bath.for a really strong job -. To prepare the spiritual bath. AND PURIFICATION To take off a jinx or remove crossed conditions.. Sweep out the front doorway area while the floor is still wet. you arise before dawn. Many folks use 13 packets of 13 Herb Spiritual Bath and take a bath every morning for a total of 13 days to clear away a really bad jinx. no matter how long that takes. To perform this work. Stand between the candles. You also need 2 white offertory candles and some Uncrossing Oil to dress them. rue. they are traditional for jinxbreaking." If you believe that your bad condition today results even in part from your own bad activities in the past. If you intend to work this spell for the full 13 days. and instead of a Psalm.

birthday. Tactcs get a kabblah talisman with your name.for 13 days and this will bring you relief from crossed conditions.Do this every morning upon awakening -. mums name. light the white candles and incense.. pray. . 15. 91 109 written and blessed in herbrew.bathe. then wash down the house -. 7 arch angels names and plsmas 51.

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