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ICTJ In Focus
Issue 15 February 2012

In Focus
A Complementarity Case Study in Uganda: Podcast with Justice Akiiki Kiiza
Uganda's first trial for war crimes committed by the brutal Lord's Resistance Army rebel movement is currently underway. To further ICTJ’s podcast series on complementarity, we sat down with Justice Dan Akiiki Kiiza, head of Uganda's International Crimes Division, to discuss the progress and challenges of complementarity in the country.
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Other News
In El Salvador, Journalists Do Not Give Up on the Past The civil war in El Salvador officially ended 20 years ago, yet justice and accountability for past violations remain acutely absent. To launch a Spanish language podcast series focusing on Latin America ICTJ spoke with Carlos Dada, editor of the digital newspaper El Faro, about the critical role the media has played in uncovering the truth about past atrocities in El Salvador.

Engaging States in Complementarity: Podcast with Thomas Winkler As part of an ongoing podcast series on complementarity, ICTJ speaks with Ambassador Thomas Winkler of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the role of the Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court in supporting the capacity of national court systems to address international crimes.

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EU Must Protect Bosnia’s War Crimes Court The War Crimes Chamber of Bosnia’s State Court is one of the most successful undertakings to address the legacy of mass atrocities in national courts. As this important institution finds itself under serious threat, the European Union must act quickly to put a stop to attempts of the Bosnian Serb political leadership to undermine Bosnia’s capacity to prosecute war crimes at state level.

Guatemala Genocide Ruling a Triumph for Survivors The last few decades have seen a revolution in the global struggle against impunity, but the decision to put General Efraín Ríos Montt on trial for crimes against humanity and genocide in Guatemala ranks among the most astonishing developments. Belatedly, but valiantly, a new breed of prosecutors, led by Attorney General Claudia Paz, have finally allowed his victims' pleas for justice to be heard.

From Relief to Reparations: Listening to the Voices of Victims
Based on interviews with 1,200 people, this study assesses conflict victims' experience with Nepal's Interim Relief Program since its inception in 2008. The findings are intended to inform a future reparations policy that would seek to help those whose human rights were violated during the conflict period of 1996 to 2006.

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