DNA communicates in the universe More researchers are addressing the mysteries of nature, they pose more ques

tions. They recently discovered that our DNA has a kind of consciousness and may even communicate, and his prowess as they are beyond anything that man has crea ted by technology. Article in German, published in Raum und Zeit, 13.8.2005, Grazyna Fosar Blud orf and Franz, Berlin Translation into French Isabella Heim More researchers are addressing the mysteries of nature, they pose more ques tions. They recently discovered that nore DNA has a kind of consciousness and ma y even communicate, and his prowess as they are beyond anything that man has cre ated by technology. Science and religion are close again, after centuries of brotherhood enemy. In his 13th encyclical, Pope John Paul II said: "Faith and reason are the two wi ngs by which the human mind takes off and flies away to contemplate the truth." There are already various theories by which the natural sciences and consciousne ss trying to bring under one roof. We want to present a number of perspectives i n this direction. One of the most interesting theories is undoubtedly the new cosmology of Mat ti Pitkänen, which establishes for the first time a link between physics and consc iousness. The Finnish physicist has postulated some years ago, a brilliant theor y about how the universe was formed, with, at the base, a new spatial geometry b ased on eight dimensions: geo-metro-topological dynamics (TDG) . In theory this complicated, difficult to understand even for scholars, wormholes (or worm holes ) play an important role. The "worm holes" were named for the first time by phys icist John Wheeler. These are microscopic channels connecting through hyperspace , which appear due to fluctuations and variatons the quantum vacuum. This strang e name is the result of a joke of Wheeler, who compared these structures with ho les made by worms in an apple. Theory Pitkänen is very challenging, because for th e first time in the history of science, it attempts to establish a relationship between physics and biology, leading to a real living cosmology. Modern biology, especially genetics, has long been involved in the study of molecules carrying genes: DNA. According to the theory Pitknen, DNA not only ser ves to produce proteins in cells and build the body by this route, as was discov ered. According to the researcher, along this great bioomolécule, the worm holes a lready mentioned of accollent and serve as communication channels. By this way, Pitkanen reaches a whole new view of DNA, in which terms such a s consciousness and perception are integrated and are entering the premises. He writes, "worm holes, magnetic fields, which are grafted on membranes spacetime, which contain the current bio-material, are good candidates for the physical exp lanation of the mechanism of perception .. The magnetism of worm holes might eve n be regarded as the epitome of living systems. " Pitkänen in this quote refers to the hypothesis of parallel worlds of Everett and Wheeler, that our universe is one universe among many other universes, locat ed in a hyper-space in higher dimensions. These singular universes in hyperspace are sometimes also called sheets (membranes) spacetime. If we thought of dévelooop Pitkänen, it means that science is on the way to prov e the relationship is suspected to exist for a long time between gravity and con sciousness. Specifically: gravity and consciousness form dipoles opposed. The effect of DNA Phantom Sensational evidence for the theory of Pitkänen is based on the work of a team

Or maybe s . and obtained. But. but through the worm holes magnetized. What is more incredible. Like the Internet. as if there were ever a sample maétriel. Another very important application of hyper-communication is represented by the group conscience. that DNA has its own "web page" that can "surf" and can "chat" with other participants. and why does he do it? The most surprising is that all results indicate that DNA is not subject to any limitation with respect to its ability to communicate. Every human be ing. as one might perhaps think. This hyper-communication does not seem to have a special or limited purpose: it represents an intersection point or in an open network a network or network of living consciousness. that is to say. Hypercommunication According to the theory of Pitkänen. induced by the presence of living matter. these waves do not disappear. outside o f space-time. through which a magnetized wormhole occurs . Th e hyper-communication has become the first interface through which the forms of intelligence are united the most diverse in the world. the DNA was no longer present! Expe rience vacuum. Garjajev and his colleague. Our consciousness. The scientific explanation of this phenomenon is that the DNA itself seems t o produce waves in a vacuum (vacuum). apparently. the British biologist Rupert Sheldrake of Cambridge Un iversity has developed his famous theory of morphogenetic fields. can ac t in a coordinated manner. the DNA can: • Enter your own data in the network • Retrieve data from this network • Establish direct contact with other participants of this network. which may persist. Dr. together. as a whole. billions of communications antennae are constantly in action. We speak thus of hyper-communication. The consequences on the understanding of the learning process in humans. just as every living being. We now know that in this way. We can say. Our human body is consisting of cells. this communication is not done in a conve ntional manner.that's what the research Garjajev and his colleague demonstrated. The question is: what is this track? Who or what "whisper" our genes? How co mmunicates DNA.of interdisciplinary researchers from the Academy of Sciences in Moscow. are immense. is the possibility for groups of people or animals. The genetic information of diff erent beings can also "trade" between them (between different forms of life). mad e a strange observation by measuring the vibrations of the DNA samples. They have a DNA sample irradiated with laser light. and it is called today the DNA Phantom effect. either through higher dimensions of the hyperspace. does not realize is. and each contains a DNA molecule. a typical pattern of waves. somehow. Vladimir Poponin. the DNA is not limited to its own species. the scope of the hyper-communication is even larger. as might be expected. Pjotr. as the case sever al months . the quantum physicist. that is to say. but persisted in the form of regular st ructure. In the early sixties. P. For the first time. without sample. on a scree n. Dr. as shown by the tests. invisible leaves a trace of its existence. Pjotr Garjajev could make visible the traces in a laboratory. these waves were to come. If they were removing the DNA sample. gave a curve of random waves. The effect was reproducible at will. Garjajev. As demonstrated by experiments-c ontrols. to date. no doubt. under the direction of biophysicist and molecular biologist.

It can even store this light. but it is al so able to extract light from the environment. Is that such information could proceed through the channels of DNA hyper-com munication? And if so. We . On the other hand. The technical data of DNA as an antenna are oscillating rapidly established. by revolutionary ideas. what can be observed in the darkroom. On the one hand. but it can also be addressed by current scienti fic methods. where is this? Is that such a hypothesis can be proven? T his last question is more difficult. This ad goes away when you register. which means it has a frequency of 150 Megahertz. it is also an excellent magnetic antenna. This finding corroborates what we have long suspecte d: the DNA is an organic superconductor. as evidence. Such an oscillator also makes the energy it has stored. were never the resu lt of a logical and rational thinking. which extr acts information from electromagnetic his entourage. there has always been a few special individuals who have transfo rmed humanity. Which means that loss es are minimal oscillation.. after a while. Can we bring creativity or inspiration in the laboratory. discovery in itself. because this frequency is inserted in the spectral band of microwave. What's going on there at the electromagnetic energy captured by the DNA? It is simply stored by the fact that the biomolecule giant begins to vibrate by res onance. B y its characteristic form of double helix. and the time required for this process is a mea sure for its ability to store energy. But no one has se riously questioned how this was possible.. and thus a right antenna which can easily capture the electrical impulses. ndt ) We talked about creativity. DNA is an ideal electromagnetic anten na. it is stretched. Every human being is therefore in every cell of his body a "mechanical" tech nical overkill: a microchip with three gigabytes of storage capacity. whose brain was sliced and studied. and where it was discovered by a glia higher than normal. scientific or cultural. (Except for Einstein. is called a harmonic oscillator. Physicists call this capacity (measurement ) resonance. Our body can not only generate light in the form of biophotons. works at body temperature! Sc ience still has much to learn from nature . This system. tele-communications and radar. It was found that the resonance of DNA is significantly higher than in systems of oscillators technical physics laboratories. at least partially. in particular DNA. in physics. it seemed it appeared suddenly. the repeatability of an experiment under cont rolled conditions of a laboratory. extent. But the spark. have never been explained. Another interesting figure. so the ability to think in new and different way . inspiration. it is also circular (from ab ove) and thus. We know that the DNA molecule is about two meters. coming from nowhere. to create virtual realities that have been applied in reality. as evidence. moreover. Science requires. Still. which is also increasingly involved in biophotonics radiation. whic h is interesting in light of new discoveries about the function of glial cells.o? In history. which stores this informati on and can also transmit the possibly modified . and generate a human being in a knowledge hitherto unknown and unpu blished? This poses a real challenge.

in which there are also enzymes. from space. Thus the body is built. Israel. The soliton wave of DNA Storage of light and information in DNA is through a special wave. Their work is a nother important step in understanding the bio-computer DNA. Scientists have already copied the methods of virus. information mo . DNA must be specially configured in aqueous solution. subj ect to complicated laws called the grid Fermi-Pasta-Ulam. This is a nonlinear wave. for exa mple. that. a "circle / hardwar e environment. The DNA is not a complete computer. The color of this emanation of light. by DNA replic ation that activates the enzymes producing proteins. To place this program. They are ca lled viruses. we check the DNA chains produced. One of the main differences between DNA and your computer is that the DNA bi o-computer can not function in isolation. consisting of a DNA molecule and an outer layer of proteins. closed in itself. Currently. was able to teach from computers to bio-DNA in vitro. D r. The multiple trillio ns and trillions of "microprocessors" in aqueous solution employs about 100.000 times faster than any currently existing computer. DNA can also store all the harmonics of 150 MHz. Simple coincidence? The inference is obvious: the wave mobile telecommunications can directly in fluence our DNA. it appears as the blue planet. After a while. In nature there are already some cose of this kind: they are microscopic org anisms. which contains the enzymes necessary for the correct function of the bio-comput er. The calculation process is then passes thro ugh the myriad of mini-bio-networked computers at lightning speed. What would happen if the DNA in a cell activates a program other than that h is? The enzymes of the cellulle then produce something other than what they usua lly do. based on DNA. as is the case in a living cell.therefore use the same frequency band-to goals from tracking and communication. Th is is the first step towards a human-machine relationship. Shapiro's team. and that life is maintai ned. octave of 150 megahertz lies exactly in this area. for a long time." he lacated in the living cell. however. thi s is done through the analysis of DNA molecules (the 'fingerprinting' or DNA). Ehud Shapiro and his team from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot." as a CD-ROM in your library. which as "hardware" can access the program and the DNA to initiate. are practically "software programs on hold. bu t rather a kind of software that requires for its operation. A soliton wave is a dy namic unit. is blue. Whether it would be positive or negative for the body. which looks like a particle of matter. for the results of the calculation program. was addressing the issues of hardware that goes with it. Soliton wav es are extraordinarily long living and do not practically change their shape. and they are on the borderline between the inanimate and the livin g. also call ed soliton wave and surrounding the DNA molecule. it is another mat ter and depend critically on the program changed. by directing protein synthesis in the cell. Is it a coincidence that the refra ction of sunlight by the Earth. which could lead to a to9tale programming of the human being. thus also visi ble light. and even generate their own e nergy they need for their skills count. tha t needs you insert it first in your computer before you can read the stored prog ram. The 22. But at the same tim e are opening up opportunities that can be considered particularly dangerous. and the sky appears blue? DNA Microchip While the team investigated above Pjotr Garjajev the software aspect of DNA. Th ey are predestined for preservation and storage.

instead of asking for reinforcements from lingui stic experts. Not only are there commucation forms of non-physical. The question that arises is why human beings do not com municate all the time like this? Why our body he developed a nervous system that communicates almost a snail's pace with only 8-10 meters per second? Garjajev k nows the reason: communication EPR is much too fast for data processing by our c onscience. "Construction" of the ge netic code can be relationné to any human language! For centuries. even if they are separated in the meantime by light years. " According Garjajev. It was everything else in Moscow. For the examination of DNA. The fractal structure of the wave Soliton of DNA makes it possible. we get many repeti tions and self-reproduction in the genetic code. the syntax (rules fo r construre words from letters). semantics (rules of content words) and the basi cs of grammar. and sometimes it returns t o the starting point. these are not the ru les of a particular language. It is a non-local. as a system of coding informat ion. Applying scientific findings to the genetic code. Of course. EPR can transmit the communication. When studying a language. Communication of DNA following rules also fractals. Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues may have found. This effect is based on a well-known scientific paradox called Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox.. period! The proto-language of humanity or language-strain We speak today of the genetic code routinely. that communicates with the DNA information-bearing. if you conceives time as a way to organize a chain of events. the reading is done back an d forth / back and forth and up and down / bottom up. eg Russian. That is to say that DNA can communicate with carriers of information very far without being subject to space or time. such as. for example tele-pathy. in the group Garjajev. they also searched and included linguists. for example. the well-known law of cause and effect is invalidated.dels. this quantum non-locality is a key feature of self-organ ization of living matter. for example. accordin g Garjajev. then. but the rules so fundamental that they exist and are the basis of all the languages of mankind. Garjajev writes: "Cause and effect are not sep arated by time. is subject to change. which is why Einstein did not recog nized. the other par ticle responds immediately.. Th is requires a complicated fractal time unit. Instead. we see that this code is s ubject to the same rules as our human languages. possibly even in space. scientists look for the language-which would strain from all the languages of the world . He explained that two p articles of matter. The DNA and time fractal By the special form Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-wave soliton in DNA. for example through the rapid and automatic scanning of the polarization of photons. a study of laws. This means that the information in the DNA of cells is not read in a linear fashion. But genetics has not deviated from this position and continued his work usi ng only the tools of chemistry. If one of the two particles. By its non-locality of this form of communication. It is likely that these waves still contain absolutely unique human potent ial. which were all once and who were separated. time zero. or EPR. a phenomenon that insists Garja jev. remain forever c onnected. as one reads a book. one multitide data. .

In experiments of the Moscow group. individually Everything has its existence in the other "! The authors: Grazyna Fosar studied physics and astrophysics. whose genetic codes follow a very simila r grammar. Franz Bludorf mathematics and physics. The DNA code is used for communication rather. After working in scientific research. they have training as a therapist-healer and hypnotherapist. Or put another way: nature is networked (online)! And that means the whole of nature. more precisely. Nothing exists in itself. to the hyper-c ommunication. it could be shown that the existing code s in DNA are not only used to build protein in our body. as is the case for gene s. is that because it commun icates with the whole. . They live and work in Berlin. As so well expressed the Dalai Lama: "Whatever is.

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