Shweta  Krishnan  

 Local  Address:  245  Boston  Ave,  Apt  2,  Medford,  MA  02155   Permanent  Address:  8067,  Presidio  Drive,  Cupertino,  CA  95014   +1  (302)  682  7581  ——  

To  produce  informative  stories  on  science,  health  and  the  environment  using  my  skills  in   visual  and  narrative  journalism,  my  background  in  clinical  medicine  and  my  strong  interest  in   the  physical  and  life  sciences.  

Summary  of  Communication  Skills  
• Writing:  News  articles,  features  for  print  and  the  web;  Blogging;  scripts  for  documentaries,   radio  and  TV.  Experienced  in  using  word  processing  software.  Familiar  with  AP  and  MLA  styles.     • Web:  Web  design  using  basic  HTML.  Experienced  in  Wordpress,  Blogger,  Drupal,  Dreamweaver.   • Social  Media:  Experienced  in  using  Facebook  and  Twitter     • Video:  Producing  high  quality  video  stories  for  the  web  and  TV  using  Final  Cut  Pro.     • Audio:  Producing  audio  slideshows  and  podcasts  using  Protools,  Audacity,  Adobe  Soundbooth,   Soundtrack  Pro  and  Soundslides.   • Photo:  Producing  stand-­‐alone  photo  essays,  and  photos  accompanying  articles.  Shooting  with  a   DSLR,  various  lenses,  and  other  camera  equipment.  Proficient  in  Adobe  Photoshop.   • Graphics  and  Design:  Basic  animation  and  graphics  for  web  and  TV,  using  Apple  Motion.  

• Languages:  English,  Hindi,  German,  Tamil,  Malayalam,  Urdu  and  French.     Education  
M.S.  Science  and  Medical  Journalism  |  Jan  2011   Boston  University,  College  of  Communications,  Boston,  MA,  USA     GPA:  3.80   Creative  Non-­‐Fiction  Writing  Workshop  |  Aug  2008  –  May  2009   UC  Berkeley,  CA,  USA   M.B.B.S.  (Bachelor  of  Medicine,  Bachelor  of  Surgery)  |  March  2007   Madras  Medical  College,  Chennai,  India     C.  Raiit  Dunhill  Prize  for  Distinction  in  Physiology  2001-­‐2002     Distinction  in  Physiology  and  General  Medicine  

Shweta  Krishnan  

• Production  Assistant     Powderhouse  Productions,  Boston  |  November  2011  –  Present     Assisting  in  the  production  of  a  weekly  stargazing  show  for  PBS  called  SkyWeek.  Specific   production  tasks  include  researching  the  topic,  editing  the  script,  and  assisting  in  the  filming   of  the  series.  Post-­‐production  work  includes  finding  suitable  images  and  videos,  and   developing  animation  for  certain  sequences.   • Web  Intern   Center  for  Health  and  the  Global  Environment,  Harvard  Medical  School  |  November  2011  –   Present     Developing  content  for  the  Center’s  new  website.  Producing  educational  films  for  middle   school  and  high  school  children.   • Editorial  Intern     Sky  and  Telescope  Magazine  |  April  2011  –  October  2011   Wrote  news  stories  for  the  website,  and  the  News  Notes  section  of  the  magazine  from  press   releases,  astronomy  talks  and  conferences.  Edited  podcasts  from  audio  interviews  recorded   by  the  editors  of  the  magazine.     Produced  videos  for  the  website,  including  profiles  of  the  editors  and  interviews  with   prominent  amateur  astronomers.  Most  notably  I  produced  a  20-­‐minute  video  on  the   magazine’s  70th  anniversary  documenting  their  history  in  relation  to  the  history  of   astronomy.     • Video  Producer     Boston  University  Department  of  Physics  and  School  of  Education  |  Feb  2011  -­‐  April  2011   Filming  and  editing  lecture  videos  in  formats  that  can  be  posted  to  the  web.     • Freelance  Writer  and  Photographer   Jan  2011  -­‐  Present   Researched,  reported  and  co-­‐wrote  an  investigative  feature  for  Commonwealth   Magazine.  Contributed  articles  to  Sky  and  Telescope  Magazine.  Worked  as  a   photographer  for  Commonwealth  Magazine,  and  The  Comment.     • Fellow  and  ESL  Specialist  at  the  College  of  Communications’  Writing  Center     Boston  University,  Boston,  MA  |  Sept  2009  –  Dec  2010   Assisted  ESL  and  non-­‐ESL  students  to  develop  their  ideas  and  write  comprehensive   papers.  Co-­‐presented  a  paper  titled  Can  a  writing  center  be  too  ESL  Centric  at  the   National  Conference  in  Peer  Tutoring  in  Nov  2010  at  Baltimore,  MD.      

Shweta  Krishnan  

  • Production  Assistant   Boston  Science  Communications  Inc.,  S.  Easton,  MA  |May  2010  –  August  2010   Assisted  in  the  production  of  a  video  series  (with  50  short  films)  entitled  Biomes  of  the   Earth  for  Facts  on  File  Publishers.  Specific  tasks  included  finding  and  logging  footage,   developing  graphics  and  animation  and  editing  photographs.  Worked  with  a  team  to  do   background  research  for  the  company’s  upcoming  projects.  Assisted  in  developing  the   company’s  website.  

• Co-­‐Founder  and  Editor   Sa,  |  Sept  2008  –  Dec  2009   Designed  and  Published  Sa,  an  independent  non-­‐profit  feminist  web  magazine.  Created   the  concept,  layout  and  format  of  the  publication.  Specific  tasks  included  recruiting   writers,  developing  story  ideas,  assigning  beats,  writing  stories  and  publishing  the   magazine  every  two  weeks.  Prior  to  its  closure,  Sa  was  featured  in  the  Indian   Newspaper,  The  Hindu  as  a  widely  read  webzine.    The  blog  which  preceded  the   magazine  is  still  available  at   • Editorial  Board  Member  and  Contributor   MMC  Tribune  |  March  2005  –  March  2007   Assisted  in  developing  and  publishing  the  student  run  magazine  at  Madras  Medical   College.  Reported  and  wrote  health  stories,  editorials,  sidebars  and  profiles.     • Staff  Writer   AIDS  Scan,  IDSP  Newsletter,  TNMSC  Times  Newsletter  |  March  2002  –  March  2005   Researched  and  wrote  articles  on  public  health  in  South  India.    



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