Ofun Oyeku- Iwa Pele Lessons for Children

Lesson Objective: To develop an understanding and love for the Egun Ancestors and elders on whose shoulder children stand upon. Children must continue the worship rituals and rites passed by the elderly.

Once upon a time there was a young girl name Ofun. She was a good hearted person. Ofun was always looking for to be loved. Ofun lost her parent by the time she reached the age of 12. From her experience she learned to have a cool head and a sweet heart. Yet, she had some sad months, until one night. This was a special night. She had a dream that her parents visited her and told her that they were in heaven (Orun) and not to be sad, for they said we will always be with you. We have become your Egun (ancestors), we are heavenly spirits that will always protect you as long as you honor and respect our memory every morning. Then say this prayer E nle oo rami o -I am greeting you my friends Be ekola ba juba ile a lanu -If the earth worm pays homage to the earth (&) the earth always gives it access Omode ki ijuba ki iba pa a-A child who pays homage never suffers the consequences. They told her to look for miracles to happen when she sang the Egun song. They reminded her to continue to be kind and to give love to all. Ofun woke up the next morning she told her Ayaba her grandmother that her mom and dad paid a visit to her dreams. She told Ayaba what they told her to do. Ayaba listened and told Ofun that she was blessed among people to be able to talk to her parents in her dreams. She told Ofun to do what

to look for the best out of life and as long as she followed their words her people would always have abundant good fortune in their lives. The End By Iya Awofalola AKA Darlene Dawson. her Egun (ancestors) and singing her Egun song. Ofun lived a long life and taught many to honor their ancestors. When people saw how she prospered Ofun was made a chief of her village.her parents told her to do and that she must also honor them every day by sharing a small bit of her meals with them. every day she thanked and honored her ancestors and sang her song. considerate and loving to all. Every morning Ofun sang her song Egungun kiki Egungun Egun ranran fe. Ofun continued to be always kind. Every day Ofun lived was happy and enjoyable. Her Egun (ancestors) told d her they were happy through her dreams. the trees bowed down to her song and all was well with Ofun. an important leadership position in her community. Ed. The flowers opened in her presence.S .

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