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Overview Amongthedifferentapplicationintegrationapproaches and technologies currently available, Compasso understandsOracleAIAasthebestapproachforOracle Applications customers. This approach uses best practices for achieving robust and scalable integration system architectures as well as performance and high productivityforprojectimplementationefforts. OracleApplicationIntegrationArchitecture(AIA)isbuilt onOracleFusionMiddleware'smarketleadingSOAand BPMproducts.Theseproductsdeliveracomprehensive SOA&BPMinfrastructureforconnectingheterogeneous applicationsandbusinesspartners,managingstructured and unstructured business processes and advanced management via a unified framework for governance andmonitoring. With Oracle Application Integration Architecture and Oracle's SOA and BPM Products, organizations are able to leverage a complete set of tools, templates, content and methodologies to do more with their existing IT investments, provide business and IT agility, and lower thetotalcostofownership.


Compasso is a Brazilian I.T. professional services organization, founded in 1995, focused on the Oracle suite of products, specializing in custom software developmentandmaintenance,integration,testing,and implementation. Our primary goal is to enable our customers to gain competitive advantages through reliable,highperformancetechnologyapplications. From our U.S. offices in Dallas, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our Brazil offices in Porto Alegre, So Paulo,Fortaleza,andourSoftwareDevelopmentCenter inPassoFundo,ourconsultantsdeliverservicesforlarge organizations in Latin America and North America. Our 150professionalsresideatclientfacilitiesaswellas,our international offshore development center. When needed, we have the ability to double our current seating capacity. Our facilities are equipped with all necessarysecurityandbackupprotocols. Compassohasbeenfulfillingtheinformationtechnology needs of wellknown domestic and internationalclients since 1995. Companies like WalMart, John Deere, and Johnson & Johnson have entrusted I.T. project management and development efforts to the skilled teamatCompasso.

Through the high level of expertise delivered by the company, Compasso has achieved Oracle's Platinum Partner recognition within the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

Our Software Implementation Services are based on CMMi3 global best practices and rely on the near shore working advantages: Similar time zones, large daytime windowsofcommonbusinesshouravailability,andGMT3 zone (13 hours ahead of Eastern U.S.). In addition, Brazilian western culture and the common understanding of western business practices create a superior ability to translate business rules into applied technology for North Americancustomers.

CompassohasexpertiseintheAIAimplementation,and all of the SOA Suite components that are part of the Oracle Middleware stack, having delivered several successfulprojectscoveringtheIntegrationofalargeset ofOracleApplications: OracleEBusinessSuiteR11Integration OracleEBusinessSuiteR12Integration OracleSiebelIntegration OracleRetailIntegration PeopleSoftIntegration ThirdPartyApplicationIntegration LegacySystemsIntegration MainframeIntegration