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SOCIAL STUDIES UNIT TEST The 13 Colonies Part I: Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer to complete each of the statements below: 1. The Middle Colonies were____________________ a) Connecticut, Georgia, and Virginia b) Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware c) California, Pennsylvania, New York d) New Amsterdam, New Jersey, Michigan 2. The first European people that colonized New York were_____________ a) The French b) The Dutch c) The English d) The Spanish 3. The charter is a(n) _____________ a) special permission to do something. b) piece of land. c) religion d) island in the West Indies 4. The first 13 colonies were ________________ a) On the West coast of the United States b) In Northern Canada c) On the East coast of the United States d) In the Americas 5. The New England colonies were______________________________ a) Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and Rhode Island b) Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, California and New Hampshire c) Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island d) New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico 6. New England is in___________________ a) The Northwest of the United States b) In Eastern Canada c) In the Northeast of the United States d) In the Southeast of the United States 7. Some of the religious people that came to New England were________________ a) The Puritans, Quakers and Pilgrims b) The English, the Dutch, and the French c) Native Americans d) Skilled craftsmen

1. The Dutch began a colony in 1613 called______________________ a) New France b) New England c) New Netherland d) New Mexico 9. What very famous University/College was established in Massachusetts in 1636? .8. How did New Amsterdam become New York? Did the change happen violently? Part III: Extra Credit. What were indentured servants? How did they help the colonies grow? _______________________________________________________________________ _ 2. Answer these questions for extra credit points! 1. The Pilgrims and the Native Americans together celebrated__________________ a) Squanto’s birthday b) One of the Pilgrim’s birthday c) The first Thanksgiving d) The first Christmas in the colonies 10. Why did William Penn name the city of his new colony. Staple crops are_________________________ a) Food that grows in the ground for people to eat like corn. Pennsylvania this way? What kind of a place did he want it to be? 3. Puritans and Quakers come to America? 2. Philadelphia means the “City of Brotherly Love” in Greek. Why did the Pilgrims. wheat and vegetables b) Things that people make like clothing c) An education d) Holy books like the Bible Part II: Short Answer: Write a short answer for each question.

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