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Valedictory Speech

Graduation marks a an ending journey to our elementary life and a new journey toward the next challenging chapter, in high school. My respect to our schools district supervisor, Mrs. Teresita C. Lipang, together with her co-administrators, Mrs. Gregoria G. Cabajes,Mrs. Susana Lipang, Mrs. Trenifel Villafranca, Mrs. to all parents, Teachers, classmates and visitors. A blessed day to all of us. Time is running so fast, my classmates and I were very excited to our incoming graduation day. But at this very moment I want to turn back the clock. As a child we have less worry, just to go school and play, go home and eat. All I need is to fix my assignments, projects and study for tomorrow s quiz. But now, I feel that Even every year we have different teachers, it does not give me reason to be discouraged. Instead, I am inspired to them because they take risk in coming here just to teach us dearly and inspired to study harder so I can be like them.

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