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High School Batch '85 sponsors Alumni Homecoming When alumni of High School Batch '85 expressed their intention of sponsoring

a grandiose alumni homecoming this year to celebrate their 25th or Silver Anniversary as classmates, the Steering Committee for this 58th Foundation Anniversary Celebration and the administration were indeed caught by surprise. Usually, a bigger alumni homecoming is held every five years and according to school's schedule it will be in 2011 yet. However when their plans were presented, what else can SBC say but to welcome such endeavors! Not only did this batch sponsored the homecoming last September 19 but they had the evening of September 18, a night to pay tribute to their elementary and high school teachers who are still around. A banquet was held and plaques of appreciation and tokens were given to each of their teacher. A band also performed for the audience and the honorees. Actually the proceeds in that night's event was intended for a cause which the batch had decided. The homecoming kicked off with a thanksgiving service where Rene Pueblo, member of Batch '85, now a registered nurse based in Iligan City Sanitarium and Hospital gave a thanksgiving testimony of the faithfulness of God to their family. His six siblings are all SBC elementary and high school alumni. The thanksgiving service was followed by a motorcade participated by both alumni and teachers. The motorcade went up to Bagontapay and Lika. Participating Drum and Lyre Corps of Tulunan National High School, Mlang National High School and SBC High School Department also joined the motorcade. This was followed by the competition of these three bands that was also managed by said batch. Luncheon Fellowship was held at the SBC gym where the ambiance was doubly merrier with batches seated together in seemingly incessant recollections of their high school or college years in SBC. With a local based live band and multi talented SBC singers, the festivity continued until after food was served. It was made livelier when members of the class announced the winners in the raffle that gave away so many prizes.

OLFS Alumni Homecoming: Two Days of Fun and Meaningful Activities The Our Lady of Fatima School Alumni Association, Inc. organized another grand homecoming on December 27-28, 2008 at the OLFS grounds in Bucay, Abra. Attending the affair were about 500 alumni, who were organized in clusters depending on their batch. There were five clusters, namely: cluster orange composed of batches……; cluster blue composed of batches…..; cluster green with batches….; cluster green consisting of batches…. And cluster red composed of batches….. The two-day homecoming had as its theme: Fatimite: Making a Difference. This proved to be a fitting theme for the activity as the association launched its “Adopt-A-Student Program (ASP) which sponsors free tuition fees for poor but deserving high school students of Bucay

Rudolfo Bernardez.Buena Astudillo 7.Herminio Gandeza 9. They are: 1. Since school year 2000-2001 up to this time. Pepe Borillo 3.Prospera Arias 8. IV – Bucay Town Mayor batch 1982 3. she shared that she is thankful that through the scholarship she was able to finish her high school education and is now a Nursing graduate . the OLFSAAI has assisted a total of 30 scholars thereby giving hope to and making a difference in the lives of those students who have difficulty in going through their high school education due to financial constraints.Editha Gallardo 4. The parade around the town on the first day brought back the different batches to the memories of the good old days when they would march.Ms.Rhoda Aborje 5. Rennilou Pilar during the Alumni Night on December 27. various activities were held to add color and excitement to the members and their families. – outstanding alumni batch 1978 Aside from the above awardees. Mr. Uldarico Pilar Jr.Mr.Modesta Velasco 10Manuel Bersalona 11Benedicta Balneg The association fully recognizes the significant contributions of the said teachers in the lives of the alumni. It turned out to be . Merla Q. She capitalized on the inspiration given by the scholarship to also persevere in her college education. After the parade. with a band and majorette as guide around the town during the annual fiesta. The most exciting part of the whole thing was the idea of collecting points for every game which would then determine who will emerge as the champion cluster. Raymundo Taberdo 2. Lilibeth B. To further give meaning to the theme. They are: 1. certain alumni were given recognition for their invaluable contributions in making a difference in the lives of people.Mr.Mrs. the alumni participated in funfilled parlor games which facilitated bonding and camaraderie among the cluster members.and nearby towns. the OLFSAAI paid also a tribute to the deceased OLFS teachers by giving them Posthumous awards. Angel – In-Charge of Resource Generation batch 1968 5. Just like any other homecoming.Hon. Ruiz – DZPA anchor person and General Manager batch 1972 4. Victorino Barona – Vice Governor of Abra batch 1978 2.Constante Barbieto 6. In a testimony given by a 2004 scholar.Hon.

Fr.…. Reynalda Taberdo.00 to the OLFS for the purchase of a sala set for the faculty lounge. to the other officers. faculty members. the ever active cluster coordinator will hand over the sala set to Fr. Melo. December 28. Angie .cluster orange. pledged to donate its prize of P3. volunteers. regardless of their age participated actively also in these games. Saturnina Alzate. On the second day. Firstly. Fr. The highlight of the first day was the election of OLFSAAI officers.000. It is interesting to note that the general assembly elected basically the same officers. parish workers. cluster and batch coordinators. school director and Bucay Parish priest . the OLFSAAI members and of course the sponsors. Melo facilitated the induction of the said officers which signaled their renewed commitment to lead and set in motion the association towards the attainment of its goals and objectives. soon. Mrs. some 100 alumni kids 10 years old and below received loot bags containing food items and toys and other prizes through the “bring me” and trivia games. responding to the homecoming theme and post activity commitment-setting entitled “what can we do for Fatima?”. Those who made it to the top 9 were: Cosme Taberdo. Gift-giving was also a sub-theme of the affair. Hence. During the alumni night. facilitators. The proceeds of the sale of bingo cards will be used by the association in ……. Ms.. to the wonderful tandem of President Taberdo and his wife. but more importantly to the OLFS alma mater and the students who will continue to reap the benefits of having an association which has a deep sense of social responsibility. former OLFS principal. not only on the part of the alumni. Carmelo Gonzales. the OLFSAAI homecoming was an affair to remember.500. as follows: Adopt-A-Student Program: Marites Santos 2 students Judith Puente 2 students Christine Tayag 1 student Jonalyn Siphavahn 1 student Anna Lorraine Timbreza 2 students Helma Mayuga 1 student Allen Mayuga 1 student . The alumni. Generally.00 in cash were given out as prizes.The officers immediately gathered after the first day’s activities and assigned their specific positions. who have given not only a great deal of their time but also of their personal financial resources throughout the preparations. the OLFS principal. Reynalda Timbreza. the main event was the Bingo Social where a total of P27. The cluster. OLFSAAI is very grateful to a lot of people who in one way or another have made the homecoming possible and successful. Fe Batoon.

Mr. the OLFSAAI faces a bright future ahead and the Fatimites will definitely continue making a difference! by: Florence Flores Pasos . Melo & Alumni.00 Myrna Pasos-Jasmin.500.00 Other Major Sponsors: Ruth Bernardez-Tan $ 500. Jr.00 Cresma Somera-Reotutar 1. Marivic Bello dela Paz.00 Vicente Bello $ 50.00 Candelaria Timbreza 1.000. Dec. Dec. truly. Because of the generosity of the above sponsors and the hard work of the organizers. 27 Batch 1988 & 1998 – Dinner Saturday. 10.00 Gloria Alzate Taberdo $ 100.00 Cresencio Astudillo Sunday.000.000. not to mention the gifts and prizes that were given away in the spirit of the Yuletide season. Dec.00 Robin Flores 1. Clarita Pasos 1.00 2nd Prize: Daisy Alzate 7. Frumie & Dadong It is worth mentioning that the attendees did not have to pay anything upon registration.000.000.00 Allen and Helma Mayuga 20. t-shirts and food were given for free. 28 Batch 1978 – Lunch Sunday Vice Gov Victorino Barona Olive Alzate Duenas Jackie Mondejar Jucutan Lead Coordinators: Jhong. Cosme Taberdo. Looking forward. 27 Lead Coordinators: Janice Zales & Jihan Palcon Fr.CJ and Mico Taberdo 1 student Sponsors of Bingo Social: 1st Prize: Marlo dela Paz. given the reinvigorated members and through the ever committed and commendable leadership of president. Eulalio dela Paz.00 3rd Prize: Christopher Trinidad 5.00 (T-Shirts) Efrem and Ruena Borja Fireworks Mayor Rex Bernardez 2 lechon Violy Angeles Biares Deborah Alcalde -Haniman Bernadette Torres Batch 1968 – Lunch Saturday.