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Patriarchal blessing for Ariah Coates Brower father of John Taylor Brower father of George Stephen Brower father

of Stephen Leon Brower

Volume 7, page 326

No. 304 Nauvoo February1st 1945

A Blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Ariah C., son of John J. and Fanny Brower, born January 13th, 1817 Ontario Co. New York. Beloved Brother, I lay my hand upon thy head by the authority vested in me to bless the fatherless, and in the name of Jesus Christ I seal a Father s Blessing upon thee; for thou art of the house of Jacob through the loins of Ephraim, and lawful heir to all the blessing that Jacob sealed upon his head even to the utmost bounds of the everlasting hills. When thou hast received thine endowment in the house of the Lord, thou shalt be clothed with power to go forth to the nations of the Earth in the Spirit and power of Elijah, to hunt up the remnants of Jacob and the dispersed of Judah. Thou shalt be blest in all thy labors, among Gentile and Jew, and the Lamanites shall hear they voice also, and thou shalt bring thousands of them to the knowledge of their Fathers and also to know the Lord their Redeemer. Thou shalt lead them to Zion even thousands from every nation among whom you labor. No power shall [stop] thine hand for thou shat be able through faith to overcome every difficulty. The Angles of the Lord shall be thy counselors and shall defend thy cause. At thy word every obstacle shall be removed. Thou shalt gather vast multitudes to the land of Zion and establish them in the cities of the saints. Thou shalt have an inheritance with thy brethren even very great possessions, flocks and herds and riches in abundance. For inasmuch as thou art a liberal man God shall deal liberally with thee. They posterity shall be numerous and great in the Earth. The number of they years shall be according to thy faith, even to see the winding up scene of this generation. And enjoy all the blessings and glories of the Redeemer s kingdom and every desire of they heart. Be patient Brother in all thine afflictions and not one word shall fail, for it is sealed upon thee and they posterity forever. Amen Albert Carrington, Clerk